How to Start SFI Affiliate Marketing Business in 2022?

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Affiliate Marketing

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Start a Business with SFI Affiliate Marketing, World’s largest Affiliate Network.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-oriented business that promotes the other person’s products into the affiliate circle.

It is a revenue-sharing business that totally varies from traditional marketing. Eventually, the more you sell the more you earn.

Moreover, minimal working time is the desirable option in SFI Affiliate marketing that matches all men and women.

A housewife, retired people all can join the world’s best Home-Based Online Jobs program from the SFI marketing group.

SFI Program
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The SFI stands for Six-Figure International Marketing Group, An American Affiliate Marketing Company that started in 1998.

This SFI company had now grown over with 110000 Products with services across 190 countries and still growing.

SFI program was created to make all people around the world earn money through home-based online jobs without investment.

They have their own E-store like eBay, Amazon and they called TRIPLE CLICKS online store where you can purchase a wide variety of products from more than 110000 products.

How do I Earn from SFI Affiliate Marketing?

SFI affiliate marketing is suitable only for independent affiliate marketers. From any corner of the globe, the marketer can sell the product.

From free registration, the individual can earn monthly commission as per their individual sales as well as the overall network performance.

Eventually, SFI Affiliate Marketing was started to allow every individual to earn some extra income. People can spend their leisure time working in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

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Absolutely, there is no limit line for your earning. As per your effort, hard work, and interest, you can earn hundreds to millions of dollars in this online money earning.

The online platform of SFI is the best opportunity to earn money. Then how to register SFI affiliate marketing? the answer is very simple.

All you have to do is to register a free account with their website and have to sponsor affiliates to enroll under your downline.

Four Methods To Earn From SFI

For the people, who choose a home-based business, it is the wonderful choice of working without any more difficulty.

SFI Affiliate marketing is too easy, like selling products, offering referrals are the ways to attain a high grade.

Once you create active and friendly networking, your money earning is unstoppable. Just choose your mode of the affiliate program.

For affiliate marketers, there are different methods, and multiple money earning programs are available in SFI.

There are four different methods to earn money from this program. They are:

  1. By Accumulating Versa Points (VPs) by doing daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.
  2. Make Money by selling products through their online e-commerce store named as Triple Clicks.
  3. Generate huge additional revenue by referring (or) sponsoring new affiliates in your downline.
  4. Reach new grades and stand a chance to earn supplemental income through their various competitions.
Wrapping Up

The maximum revenue generated through this SFI Affiliate Program is by sponsoring new people into their business.

Since you are not going to invest any money to join this highly lucrative program, take action today to register as an SFI Affiliate.

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Comparing to the regular office job and other businesses drain both your energy and time. Earning is a competitive task in this world.

Even, generating great revenue through affiliate marketing is a suitable choice without any consideration for both men, women, and students who can join this affiliate marketing program.

SFI Program Details

However, SFI is a scam-free program with insurance benefits and retirement benefits are attained by the employee who is working in the network platform.

Any person can be a member of this SFI affiliate program. Before entering the program just follow these steps.

At the very first instance, you are going to join as a basic affiliate of this mega online business opportunity.

You will get access to your affiliate dashboard where you can find all the information about your account, membership and payment terms, etc.

Moreover, you will be given free access to their special 30-day training program with all course materials and guides.

Basically, you have to concentrate on attaining the next levels in the order as follows:

  1. Affiliate
  2. Executive Affiliate
  3. Bronze Team Leader (BTL)
  4. Silver Team Leader (STL)
  5. Gold Team Leader (GTL)
  6. Platinum Team Leader (PTL)

This is the last stage and position of this SFI Affiliate Marketing Business and your income level will be more than $100000+ every month.

You may have more than a lakh of active SFI affiliates who work for you from different countries across the world.

The only thing is that you have to be active and create active communication with your fellow downline members to grow your business.

Keep in touch with them frequently, contact them, guide them and be a great mentor, and let them duplicate yourself.

In this business, if you make your downline members earn revenue, your income will automatically start to grow by itself.

Earn VP as much as possible daily by completing instructions mentioned in Hot Spot.

Climb to upper senior levels to earn Bonus commission, Shares to multiply your income.

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surveys pay online

When Will I Get Payment and HOW?

SFI Affiliate Marketing Business has its operation available worldwide and its headquarters is located in the USA.

People from any country in this world can join this program for free to earn an additional second income from their homes without investment.

All your income will be calculated based on scoring VPs every day and the number of active downlines you are bringing into their program.

Also, you can make additional revenue by selling any products through their online e-commerce store named Triple Clicks.

You can monitor all your account activities on your member dashboard (login every day to earn more versa points).

All your earnings will be processed every month from 1st to 15th for your previous month’s earnings and once your account does hold more than $20 in a month your payment will be paid via PayPal.

If you are from the USA you can request a cash out via Cheque. The minimum cash-out limit for a cheque will be different.

College students, working people, and home moms all can try this affiliate for their online money-making.

How to Start this Affiliate business?

Eventually, an Affiliate business is one of the finest options to earn money. Commissions, promotions are common as a regular job.

Obviously, the only special factor is getting fast and huge revenue of earning but it is much better and convenient than a regular job going.

Hope you get interested in this affiliate business and it is perfectly matching to your online home jobs. When you are ready, the first question in your mind is how to start this SFI Affiliate Business?

SFI Levels

As said earlier, now you have to register a free account with your Gmail ID.

After that, you will be assigned a unique SFI ID and will be given access to their member page.

In the first 30 Days, you have to work to attain the stage of Executive Affiliate.

Read this article further to know the tips on how to attain Executive Affiliate in SFI?

After this, you have to continue your EA status every month and if possible improve your leadership level to BTL, STL, GTL, PTL.

With the improvement in your leadership level, your income will be grown automatically.

Start Your First Day with SFI


Register an account with this program. Click here to Register


Login to your account using your ID and Password.


Go to “HOTSPOT” and then “VP LEDGER”, there you may find a lot of actions like Daily, weekly, Monthly, Getting-Started, Launchpad, Intermediate-Actions, Triple Clicks, Team Leader & Support

VP LEdger


COMPLETE all Getting-Started-Actions in VP-ledger Page. Some actions including Confirming your Email ID, Whitelisting SFI mail ID, Completing your profile, etc., etc. All this equals a value of 745VP in a single day.
Note: If you earn 500VP in a Single Day, you will be paid an additional 200VP as Bonus.

Getting Started Actions

Now you scored 745VP on your First Day in SFI. Congratulations on your first step of success…


Now, focus on getting another 755VP this month to get a total of 1500VP to become an Executive Affiliate


As a result of Getting 745VP in a single day, you will get 200 Bonus VP as a Fast track bonus


Now go to Hotspots → VP-Ledger → LAUNCHPAD, to learn Self-learning tutorial classes from SFI. This will help you to understand the Entire business completely.

Studying all lessons will earn you 450VP which will add up your monthly VP. Now, you scored 1395VP this month.

Now go to Hotspots → VP-Ledger → Intermediate-Actions

Install a triple clicks banner on your website or Blog and score another 100VP, which sums on a total of 1395 + 100VP = 1495VP

Intermediate Actions


Now it is time to score the remaining 5VP in this first month to attain EA status.

The only work you have to do is — Daily, Weekly Monthly Actions —

Go to → Homepage & visit all Red Tabs to earn 11VP Daily

daily actions
Award me

Ho! Congrats, now you have earned 1825VP which is more than enough to raise your ran to Executive Affiliate. Here, where your actual job starts.

Attaining Executive Affiliate Status in SFI job is the first successful thing in this home-based online job. Now, you should know what are the benefits of attaining EA Status, Click here to know the benefits.

Now start working on recruit people to SFI under your Downline to earn residual long-term income from this best online job. Teach the same for your fellowships to do and see your income rises…

Advantages of this Business

The potential growth of your income is increased day by day. As a downline member, any people can join in this affiliate marketing.

But stage by stage improvisation will offer supplementary income through bonuses, commissions, and so on.

The performance tracking for both employee and employer is transparent in SFI affiliate marketing. So, tracking your own working analysis is a very easy one.

Daily, weekly, monthly competitions on this affiliate circle will rapidly boost your income. Earning a handsome revenue is possible with this  SFI affiliate marketing.


In the competitive world, earning comes with hardcore. Regular job opportunities are already filled with multiple people.

Finding and approaching the routine way will not offer enough income. Mostly the working women and home mons are simply deleting the option of a regular job.

Now college students are also tangled with financial needs and money. So, home moms, college-goers all can pick this affiliate marketing business.

Spending a few hours in your regular work and earning a considerable amount of money is not possible in regular jobs.

SFI Affiliate Marketing Business is really a great business for everyone including housewives, college students, and even job goers can do part-time work.

Spending a few hours and earning a good amount of money is possible with this SFI affiliate marketing.

SFI is one of the world’s leading and greatest business networks and hence there will be no worries about the payment.

I strongly recommend this business to everyone through my Blog Online Home Income and I wish you to join my downline to get my personal assistance.

Some other important related article to read about this program:

1.) Learn the Four Ways to Earn from this business.

2.) Know the different levels in this program.

3.) Introduction to SFI company.

Dear Friends, the above-mentioned three articles are very necessary for everyone to understand the complete business.

Before entering this affiliate marketing find a genuine platform. Try to search the company and its business credential.

Affiliate marketing is the usual business in 2022. Earning opportunities are huge than other modes of earnings.

Try to be a member of a well-known affiliate company that is free from fraud and bias. Otherwise, you will be cheated.

However, to be clear what will be your roles and responsibilities and all that will be completed are not in your regular life schedule will be a  must thing.

SFI affiliate is one of the pioneers and long standards in this affiliate marketing program. So, there is no doubt about affiliate work via an online home job.

Hence I recommend you to learn all the above-mentioned articles relates to this affiliate marketing business. Start your affiliate marketing today!

All the Best.

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