Can you Really Make Money Blogging? Is it Possible in 2024?

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 3, 2024


Make Money Blogging

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Get to know the myths before starting to make money blogging.

Friends, Do you hear the word “Blogging” that is frequently used everywhere on the internet by many people? I am doing this business since 2013, and making money blogging is one of my favourite sources of income.

Today it became a thirst for everyone to start a blog for making money from the Internet. You don’t need to have any special skills to begin your career as a blogger.

If you can write content on any topic and present it, you can start a blog. Blogging becomes easier today with the invention of technologies such as CMS (Content Management System).

Even a newbie can start a blog with easy-to-use interface support from this CMS such as WordPress, Bloggers blog, etc.

Make Money Blogging for Beginners
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You can blog for fashion, passion, teaching, expressing ideas and thoughts, sharing things, and so and so., but the core thing is to make money Blogging.

A couple of monetization methods are adopted by top bloggers across the globe. To be frank with the question, can you make money blogging, the short answer is;

“Yes,” you can.

Just creating a blog and posting some articles won’t make money unless or otherwise your blog is properly monetized to convert your visitors into customers or buyers.

How much you earn may differ, but anyone who starts this business in 2024 can definitely make money.
In this article, we will further discuss some information (or procedure) about starting a blog site.

How to Make Money Blogging?

Below is the quick walk-through procedure to set up a WordPress blog today.

  1. Find a niche for your blog based on your Interest and Passion.
  2. Search for a suitable domain name (.com) at Raj Softech Solutions.
  3. Buy a basic shared hosting plan from Raj Softech Hosting.
  4. Complete the purchase and get your unique username and password asap!
  5. Now, check your email for the cPanel username and password. Login to the server and complete the WordPress installation process.
  6. Finally, you will get access to the WordPress dashboard.
    Hooray! the self-hosted WordPress blog is now ready, and it’s time to scale the blog. Read the further part of this article to grow your blog.

In this article, I am going to describe every step in a sequence that involves starting a blog to making money from your blog.

You may get some more information while reading 11 successful tips for blogging – A Beginners blogging guide and this article reveals the thing to make money from blogging.

1. Find the Right Niche for Blogging

Find a Profitable Niche

So, you have planned to start a blog. Before everything, you must choose a topic (niche) to blog for.

You are in a position to tell people what your blog is about? What are you going to offer your visitors?

For example, you may see my blog which is about “Earn Money Online without Investment“, where I share all my experience in the online money-making field.

I usually do research and learn about industry updates to write an article on my blog with the latest news and information on various online job information.

Like this, you need to find your blogging niche based on your own interest and passion. Because you should update your blog frequently which is a continuous process to make money blogging.

2. Do Research and Plan your Path

The topic itself says that you have to conduct certain research such as competition, blogging trends, and opportunities. Follow the same procedure as choosing the keyword for your blogging.

Because let’s say if you choose “Make Money Online” from blogging, I am sure that you have to put five times of your effort to get your blog to stand among the others in Google search results.

The make-money-online niche is already saturated and most of the blogs were sharing their own thoughts on this topic.

People use to visit new blogs if that blog is having something different and new information. So, you have to work very hard to make your blog stand out from the rest.

Plan your path

Making money online is a wide range niche and a variety of online jobs are available.

In the beginning, start your blog explaining one particular money-making method, and then start growing your blog to cover furthermore related sub-topics in your niche.

surveys pay online

3. List your Top 5 Keywords and Related LSI Keywords

List any of the top 5 keywords for the niche you had decided for blogging. Write 5 – 10 articles by interchanging words in the keywords for publishing on your blog.

It is better advised to use the LSI keyword strategy for ranking. LSI keywords are basically the same keywords that are semantically related to your primary keywords.

You can try ranking your site for LSI because your doors are freely opened and you might have a big chance to rank well in the market.

Let me explain to you with the same example, Instead of creating a blog for “Make money blogging”, try targeting your keyword for a keyword phrase.

Keyword phrases such as “How to make money by monetizing your blog?”, “How to make money from Google AdSense?”, Like that so and so.

This way you can get more chances of being ranked well in search results.

4. Choose a Proper Blog Name

Top Blogging

Once you have decided your niche comes to the process of selecting the right blog name to make money blogging.

Choose a proper keyword-rich domain name for your blog. You cannot change the domain name once you have purchased it.

Finding a name for the blog is like naming a child. You cannot change it later. Because you have already worked to improve the domain authority and trust score.

Changing the domain name will reset it to zero. No one likes to start from the first.

Keep in mind your domain name should consist of your primary keyword which you are targeting for ranking your blog.

If your keyword was “Make Money Blogging”, probably chances are less to get exact matching domain names because it is already overwhelmingly used.

You can try instead of finding a domain name with those three words related to the above keyword.

I mean you can apply the LSI strategy to choose the right domain name for your blog.

5. Set up Your Blog

So you are almost travelling on the straight right path in your making money online career.

So you have,

  • Chosen a well know the familiar niche
  • Have a few primary keywords
  • Wrote some 5 – 10 articles in hand
  • A keyword-rich domain name

Now, it’s time to register your domain and get your dream blog live on the internet.

To set up a blog, one needs the following things;

  1. A ‘.com’ domain name
  2. Shared web hosting
  3. WordPress Themes and Plugins

I refer Raj Softech Hosting to buy your domain name and hosting. For WordPress themes, you can choose Thrive Themes, Generatepress, and Kadence (recently growing popular).

You can go with a free domain from WordPress, Google blogger, etc, but if you had thought of having a long-term money-making plan from blogging, then it is a must-go with your own domain.

Find cheap and reliable web hosting at Raj Softech Solutions. The Managed WordPress Hosting starts from Rs.89 per month onwards.

6. Add Google Analytics and WebMasters

Once your blog is ready it’s time to submit your blog to Google.

Add Google Analytics code to your website to track your visitors and monitor their behaviours. Many other factors that might relate to your blog can help optimize your blog for visitors.

Also, submit your site to Google Search Console formerly known as Google Webmasters.

This is a free tool that automatically audits your website and provides a report telling you where to concentrate more on improvements in your blog.

It helps webmasters to convert their blogs or website to Google-friendly to make Google rank their websites.

If your website does not comply with Google webmasters guidelines, then you will be not able to rank your website at any stage.

Without Google, your make-money blogging career will be a daydream.

7. Write Quality Content and Update it Every day

As I said above in this article, visitors will come to your site only if your site delivers some different pieces of information from another website in your niche.

Once visitors start loving your content, probably Google will rank your blog site because Google is smart enough to evaluate your website.

Create a blog for people and not for search engines, because search engine bots are clever enough to evaluate your website.

Do you know how often you should blog?

  • In the beginning, you might have 5 – 10 articles that you have posted already, but your work does not stop here.

You have to make continue to research something new in your niche and start posting new articles with your primary keywords.

My best suggestion would post a new keyword-rich article every alternate day on your blog. Because people love reading what is New?.

Search engines also love to see new content on your blog every day which helps your chance of ranking high in their search results.

Be descriptive about a particular topic with more than 1500 – 2000 words in an article. It is important to know how long a blog post should be.

This indirectly tells Google and visitors that you are serious about researching that topic and explaining it to them which will give more authority to your blog.

8. Be Social

Add Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc to your blog which helps visitors to share your work among their networks if they found that it will be useful.

Make money blogging is a business and treat this like a real business and only by doing so you will achieve success.

Create social profile pages with your blog name and add them to your website. Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Instagram Feed, and Linkedin Profile are some of the key social media profiles to grow your reputation.

Social linking is one of the important ranking factors which Google will consider in ranking your blog. Create a brand name by linking all social profiles with your blog.

Engage yourself on social media by posting updates, the latest news, and other knowledgeable stuff frequently. Social networking helps you meet new skilled people and help drive quality traffic to your blog.

Do share every update of your blog on those social networks to get quality referral traffic. Whenever you publish a new article share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

9. Establish Connections

As I revealed there are so many masters, gurus, and other people who have already been there to make money blogging niche (or) blogs.

In every business, one must need to establish a smooth relationship with others who were already in their field.

Visit other bloggers’ blogs and appreciate their work via their comment section which may lead to bringing a backlink to your blog or even the website owner you commented on might reply to you directly.

Do share quality articles with your keyword in other bloggers’ blogs to get a quality backlink and targeted traffic.

This process is called Guest blogging, which is having the power of getting a better ranking in search engines.

Google calculates the quality of backlinks pointing to a website or blog for ranking purposes.

Guest blogging plays a vital role in ranking factors framed by Google. It is good for On-page SEO and also leads the way to getting targeted traffic.

Be conscious of guest writing and don’t scam or criticize anyone because it will adversely affect your growth.

10. Start an Email Marketing Campaign

Once you have decent visitors flowing on your website, you can now start to build an email list, which can be later used to send updates and information to your subscribers about new articles or any offers, etc.

Update your readers via email whenever you update your blog as this might help to bring visitors back to your blog.

This ideology can help you get some direct traffic where you can get a chance to convert them to your customers or buyers.

Be loyal to your visitors, and gain authority where the secret stays behind successful money-making by blogging.

With a list of decent email subscribers, you can create a passive income for a long time.

With the use of a proper email marketing campaign, it was proven that many blogs gained a quick much better ranking in search results.

11. Monetize your Blog Content

Here the actual part came, Make money blogging by monetizing your blog. Just your blog and have some articles in them with some visitors will not make you money.

PPC Advertising

The only way to make money by blogging is through proper content monetization along with a marketing strategy.

You can make money through methods such as,

  1. CPC
  2. PPC marketing
  3. Selling products
  4. Affiliate link promotion
  5. Affiliate product sales

These are the ways you can make money from your blog.

I already have written an article about How to make money with Google AdSense? a top CPC, PPC marketing network.

Read More: How Many Pageviews Do You Need to Make Money from My Blog?

Even you can take part in affiliate programs by choosing the products related to your keywords and thus promoting them in your blog brings you decent income every month.

I recommend going to Commission Junction where you will be offered almost 35% to 50% as an affiliate sales commission.

If your blog is having real organic traffic you can attract direct advertisers to advertise their blog or products or services on your blog and you can earn money in this way also

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