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By Myilraj G 

Updated on Feb 5, 2024


Make Money Blogging

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In this article, we will be talking about the best-paid blogging jobs. Get paid to write articles for blogs by using your writing skills.

In recent days, many online business opportunities have thrived for people to generate some additional income.

Paid Blogging Jobs are becoming the most popular method of earning money online. Small companies and big corporates need to publish high-value content regularly.

Because the blog content helps increase their brand awareness, improve their search engine ranking, and help drive more traffic and sales.

There are so many blogging sites that pay for writing blog posts. Blogging is a profession that has a long way to cover multiple ideas, opinions, experiences, and new trends in various fields.

Places to Find Paid Blogging Jobs
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Blogging is the best marketing medium in the various fields of businesses such as fashion, lifestyle, health, and so on. They are not mere readers and can be the upcoming businessmen, and trendsetters in all fields.

The content is king, and it must be an engaging one in all phenomena. Nowadays, the digital marketing platform requires simple but powerful content for its remarkable reach.

Blogging is a refined profession for businesses to reach such a large market quickly and effectively. Not only mere blogging, but other subordinate works also come along with this profession.

Let’s see the various job opportunities relating to the blogging profession and the easy-earning ideas for bloggers.

20 Places to Find Paid Blogging Jobs

Many sites are providing earning platforms for bloggers, and college students, who are searching for a job. There are many legitimate ways to earn money from these sites. By working on these sites, you can make huge dollars every month.

Business websites and blogs on the internet recruit regular bloggers for their versatile websites. Paid blogging jobs are many. To ease your search, we enlist a few paying blogs here. Join today!

1. Online Home Income

Online Home Income

Online Home Income is a popular portal that shares various earning opportunities for bloggers, students, housewives, and other people.

Apart from the routine blog works, here you can learn more ideas, tips, and technical writing.

Here, people can find suitable work-from-home opportunities without any investment.

Online Home Income is searching for creative and knowledgeable content writers and bloggers.

We will allow people to earn money from their homes by writing content for our blog.

Click here to apply for this job today, and start your freelance blog writing career from home.

Earn Per Article: You can earn up to Rs. 1000 per qualitative, well-researched, and informative content.

2. TodayIFoundOut

Today I Found Out

Click here to understand more about their paid blog writing work.

Creative writers who want to work in multiple niches can choose this paid blogging job site.

Creative style with interesting facts is an embraced one on this website. If you have an idea for fresh and unpublished content, you can reach the editor of this website.

Sometimes, the published content in newspapers and magazines is also accepted. However, the editor’s decision is final.

Regular writing opportunities will be given to you based on the quality of the content.

As a full-time blogger, you can increase your income stream from your excellent writing skills for other blogs.

3. Travel Writers Life

Great Escape

Traveling is an exciting experience. If you are a travel blogger looking to extend your income stream, this site is your best destination.

TravelWritersLife requires articles such as Famous travelogues, business blogs, user interviews, and personal stories.

Job seekers, homemakers, and college students having writing skills can try this blog once.

They pay up to $200 for mesmerizing stories. It is the best blogging job for bloggers who can craft excellent stories for exciting readers.

It is a fantastic platform for new bloggers who search for paid blogger jobs apart from their blogging.

4. Listverse


Click this link to start making money by writing a blog post for ListVerse.

More than six million followers are regularly reading the list-based articles written on this blog.

To be a successful blog writer on this paid blog site.

  • Great knowledge of topics
  • The standard sound of language
  • A unique idea is a primary requirement.

If you can create a list of 10 with a small paragraph, you are all set to earn from this site.

But picking the right and original article topics to write to get a job as a paid blogger is crucial.

Science, health, lifestyle, and music are some of the available fields to write about. You can earn up to $100 per listicle article via PayPal after the successful publication.

surveys pay online

5. Problogger Job Board

Pro Blogger

The ProBlogger Job Board is one of the leading online platforms with all types of professional blogger jobs.

Here, you can find several paid blogging jobs under different categories. Freelance submissions are also welcome on this site.

It is the best marketplace for blogging-related jobs. People who are searching for such jobs can use this site.

This site is updated regularly with new blogging-related jobs such as writing, editing, proofreading, and graphic designing.

A blogger or a writer can easily find a blogging job from home on this site. The process is simple, find a suitable job, approach the employer, and work on the project.

It is a stable site that has been functioning for more than three decades. So this site can be your way-to-go blogging job site.

6. Horse Network

Horse Network

For sports and horse lovers, Horse Network is a unique blogging site offering the open opportunity to post interesting topics and facts.

Because of expansion, recently, they have added the lifestyle, current horse sports events, horsemanship, and fashion sections to their blog.

The site covers all information about the horse community. You can write anything about horses and their lifestyle.

They accept a minimum of 500 to 700-word articles that will earn a handsome amount for your writing skills. All you need is to produce a variety of content in this single gateway.

You will earn up to $50 per article. Luckily, if your content is shared 1000 times or more on social media, you will earn a bonus ($100).

7. Metroparent

Metro Parent

Fashion, lifestyle, and music-related blogs are more famous among youngsters. Apart from them, aged people are also reading health-related blogs.

They have more ideas and tips relating to health, trends in parenting guides, and issues. For them, MetroParent provides a golden opportunity to earn money from home.

It is a discussion forum offering various ideas related to parenting guidelines and experiences. For general posts about parenting, the blogger can earn up to $ 40 for his free time work.

This site is extremely famous in the southeast Michigan area. It provides many paid blogging jobs for bloggers.

8. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the latest trend that offers more opportunities for bloggers, who are ready to write guest blogging.

It is nothing but a similar blog writing task offering another blog in your relevant niche.

Most writers from the same industry contribute their work to this platform.

It will smoothly boost their domain authority.

High-authority domain links and external links can be easily generated through this simple guest blogging.

You can improve your writing skills, and also, you can contribute to other blogs to get paid for writing.

For example, if you are searching for a paid writing job in the career niche, you can merely knock us for the best offer.

9. Word Candy

Word Candy

The simple idea and frequent use of WordPress is the primary qualification for getting paid blogging jobs on this site.

WordCandy publishes simple and educational articles on WordPress.

If you possess the skill to write any article related to WordPress, you can get a writing job here.

It is considered the best platform for freelance bloggers. Earning money from informative blogs is too easy with this word candy.

10. Wonderslist


Wonderslist is an impressive portal offering earning opportunities for bloggers who seek additional income.

The topics are endless. Like Listverse, if you can prepare an article with a list of 10 items, then you can earn.

As free of your choice, you can write anywhere around 1500 words.

As per the quality of the content and content matter, your earnings will vary between $50 – $200 per list.

They will choose the writers as per their effective content production. You need to pass the test before getting your first work.

11. Bootsnall


Travel lovers and travel bloggers can share their impressive tourism-relating blogs here.

They can share their inspirational ideas and traveling experiences at the Bootsnall blog portal.

This portal offers space for travel writers. Column ideas and guest blogging are the other opportunities available through this versatile blogging site.

Every feature article is rewarded with the amount of $50. If you are a travel blogger looking for a second income source, write for this blog.

12. WhatCulture

What Culture

WhatCulture is an exciting portal offering adequate online earning opportunities for writers and bloggers.

They publish articles related to the fields of cinema, sports, comics, technology, science, and gaming works.

The minimum length of the article should be at least 1500 words. A lust-driven feature adds more advantages.

But the cash reward is different. If your article gets 1000 views, you will get paid.

13. Intenseblog

Intense Blog

An intense blog is a place for technical writers who search for paid blogging jobs apart from their blogging.

Intenseblog publishes various articles such as online money-making, website design, and product reviews.

They also publish articles on Internet marketing strategies and blogging advice.

You can write on WordPress, CMS, and other software. The rates are not mentioned on this site.

But they welcome bloggers, content writers, and copywriters across the globe.

14. MoneyPantry

Money Pantry

An easy way of earning more money and money-saving ideas are the central topics discussed at MoneyPantry.

They accept articles on money-saving and money-management ideas with factual data, strategies, and numbers.

This site is created to uncover the unusual practices of money-saving tips and earning more money.

Aim for a word limit of 1,000 to 2,000 words (mandatory) for your blog submission. Your reward money is credited directly to your PayPal account.

You can earn up to $150 per article with detailed case studies, reports, stats, and factual data.

15. Vice


Are you looking for an international platform to explore your writing skills? Vice is the best choice to shape your career.

It is an award-winning international network famous for digital marketing. So, content for digital marketing fields is abundant here.

The content section of Vice is divided into three parts. Business residents, creative residents, and audience residents are the three categories.

More than 35 major cities around the globe are connected. Nearly 1700 pieces of work are published in this blogging portal.

As per the blogger portfolio, quality writing can earn more than $150.

16. Ecommerce Insiders

Ecommerce Insiders

E-commerce insiders are one of the best freelance blogging portals to earn money.

It is one of the renowned portals for e-commerce writers.

Digital marketing, as well as the retail, are the major topics to offer their content.

Quality content will get good pay.

The article or blogging related to the e-commerce site and the writing volume also decide your blogging package.

The words between 400 to 600 words can get $ 75. If the limit exceeds, the writer will get $125 to $150 as per the quality go style of content.

17. Ladyqs


Ladyqs is a women-centric platform where you can find good blogs relating to lifestyle, finance, personal blogs, and whatnot.

It is a question-answer platform. The blogger needs to write answers to the questions asked on this platform.

As per the interest of the writer, both regular and guest writers can work in this blogging portal ladyqs.

People can earn good pay by submitting blogs on ladyqs. Each article paid $50. Start your blogging at this portal and make more money.

18. Yourtango

Your Tango

Youtango is renowned as an online magazine that covers diverse topics from love, relationships, family, pets, and fun.

Once you submit your blog, the content manager will review the blog and respond within 24-48 hours of the business period.

It is the best platform for writers who want to earn more for their articles.

More than 300 million readers are engaging in this blogging portal.

Obviously, it is a different form of writing that follows the style of personal blogging, and you can more than $50 per article.

19. Rankpay

Rank Pay

Rank pay is an SEO management company offering the best opportunity for bloggers to earn money through blogging.

Topics like content management strategies, SEO & social media tips, and these topics relating to information are essential.

For each article, the blogger will get the pay of $50. Writers from the streams of SEO and digital marketing are required.

More than 1000+ words need to be presented in an informative way with a casual tone. Usage of data and images is necessary.

20. Knitty.com


Knitty.com is an online knitting magazine. Talented knitters can earn money on this portal. There is no limitation for people.

Generally, Knitty publishes its blogs only four times a year. If you want to write on this site, it is only allowed in March, June, September, and December.

The knitting patterns are published and issued for commercial use. The tutorial sessions are available on knitty.com

The only interesting stuff is sharing through knitty.com. So, the work should be an extraordinary one. So, submit your masterpiece.

What are the Common Paid Blogging Jobs?

There are multiple ways of earning money through a successful blog. Sometimes blogs with good ideas also fail to reach their pinnacle.

So, mere blogging will not be a solution to perfect blogging. Enough additional background work is needed to get success in the field of paid blogging.

The aspirant bloggers need to learn the complete process. Blogging not only stands for writing.

Video blogging is the most trending one in the recent busy world. In the below section, let us discuss some paid blogging jobs for bloggers.

Content Writing For Blogs

Writing quality and informative content is the primary responsibility of the writers. Before producing the final content, create multiple drafts. A background outline needs to be prepared to ease the work.

Complete research on the topic will be helpful for writing. Young writers need to follow all these processes to get awesome content.

Copywriting Work

Creating error-free content for social media promotions is the primary responsibility of copywriters.

Promotional content like slogans and crispy content production plays a vital role in internet advertisement and marketing campaigns.

Always searching for the best content and modifying the content according to the promotion of the products and services are the primary duties of the copywriter.

Freelance Writing Services

Some business firms are not relying on a single style of writing. So, they hire some content writers and bloggers as freelance writers.

As a Blogger, you can get those works and earn money for your submission. Formulating the texts in the correct order and producing the business publications are part of this freelance work.

Writers can work for long-term and short-term contracts.

Content Editing Works

The editing process becomes necessary for getting clever content along with grammar and styling errors.

Elimination of errors can produce the best content. Not only the errors but rechecking the facts and statistics gives strong and factual content.

Experienced bloggers are highly required for content editing works. It is one of the most in-demand jobs of this century.

Marketing Services

Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy to improve business.

Playing with keywords, SEO strategies, and sharing the content on multiple platforms strongly register your brand.

The comments and suggestions from the readers are the pluses for the brand establishment. Sharing the posts with the official Facebook, and Twitter offers easy reach for your content.


Blogging is an enthusiastic and exciting profession to showcase your multiple talents and skills through writing.

The freshers who seek paid blogging jobs concentrate on travel, technical blogs, and money-making ideas.

The minimum word limit of 700 offers a minimum monetary reward of $75. However, the use of the internet eases all these works.

Writing starts from simple and crispy content to step-by-step elaborating content getting a remarkable amount.

Money-earning opportunities are abundant. Picking a real and stable writing portal is fundamental for fresh bloggers.

FAQ – 20 Best Places to Find Paid Blogging Jobs – Blogging Sites that Pay

How to get paid to write for blogs?

The blogs require content that needs to be updated regularly. Content is their great asset. Hence, they welcome writers across the world to write blogs for money and get paid. I have listed a few sites that pay for writing. Simply visit those blogs and pitch them to your portfolio. Ask for a chance to write an article and get used to working for them.

Is it worth writing blogs for money?

Of course, Yes. Most blogging sites pay up to Rs.3 per word. So if you write an article of about 1000 words, you will earn up to Rs. 3,000 per article. If you are regularly contributing, you can generate some decent income monthly.

Are Paying Blogs Real?

Yes, because those blogs need content. They mostly develop content with their in-house team. But still, they open opportunities for external writers. For example, if you write an article for “onlinehomeincome” you will get paid up to Rs. 1,000 per quality article.

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