How to Make Money on YouTube Without Using Adsense?

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Aug 10, 2021


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YouTube helps people to generate a sustainable income source. Learn how to use this platform to earn extra money input your skills.

Many people are becoming indigenous creators after starting a YouTube Channel. It is really transforming people’s lives. Learn how to make money on YouTube without Adsense in this article further?

In this Digital era, YouTube is considered as one of the best platforms to earn online. Here, you can showcase and share your talent, hobbies, knowledge, and other business promotions.

It is valued more than any entertainment platform. Why this sudden buzz on YouTube? Because many people are making a living from youtube. It doesn’t require any qualification or specific skill to be a Youtuber.

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Hence anyone of any age can start a Youtube channel and earn from youtube in various ways.

But people don’t know, How to make money on YouTube? How to promote their channel to get maximum reach?

I can show you some of those ways on how to earn money with youtube?

Obviously, it is a competitive field. More than four hundred hours of videos are uploading in this exclusive arena.

It is not so easy to establish yourself among these existing strong YouTubers. But that doesn’t mean you are not going to succeed here.

I will help you to decide. Stay on this blog to learn more. You can study more if you are a budding YouTuber.

Some Highlights of YouTube

But you know as these days even small children have a youtube channel. Some are among the top paid Youtubers too.

There are more than a million youtube channels, and nearly 5 million people are spending an average session of 4 hrs per day.

Hence it is clear that this video platform is one of the engaging areas, and many people are getting both fame and revenue.

Even school and college-going students, housewives, retired people have their own youtube channel and are earning decent money.

Still, many people are not aware of the different ways to generate money from youtube. They think that they can generate money only through Google Adsense.

Adsense is necessary, and I am not saying that you don’t need it. But as you know monetize your youtube channel will take some time.

As the competition is very high nowadays, and the rules to get monetized are changing due to this sudden increase in Youtubers.

So when you are thinking of starting a youtube channel, don’t worry about getting money late.

Before getting Adsense also you can make money on YouTube. Even after getting Ads and monetizing your channel, you can make more money than you get from Ads in these ways.

How to Make Money on YouTube?

Anyone can create a Youtube channel. It is a limitless portal anybody can use. The right and smart way of handling it will bring your channel more viewers.

But making money from it is not so easy without proper knowledge on how to earn money from youtube?

For budding YouTuber’s initial journey will be a struggling one. How to earn money through the channel will be a puzzling question?

Don’t worry as I am listing some of the money-making modes on the YouTube channel.

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1. Become an Affiliate

An affiliate is a person who promotes other companies products or services to his audience. He helps to make sales to the company through affiliate links.

For each sale through the affiliate link, the promoter (affiliate) gets a commission.

If you become an affiliate, your YouTube Channel acts as a partner for promoting the products and programs for some other business.

It is one of the easiest ways to earn. Here you don’t need to do anything other than making your audience buy the product or service you are promoting.

You don’t need to know how to create or deliver the product or service. Hence it is a stress-free way of earning money.

The inclusion of affiliate links and codes on YouTube videos is one of the best methods for introducing a new product or service.

You can earn great money if the product demand is very high in the market. Hence doing vlogging or creating videos about fashion and lifestyle will gather more audience.

Many influencers are earning decent money through affiliate marketing. I will not say you can earn that much.

But still, during your initial days, affiliate marketing will be a great way to make some money without any investments.

2. Sell Digital Products & Reviews

Everyone starts a YouTube channel for some reason. Some may feel bored on the 9-5 job and are interested in passive selling.

Are you one of them? Then, you try selling digital products and/or services through YouTube.

Digital products are those items created and stored in computers. You can sell these digital items online to make some money.

Digital selling is getting more recognition in this internet era because you don’t have to pay for manufacturing and distribution costs.

The product you made when sold, the entire amount is your profit. Now let’s see some of the famous digital products having high demand.

  • Games
  • Audio and music
  • Photos
  • Digital art
  • Graphic design
  • Software
  • Ebooks etc

So, if you have mastery in any of these areas, don’t hesitate to try and promote it on your video channel.

Without any investment, you can earn from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 50,000 as per the reach and brand of digital selling.

Next is to get paid for reviews. You could approach the business persons to provide positive reviews for their products to improve their sales.

If your content and presentation are appealing, you can earn that way too.

3. Sell Your Own Merchandise in Your Videos

Merchandise is a popular way of making money and engaging with customers. Youtube is one of the best platforms to find potential customers.

Selling and promoting your own merchandise is always a challenging task. But If you have a Youtube channel, you can sort out this.

You don’t need to pay extra for advertising agencies to promote your merchandise. To get a maximum outcome, consider selling products that have high demand among the audience.

If you don’t know customer’s tastes and demands, research the search engine. Also, search other e-commerce website’s search bars to make a decision.

If you already have decided on your products to sell, your next task is to create attractive thumbnails for your videos to attract an audience.

These eye-catching promotions can quickly increase the visibility of your videos. So the products become more recognizable.

Wisely plan your selling strategy and promote it. Many people get positive results from selling their merchandise on the YouTube channel. So, have your try on this section!

4. Run Paid Sponsorships

Usually, while watching YouTube, you may have noticed the term “this video is sponsored by” and projecting the brand.

Here the channel is promoting a brand after receiving money from them. As a streaming partner, the Youtube channel can get some amount of money for it.

Find the best products related to your niche. Promote it will help to grow as well as earnings from your YouTube channel.

Running sponsorships are one of the growing marketing strategies in recent days. You can try it. It is a good idea for vlogging beginners to earn money from their videos. Certainly, it offers considerable pay.

If a channel has more followers, the sponsors will come forward and request paid sponsorship.

As per the views, the YouTube channel can generate more revenue.

5. Teach a Course Online

Apart from entertainment purposes, people are using youtube to gain knowledge. If you are confident in any subject or area of interest (arts, music, science, etc) share it with others.

Once people start accepting your classes, you can offer it as a course for a small fee. Selling online courses becomes a great way of earning money without Adsense.

To impress the viewers as an online teacher, you can use a different style of teaching methods. Find which one gets more response.

Nowadays, programming tutorials have a large fan base.

Paintings, drafting, and teaching are also getting more views from the followers. So if you have any of this talent, share it and earn.

However, This is not going to happen overnight. Initially, people need to recognize you and watch your tutorial

To be impressed and join your course. So, don’t expect an instant result in a few weeks or months.

6. Plan a Workshop

Planning a workshop is a wonderful opportunity to make money on the YouTube channel. It is a simple interaction session.

The workshop can be on any topic like science, literature, engineering, arts and crafts, other professional platforms, etc.

Here the live video is the medium to share your knowledge and interact with your clients. It is a session between the speaker and the listener.

So, a simple but clear and informative video is enough.

Yeah, this is not easy as uploading a pre-recorded video. But for those who wish to have human-to-human interaction, this is the best way.

There are a lot of people who find many doubts while watching tutorials. So a workshop helps to clear such doubts in real-time, and hence this is a demanding task on youtube.

Generally, workshops are a meeting point, where people engage to discuss on a particular subject.

A casual and friendly tone of the content will increase your bond with your audiences. And they may feel free to ask more questions.

If they ask multiple questions, you can easily prepare upcoming videos. And it shows your channel is growing.

With the collaboration of other YouTubers, you can quickly start this workshop and make it an interesting session.

Participating as a YouTuber and making workshops can earn you up to $ 50. If the videos are engaging, you can earn more.

7. License Your Content

Another way of making money through youtube is licensing your videos. Actually, all the videos you upload are licensed already under your name.

So, no one else can copy your content and reupload it to earn. But if any of your videos go viral and get millions of views and reach, then you can rent it to other people in media for them to get more money.

So this is a method of mutualism. News channels and other social media news portals usually follow this practice. It helps them to get new content that benefits both.

It is possible when your videos are viral and are already known to a large group of people.

There are some specific sites themselves that provide a platform to rent such viral videos.

8. Work with Brands as an Influencer

Being an influencer on YouTube is one of the highest-paid platforms jobs these days. Even if you don’t have many followers and views, you can provide genuine reviews and try to be an influencer.

Once people started liking you, you can approach multiple companies and promote their business.

These days business persons choose random people as influencers rather than celebrities.

So, the budding YouTubers like you too can try your luck on it. The difference between being a paid sponsor or an influencer is only about the way of reviewing.

A paid sponsor can only provide positive aspects of the product they are asked to promote.

But for an influencer, after using the product, you can share your experience, whatever it may be.

If you choose the right product, you can gather multiple viewers and can earn on it. So, Influencer marketing is a valuable one.

9. Host a Retreat (like Yoga, Meditation)

It is something different. You know, the majority of people are bored with their monotonous life. So providing a Youtube retreat is like a get-together for relaxing and getting away from all worries.

So depending upon your subscribers and audience taste, you can decide the event.

Be it a musical party, a meditation or yoga camp, or a discussion committee about relationships parenting arts, etc.

If your subscribers find it interesting, they will join your Youtube retreat. So, plan such an event and provide the details like the program date, location, and time.

Here you may need to spend some money if you choose a paid location, which is to be paid for the food and supplies you provide your guests.

So plan the entry fee to that retreat in a suitable manner. If only half of the guests are invited to visit the retreat, you are not at a loss.

10. Turn to Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds directly from a large group of people. Sometimes in business, you have a great idea and the product but no investments.

You can seek help from your subscribers and viewers. Through the Internet, you can showcase the product and ask for sponsorship. Suppose the sponsors impress with the brand, you can easily collect money.

There are multiple types of crowdfunding sources are available. They are Equity crowdfunding, reward crowdfunding, and donation-based crowdfunding.

  • Equity crowdfunding offers a certain percentage of share.
  • Reward crowdfunding offering monetary rewards for this work.
  • Doing campaigns and collecting donations but providing nothing in return is the working pattern of donation-based crowdfunding.

With the consideration of time and brand potentiality, you can earn up to $ 10,000. So, try this crowdfunding method.

How to Start YouTube Channel?

First of all, when you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, chose the right niche. The selection of topics determines your channel growth.

Some popular niches are beauty, health, food, lifestyle, etc. Choose one that the audience finds helpful and entertaining.

At the same time, choose that niche in which you have an interest. Work on the topic and improve your knowledge before presenting it to the people properly.

When choosing the niche, consider choosing one specific topic. Be ready to create content for all kinds of audiences.

Also, focus on the particular age group of people you are making videos for. Once decided on the right topic create a Youtube channel by following these steps:

  • Sign in to Youtube with your email id
  • Click on the icon on the top right of the screen and click under your email ID.
  • Click on the channel list and choose to create a new channel
  • Fill in the details like your channel name and description and click ok

Now your new channel is ready. You can upload videos or create them directly on youtube itself by recording there.

After setting up your channel, know the types of content to upload targeting the right audience.

Ask Yourself Why People Wants to Watch Your Videos?

You find the proper answer for it and create content keeping this in mind. Your videos will get good acceptance from the audience, and your channel will reach more people.

So, don’t forget this checklist.

  1. Try to get people’s attention in the title and the thumbnail of your video. Start your video with a warm welcome or any engaging note.
  2. Your ultimate aim is to create curiosity in the audience and make them click your video and watch it till the end.
  3. Other than that, how you deliver the content to the audience is also vital.
  4. The tone of writing is a primary reason for holding people to watch your entire video without skipping.
  5. Moreover, providing a quality video is very important. You don’t need any extra unique gadgets to create quality videos.

Nowadays, there are multiple smartphones available with all the relevant latest features.

How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?

YouTube is primarily a star platform where the creative and entertaining fields can easily reach more audiences.

Many of us thought that only a million followers in a YouTube channel make more money. Even I too had such misconception. But it is nor true neither false.

The number of subscribers you have doesn’t have to do much in determining your youtube earnings.

So, as a budding YouTuber, building and reaching more audience by establishing yourself take some time.
So, to succeed here, always try to target the right audience.

However, keep away from inappropriate language, violence, and barring factors to boost the growth of your Youtube channel.

There are different ways to earn, like advertising and promoting brands, selling a product, crowdfunding, and licensing the content.

So, try these easy but effective money-earning implementing ways to your channel.


As we live in a digital era, the YouTube channel is an undeniable platform to gain knowledge and entertain ourselves.

So what if you can make money from it without much trouble?

While considering the fact of monetization in Youtube, Adsense plays an important role.

But is it the only way to earn from a youtube channel? The answer is a NO.

I have explained some useful tips on How to monetize your youtube channel other than Adsense in this article?

And so, a budding YouTuber like you has multiple ways to promote your Youtube channel without AdSense.

Moreover, these are some of the common ways people use these days to make extra earning.

So if you are ready to start your channel and earn, don’t worry about Adsense. There are many other ways to make money on Youtube.

I hope that you got some ideas to implement. All the best!!!

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