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Planning to Begin your Blogging Career - Let's Discuss now

So, you have decided to earn money from blogging, but are worried or hesitate to start. Let me help you to find all bottlenecks and remove them for a pleasant start.

In this 30 minutes, we can talk about anything. The sole purpose is to start a blogging career from today and create a long-term passive source of income. So, the next 30 minutes is going to be your trump card in your career. Use it wisely and become a pro in your niche.

Explain the purpose of this call?

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Write something about you, your blog. When did you start blogging? What makes you choose this career?

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What is Your Blogging Goal? Did You Meet Your Goal? If Yes, explain clearly, If no, write the reason below.

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Are you currently generating income from your blogging? If so, how?

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Tell me one primary reason that holds your back?

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Tell me one secondary reason that holds your back?

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What efforts did you done for your blog? and the Result?

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If we were to do this, how sooner you will be working with me?

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Are you ready to invest yourself and some money on your blog?

 Yes, I can from $0 to $100
 Yes, I can from $0 to $200
 Yes, I can from $0 to $300
 Yes, I can from $0 to $400
 Yes, I can from $0 to $500
No, I can't now

Why are you not able to invest?

Who am I?


I am Myilraj. G and I have been in this field since 2010.

I started my first blog in 2013 and have now grown up as a Blogger, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Company CEO, and Career Consultant.

I am been in this position because of the decision I made in 2015.

It’s your turn right now, begin your own career, and design your own future. All the Best.

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