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Today we are living in a society where money is the most determinant factor of our lifestyle.

All people want to earn money but more than 80% of people are struggling to earn some revenue.

The growing prices and fewer salaries made employing people to worry about their future.

But, the vast growth of the Internet has paved the way for millions of online jobs without investment.

The Internet has given millions of jobs to every man and women irrespective of their skill and knowledge.

People were working so hard to earn this money for their survival, but their earnings are not enough to meet their expenses.

It was 2010, I started working online for the first time after finding some few genuine online jobs, but they paid little money.

Since I am new in this field, I fell into many scams, but, I managed to overcome those obstacles.

Now, I am making a decent six-digit income every month by doing online jobs.

Why Online Home Income Started?

I started this blog in 2013 to envision my ideas and explore my thoughts in Online Money Making Industry.

Anyone, can even a newbie can generate a decent amount of cash every day by working on the Internet.

A Computer and an Internet Connection along with basic English knowledge is the only required criteria to work here.

I have explained the complete DIY step-by-step procedures of Five Great Online Jobs to work from home without investing any money.

These online jobs are paying me every day even in 2019 where I am living my Own Life Style (Say No to Boss).

The internet is having enormous opportunities for all the people to earn extra income but there is no proper guidance to teach the right things.

So, I started this blog Online Home Income to TEACH YOU, MENTOR YOU, and TRAIN YOU to earn money online.

When I started working in 2010 without proper guidance and knowledge, many people scammed me and I lost my savings.

But, these mistakes taught me a great lesson and empowered me to find genuine Internet jobs!

Why this blog – Online Home Income?

This Blog will teach you two different directions in earning money online.

  1. Doing Online Jobs
  2. Doing Online Business

Who is Eligible?

  1. Anyone with a true desire to make more revenue from the Internet.
  2. Especially Students, Job Seekers, Housewives, and Retired Persons.

What is the Actual Job?

In this blog, you first have to spend some time to LEARN 5 RECOMMENDED ONLINE JOBS by Online Home Income.

online jobs

Online Home Income Blog is started to PROVIDE FREE EDUCATION and KNOWLEDGE to those who are looking to earn from Online Jobs without Investment.

Working on the Internet at home is the best available job opportunity for everyone who was looking for a second income!

1.) Online data entry jobs available — Zero Investment, Earn Rs 300 to Rs 500 per task,
2.) Form Filling Copy Pasting Work — Free registration, Earn up to Rs 20000 per month,

1. How to Get Online Work Here?

My website shows you 100% free and the best online jobs without investment suitable for college students, housewives, part-time jobs seekers, retired people and those who need a second income.

I am not promoting any Get Rich Quick Money Making Programs, but I assure that you can make a decent income every month.

You can able to earn around Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000 if you work for 3 – 4 hrs every day on your computer based on my suggested ideas on this blog.

So you can ask what are the ideas behind this scenario? There are Five Great Ideas you are going to learn by today on my blog.

I have started working online using these ideas and I am making 6 digit income by working from home just using my desktop computer connected to the Internet.

Same way, I have explained all the step-by-step procedures that are necessary to start these five methods today. Spend your next few minutes on this page to learn how I achieved this success?

2. What are the Five Online Jobs?

So are you excited to know these five work from home jobs? Let’s read this article further:

1.) Make Money Blogging
2.) Affiliate Marketing Business
3.) Online Survey Jobs
4.) Paid to Click sites
5.) Bitcoins — Crypto Currency

LEARN BEFORE EARN — because without learning and gathering the proper knowledge you cannot succeed working from home online.

As I cannot teach every individual person directly, I started this blog. This blog is the result of 5-years of my hard work.

The methods that were explained here are free to join, No investment required and most importantly they pay genuinely on time.

Stay tuned and scroll further on this page to learn more about those Five ways to earn online by working on your computer.

Each method has been explained in individual pages with more detailed information. I have given the link for each method to go to the respective pages, click the link to visit and read the information.

You can get all the necessary information such as:

Starting procedures,
Working procedures,
Registration process,
Payment terms and everything.

Even though there are lots of ways to earn money from the internet, I stick to these native proven strategies represented below. Scroll below to Chapter: 5 [Five Online jobs to Earn Money Online]


2.1. Basic Requirements to start:

Every business (or) a job needs some tools to start. Without arranging these necessary tools, it will become difficult to start these internet jobs.

So, read the below mentioned list of the basic requirements which are necessary for making money online at home.

Dear people, you please check once again, whether do you have all these requirements or first spend the time to fulfill these things before starting to work at home.

  1. A personal computer (or Laptop) with an Internet connection
  2. Gmail account
  3. PayPal account. (Read Instructions here to register PayPal)
  4. Personal Bank account
  5. Pancard (for Indian People)
  6. Daily 3 – 4 Hrs willing to work

Pan Card is an identity card for Tax Payers in INDIA and it is required to register accounts with PayPal and Payza.
People from outside INDIA should read their country law before registering these accounts.

3. Now, what you have to do?

Dear reader, YOU HAVE TO SPEND TIME TO EDUCATE YOURSELF. I saw many people failed to make money from the internet because they are not willing to learn.

People need quick money after the registration or completing a form. This is not possible and you will end up in the scam.

So, please spend the time to visit the FIVE PAGES to learn the system completely.

You should scroll below to find the link for the five online jobs without investment and click on the link to go to their respective page to read complete information.

3.1.) Spend enough time to read all the complete information required to start the respective method.

3.2.) If you decided to register you can do so by finding the registration link at the bottom of the article for every method.

Attn: Our website is a NON-PROFIT SERVICE MOTIVE SUPPORT TEAM to help men and women, college students, job seekers to get genuine free online jobs. We are not actual job providers and we do share our experience with people like you. You can use our ideas to start making some extra revenue.


3.1. Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Can I work on my smartphone?

Many people asking whether they can able to work with Smart Phones.
Yes, you can work, but you should log on to your computer to register accounts.
Because Smartphone’s do not have such features, and hence after registration, you can use your mobile phone to work.

FAQ 2: What If I don’t have a Pan card?
Pan card is required only for registering accounts with the two payment processors, PayPal and Payza.
Indian Government says all money should be accounted for before depositing into Indian Bank accounts from other countries.
Apply for Pan Card online here. Only Indian citizens were asked to submit Pan card number while registering accounts with the PayPal and Payza.
People from other countries should follow their own country law and registration process.
Remember, This FIVE Online work is suitable for people from any part of the world.
The present location is not limited to India.

FAQ 3: Is Payment Processor account necessary?
Yes! Payment processor such as PayPal and Payza accounts are necessary because the sites you are going to register was from outside your country location.
It is very difficult to transfer your earnings through Bank wire or cheque or any other means and also it will be taking much time.
Payment processors make it much easier to transfer money from any part of the world within minutes.

Click to read more FAQ…

Once you understand the cause and purpose of this website and having your doubts cleared, start now to read the five methods in detail. Scroll below.

5 Best Online Jobs without Investment [Recommended]:

make money from blogging

Required Skill: 

WordPress / SEO / Good English


Free / Paid

Income Potential: 

$1000 – $5000+

The most successful online business in 2020 was the Blogging which is the first recommended method by Online Home Income.

There are many different monetization techniques in blogging and you can even start this online jobs without investment with Google Blogger (or) WordPress.

This method also is very simple to start, Decide your passion niche and register a .com domain. Next, purchase a reliable hosting and install WordPress.

Write contents and publish at any frequent interval. Perform SEO activities to drive traffic from Google, and install Google AdSense (or) any other monetization techniques.

Tada, you are set ready to generate income from your blog. Read my article where I explained very clearly about the complete process which will guide you to start this business.

Affiliate Marketing Business

Required Skill: 

Blogging / SEO / Good English


Free / Paid

Income Potential: 

$1000 – $5000+

Affiliate Marketing Business is the second most recommended method of online jobs without investment by Online Home Income.

It is a performance-based business model that lets you earn money by selling other merchant product (or) services by starting a blog (or) selling through other digital media.

You do not necessarily need to have your own product (or) service but you can refer other merchant’s product and service to your audience and earn money.

Affiliate Marketing is the most lucrative business model in 2020. Starting this business do not require skill or knowledge but your passion towards marketing can help you.

Most of the people are making around Rs.1000 – Rs.50000 every month. Choose a niche, Join the Right program, Start a Blog, Drive Traffic and Make sales to earn a commission.

paid to click jobs

Required Skill: 

Internet Browsing / Basic English



Income Potential: 

$100 – $1000+

The Third recommended method by Online Home Income was the Paid to Click jobs.

I have started working on this method from 2013 and I began my venture with Neobux and Ysense.

Presently I am making some 5 Digit income with these two sites and I have added some more legit PTC sites to register to earn more money online.

PTC sites are one of the online jobs without investment every since 2007 and working in these sites is very simple,

(i) Register a free account using your Gmail ID
(ii.) Log in to your dashboard and view all available ads
(iii.) Do some tasks and complete offers
(iv.) Refer this program to others to get a referral commission.

online survey jobs

Required Skill: 

Internet Browsing / Basic English



Income Potential: 

$100 – $1000+

Online Survey Jobs is the third method I suggest to start working online because you can earn some extra money in your spare time.

MNC companies need people feedback and surveys are the only gateways to satisfy their needs.

So MNC’s will contact survey companies to conduct surveys on their behalf because they already have a huge database of members across the world ready to attend surveys anytime.

You can take this no investment online job in 3 simple steps as described below:

(i.) Register a free account with the list of recommended sites.
(ii.) Complete your profile surveys to get email invitations.
(iii.) Attend the surveys and complete successfully.
(iv.) Redeem your earnings via PayPal cash (or) Gift vouchers.


Required Skill: 

Internet Browsing / Basic English



Income Potential: 

$100 – $1000+

The Fifth Method recommended by me was earning Bitcoins and other altcoins to use as a real currency.

Cryptocurrencies, recently emerging as an alternative money across the world and I started this venture with Bitcoins [Ancestor of altcoins].

Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and it’s present value in USD crossed over $10000. This is the main reason why more people were involving in this market.

You can earn Bitcoins in three ways – Mining, Trading, Working in Faucet sites. I strongly recommend starting working in Faucet sites at your beginning and slowly invest the earnings into mining and trading.

As of 2018, you can use Bitcoins for any purpose of money such as Booking flight tickets, online purchases, and other transactions etc.

It’s very easy, reliable and it reduces the delay time in cross-border exchanges etc. Read my article by clicking the button below to go the page where I explained with more information on how to earn free bitcoins without investment?

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