How to Start a YouTube Channel and Make Money in India?

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Nov 22, 2023


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I will teach you How to Start a YouTube Channel to Make Money Online.

Suppose you are an avid lover of cars and you have heard that the new Audi model is dazzling and radiant. You make up your mind to buy it.

But then you ask yourself a question “Do I have the money to buy it?”

You look to yourself and think that you work 10 – 12 hours of a day devotedly and can earn only Rs. 25,0000 – Rs.30,0000 a month.

Then you start to search for alternative ways of earning to fulfill your future wishes. You either switch to another job or start to search for online jobs.

Online jobs are very trending nowadays. They provide money to you on a long-term basis.

How to start a Youtube Channel
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There are several online jobs people are interested in nowadays, for example, PTC, surveys, writing e-books, captcha solving, etc.

Among the online jobs, I suggest you start a YouTube channel which is the most reliable method of making money.

YouTube – A Dependable Source of Income

YouTube may not be the quickest source of earning money but it is by far the most compatible method.

Earning from YouTube Videos may not transform you from a beggar into a billionaire but you surely can make lakhs every month.

300 hours of videos are uploaded every single minute on YouTube, so there is surely a competition but with great ideas and skills, you can start a YouTube channel and earn money with it.

If you want to take this internet job as a secondary source of income along with your office job, even that’s fine.

You just have to upload videos after starting your channel. When you think that you are earning enough from this platform, then you can quit your job and devote yourself fully to it.

Requirements to Earn Money from YouTube

YouTube is a great way to make money but you need a strong basis for this purpose. These are some of the fundamentals for earning money from YouTube.

1. Unique and Creative Idea

First, you need great content to offer to the people. Your content should include the following qualities:

Creative Idea

Attractive Idea: Your content should be eye-catching for people. The content should be clicked at once in the viewer’s mind. It should also add some value to their lives.

Complete Idea: The content should be complete and it should neither be void nor it should be too jumbled up.

Clear Idea: Moreover, your content should be clear to the audience. It should contain simple as well as familiar words e.g. “prolix” is a much more difficult word than “wordy.”

However, both mean the same “containing too many things”. Wordy is usually preferred.

2. Accordance with the Audience

Your videos should target the right audience, for example – If you are living in a society where people are fond of spicy foods, you can upload the recipes of those spicy foods rather than picking an alienated subject.

3. Appealing Presentation

It is very easy to start a YouTube Channel but uploading quality videos isn’t such an easy task.

The videos should be presented in such a way as to engage the people throughout the video and it should not bore them.

You should edit your videos with proper techniques letting them not be so clumsy so that the viewer finds no option instead of switching to another video.

surveys pay online

4. Proper Knowledge of the Subject

Imagine a situation where you take part in a chess competition while you have never played chess a single time in your life.

What will be the result? You know better. The same is true with YouTube videos. The subject of the videos should first be relevant to you.

It should not be like that you are uploading cooking videos. But you don’t even know the difference between salt and pepper.

5. Patience

Patience is highly required while making money with an online source. It will take more time to grow your YouTube channel and increase its subscribers.

You have to understand that many people are already doing well there so your masterpiece cannot be viral at once on YouTube.

Remember “Good things always take time”, so you have to wait for a for little.

After starting your channel, it may be that you may get no or few views in the beginning. The thing is that you should not lose hope. You should keep on uploading.

With skills and improvements, you can surely mark yourself among the top YouTubers.

6. Devices

To make and upload videos on YouTube, you need these things:

  • A Camera to Shoot Videos ( e.g DSLR )
  • A Laptop or a Computer
  • An Internet Connection

Who can Start a YouTube Channel?

Many types of people upload their videos on YouTube. Mostly for earning but sometimes for fun and for other reasons too:

i.) Beginners

YouTube is the best platform for beginners who don’t want to invest money and take risks.

Just with a handful of devices, beginners can upload their videos on YouTube and make money through YouTube business.

ii.) Unemployed People

YouTube is a good source of income for unemployed people. People can make money while being at home.

It is also suitable for those people who don’t want to be governed by a boss.

iii.) Marketeers

YouTube is a great place for business marketers. They can inform people about their products, brands, and strategies through informative videos.

iv.) Hobbyists

Some people upload videos on YouTube just for fun. They don’t want to earn money. Rather they are more interested in showing their skills and perfection to the world.

How to Start a YouTube Channel?

Now here is a brief description of how to start a channel and earn money. For easiness, I have written it in the form of steps.

1. Creating a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is a simple and facile job. Just follow these:

Step 1: To access YouTube, first, you need a Gmail account. Simply, click on the following link: > SignUp

Step 2: After creating a free Gmail account and with the help of your Gmail account, sign in to the YouTube account.

Google provides you with a personalized dashboard for you to access the various features of YouTube.

Step 3: Click on the user icon present in the top right corner of the screen to create a new channel.

Do proper keyword research and name your channel that is attractive and easy to remember.

Create Youtube Channel

Step 4: Instead of setting your own name as the channel, set an appealing and engaging name as it will eventually help you in driving traffic.

For example, If you wish to upload videos related to easy and rapid hairstyles, you may set the name as “Hairdressing in a Click.

Step 5: Next, you have to fill out the Description section. I think it should contain information about you and your product.

Furthermore, you may also add links to your other videos or website.

Add Description and Upload Image

Step 6: Your channel picture should be the last thing to do. Again it should be expressive, and high-quality.

It will have a good impact if you set your own picture in the designated area.

Now your channel has been created successfully.

2. Content

The backbone of your successful videos is the content. No matter how good your presentation is, if the real content is weak and illogical, you are not able to compete.

Your videos should be relevant to the audience and should contain common things with different aspects.

You don’t have to be conventional. With your skills and mind, you can show your audience every aspect of your subject.

2.1. Emotional Element

Although your content should be sensitive and logical, it should include emotional and sentimental elements as well.

While watching the videos, people should relate to your content. It should compel them to watch the video throughout.

2.2. Captivating Videos

Each of us loves beauty, uniqueness, and adventure. So your videos must be related to your audience.

A good way of judging your video is by placing yourself as an audience. In this way, you can analyze your video much better.

If you feel distracted, it means there are some missing elements in the video.

2.3. Dialogues and Characters

If your video contains dialogues and characters, then they should be suitable for your audience.

Your audience should be able to comprehend the real or hidden meaning behind your videos.

For example, If you are discussing comedy, then you can add different emojis, puns, and jokes.

The best example is Zaid AliT whose videos are viral all over the YouTube.

The way he discusses the common problems of our lives in a comical way is commendable.

Similarly, if you are narrating about your brand, then it should be a bit formal.

You should tell people about your services and especially sales and discounts because it will attract a lot of people.

People are always interested in spending less and saving more money!

Now if you are uploading a religious video, then it should contain ethical and sacred elements. It should not be abusive to other religions because this may also cause a ban on your channel.

3. Filming Videos

Filming the video may seem easy but it can have a lot of effect on your traffic. While filming, you have to be careful about some things.

Video Filming

Firstly your camera should be of high quality. High-quality professional cameras e.g Sony and DSLR are available in the market.

Even, if you can use your smartphone camera but it should have good quality.

Nowadays, high-quality cameras are also fitted on laptops so you can use those.

3.1. Editing Your Videos

Now after you have filmed your video, you have to edit it properly. Many apps, as well as software, are available for this purpose such as:

  • Pixlr
  • Photoshop
  • Lumia

They add beauty to your videos. You can add different effects, cropping, and other functions.

3.2. Editing Other Videos

Some people edit other videos and then upload them on their channel or upload the original video directly on their channel.

Most of the videos have Copyright Infringement, so this may cause a permanent ban on their channel so don’t try this one.

4. Monetize Your Videos

Enable Monetization

After you start a YouTube channel, it’s time to earn money through YouTube by monetizing your videos.

It means that you simply want YouTube (indirectly) to pay you for your videos.

There are some steps to access monetization for your videos:

  1. Click on “Channel” and then “Monetization”.
  2. Now fill in the desired options.
  3. Click “Save” present at the bottom of the page. Now you can monetize your videos on YouTube.
  4. Now you have to click on Google Ad-sense.

4.1. What is Google Ad Sense?

According to Wikipedia, “It is a program that allows the Google network of content sites to serve automatic texts, images, videos or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience.”

Now in simple language, Google Adsense provides you the money through YouTube. It displays different ads on your videos through which you can make money.

As your videos are viewed by more and more people, Google starts to display ads to give you money for your videos.

Strict Policy:

In 2017, YouTube announced that to make money from YouTube, one needs at least 10,000 views. This was easy for most YouTubers but in 2018 YouTube announced a new policy.

According to it, people who want to earn money must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watching time.

The new policy was much more difficult than the previous one. So now you know why I have put so much emphasis on video content and presentation.

Without credibility, you are not going to mark yourself among the successful YouTubers.

5. Uploading the Video

Now, as your masterpiece is ready and you have monetized your channel as well, it’s time to show it to the world.

Click on “Upload” present adjacent to the Search bar. Select the video and click on OK.

6. Marketing

Now, what to do after uploading your video. Wait for the views and subscriptions! No one major step is remaining: Marketing.

People think that marketing is an optional thing. YouTubers forget that people will not know about your product unless you tell them.

The real game starts after uploading. Without the right and strong marketing strategies, you are not going to earn more than 5,000 bucks.

You can adopt several ways of marketing your YouTube videos:

6.1. Tell the Folks

Man is a social animal of course. There are several people you are associated with.

Tell them about your videos and ask them to recommend them to others. This may also cause a plus point to your reputation in your circle.

6.2. Social Media – Fire in the Jungle

Many of the things shared on social media soon become viral due to their uniqueness.

Even the most stupid content may spread like fire due to initiation. So it is the best way to tell people about your channel.

You can share anchor links, and create pages and groups about your channel. You can tweet about your videos. Isn’t it a great idea?

6.3. Blogging

A great way of marketing your video is to create a blog post around it. Check my YouTube channel where I have repurposed my blog post into a video to add more engagement.

It will help to drive a lot of traffic into your channel. At the end of the blog, you can give a direct link to your video.

6.4. E-mail Marketing

E-mail is a reliable way to let people know about your videos. People all over the world have e-mail accounts on different sites, so you can choose to market your videos.

Just e-mail the basics and a brief description of your videos with the links in a fascinating way and let people choose whether they want to see them or not.

Targeted views achieved – Now what?

Over the span of time, eventually, your views will be increased and you will start to earn money.

But one thing has to be remembered, you should not stop uploading.

Some people after achieving some thousand views get too excited and care less about uploading.

By uploading some videos, you will not become a millionaire overnight, so carry on with your work.

7. Accessories for Videos

Now, the main procedure (Starting a YouTube channel) is completed but still, there are some things you should take into account with your videos. These are not fundamentals but surely can drive more traffic.

7.1. Keywords

YouTube displays several results for specific keywords so you should use simple and searchable keywords.

Keywords can be set by navigating to the Advanced section of your channel settings.

7.2. Checking Analytics

After all the above-mentioned procedures, be sure to analyze the performance of your videos.

YouTube analytics lets you know how many people have viewed your videos or subscribed to your channel.

If the views are very low, work more diligently on your content instead of deciding not to upload it again.

7.3. Thumbnail

It is basically a preview of your videos. Again, it should be related to your videos because generally, people focus on the thumbnail instead of the title. It may be edited or original.

7.4. Title

The title of the video is also important. To make it attractive, make it short and use characters( e.g #,@) in it.


I have tried my best to educate you on making money with YouTube. Also, I have provided information on how to start a YouTube channel to make some additional money.

I suggest you read my other article about how to earn from YouTube without Adsense. Because Adsense was the only source of monetizing YouTube videos.

But nowadays, many different methods are adopted by YouTubers to create more revenue from their channel.

Take a look at these while deciding to try your luck with the second most successful search engine after Google will surely help you.

Just remember with great tactics, solid and creative ideas, powerful marketing strategies, and a lot of forbearances, you can earn a lot from YouTube.

FAQ on Starting a YouTube Channel

Can I really make money from YouTube in India?

Yes, anyone can generate money by uploading unique videos on YouTube. YouTube is the leading video streaming portal on the Internet that lets its users earn money from their creative videos. Multiple sources of revenue include Advertising Revenue, channel memberships, super chats, super stickers, and the YouTube Premium Revenue Program.

How much will I get paid for 1000 YouTube views?

The total income depends on many factors, and on average, you can earn anywhere between Rs. 250 to Rs. 400 per 1000 views. If your videos are targeted to tier-1 countries, chances for more revenue are high.

How many subscribers are needed to make money on YouTube?

YouTube creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in order to apply for YouTube Partner Program.

What is the minimum earning from a YouTube Channel?

There is no upper limit on YouTube earnings. One can earn any amount of money from his/her channel. In India, there are so many YouTubers earning lakhs every month.

What is some popular YouTube niche to start earning?

Nowadays, prank videos are going viral. So if you have such talent, you can start one. The second position is occupied by Emotional Videos that include social awareness. You can surf YouTube to get some basic ideas on popular YouTube niches.

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