How to Choose a Perfect  Niche For Your Blog in 2024?

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jun 4, 2024


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Why is it important to know how to choose a perfect niche for your blog? No matter how great your writing is, if you don’t select the right niche, you will fail to reach your target audience (which means your blog will fail).

One crucial step before starting a blog is to know how to choose a perfect niche for your blog. It is the only factor to determines your success or failure in your blogging journey.

The Internet is full of resources, and you may end up with loads of articles on the blogging topic. Millions of blogs talking about the same topic put you in trouble.

You may have some niche ideas for starting a blog – but you are not sure how it is going to work. You may get confused because of these overloaded pieces of information.

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In recent days, countless people have started this blogging business. Sadly, only a very few are successfully running their blog.

Despite many reasons – being unable to drive traffic, not being able to make money, and feeling not lucky enough – there is one core reason.

A majority of the people who start blogging fail to learn the basics. They do not know how to find profitable blogging ideas.

In this article, you will learn -9- strategic tips on blogging niche ideas in 2024. And you will also know five questions you need to answer to choose the perfect niche for your blog.

Do not worry if you are struggling to find an idea for blogging. Let’s dive into the article now.

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is known as a specific topic you will write about on your blog. It can be anything from your interest, passion, knowledge, or experience.

  • Some popular blog topics are making money, finance, health, food, beauty, and lifestyle.

If you are interested in cooking food, you can start a food blog.

If you are good at reviewing gadgets, you can start a technology blog and monetize it with affiliate marketing.

Further down,

This blog ( is about the topic of money-making, and I write from my personal experience.

🤔 Why did I choose this blogging topic?

When I worked as an electrical engineer, the monthly salary was not that much to manage my expenses. Hence, I started searching for online jobs.

I worked on a few available opportunities. A few jobs paid me well, and many other jobs scammed me.

It gave me some experience, that I wish to share with others and gave rise to this blog.

The money-making blog topic is a huge market. Since we cannot target a large audience of different interests, I have selected a few sub-niches, such as Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

People these days start a blog without a proper plan and write about every topic they come to know in their journey. Later, after some time, they quit the blogging business after seeing no income.

Why Do You Need a Niche For Your Blog?

Why Do You Need a Niche

📌 In general, blogging is about writing something on a topic, and you can write about anything and everything.

But, if you want to create a blog to generate income, it needs a professional approach.

Nowadays, a blog is often seen as an online resume to demonstrate one’s expertise. It is not a science, and it is possible with a strategic approach.

Choosing a perfect niche for your blog is essential;

  1. Place yourself as a niche expert in the field. So, you will get a lot of business opportunities.
  2. You can win the competition in this business world by increasing your credibility and reputation.
  3. You can connect with like-minded people, experts, influencers, and brands.
  4. By specifying a particular set of audiences, you can easily grow your blog and stand as an authoritative source of information.

You can quickly monetize your blog and generate revenue in less than a year. Read how long does a blog takes to generate income?

Starting a blog is easy nowadays, as there are so many blogging platforms available for free and paid.

Not picking the right blogging niche is like building a product without thinking about the buyers.

Just think, who will buy your product, and where do you market it? In the blogging business, selecting one particular niche allows you to target a niche market audience.

Therefore, you can easily grow your blog’s credibility and authority by producing helpful content.

Why Is It Important to Choose a Niche in Blogging?

Choosing a niche for the blogging business allows you to deliver engaging content on a particular topic.

The niche gives you a proper direction, a reason to blog, and an increase in revenue.

In recent days, blogging has become highly competitive, and you need to select a particular blog topic to stand unique.

When you blog on a particular subject, you can eliminate the guesswork and spend time creating valuable assets.

You can create a vast network of followers which is essential for making money from blogging.

Your followers are your first level of audience, who click ads on your blog (or) buy recommended affiliate products.

As we are all blogging to make some additional income, we need to learn how. Next, we will learn the nine crucial ways to choose a perfect niche for your blog.

9 Ways to Choose a Perfect Niche For Your Blog

Today is the right time to start a blog. Both free and paid blogging are available for you to choose from. Read the article on Blogger vs WordPress to know why I am not recommending free blogs.

It is always good to set a proper goal in every business or career. Your first goal before starting a blog is to identify the niche and find whether it is viable for the long term.

Check whether the niche has a strong purpose to target audiences of different mindsets.

If you do not have passion, you cannot commit yourself for a long time.

Because blogging is a slow-growing online business, you need to wait to create profits from your blog.

Keep the above three things in mind before you select a blogging niche in 2024. It is crucial to know about the common mistakes in choosing a blogging niche.

Go through the article once to get some clarity on this topic.

surveys pay online

1. Choose a Niche Based on Your Interest (a.k.a passion)

Brainstorming is the first process in the selection of the right niche. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the topics of your interest. Include every idea that comes to your mind in the note.

Spend enough time writing all topics (or subjects), and do not worry if it takes a day or a week. The goal is to come up with the perfect blogging niche this year.

  1. Look at your daily activities, hobbies, accomplishments, and academics. Ideas are everywhere, and the only thing is we need to identify them from our analytical skills.

I started this blog in order to find a solution for my financial crisis after my college studies. As you all know, my first job was as an electrical maintenance engineer with a monthly salary of Rs. 4,000.

In search of a solution, I gained some experience and started this blog, “” in 2013.

I am so passionate about making money from every possible opportunity. Interest and passion drive you to success in this blogging business.

Here are some of the blogging niche ideas. Your list will look something like this:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Jobs
  • Travel
  • South Indian Dishes
  • Tourist Spots in India
  • Tamil Movies
  • Tamil Culture

More potential blog niches are available.

No need to worry if some blogging niches feel very general and others are niche-specific.

We want to consider other factors in selecting the perfect blogging niche this year.

2. Find the Niche in the Area of Your Expertise

Now you have selected some niche based on your interest and passion. Evaluating your expertise is another criterion when you choose a perfect niche for your blog.

Google, in its algorithm updates, made it clear that author expertise is essential in ranking a blog. As we all run for organic traffic, it is a must to rank our blog posts on the first page.

It is not that easy, and you should show your expertise in the niche to help Google rank your blog.

Some niche blogs like finance, money management, and tax planning need a professional author. Google will run some checks to validate the author’s professionalism.

Unless you are a CA or an auditor, you cannot write on tax planning, tax savings, etc.

It is not mandatory for general niches like food blogs, affiliate marketing blogs, etc.

3. Prepare Blogging Niche Ideas from Books, Magazines

Books occupy the next place after the Internet and are the best travel companion for most people. Every blogger, influencer, and entrepreneur always spends more time reading books.

Reading books groom your personal skills and develop your intellectual knowledge. It may be anything like a novel, magazine, short story, thriller, or science fiction.

Your next blog niche is available right there. Group the list of books that you read the most. Like I read about personal development, entrepreneurship, and money management.

Think about you and the category of books you read. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down the topics based on your interests.

Add your passion, profession, and desire to give more weight to the niche. This process will help you choose the perfect niche for your blog this year.

Nowadays, people use Amazon Kindle to read eBooks. Don’t miss that too.

4. List your Past Hobby, Experience, and Job

You cannot find a person without a hobby, experience, or a job. Every individual on earth has certain hobbies.

For example, I love to write content and design websites. Maybe you love gardening or cooking food. Do you like music and playing instruments?

Cooking, traveling, and reviewing are highly competitive niches these days. I have a few students who are blogging in the food niche.

You can simply transform your hobby into a professional blogging business. With proper strategy and execution, you can turn your blog into a passive income platform.

Did you hear about paid blogging jobs? If not, do a Google search now to know the different jobs available in the blogging industry.

5. Use Amazon and Clickbank to Choose the Blogging Niche

These days many people are showing interest in starting an affiliate marketing blog. In India, Amazon is the most demanding platform for this affiliate business.

Amazon marketplace is a true gold mine for people who want to start their first blogging career.

Specifically, look at their menu structure which will give you so many blogging niche ideas.

  • Look at their produce menu > select the products that are in demand.
    (Tip: Choose Smartphones, Laptops, etc.).
  • Start a blog on WordPress and write blog posts around those products.
    (Tip: a review article, comparison article, etc.)

Various affiliate marketing programs can make you earn a decent income from blogging.

Read this article on starting an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business this year.

Some popular programs are ShareASale, Commission Junction, Clickbank, etc. Visit these websites to gather information on popular trending products to get your blogging niche idea.

6. Prepare a List of Recent Things You’ve Accomplished

Another way to choose the right niche for your blog is to list the recently accomplished things. You can start a blog on any of those accomplishments that can turn out to be profitable.

If you are a working individual, you may have accomplished the task of completing a project, managing a critical resource, etc.

In your personal life, you follow a weight loss process and have achieved success.


You may have studied a new subject or a course in the last few days or months.


Otherwise, you have learned how to manage emergency funds (money-management skills).


You may have a unique strategy to save money from your salary and invest in other instruments to multiply your income.

👉 All these are your prestigious accomplishments in which you are an expert. Why don’t you think of starting a blog on these accomplished tasks?

These blogging ideas have all elements like interest, passion, desire, and more importantly – own experience.

7. Select Low Competition Niches for Blog

Competition is there in every business, and the blogging industry is no exception. Especially in the last two years after COVID-19, many people started to blog.

As many people ventured into blogging, the competition gradually increased. But there is a space for every newbie blogger to grow.

Our primary blogging goal is to make money and create a passive income. And we need to publish helpful content consistently to generate revenue from a blog.

By implementing SEO and digital marketing methods, we have to get more blog traffic. Finally, we can integrate some blog monetization methods to create revenue (Eg: Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, etc.).

To win this game easily, find a niche from less competition and more opportunities to grow. The ratio needs to be maintained equally to make money blogging.

Many bloggers fail to make money because they choose a highly competitive niche and are not able to combat the competition.

Another reason why people hesitate to blog is – they need more time to write and market their content. Patience is the key to success.

To make it clear, choose a niche with less competition.

8. Do Enough Keyword Research

You can easily find a perfect niche for your blog by doing proper keyword research. The process is transparent. There are a few other tools you can use to validate the results.

As we all know, every blogger writes a blog post based on a keyword.

People mostly use the Google search engine to search for everything right from buying a smartphone (or any gadgets) to planning a tour. Even students use Google to learn their academic subjects.

Plus, organic traffic has more value than social media traffic. People who come to our blog from search engines are highly targeted on the topic.

Because they want to discover a solution for a problem (or) make a decision.

🤔 What are the necessary terms to consider when doing Keyword Research?

  1. Average monthly search volume: It means how many people use the keyword to find something on Google in a calendar month.
  2. Keyword difficulty: It is a factor on a scale from 0 to 100 that explicitly shows how difficult it is to rank our blog (or blog post) for a keyword.

Note: Keyword research for a blog post is different from searching keywords for selecting the blogging niche.

You can use tools like SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, Uber, etc. I always prefer the Google Keyword Planner tool for all types of keyword research.

9. Check the Future Scope of the Niche (Google Trends)

Now you have identified the niche based on the above tips and methods. One more thing in finalizing the blogging niche is to check the future scope by using Google Trends.

Checking the trend and the future scope of the topic helps you make a long-term decision.

Blogging is a lifetime business, and therefore it is necessary to align with the blogging trends.

Here is how you can check the Niche trend in Google Trends;

  1. Visit Google Trends websites
  2. Enter your blog topic (or niche)
  3. Select the target country (you can even target worldwide)
  4. Choose the year range finally.

It will give you some idea about the blog topic.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Preparing a Blogging Niche List

The above methods may help you choose a perfect niche for your blog. But it is not over yet, and it needs further analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of your blogging niche.

Below are a few questions to ask yourself before finalizing your blogging niche. If all answers are positive, the chosen topic can give you more benefits.

Let’s head back and start answering those questions.

Question 1: Are You Really Interested in the Niche?

These days many people are starting a blog just out of curiosity with no proper idea or plan. But they begin after seeing others’ success and their income.

Starting a blog with this intention is an absolute disaster.😱 There is a problem with this kind of approach. People fear because of the competition and fail to understand what is next.

Finally, after seeing no traffic and no income, they quit blogging. So, I am insisting more on interest and passion when choosing the right niche.

💪 Blogging is a professional business. Hence, define a strategy to grow gradually. After starting the blog, you will face the hard part of consistently writing and publishing articles.

If you pick a niche just because you think you can make money, how come you could write valuable content for a long time?

Your interest and passion drive you throughout the entire blogging journey. Do not try to start a blog on a niche in which you do not have any interest.

You cannot always be motivated in everything. Find your interest and passion to excel in your career.

Question 2: Do You Have Enough Knowledge on the Topic?

After you start your blog, you have to keep writing articles regularly. There is no time frame here, and hiring a writer will not be an affordable decision.

The blogging business these days is more competitive, and people are very choosy in blogs to read. If they do not find your blog credible, they will leave soon.

Even if people land on your blog from the search engines and not feeling comfortable, they will abandon your blog.

Readers want to read only from the experts or any knowledgeable person. Therefore, you must have some experience and enough knowledge of the niche.

After all, will you learn SEO from someone who never ranked a blog on the first few pages? The answer is – NO!

Other readers also expect the same from you. But I am not asking you to get a degree or a certificate on the topic.

People can easily smell the content that has real value and is just written to manipulate the search engine ranking.

Share your experience and knowledge gained by applying the principles in writing articles. Such blog posts have the power to attract more people.

Hence, find a perfect niche for your blog based on your experience and knowledge.

Question 3: Can You Write for at least Two Years?

Blogging is a never-ending process, and the third important question to ask yourself is – can you write on the topic for the next two years?

It will take some time to make money blogging. For example, Google needs a minimum of two to three months to understand your blog’s purpose.

Then only Google will start to index your blog for relevant search queries. Till then, you need to write and publish articles on the selected niche consistently.

Wait! It is not an end. You have to continue contributing to the community with more helpful blog posts. Therefore, check if the niche has a long-term gain.

You may have heard about micro-niche blogging. Usually, these blogs will live for a short time till the trend is alive. A few bloggers started a blog on Christmas and New Year sales, Friendship Day sales, Black Friday deals, etc.

Whereas blogging niches like finance, money-making, affiliate marketing, etc. will last for many years. Creating evergreen content gives you a recurring opportunity to make money.

Question 4: Does the Blogging Niche have a Paying Audience?

Another predominant question is — does the niche has audiences who can pay. We all start blogging only to make some extra income online.

Do a little market research to analyze the volume of potential buyers in the niche. In my blog, I sell courses, ad space, and E-books.

I also use it to monetize my blog content with Networks like Adsense, Media(.)net, etc. If the Adsense program does not work for your blog, search for Adsense Alternatives., Viglink, Rev Content are a few popular AD networks to generate revenue from your blog.

You should check how many people are searching for your niche when thinking of the long run.

  • How popular are those keywords?
  • Does the keyword have an audience from different countries in the world?

Asking these questions helps to validate your niche performance and how much revenue you can generate from the blog.

Let me share one simple method to find a blogging niche that has a paying audience;

  • Since you have a blog niche finalized, run a Google search.
  • Check the ads on the Google search result pages.
  • If you do not see any ads for those niche keywords, then it will be difficult to monetize.

Choose the blogging niche where you can sell products or services after some months. You can even sell your own products (for example, handicrafts, gardening, home decor, etc.).

You can start a blog even to sell services (for example, SEO support for businesses and individuals, content writing, web designing, virtual assistance, freelancing, etc.).

Question 5: Can You Make Money on the Niche?

It is the one last important question to ask yourself before choosing a niche to build a profitable blog. Do you think you can really make money from this niche?

Google Adsense or Media(.)net is the way-to-go option for many newbie bloggers to make money blogging. Even today, many bloggers quit blogging if their Adsense account gets banned.

Do you know there are other monetization methods where you can generate more revenue? 😱

To know more, I suggest you do a competitor analysis. The blogging business is saturated, and you are not going to start anything new.

You will blog on the same topic, but here you share your own experience and knowledge and showcase your expertise to grow in the field.

Check these points in competitive analysis;

  • Were those blogs monetized with Ads (or) Affiliate Marketing?
  • Do they allow direct advertisers on their blog?
  • What type of content do they publish from the beginning?
  • Do they sell any products or services (courses, eBooks, etc.)

Competitive analysis helps you understand the existing business pattern. It helps you to create a strategy and opportunities to grow as a successful blogger.

25+ Fantastic Blog Niche Ideas for 2024

Finally, let me share some fantastic and lucrative blogging niche ideas for those who want to start a blog in 2024.

These blog topics have more competition and opportunities to attract an audience, and finally, make more money.

Finance Niche

Travel Blogs

Fashion Blogs

Parenting Blogs

Fitness Blogs

Food and Recipe Blogs

Money Making Blogs

Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Entrepreneurship Blogs

DIY Blogs

Programming Blogs

Review Blogs

Digital Marketing and SEO Blogs

Investment Tips and Tax Planning

Sports Blogs

Psychology Blogs (Relationships, Marriage Advice, etc.)

Education Blogs

Marketing Blogs

Real Estate

Gaming Blogs

Technology Blogs

Medicinal Blogs

Cultural and Religious Blogs

Personality Development Blogs

Art and Crafts Blogs

Photography Blogs

The only thing when choosing the right niche for your blog is to check the sizable audience. And check if the people are searching for a solution to the topic. If so, you can reach great heights in blogging.

Final Words on Choosing the Right Niche for Your Blog

Blogging is a professional business. If you put in true efforts and hard work, then you can create a long-term passive income.

Choosing the right niche is the first step. This article explains the steps and procedures for choosing the right blog niche.

But it’s not an end! You need to validate and evaluate the niche performance by answering a few questions (listed above).

These principles of the niche selection process help you start a blog that drives more traffic and creates more opportunities to make money.

This article on how to choose a perfect niche for your blog is based on three principles.

  1. Purpose: Define your blogging purpose before planning to start this online business.
  2. Passion: Pick a topic that you are passionate about so that your content can speak to your audience.
  3. Revenue: Everyone’s definite blogging goal is to make money. Hence, ensure the niche has enough potential.

In the end, blogging is the most reliable and suitable online business for all. If you have not planned yet, not an issue. It is the right time to start one.

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