Top 10 Blogging Trends to Follow – Make Sure You Don’t Miss One!

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Apr 10, 2024


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We will learn some prerequisite blogging trends to follow this year. Blogging is evolving, and these tips are essential to rank better.

A blog once considered a digital diary is now the most powerful marketing tool. We will discuss various blogging trends to follow for business growth.

A blog is a kind of information website, usually managed by a single person, a group of people, or a company. The informative articles are listed in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing on top.

Blogs were started for sharing events and have now become a most versatile marketing tool. It is a powerful lead-generating platform, helping businesses to nurture 72% more leads.

A business website with a blog taps more leads than a website that does not have a blog. Nowadays, people make their buying decisions only after reading thorough information over the Internet.

Blogging Trends to Follow
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The blog with integrated social platforms brings more visitors, increases brand awareness and customer loyalty, and improves search engine ranking.

Since businesses need to stay up to date with the current trends, the blog helps them stand out in the crowd.

Having a blog transforms a brand into a market leader as it provides industry-leading knowledge sources.

Moreover, the number of indexed pages of a website with a blog section is more compared with a website that does not have one.

It results in reaching large audiences and expanding their global market. Let us learn about the blogging trends that help businesses start from zero to a highly engaged community of people.

1. Writing Long Articles Tends to Perform Better

Write Long Articles Number One Blogging Trends

Almost half a decade back, when Google ranked articles based on the Meta Keyword attribute, there was no minimum post length.

In the last three years, the length of the blog articles has gone above 2000 words and still growing. Hence writing lengthy articles is one of the blogging trends to follow in 2024.

Just do a little homework, and you will notice that most blog posts published are a minimum of 1500 words. Since keyword stuffing is dead, the only way to rank higher on search engines is to write long articles.

Google and other search engines believe that long content has more information and is useful to the readers.

Many studies state that a blog post with a minimum of 2300 words performs 2x times better than a blog post having 1000 to 1200 words.

The new pattern known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) helps search engine bots to understand the relationship patterns between the words.

It helps Google understand the topic quickly and helps to add more context to the article. As a result, you can observe evidence of a boost in your website’s ranking and more traffic from search engines.

Writing long articles does not mean that you can write anything on the topic. Make sure that the blog post is relevant to the subject and has quality information in it.

You need to perform more research about the blog topic to write long paragraphs.

If the article does not resonate with the audience or provide value to the readers will not boost search engine rankings. So don’t forget to maintain the quality of the content.

2. Add More Visual Content for Better Engagement

In the above section, we read that long articles have more information and may perform well. But at the same time, readers may get bored reading long texts.

It is necessary to add visual content to blog posts to make it easier for readers to understand the context.

📌 The creation of visuals in blog posts is one of the fastest-growing blog trends in 2024. Humans find it easier to scan visual content and process it far more quickly than simple text.

It is a must to keep your guests engaged by reading the long article. Adding visual content is the only choice to increase brand retention and make potential clients stay on your webpage for a long time.

Search engines nowadays put more weight on user engagement.

A few ways to increase article engagement are through your comment section or by offering interactive materials like downloadable templates, spreadsheets, infographics, webinars, videos, etc.

A recent study on implementing visual content in long-form articles reports that readers can recall 72% of visual content even after a week.

It is a real boost for your brand visibility and brand retention. Visual content helps readers a way to scan content without spending time reading all the way through.

Add images and videos to break long text content as only 14% of the readers take in context word-by-word. To increase the involvement in your blog visual elements are required.

3. Invest More Time to Write an Informative Post

A Person Doing Some Work on Laptop

As discussed earlier, the long form of articles performs better in the search engine ranking. Simultaneously the time invested in writing long articles is high as it requires more research.

A few years back, I took a maximum of one hour to write a blog post. But now, I am taking more than four hours to write informative articles.

Producing quality content has risen over the years, and apparently, the results are awesome. These days bloggers are very enthusiastic about finding valuable information about the subject.

Those people become successful in their blogging careers and make a lot of money from their blogs.

Nowadays, it becomes easier to find new blog post ideas, so developing a long demanding blogging idea is not a big deal.

Do thorough research on the topic and analyze your potential audience to craft an informative post. Moreover, it will help you develop more personalized blog articles by understanding buyer personas.

Because both search engines and people demand content personalization. It is a must to attract a targeted audience to increase your business.

Therefore, your entire content strategy should be optimized and personalized to align with your marketing goals.

Do not forget to create engagement by adding video, infographics, or audio to the article. Finally, if you invest more time and effort in creating engaging content, your blog ranks better.

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4. Make Sure the Content is Unique and Original

Write Unique Articles

Another blogging trends to follow for a successful blog in 2024 is writing original forms of content. Both search engines and readers love to read original content.

Search engines update their algorithm often to push original content to the top for the respective search queries.

Just imagine, if you visit a blog for the first time and read a post that you have already read many times on other blogs.

How do you feel now? As a blog owner, it gives a bad impression to your blog, and the visitor will never return.

If there is no user engagement in your blog post, ultimately, the blog ranking position goes down. Also, avoid content spinning, auto-generated, plagiarized, and irrelevant content publishing on your blog.

People don’t have time to read irrelevant content and content that adds no value or knowledge.

Even if you get some traffic to your blog by publishing plagiarized content, you won’t sustain it for a long time.

In recent days, blogging has overwhelmed people, and the information is overloaded. Whatever your blogging goal is, you should keep educating your readers with unique information.

Try different types of post formats such as listicles and how-to types of posts. Though the context of the subject is saturation, you can come up with your own unique perspective.

Think twice before writing an article and audit for its uniqueness. If your content doesn’t add value to your readers, your blog will struggle to reach great heights.

5. Maintain Consistency in Publishing Regularly

In every post of mine on social media and my blog posts, I always insist on being consistent. You can be a great writer publishing once every month but not getting any traction.

The main reason is the frequency of publishing new blog posts. You should be consistent in publishing fresh blog articles at regular intervals, and it determines the kind of traffic you get.

If someone visiting your blog finds nothing new for an entire month, they will stop visiting it. Also, people don’t show interest in reading fresh articles published after a long gap.

Another study done by Social Media Examiner reveals the fact, that the blog that publishes a post daily gets 5x more traffic.

As a blogger, you must engage with your audience more frequently. Being consistent is a great habit of a successful blogger.

Starting a blog is easy, and you need to put more effort into running your blog successfully.

So how do you maintain consistency? 🤔

First, I suggest doing long keyword research and listing all the keywords. Create an editorial calendar with the keywords and think about the topics for each keyword.

The number of articles to write depends on your blog topic and your audience’s needs. If you publish daily, you will get more reach and, of course, drive higher results than your competitors.

If it’s not possible to post once a day, don’t worry. Think of becoming a source of daily information that gives you an immense boost in your rankings and traffic.

The demand for new content is increasing every day. Finally, being consistent gives you great results in your blogging journey.

6. Start Collecting Site Visitor’s Emails from Day 1

Collect Emails of Your Site Visitors

My best advice for bloggers is never to depend on a single traffic source. Of course, the organic traffic is free and targeted doesn’t mean that all blogs can rank well.

Also, you should leverage different traffic sources. You can rank well only if you improve your domain authority, and the one way is to keep people engaged.

Email newsletters are one of the popular blogging trends in 2024 to drive instant traffic to your blog.

Immediately after publishing the blog post, you can inform people by sending an email newsletter. Also, you can email any updates, contests, and other information via email.

It is ok if you have more social media followers, but if you are not utilizing the email list, you are risking your blog growth.

Your subscribers are your loyal audience and the first who comes to know the update of your blog. No social media platform can increase a more loyal readership base than an email list generates.

If someone is registering their email (subscribing to your email list), it means they are interested to know more from you in the future.

It may be like new content is being posted or any other information like I said earlier.

An email newsletter reminds your subscribers and keeps them updated with new posts, products, and/or services.

Even if you are not driving organic traffic, loyal email subscribers can generate more sales for your business. It is the key to your successful blogging.

7. Use Online Editor Tools to Write Compelling Content

As technology grows, the content writing industry takes a phase shift. Nowadays, content writers face many challenges in writing a detailed, long, and informative article.

Moreover, the engagement factor is a big question mark. Search engines constantly insisting writers write scannable content to help readers consume information quickly.

It means that writing an article to the point and polishing it to be complete is vital nowadays.

Working with online editor tools like Grammarly, Ginger, and Hemmingway can help to personalize content to match readers’ personas.

Even I use the tools above to write a blog post for my group of blogs. Here are some of the free editor tools to assist in your content writing;

  1. Grammarly: A popular tool used by millions of writers to check grammar and spelling. Its premium version goes one step ahead of checking plagiarism, sentence tone, and punctuation errors.
  2. Ginger: I know this tool recently, and it works great. It helps me rephrase sentences to improve my social media posts and prepare a compelling email newsletter.
  3. HemminwayApp: This editor tool helps you to write clear sentences in a simple format. It provides suggestions to improve the usage of words, points, and long sentences.

Finally, writing scannable content is necessary, so use these tools to improve your blog writing skills.

8. Utilize Guest Posting to Increase Brand Reach

There is always a stigma attached to Guest posting. Many bloggers believe that after publishing a new post in their blog, search engines will rank, and people will flood organically.

But the bitter truth is the opposite, and unless you promote it on the Internet, no one will visit your blog. And to gain organic ranking, improving blog authority is a must.

Guest posting often helps a lot in increasing the domain authority. It makes your blog grow by capitalizing on backlinks from other websites.

When you write an article for another blog, you will get a link back to your blog as a credit. If the post goes viral, you will get more readers to your blog from their blog post.

It is very good for your search engine ranking and overall SEO. Still, many bloggers do not understand the power of Guest blogging.

It is an evergreen blogging trend to follow to grow your blog exponentially. When you love to contribute to other blogs you will get in return.

You can publish more quality guest posts that help you reach wider audiences than just publishing your articles.

So, implement guest blogging immediately in your blogging strategy and spend enough time writing for other blogs.

When many websites point to your blog post, search engines consider it as a good ranking signal. Hence, make use of such mutual opportunity benefitting others and getting benefit in return.

9. Leverage Different Mediums to Promote your Content

Leverage Different Platforms to Drive Traffic

Again, never depend on a single traffic source. You will miserably fail if you lose the position. Therefore, leveraging available platforms to promote your content and drive traffic is a must.

Different traffic sources are Organic, Direct, Social, and Referral. Social media is growing on a large scale and every marketer knows its potential.

As said earlier, you can drive more direct traffic to your blog by sending email newsletters. It is the most feasible way to reach a loyal audience who keeps visiting your blog for the latest information.

Paid advertising is also an effective marketing strategy to promote your blog in a shorter period. By doing guest blogging, you can drive referral traffic.

Doing SEO optimization requires more effort, and it gives long-term returns. Once your blog ranks higher in SERPs, your blog will get indefinite targetted traffic.

Gaining an organic position takes time and it is not an overnight activity. Another recent blogging trend is influencer outreach.

Many brands started seeking influencers in their niche to reach a wider audience in a shorter period. However, the investment is significantly less than the paid advertisement.

Then, finally, take advantage of different mediums and repurpose your blog content to promote to drive big traffic.

One of the key benefits of digital marketing is that you can track and monitor all campaigns, analyze their performance, and develop a designated ROI.

10. Create an Interactive Article to Make Readers Curious

Last, but not least blogging trend is creating content that interacts with the readers. People love to read interactive content and stay for a longer time on your blog.

Long user engagement is a good ranking signal and increases sales by 70% more than normal content.

Depending on your blogging niche, you can develop various interactive content models.

Some of them are;

  1. Quizzes
  2. How-to DIY Guides
  3. Facts and Stories
  4. Subject Benefits
  5. Checklist
  6. Risk Factors and Analysis
  7. E-Book, Product Videos
  8. Explainer Videos
  9. Infographics
  10. Statistics/Charts
  11. Case studies

I have listed a few content ideas to create a highly engaging and interactive blog post. It makes your readers engage with your content and lets them take some action (or) make a decision.

Also, it increases the chance of resharing on social platforms and other mediums. Even some readers may bookmark your page or save it for reading later.

All these activities send a good signal to search engines and therefore, your blog ranking will increase indefinitely.


A Blog may be used in several ways, and it depends on the ones who utilize it. It is a powerful marketing tool that helps to generate more leads and increase conversion.

A business that actively grows its blog can see significant growth in its organic ranking and traffic. You should be very careful in setting up and running a blog.

A proper structure, a good understanding of the market, the ability to read the user’s persona, and true empirical knowledge to create unique content is essential.

If you keep blogging consistently, you can multiply your business growth exponentially. It is a continuous process where we need to educate ourselves on the latest blogging trends.

With the knowledge gained, we educate people and convert them into our customers.

So at last, I would like to add if you master the art of blogging, you can achieve great heights in your professional career.

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