How to Earn Money from Content Writing Jobs? 7 Sites to Make Money

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Feb 5, 2024


Earn Money

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You can Earn Money from Content Writing Jobs if you know to write blog posts.

I have been recently going into researching Content Writing Jobs because many of the blog audiences have questioned me about this way to earn money.

Yes, indeed Content Writing Jobs have become overwhelmingly required jobs for most web platforms.

Because content is everything and quality content is King.

Nearly, 88% of B2B companies use content marketing strategies for their businesses.

Every blog or business website needs killer content to rank high to promote its product at its best.

Content writing jobs
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1. Why are Content Writing Jobs in Demand?

We are living in the age of the internet where technologies have made marketing activities very simple.

Many businesses have learned to do digital marketing to reach a global audience through their online business website.

This trend on the other side has increased the demand for content writers across the globe.

Companies often don’t hire staff to write content for their websites as outsourcing the content writing jobs for freelancers is cost-effective.

With more sites springing up every day, writing jobs are flooding thus increasing the demand for content writers.

Requirements for Content Writer:

  1. Unique talent for writing creative content on the subject, and putting new ideas into words.
  2. Good English Communication skills.
  3. Sound knowledge on the subject.

You can write on various topics for all the websites/blogs out there on the internet. Because content is the main raw material for every blog.

2. How will I get a Job?

i.) Are you a writer?

ii.) Do you have great writing skills?

Then, you can transform your skills into money. Do you know how?

We will be going to discuss how to become a writer as well as how to find genuine jobs in content writing.

There are many blogs as well as sites where you can share your article for money. If you can write quality and informative articles, then you can easily sell for money.

Earlier, I said there is a huge requirement for content writers. But that does not mean that those jobs will come for you. You should have to search for them.

  1. Most of these sites pay via PayPal (or) using Other Online Payment Gateway.
  2. If you are located in India and working for sites in India, you can get payments via PayTm, GPay, and/or Direct Bank Transfer.
  3. Some websites will pay you as – “pay per article” and/or “pay per word”. So, discuss with the site owner before taking the job.

If you know where to find it, they aren’t hard because Online Home Income has presented you with a list of Genuine Home-Based Content Writing Jobs Providing websites list.

3. What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a normal post published on a blog but not originally written by the blog owner. It was published on behalf of some other author not related to the publishing blog.

When you Google, you can find a lot of Guest authors available, dedicated to writing articles either from scratch or by referring to other sources, etc.

Guest Posting is a section from Content Writing Jobs and it is useful for bloggers who have a blog but have no time, resources, or expertise to write the post for their projects.

surveys pay online

4. Different Types of Content Writing Jobs

Content writing does not mean only writing for a blog or a website. It is entirely what you think and for your information, it is another bigger industry.

Money plays a vital role in this industry and just for your additional knowledge, I am mentioning some different types of writing jobs.

1.) Brand Journalist
2.) SEO CopyWriter
3.) Digital Writer
4.) Lead Generation Writer
5.) Subject matter expert
6.) Influencer
7.) Social Media Writer
8.) Advertising CopyWriter
9.) Technical Writer
10.) Grant Writer
Information Source: Thanks to, ClearVoice dot com

5. Why are Content Writers Needed?

A report says, nearly 25,000 blogs are launching every day and all the blog needs content.

When you account for the blog authors, most authors don’t know how to write an article on their blog.

They just start the blog, keeping in mind to hire some content writers on a pay-per-article basis or monthly salary basis.

Hence, this trend leads to a rise in demand for content writers.

Most people, often work as freelance content writers, because of the flexibility and efficient time management of their work.

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of performing a freelance account registration.

Ok, we will move to the actual phase of the article, which is the list of sites or blogs that pay you money for submitting articles.

6. List of Sites to Apply for Content Writing Jobs

6.1. OnlineHomeIncome – For Indian Writers

Online Home Income is one of the Leading Blogs in India about Careers, Education, and Jobs.

This blog receives thousands of page views daily. Online Home Income frequently publishes articles on various niches.

If you are a content writer looking for content writing jobs, then this site will be the best place to make money.

The blog admin Myilraj allows everyone to showcase their literature. He allows all qualified individuals to publish articles on his blog regularly.

As a writer, all you need is to register yourself by sending your resume. After analysis, you will receive an email with terms and conditions.

Upon accepting those terms, you can join as a Work From Home Content Writer. There are no academic qualifications required.

If you know about crafting a wonderful piece of informational article, you are eligible.

You should have proper English writing skills and communication skills to get your work from home.

How do We pay?

  1. We follow the “Pay Per Word” principle and all your writers will get more pay for their work.
  2. We will pay our writers every month for the previous month’s earnings.
  3. All earnings will be directly transferred to your Bank Account in India.
  4. International Writer will get their payment via PayPal.
How to Join OnlineHomeIncome?

Send your resume with your latest work so that, our team will reach you with terms and conditions.

On the acceptance of your terms, your application will be approved. You will then start receiving emails with the subject of the article.

After receiving the email, do the research to craft a great informative article.

6.2. WriterBay

This is the best site suitable for freelance content writing jobs. This site unites professionals working in the area of content writing.

It brings you the possibility of getting easy content writing jobs from home, enables work at any time, and earns you money for a living.


  1. The content author must write an original piece of content.
  2. The author should write high-quality content with logical reasoning and proper argumentation.
  3. No content should be copied elsewhere from the internet.

They pay you via Payoneer, Global Bank Transfer, PayPal, and WebMoney once you reach a minimum of 100$ in your WriterBay account.

No problem, if you have not reached the minimum threshold, it will be carried forward to next month’s payment schedule.

The highlight is that you will get a 25% additional bonus for every successful submission of the article, once you are promoted to PRO writer’s status.

How to Join WriterBay

Click here to open WriterBay and complete the registration form. Then, you will be taken to the Grammar Test.

Once you passed the test successfully, you are allowed to submit your article or an essay.

That’s it. But, if you score below 10 out of 15, your application will be rejected.

6.3. Writing JobZ

WritingJobZ Site blog is another right place to start Genuine Content Writing Jobs from Home.

A wide variety of writing jobs are available and those were, including Copywriting Jobs, Proof Reading Jobs, History Writers, Law Writers, Philosophy Writers, Book Writers, Online Editors, Busines Writers, Health Writers.

People from every industry have an opportunity to express their talent for money.

Their pay rates are highly competitive based on the project and urgency.

Their rates range from $9 – $15 per page depending on the complexity and nature of the project.


  1. Monthly twice payments.
  2. Work from home as a freelance writer and no need to go to the office.
  3. Flexible Schedule and timely payments.
  4. Mostly concentrating on Academics and Business-related stuff.

They have been in the business since 2009, so there will be no worries about their reputation.

But, unfortunately, they are not hiring new content writers as of today, but keep visiting again and again to occupy your position.

6.4. PayPerContent

This website gives a chance to freelance content writers and professional content writers. They are growing fast and have become one of the top sources of quality content creation services online.

As a writer, you can write articles on the topic they give and get paid for the same.

They require only quality and compelling writers, who can contribute to the value of their client’s products or services.

There are no requirements such as academic qualifications, and as long as you have the talent to write creative content, you can be a part of their team.


  1. The minimum article length can be 300 words.
  2. Monthly twice payments (10th and 25th of every month).
  3. Upon completion, you will get another task immediately from the pool.

What do they offer?

Copywriter Jobs, Article Writing jobs, and Blogging Jobs are the different job opportunities available at PayPerContent dot net.

This website is a genuine resource for getting freelance writers jobs from home. All systems are automated and they are well-known for their immediate response.

How to Join PayPerContent?

First, you need to register an account by visiting PayPerContent dot net.

After your approval, log in to the dashboard to see the instruction tab, which includes keywords, language to be used and precise description of the product or service.

Once you are ready and understood their requirements, start writing a unique, informative, compelling article targeting the right audiences.

6.5. Listverse

Listverse is a very popular site for explorers including the world’s latest fascinating content. They publish nearly three or more amazing pieces of content covering new facts as much as possible.

This site serves 30 million Pages a month to more than 8 million visitors. So, a huge traffic receiving blog and Listverse was featured on BBC Radio, Alabama radio, BBC Television, and the New York Times.

As content writers, we will get paid up to $100 per successful submission and an additional $100 if your article comes on the top ten list.

A nice source to earn money online is just by transforming your free time into literature.

You don’t need to be an expert __ all you need is good English communication skills and a love for the subject.

How does it work?

  1. You write 10 Items per list and send them via email.
  2. They send you an email once it is approved and pay you $100 via PayPal.

The list includes most of the industrial sectors except sports, personal stories, Gaming, self-help, and opinion posts.


  1. You can even add your author bio or a link to your blog or website at the end of your article, which is a great source for building a quality backlink.
  2. Articles must be a minimum of 1800 Words.

Presently, they don’t accept articles on money-making, however, there are nearly 8500 blogs or websites linked with articles of the Listverse.

They get around 1.5million page views monthly.

So, you can get traffic and also a quality link back from this website.

6.6. Huffington Post

HuffPost was a famous American news and opinion website and blog, founded in 2005.

This blog was the highest-earning blog according to the Forbes report. They publish a huge range of blog posts in various niches.

You can even directly promote your blog or website on this blog.

You will be amazed at knowing the fact that, huff post blog receives an average monthly visitors of 80 million visitors.

This blog helps to increase our brand reputation and improve brand mentioning.

How does it work?

  1. Use this form to submit your post to their blog editors.
  2. Before that, identify the section you wish to write for.

Probably you will receive a reply within 30 Business Days.

Once your article is approved, it will be published on their blog.

Actually, Huffington Post does pay you directly for your article but indeed you can earn from your article monetization.

Yes, you can promote, share, and get traffic to your blog post and earn all revenue generated through your particular post.

6.7. Earth Island Journal

Earth Island Journal is a non-profit environmental group founded in 1982, that concentrates only on the environment.

It is another great source of online income for content writers, who write about the environment and its related industry.


  1. You can write on any environmental issues, wildlife conservation, scientific inventions and innovations, climate, public health, and much more.
  2. You will be paid 25 cents/word for print stories.
  3. They pay about $750 – $1000 for a more in-depth featured article.

They sell their publications as magazines at the price of $15 for four issues.

This blog accounts for 15 million unique visitors every month internationally and mostly concentrates on Environmental journalism.

Their response time is about 3 – 4 weeks when you send the article.

You can also write Online reports for a fee ranging from $50 to $100, and get a chance to be featured in their journal.

This blog is a great source for general topic writing jobs and those who are involved in this area will be highly benefitted.

Last Thoughts,

Thus, I have covered almost all branded blogs and websites that offer the best-in-class content writing jobs.

The world is not limited as you know because there are even more other trusted resources that may be available on the Internet.

I have written up to my level of research and hope this will give some good knowledge and solutions to finding the right writing online jobs.

If you Google it, you can find many resources online, but not all are proven genuine. You should follow these principles before finding a legitimate source of income online.

Normally, if you sincerely work for 5- 6 hours a day, then your monthly income will be more than $1000 – $5000.

But, this is not possible overnight because building a reputation needs much effort and dedication to work.

Thanks for your time and interest in reading my article. Your one share and like will be the nourishment for my work.

If you find any other genuine paying content writing job sites, ping me via Email to add to this listing.

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