How to Start Business with Amazon for Beginners?

  • 03 July, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

A comprehensive mentoring article that teaches you about how to start a business with Amazon to create your career


Most people consider starting a business on their own at some point. Starting an Amazon FBA business is the right option.

It has a huge potential for profit and you can scale easily to become established soon. You have to understand how to start a business with Amazon.

Selling products and building their own business on Amazon is a fascinating idea. It is also exciting for beginners, but they have to be prepared to make it work. There are the right steps to start on Amazon your business.

Start Business with Amazon


Steps to Start a Business with Amazon:

Initial Steps:

On Amazon, before selling products a few initial steps should be taken so that there are best success chances. Researching and laying early groundwork makes it easier later.


Set Budget:

There is a need for capital, the same as all other businesses. If you have insufficient funds, nothing can stop you from becoming a seller on Amazon, but there will be an impact on the strategies you use to create a business.


Arrive at an investment:

Determine your finances and invest reasonably in the business. Set your budget, ensure all the expenses are paid. It should include the shipping costs to purchasing inventory, ads cost, if any, and the Amazon professional seller account monthly fees.


Determine capabilities:

Devote time to your business. You must check if you have sufficient supplies, resources, or infrastructure to place products to customers or is assistance required.


Choose products to sell:

Decide the products you wish to sell. Amazon practically sells everything, beauty products to books, jewelry to shaving kits.


Pick a light and small product:

As you buy your inventory, first get it shipped and it may be costly if they are import items. Thus, choose small and light products to facilitate shipping to be cheaper.


The range between Rs.150 – Rs. 300:

The product you sell includes a commission on Amazon. So, ensure the product price that covers this cost. Sell low priced items from $15 to $100. It will be possible.


Fulfilling Orders:

Amazon’s business is focused on fulfilling orders. Ensure to deliver the product to the customers on time. You can do your package and send it by courier, but it is time-consuming and as a one-person operation, it is not easy. Next, is drop shipping, not permitted on Amazon. So, ensure the way to fulfill orders.


Start an LLC or a Company:

Yes, now that you are geared up, you know how to start a business with Amazon. There is no business license required and no documents to start an LLC or a Company.

Sourcing Products

On deciding that you wish to sell, figure out the sourcing strategy. They are as:

  • Retail Arbitrage: It involves products buying from retail local stores to resell on Amazon. Look for underpriced items and resell them on Amazon. It is time-consuming and ensures the products you are looking for can be resold.
  • Wholesalers: Buying in bulk means you get at cheaper prices. However, orders with wholesalers mean you should pay upfront money in lots.
  • Manufacturers: Buy products from a manufacturer directly. Get the cheapest prices on directly dealing with manufacturers. Remember to buy it in bulk.


What is the business name generator?

Creating a brand name takes years and the same is with coming up with a proper start-up name. It seems to be simple, but it takes more than a few clicks.

To create a business name, look for a business name generator. It will come with brand potential names in seconds. You may choose based on your business type.

There is a need to concentrate on the business name as it is the foremost thing that comes into recognition by the customers.

It engages the market in a long way. Remember, selecting your business name using the name generator should be done keeping a few factors in mind:

  • Clarity: The name should be direct, simple, and clear. Customers must recall it easier to remember.
  • Branding: Develop your brand. The slogan, logo, and value should have online strength. Assess the name such that it should refer directly to your product.
  • Uniqueness: A start-up brand name catches the attention of the customers. Keep a unique, cool brand name.
  • Availability: Ensure the domain name is available. It should not be confusing the customers. Ensure a workable domain.

After completing the above process you can register as a seller at amazon.in and you can refer to a complete reference guide at www.revexpo.com for more details.


Question and Answers:

Q1. Is a Business Worth starting on Amazon as a start-up?

A: Yes, it offers the highest ceilings. one can grow fast and enjoy potential earnings. it is because you can sell anything and Amazon has a huge customer base, being the largest eCommerce platform.


Q2. How can a name be a strong name?

A. A strong name is the one that is outstanding from the names of the competitors. It should be differentiated.


Q3. Selling on Amazon is profitable?

A. Yes, it is profitable. Sellers do earn money and invest further.


Q4. What to sell to earn money on Amazon?

A: You can sell books, clothing, furniture, gift cards, sports equipment, kid toys, scrap metal, etc.


Q5. Can single item sell on Amazon?

A. Individual sellers may create listings by matching products in the catalog of Amazon. No fees are to be paid unless the item is sold. Once you begin selling, receive payment using Amazon Pay.



Starting a business with Amazon is a bit complicated, not impossible. You have to take the right steps. Follow the way to business building and you will get the biggest eCommerce platform to sell.

They virtually offer everything and so it means you can sell anything. In this way, you get more customers to sell on your site.

Ensure to create ads and boost your products. Get initial investment to buy inventory. Spend time in products researching and understand the products in need.

Do some browsing work to get your business started. There are benefits in doing business with Amazon, but ensure to have a proper name and sell the products on Amazon.

Start your online business and make money, but also have a unique, cool name to be identified even in a crowd.

Get started now!


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