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About Myilraj .G – Author of Online Home Income

Hello Friends,

Thanks for taking the time to visit my About Page of OnlineHomeIncome. This blog is your Online Home Page for your Online Job Needs.

www.onlinehomeincome.in was actually registered on 8th March 2013 and launched on 11th March 2013. I have created this blog to spread awareness about various Online Money Making Ideas such as Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Also, I have written about Career Tips, Business Ideas, Education, Money Management, and much more. I publish a new post whenever I learned something on the Internet (or) gained some experience by working online.

Keep watching my blog to create a fortune sooner.

Welcome to Online Home Income - A virtual platform for newbies, bloggers and affiliate marketers to find a true source of online revenue. Also, I invite those hustlers who are thirsty to become their own boss and leave 9 - 5 JOB Lifestyle.

At Online Home Income, I will share the latest, updated and tested information about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Career Tips, Education, Business Ideas, Money Management. All individuals, entrepreneurs, and startups are welcome.

About Me: Myilraj .G

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams. ——Donovan Bailey

I am Myilraj.G -- CBE (Consultant, Blogger, Entrepreneur). I am from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Myilraj Admin OnlineHomeIncome

I am a Blogger: Online Home Income was the first blog that gave me the lifestyle I dreamed off. I am a full-time blogger.

I am a Consultant: With a self-learned experience of more than 6+ years, I have ranked a few of my client websites.

I am an Entrepreneur: Because I am my Boss making my living by generating a passive income online. I'm really loving it.

Today youngsters were washed and trained to find a job after completing their studies. Working more than 60hrs for someone may give you a small salary.

After completing my studies as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, I was to join a company and worked as a Junior Maintenance Engineer.

It was boring as every day, I was into the same schedule and doing the same activities. Eventually, I was used for someone else growth.

Finally, I am tired and spent my night hours to experiment a few things online after I got home from work. I was hooked up with blogging and learned to leverage the power of blogging.

The Road I Travelled

I have started blogging in 2013 – keeping in mind to support all people to know about the different ways to earn money through Online Jobs without Investment. I started my first online business in 2008 (probably I was studying the pre-final year of my college) on the free Blogspot platform.

The blog was no more, but it had taught me how to start my own business? After I completed my college studies, I went for the job due to family circumstances. Between those periods, I reduced my online presence till 2012, and later, during the early 2013’s March, I registered the first domain Online Home Income.

I do not aware of CMS such as WordPress, Blogger’s Blog because I discontinued working online earlier. But my passion was not discontinued and it pushed me to learn HTML-based web-design. I referred to nearly 100’s of books and online resources to learn web design.

In the end …

I designed my very own blog on HTML and launched it on 11-03-2013. My first intention was to build my own business start-up and this blog was my foundation.

I have started sharing my online businesses such as Paid to Click, Surveys, Traffic Exchanges, and Affiliate Marketing (But it was entirely new to me). I struggled a lot during the beginning months but while days passing, my blog reached out to more audiences.

First I should thank Facebook, Google Orkut (Now no more), and Mobile networks in India that helped a lot to reach more new audiences.

While days passed by months, and months passed by Years, still Online Home Income was live in 2021 crossing its 8yrs of the online journey, that had thought millions of people to earn money from their home.

Why Online Home Income?

Most of the people in the world have a dream of living a life with complete financial satisfaction.

But how do find the right way to achieve this?

The answer is Online Home Income.

If you don’t find a way to Make Money while you sleep, you will work until you die — By, Warren Buffet

This statement motivated me and pushed me to achieve this stage where I am now making my full-time living by blogging and other online businesses. In Online Home Income, you can learn about the five successful ways of earning money online without investment.

Making people start from Zero to earn 1000’s dollars was the core mission of our blog.


Online Home Income was started mainly to teach people about different online jobs I have shared on my blog. All methods are very genuine to begin today.


Online Home Income recently launched a Free-Email Training Program for our audience to get trained by themselves. You can join by clicking the below button.


When I start my Blog, I am the one who managed all aspects and this year I planned to open my door to all Content Writers, Guest Posters etc.


I planned to support people who wish to start a blogging business by providing them customized one-on-one personal training in their blogging career.

A Little About My Native

I was born and brought up in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, which is one of the fastest growing cities in India and a major textile, industrial, commercial, educational, informational technology and healthcare hub of TamilNadu.

With the emerging growth of software and information technology, Coimbatore itself has most of the IT companies from the world. Situated on the Eastern slope of the western ghats of India, Coimbatore has a stable climate all around the year that attracts most tourists around the world. 

Scope of Online Home Income

After 2010, while going for Job I have been working online simultaneously whenever I found free time.

I have worked with several 100’s of online business websites and programs and found most of them were the scam. Because either the admin of the program run away with our money or else the program was halted at one stage (Not able to sustain anymore).

If there is a bad, there is a Good. Still some sites proven to be Genuine over years and still paying me on time. With continuous effort and learning new strategies, I became self-aware to differentiate the legitimate online job sites from the scam.

One fine day, I thought why shouldn’t we share our knowledge with other people and this idea has turned into the present project, “Online Home Income”. In this blog, I use to update new information and news about online job methods, online job websites, and review of online scams and projects.

Recently I have started to cover more topics such as Business, Career, Money, Education, Part time jobs, Online Jobs. As my blog visitor, you can get yourself learned about different money making opportunities without being scammed. Online Home Income was one of the biggest milestones in my online career.

I Quit My Job (Become an Entrepreneur)

2016 Had Changed my Entire Life

This blog ranks on the top of Google India for most of the keywords. I started dreaming of my own free lifestyle and Online Home Income have made it become possible on Jan – 1 -2016 after 2.9yrs of the successful journey.

Start a New Career

During this journey, I have faced a lot of difficulties including but not limited to Moral distracts, family distracts, and technical distracts, I surpassed all those obstacles successfully and still growing towards the endless destination.

After the successful growth of my blog "Online Home Income", I have started several few blogs on a different niche to explore my knowledge to earn money. 

My journey always filled up with finding new ways and traveling towards a new destination. I finally invite you all new buddies to join hands with me to foster a financially free future.

I would be proud to call myself a young Entrepreneur.

Now, the dice is yours…. … .. .

2019: I Started a Pvt Ltd Company

My Journey Towards Success

Where am I in 2021?

I started my blogging journey in early 2013 and online home income was my first blog. On January 1 - 2016, I have become a full-time professional blogger. At that time, I was earning about Rs.1500 per day through my blog using various monetization methods such as

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling AD Spaces

Slowly, I explored myself towards various other niches and have started a few other blogs on different niches. All those blogs were successfully running today and earning me a decent monthly revenue.

I have started my own digital marketing company in the name of "Raj Softech Solutions India Private Limited" in 2014 and developed the startup side by side. Now, in 2020, I am a proud CEO of a successful running IT company with digital marketing services across India.

I am currently working on my own blogging projects as well as doing Digital Marketing (SEO) consulting services for few other bloggers on the internet. Also, had a few clients to whom working for their digital platforms and helping them to grow their business as well.

Blogging has given me a lot of online exposure towards digital growth and I have been known to many people and successful entrepreneurs.

If you want to be successful, you should follow no one. Create your own path, learn from other's experience, and start moving towards your goal.

Summing up

Online Home Income was mainly started to educate every people to get a genuine alternate source of Income and to live a freestyle. In my blog, I share my own experiences and share Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tutorial on the five most successful methods of earning money online.

My community blog serves as a dedicated source for finding legitimate online jobs from home. Online Home Income was a great resource for anyone who wishes to create their own fortune of financial freedom.

This is not just a blog but my 9 yrs of my life experience and my growth from a digital nomad to digital geek earning a few thousand dollars a month from home.

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My Journey Continues …

Myilraj. G

Admin Myilraj

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