6 Best Online Jobs for Housewives & Work at Home Moms

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Dec 30, 2023


Online Jobs

Online Surveys in India

Nowadays, housewives spend more time searching for jobs online. Here’s the list of the 7 best online jobs for housewives curated after careful review. You can land a perfect job after reading this comprehensive guide.

Every Indian housewife and stay-at-home mom is searching the internet for Online Jobs. Every day more new people are searching for online money-making opportunities and making a living of their own.

You can work at your home in your spare time without spending dedicated time on online jobs. At the same time, you can take care of your family members.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best online jobs for housewives and home moms to make money in the comfort of their homes.

These methods have a proven track record that already many women are making their living from earnings through these online work jobs at home.

online jobs for housewives
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Why Housewives Search for Online Jobs?

When you compare India most women after their marriage will stop going for a 9 – 5 regular day job because of their family responsibilities.

Moreover, after childbirth, of course, they should have to leave their job to take care of their siblings. And in this situation, there is no financial support for them unless provided by her husband.

Thanks to social development this mandates education for every female child because of the development of their self-motivation to stand on their leg.

The Internet has developed on a wide scale that provides many money-making opportunities. People from all classes either students, job goers, part-time job seekers, housewives, etc., can get an opportunity.

As a housewife, you can start work at your home right today without any investment from your computer and internet connection.

Requirements to Start

  • A personal computer or laptop with an internet connection is needed.
  • Gmail account to register with the following methods.
  • Bank account to receive payments.
  • PayPal account. (Read Instructions here to register PayPal)

Advantages of Working Online

There are some salient features that these online jobs hold and those are,

  • You can work from the comfort of your home.
  • No startup capital is required.
  • No previous experience is necessary.
  • Minimal educational qualification is enough.
  • Earn money as much as possible.
  • Nothing to lose can start to work anytime and can stop at any time.

How Women Can Make Money at Home?

Today, we are living in a society where money is the predominant factor determining our lives. Especially, women after getting married need to stay at home to look after their families and kids.

Home moms and mothers are often criticized by other people during times of economic crisis. But, luckily the existence of the internet empowers women to find reliable work from home and generate money online.

Somedays before we have discussed the 30 best home-based business ideas for women. It’s time to review that article.

In recent days, women are mostly educated and many of them hold the necessary skills and knowledge.

  1. Educated housewives can utilize their skills and find relevant jobs like Virtual Assistants, Content Writers, and Online Tutors.
  2. If you are not highly educated but know the basics of computers, you can work as a Data Entry Operator.
  3. Generally, women are talented and creative, and they can use this skill and start a home-based hand-craft business.

Handmade crafts always had a huge demand in the market and the ladies can easily make money by selling their crafts online.

surveys pay online

7 Best Online Work for Housewives and Homemoms

In this article let us read about a few ways to earn extra income for home moms without affecting your regular homework.


Every woman has some creativity in them which most haven’t yet discovered. Blogging gives them a chance to show their creativity which in turn generates a lucrative second income from their home.

You can start blogging, which is the first recommended online job for housewives as it is the easiest way to start right now. WHY?

All housewives and moms are fond of cooking and they are passionate about this work.

A saying, it’s always been better to start working on what you know? Screw up the best and success is on the way.

If you know cooking and then start a cookery blog, update every single recipe you cook with step-by-step information and publish it on your blog.

work from home moms blogging

Some housewives may be experts in some artwork or handy craftwork. They can sell their products through various platforms which we will see later in this article.

1.1. What is blogging?

Blogging is also called a digital book where you can write anything, express your ideas and innovations, etc. It is very easy to start a blog today with CMS such as Word Press and Google Blogger.

If you wish you could even monetize your blog to make money for you or else you can keep it as your diary.

Coming to the point, every day when you prepare a new dish, write down the step by step methods the way you prepared. If possible, take some pictures from your smartphone to add some more value.

Next, open your computer and type those notes on your blog page and just hit publish which will spread to the entire world.

Do some promotions, share with your friends, social platforms, and let them know you have a blog?

1.2. How to start a blog?

Very first, I would want to say that free blogs are available from Word Press and Google Blogger (Blogspot), where you can start today without any investment.

But, if you are looking for a very long-term income then it is better to start with a paid blog, I mean to purchase your domain and hosting.

Why I recommend going with Paid Blog is because your resources are limited and you cannot utilize your blog completely.

Whenever there is an increased use of resources for your blog, free services providers may temporarily or even permanently block your blog.

But, there is no such risk in paid blogging (ie. when you go with registering own domain and hosting).

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Here is the step to set up your blog to work at home.

1. Register a perfect domain name matching your passion.
2. Purchase a hosting plan for your domain.
3. Install WordPress using the one-click software.
4. Now, start writing your cookbook articles and publish them.

Once after that, share your work with your family neighbors, friends, and your past co-workers. Let them appreciate it by sharing your blog in their networks.

Promote your blog until it goes viral and once your blog starts receiving traffic you can now monetize your blog with any one of the methods described in this article.

1.3. How to make money from the blog?

Google AdSense is the world’s best program to monetize your blog but there are many other alternatives available.

After getting traffic, just apply for a free AdSense account, copy the advertising HTML code, and paste it into your blog.

Once your application is approved, Google will start serving ads on your blog on your behalf and will pay you monthly based on the conversions.

The cooking you know will make you money if you direct it in the right way. The only thing is you have to update your blog daily with new menus and dishes.

Share regularly your blog on social networks and your network to get traffic.

2. Sell Products Online

Most young housewives have learned artwork and prepared handicraft items during their college days to pass their free time.

Some will continue to make it even after their marriage, and you know you can even make it as an online business that will earn you regularly.

There are some websites out there where you can sell your products online to make money.

2.1. Which Products Can You Sell Online?

2.1.1. Physical Products

Physical products are categorized as products like handmade home decorations, artwork, paintings, handmade wooden jewelry, etc. These might be your products.

You can even sell other products such as computers, laptops, other electronic items, perfumes, watches, toys, baby products, etc.

There are lots of products to sell but the thing is you have to try on your own that brings you results.

It’s not necessary to sell your products or you can get these products from any seller at a discounted price and sell directly from your hand to the customer end which will make you a good income.

Sell your products online
2.1.2. Digital Products

These products are categorized as stuff like Ebooks, software, or any educational CDs or DVDs that either educate or provide training on any subject matter.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that you started a blog on Cooking. If you have deep knowledge you can even prepare a video on cooking a particular dish and write it on a CD or DVD and sell it online.

Other self-made digital products such as Diet management videos, teaching (Short Lecture) on any subject you know well, kid’s story writing, etc. will earn you enough income as it has high demands.

There is no risk of the shipment process involved in selling digital products as you provide them with the download link via your blog after they make their payment.

Some other ways to earn an online income: Home-based self-improvement, personality development, or any professional courses you can take online through your blog.

2.2. Different Places to Sell Online

You now have ideas about products that may be physical or digital that you want to sell to your customers. You can either have your products or sell others’ products.

After this, you need a place to market your products where the customer can come and buy. Blog and social media, Amazon, and Commission Junction are the best platforms for online marketing.

Blog and Social Media: is the best way to sell your products online. Because already you have your blog that receives a good amount of traffic every day.

By placing a proper banner or text ad at the right place will convert those visitors into your customers.

Even you can promote the product on Facebook Groups, and other social media and put your contact number or Email ID for sale inquiries.

Amazon Associate: is a great marketplace for all means of bloggers and other affiliate marketers.

Learn How to Start Business with Amazon for Beginners?

You need to register a free account with Amazon Associates and choose the right category to post your products for online sales.

Whenever a sale was made you will get your commission as well. It’s all about trust that way you treat your customers will bring you repeated sales over periods.

If I Do Not Have My Product?

Other marketplaces are available online such as Commission Junction, eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. which all work better but you have to try them on your own.

No problem, if you don’t have your product to sell online. There are products available that you can just promote in any possible way.

Whenever a sale is made you will get the affiliate commission, this process is called Affiliate Marketing quite you know better.

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Let’s for example, if you made a sale of a product worth $50 via Amazon and the actual product owner offered 50% affiliate commission means you will $25 for each sale.

If you are making at least 10 sales a month you will get $250. Possible ways to sell products are through blogs, social media, etc.

3. Become a Freelance Writer

There is online work for every housewife in India. If you are struggling or facing any difficulties in starting a blog or selling products online, you can become a freelance writer.

Many journals and magazines and many blog owners are looking for creative content writers for their platforms.

This method could be very simple but a little time-consuming because writing SEO-optimized articles is an art. Yes, usually you cannot write whatever you know.

First, you have to do keyword research or select your topic (It must be trending) and then search for some references on the internet.

Then write articles at least 1500 words long with a clear picture of what are you going to explain.

Normally a freelance writer can earn up to Rs. 1000 per article. The earning depends on many factors such as the length of the article, the chosen topic, the number of pictures for reference, etc.

If your article consists of real-time statistical information, then you can even charge more for the same article.

Even you can become a freelance writer for OnlineHomeIncome as we need innovative content for our site visitors.

Freelance dot com is the website where you can find the right freelance writing jobs online for free.

4. Start a YouTube Channel

Many housewives and homemakers were literate. But, they do not have enough time to spend to earn additional revenue.

Those women can use the YouTube platform as their source of income without any investment.

All you have to do is register a FREE Account with YouTube using the Gmail ID and create a unique channel.

Now, you have to create videos as we have a handful of options like Cooking, Education, Training, and tutorials, etc.

Publish the video in your channel and follow digital marketing strategies to drive visitors to see videos from your channel.

When your YouTube channel video has nearly 10000+ views and 1000 subscribers, you can then apply for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense partner program lets YouTubers make money by monetizing their videos for displaying advertisements.


1. Gmail Account
2. Smartphone
3. Internet Connection
4. Adobe Photoshop
5. Any Video Editor Software
Publish Videos About:

1. Cooking Videos
2. Beauty Tips
3. Health Tips
4. Reviews
5. Family Maintenance

YouTube is one of the largest video blogging platforms and there are nearly 100s and 1000s of videos published every day.

Lakhs and Millions of people are ready to watch videos on YouTube and so I recommend this as the best online job for housewives.

You can create videos during your free time and after some professional editing, you can publish them on your channel.

5. Become a Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Jobs are one of the easiest jobs suitable for housewives and stay-at-home moms. There are no special skills or knowledge required to work as a data entry operator from home.

You can earn from your home if you have a computer, an internet connection, and a time of 2 – 3 hours per day.

SCAM ALERT: There are lots of scammers all through the internet targeting innocent housewives by providing fake jobs.

Be aware of how to identify genuine online jobs and stay away from these types of common scams.

You can earn around Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 per day by spending 2 – 3 hours from your home.

RECOMMENDATION: I hope you are aware of my other article about “data entry jobs without investment“.

In that article, I have mentioned a few sites where you can find genuine jobs to work.

Hence I recommend you register with those sites only for now and build your profile to get genuine jobs to work.

Join the sites listed below:

  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • UpWork

You cannot just register and take some jobs, then do and make money. You should create a profile, and verify your profile by submitting the necessary proofs.

Now you can find the list of available jobs and bid for the project you think is suitable for you. Once the employer feels happy with your quote, you will get the job to work from home.

6. Join Online Paying Survey Sites

These are the best online jobs for housewives to make money online without investment. Because you will get paid for posting your reviews and opinions.

Let’s see how it works.

— Many marketing companies need people to review their products or services recently launched or sometimes existing products.

— They will use this review to improve their product or service quality. But, how do they get these reviews?

— It is possible through online surveys, and there are some companies whose primary business is to conduct surveys on behalf of these marketing companies.

You need to register a free account with these survey companies and complete your profile surveys.

When a new survey opportunity is available they will check our profile for eligibility and after passing they will send an invitation to participate.

On successful completion, you will be rewarded with either cash or gift vouchers.

On average, you will get up to $50 per survey and it depends on the survey length and the company offering the survey.

Do’s and dont’s in online surveys:

  • Do thorough research before joining any survey panel, because there are a lot of scammers.
  • Joining a survey panel does not require investment.
  • Never join survey sites that offer pay more than $100 or $150 per survey.

At the same time, the demerits of surveys are time-consuming and sometimes you will not get the reward.

Last Thoughts…

As a housewife or mom, you can surely make money online from the comfort of your home with these online jobs.

But it needs some time, I mean you first need to read and understand how it works. After that, you can start working.

My better suggestion would be, to start a food blog today and post at least one new dish daily.

Publish and promote your home network of people such as your family friends, college friends, and office co-workers.

Let them visit the site and once they are interested ask them to promote the same to their networks. This way your first online business will start growing.

After receiving decent traffic, start any monetization methods to earn money online.


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      5.) Ad Clicking Jobs
      FIRST LEARN about what are these jobs are? and reach me out if you have any doubts.

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