How to Start Business with Amazon for Beginners?

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Updated on Jul 29, 2021


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A comprehensive mentoring article that teaches you about how to start a business with Amazon to create your career

Most people consider starting a business on their own at some point. Starting an Amazon FBA business is the right option.

But how to start where can I sell my product? are the puzzling question arise in their mind.

Because, if you’re not able to find the right customer definitely you will face misfortunes.

Then how do find the right customers? Nowadays, online entrepreneurship is the best way for beginners to create a fruitful future.

Amazon is one of the familiar and most convenient online business portals, especially for young business people.

Start Business with Amazon

So, Starting an Amazon FBA business is the right option. It has huge profit potential and you can scale easily to become established soon.

Learn how to start a business with Amazon for beginners. Comparing to a business showroom the online sales are rapidly getting its hype. Starting a business with Amazon as a beginner is a simple process.

Selling products and building their own business on Amazon is a fascinating idea. It is also exciting for beginners, but they have to be prepared to make it work. There are the right steps to start on Amazon your business.

Steps to Start a Business with Amazon

Initial Steps

Every e-commerce business portal sets some formal steps for online selling. So, the initial steps are not complex ones.

Providing clear details at this initial step will help to lead the business in the long term. It is the foundation to reach success and creating a brand new name in the business market.

So, researching and laying early groundwork makes it easier for getting success on your product or service.

Set Budget

Every business needs capital and online business also requires the same as all other businesses.

It doesn’t matter, if you have a small business or services, or insufficient funds, nothing can stop you from becoming a seller on Amazon.

You can set a small budget which is a friendly option for beginners, but using the different business strategies will certainly impact the growth of the business.

As an Amazon beginner, while planning the business budget along with fine selling strategies will provide great success in the e-commerce platform.

Arrive at an Investment

For business individuals who are ready to start their business, financial stability is a vital one. Planning the investment as well as selling the product needs to be parallel.

This amazon is a third-party platform and for selling your products, you need to pay some sort of amount as a commission.

So, determine your finances and invest reasonably in the business. Set your budget, ensure all the expenses are paid.

It should include the shipping costs to purchasing inventory, ads cost, if any, and the Amazon professional seller account monthly fees.

Determine Capabilities

Obviously, Amazon is a wide platform, more than a million visitors may see your products listed in their portal.

But as per your business capability, how many people will you reach is also a major consideration. Devote time to your business.

You must check if you have sufficient supplies, resources, or infrastructure to place products to customers or is assistance required.

All these checklists directly connect with customers and easily reach more customers than you direct selling. So, often check and improve all these factors.

Choose Products to Sell

Once you have decided to sell the product or service just be steady at what product will you sell at this platform.

Additional products or affiliated services can also offer on this single platform. Once you keenly determine this there is no phase for the addition of a product or service.

Amazon practically sells everything. As a business beginner at amazon, you can sell anything. To increase the business boundary just choose the right and needful products and place them for more reach.

Pick a Light and Small Product:

For the question, How to Start Business with Amazon for Beginners? and how the small business product sell at amazon? there is a simple solution.

Just choose small and light products to facilitate shipping to be cheaper. If the selling product is costly don’t forget to issue the inventory and shipping bill.

Now the tracking system helps both the buyer and seller to know the product status. So, the product will be not a big issue in amazon selling. Mattress to essential accessories are all are securely sold on amazon.

The Range Between Rs.150 – Rs. 300

The range of cost for the product is not restricted in this online portal.

Is small products can also sell on Amazon? Yes, of course, the price range between Rs.150-Rs.300 products is also available on Amazon.

So, the businessman easily reaches their local customers as well as the needy without the price limit. The product you sell includes a commission on Amazon.

So, ensure the product price that covers this cost. Sell low-priced items from $15 to $100. It will be possible. For the business beginners’ cost is not a barrier.

Fulfilling Orders

Amazon is just a business displaying portal but has more reputation among the customers. Amazon’s business is focused on fulfilling orders.

Ensure to deliver the product to the customers on time. You can do your package and send it by courier, but it is time-consuming and as a one-person operation, it is not easy.

Next, is drop shipping, not permitted on Amazon. So, ensure the way to fulfill orders.

All these guidelines are the answer to your question, How to Start a Business with Amazon for Beginners?

Start an LLC or a Company

Yes, now that you are geared up, you know how to start a business with Amazon. There is no business license required and no documents to start an LLC or a Company.

Sourcing Products

On deciding that you wish to sell, figure out the sourcing strategy. They are as:

  • Retail Arbitrage: It involves products buying from retail local stores to resell on Amazon. Look for underpriced items and resell them on Amazon. It is time-consuming and ensures the products you are looking for can be resold.
  • Wholesalers: Buying in bulk means you get at cheaper prices. However, orders with wholesalers mean you should pay upfront money in lots.
  • Manufacturers: Buy products from a manufacturer directly. Get the cheapest prices on directly dealing with manufacturers. Remember to buy it in bulk.

What is the Business Name Generator?

Creating a brand name takes years and the same is with coming up with a proper start-up name. It seems to be simple, but it takes more than a few clicks.

To create a business name, look for a business name generator. It will come with brand potential names in seconds. You may choose based on your business type.

There is a need to concentrate on the business name as it is the foremost thing that comes into recognition by the customers.

It engages the market a long way. Remember, selecting your business name using the name generator should be done keeping a few factors in mind:

  • Clarity: The name should be direct, simple, and clear. Customers must recall it easier to remember.
  • Branding: Develop your brand. The slogan, logo, and value should have online strength. Assess the name such that it should refer directly to your product.
  • Uniqueness: A start-up brand name catches the attention of the customers. Keep a unique, cool brand name.
  • Availability: Ensure the domain name is available. It should not be confusing the customers. Ensure a workable domain.

After completing the above process you can register as a seller at amazon. in and you can refer to a complete reference guide at for more details.

How to Start Business with Amazon Account?

The growth of sales on a global platform is an amusing opportunity for developing a new business. Moreover, Amazon is the global platform available for more than 200 countries.

You can sell any product whether it is brand new or already familiar. Before selling your product, Amazon will collect some operative charges for every sale and it varies between 06-20%.

How to Open an Amazon Seller Account?

Start your new online entrepreneurship with Amazon will be a superb choice in especially, Indian countries that have a huge potentiality to reach more people.

Both the startups and well-known brands are offered specific tools and services to promote their products online.

In this article, we will wall you through the step-by-step procedure on setting up your Amazon Seller Account. The steps of the account setting are clear and easy.

1. Go to and scroll down the page. On the right side of the footer, choose your country.

I will prefer India, to explain further. If you click India, you will immediately be taken to the for a professional seller.

Amazon Seller Account

2. On the top of the page, you will see the “start selling” button, click on it. After that, a login page will open and you need to enter your email address or mobile number.

3. After your mobile number verification, a window will open where you will be asked to enter the mobile number, choose store number, product category, and store address.

4. Completion of this process takes you to another page where you are required to accept the policies and agreements.

Next click the option “Agree and continue”. Once you complete these processes you will be a member of the Amazon seller dashboard.

Tips to Set up Seller Account

A business individual who wants to sell his product on Amazon needs to get a seller account. For this account setup GST Number, PAN, and Active Bank Account are mandatory.

Sometimes additional certifications also require upon the product category. Once you register your above-mentioned details, your registration is added to the Seller Central account.

Amazon Product Photography

While selling your product on Amazon, the customer buys it as a window shopping. So, compromising a customer at first look requires some professional outlook.

So, presenting the best way of image with a high-quality resolution will simply impress the buyers.

Besides, the crisp and keen detail of the product includes the color, type of material, and dimensions may easily please the buyer. Just check the following key factors before you are ready to submit the product images for selling.

High-Resolution Images

Capture the product images using a professional camera offering a keen outlook of the product. Good product images are free from blurring.

So, the clear outline of the image is easily viewed by the buyer and they easily choose the product just by its clear and neat outlook.

Image Angle

Make sure that the front view of the product is clearly seen. This is the main image that is displayed in the search results and other pages of the Amazon website.

If possible try to add more images taken in different angles( front, top, bottom, etc.)

Image Background

Always keep attention to the background when taking images for your product. It is better to use only white background so that the product will be highlighted.

Do not use any dark background when taking pictures.

No Additional Crafts (or accessories)

When taking product images, always cover only the product and not accessories. It will create confusion with the buyers and create a bad impression on your store.

Because buyers will sometimes think that the accessories are also included in the purchase.

Amazon Product Listing

Generally, all the products before listing on Amazon should consist of product information like Description, Title, Image, Description, Price, etc. 

Amazon listing is important because a proper listing of the product page improves the visibility and the ranking of the product.

Now let’s discuss in detail the various factors of Amazon Listing in the further part of this article.

Use Relevant Keyword

For the amazon search, selecting the right keyword is crucial. Without the right keyword, the customer will not see your product.

Take more time to select the appropriate keyword by using Amazon’s free keyword research tool. By using this portal keyword optimization is too easy.

Find a Suitable Product Title

The product title is very important and it explains what is the product and what it does?

The length of the title should be as per the Google SEO guidelines and not more than 80 characters.

Maintain the title length so that the product details will be shown on the mobile devices effectively.

Write Relevant Product Description

The product description tells about the manufacturing process and other necessary information about the product.

It is the specification detail that includes the warranty and how it uniquely varies from other products?

Obviously, the right and relevant product descriptions are enough for the customers to buy this product. Don’t plagiarize, give your own.

Never Forget Secondary Keywords

Secondary keywords are the relevant keywords that are used to identify the products partially than the main keywords.

The relevant combination of keywords under the general category like men, women will ease the search and primarily showcase the product before the buyer. Secondary keywords are also essential in amazon search.

Question and Answers

The question and answer session is the additional section that offers the opportunity for sellers to explain their product in a wide manner.

If they missing any feature of the product in the product description they can convey it through this question and answer section.

You can also allow buyers to ask questions and answer them so that, it will help for more product reach.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating and Reviews are the strong selling point of any product in any field. Buyers are attracted to seeing positive reviews.

This positive feedback section is necessary where the buyer can ensure the buying experience such as whether he is satisfied with the service.

Focus on creating constructive reviews, so that the other customer understands the value of the product for ease buying.

FAQ: How To Start Amazon Business?

Is a Business Worth starting on Amazon as a Start-up?

Yes, it offers the highest ceilings. one can grow fast and enjoy potential earnings. it is because you can sell anything and Amazon has a huge customer base, being the largest eCommerce platform.

How to Choose a Strong Name for your store?

A strong name is outstanding from the names of the competitors. It should be differentiated.

Selling on Amazon is Profitable?

Yes, it is profitable. Sellers do earn money and invest further.

What to sell to earn money on Amazon?

You can sell books, clothing, furniture, gift cards, sports equipment, kid toys, scrap metal, etc.

Can a single item sell on Amazon?

Individual sellers may create listings by matching products in the catalog of Amazon. No fees are to be paid unless the item is sold. Once you begin selling, receive payment using Amazon Pay.


Starting a business with Amazon is a bit complicated, not impossible. You have to take the right steps. Follow the way to business building and you will get the biggest eCommerce platform to sell.

They virtually offer everything and so it means you can sell anything. In this way, you get more customers to sell on your site.

Ensure to create ads and boost your products. Get initial investment to buy inventory. Spend time in products researching and understand the products in need.

Do some browsing work to get your business started. There are benefits in doing business with Amazon, but ensure to have a proper name and sell the products on Amazon.

Start your online business and make money, but also have a unique, cool name to be identified even in a crowd.

Get started now!

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