Why is Blogging So Popular: 10 Compelling Reasons I’ll Share

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 4, 2024


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Blogging is no longer a hobby but a profession for many. Why is blogging so popular among passive career choices? I will explain this in detail.

Everyone you come across talks about blogs. Every other person you know follows a top blogger in their domain. Why is blogging so popular today than ever before?🤔

Today, one may not know an actor or a politician. But they can definitely recognize a top blogger in their area of interest.

An example;

When you ask for a recipe from people, they do not mention the chef’s name. People share blog names and their links to such queries.

Most of the high-ranking websites listed in Google search results are blogs. Blogs serve as the end result of all user queries.

Why is Blogging So Popular
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Is blogging a profitable venture? But, the Internet is already filled with blogs.

— The future of blogging is very bright worldwide. Blogging is the best source of income from your passion. All it requires is commitment and dedication.

I have ten years of experience blogging on domains like affiliate marketing and generating income online.

I started working as an electrical engineer and blogged in my free time.

Initially, I had zero income from my blog. Gradually, I started seeing some returns.

After a long time, I quit my job (thanks to decent revenue from my blogs). Now, I live my own life, run my own company, and help train people (who are new to blogging).

From my story, you may understand why blogging is essential for anyone who wants to lead a life independently. Now let us answer this – why are blogs popular even today?

What is Blogging, and How Has It Gained Popularity?

Blogging is an online journal where you share your experiences and knowledge. What started as a hobby for many in the early 2000s is now a money-making venture.

Earlier, blogging was limited to a few websites and portals like Blogger.

Soon, people started launching their blogs to show their authority. Bloggers began getting recognized by their brand name.

With the advent of Google Ads, bloggers started using free spaces in their blogs for advertisements. For every redirection to merchant websites, bloggers earn an amount.

💥 Does this flow explain why is blogging so popular?

Rich experiences, quality content, and a unique story-telling format can fetch you a regular source of income.

Every niche has blogs coming in every day. There is a blog for every topic – from food to travel, technology to fashion, electronic gadgets to computer programming, etc. Bloggers are discovering new niches to share new information constantly.

Just like me, many others took up blogging as a hobby. When their blog started to generate revenue, they started blogging full-time.

Content marketing is a billion-dollar business.

Out of the many ways adopted by digital marketers, blogging is the best way to create content that makes money.

Why are blogs so popular than any other content?

Blogs are unlike ads or slogans with just a few lines of content. The USP of blogs is that they must contain at least 2500 words.

This hard limit ensures sufficient information gets conveyed. One can understand a problem solution, learn the pros and cons, different solution approaches, etc.

  1. Ease of publishing
  2. Accessibility to a global audience
  3. Diverse content
  4. SEO benefits
  5. Interaction with people
  6. Monetization opportunities
  7. Real-time updates
  8. Mobile Accessibility
  9. Low entry barriers
  10. No prior skills or experience

In the bustling world of the internet, platforms like WordPress offer endless earning opportunities.

Blogging is not just about the ease of publishing but the accessibility to draw captivating readers.

Embarking your ideas and thoughts into the digital realm ends in generating potential income.

Why are blogs popular— in this ever-evolving landscape, the allure of blogging lies in its versatility. It provides a platform where your enchanting stories and insights create an impact.

With every well-optimized post, you enhance your presence and create a virtual footprint across the web.

There are many reasons why people want to tap the blogging popularity. There is never a shortage of opportunities in blogging.

You may think that a particular domain is saturated. 😁 But the next instant, someone will come up with a life-changing hack, which will become famous overnight.

So, understanding audience expectations and providing timely content is a winning hack.

Another reason for blogging is the exponential returns that come with minimal investments. The entire process can be done by yourself with strategic planning and revisions.

Let us learn some advantages of taking up this popular activity as a venture.

1. Blog Gives You Passive Income

Today, everyone across ages is looking for alternate sources of income. Such secondary income sources are helpful during times of financial crisis and rising inflation.

However, dual employment is not encouraged in many workplaces. If you are starting a side business, you have to outsource most responsibilities and bear extra costs.

For such reasons, blogging is the best source of passive income for every individual.

— You can blog in your free time on any interesting topic.

— Once you put in consistent efforts and get increasing followers, you can earn an income from your blog.

— Consistently publishing quality content in your blog generates more income than your job. At this time, you may choose to move to blogging full-time.

An average blogger in India earns around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 40,000 monthly. It may sound surprising, but it is true.

When most mainstream technical jobs cannot give such salaries, how are blogs still relevant in generating returns?

At times when job layoffs are becoming very common, it is only meaningful to have a passive source of income. While many other passive ventures require a hefty initial investment, blogging requires a minimal cost.

  • Students who blog can use income from blogging to fund their tuition, purchase costly study materials, etc.
  • Housewives can use their blogging income to support their family finances without going out for work.

Advertisement revenue (Google Ads), sponsored blog posts, affiliate marketing, a supporting YouTube channel, etc., are some ways to earn through blogging.

2. Blogging Helps You Build a Brand

Blogging is an online venture, just like any other business. It involves serious effort, consistency, and dedication.

Any venture requires a good reputation. It takes effort to build this reputation and gain authority in that domain.

Branding is necessary in blogging. It is a representation of your blog and its style.

When someone can tell why your blog is unique and helpful for them – your brand is a success.

👉 Creating this brand involves continuous learning and revising content to suit the audience’s needs.

👉 Collaborate with your peer bloggers, partner with relevant businesses, etc., to show your authority.

👉 Getting recognition from peer bloggers and top blogs in your domain can fetch your blog a good share of their organic traffic. It gives you the best blog authority as a domain expert.

👉 Also, get feedback from your audience if your blogs are helpful. Create subscription lists, send notifications, and conduct meetings with your regular followers to know their mindset.

👉 Finally, be active on social media platforms to show that you follow trends. Commenting on top blogs and pages can fetch quality backlinks to your blog.

By following these steps, your blog gets recognized as a brand. These activities make way for your blog to reach the first page of search results.

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3. Blogging is Popular Because Anyone Can Start

Blogging does not require any technical prerequisites or academic qualifications. If you have knowledge and experience in any domain, you can share it (with the world) through blogs.

Along with your knowledge, you will need basic language literacy for writing your experiences like stories.

Blogging can be a great hobby or profession for all age groups.

Why is blogging so popular among all ages, and what are its benefits?

  • School and College Students – may take up blogging relating to their studies or hobbies and earn pocket money.
  • Housewives who can not take up a full-time job are blogging and earning from blogs on cooking, parenting, etc.
  • Working professionals – blog on any topic to earn passive income. Some even make it their full-time profession.

I will always stress that blogging is still the best career choice for anyone.

Blogging gives you the flexibility to work on your own time. You are your boss.

If you provide quality content through your blogs, your followers will eagerly wait for your next posts.

You need a good laptop or desktop computer with a fast internet connection. That’s it!

With good content, patience, a learning urge, and determination, you have all it needs to be a blogger.

4. Businesses Can Reach Customers Directly

Do you know that every business wants bloggers to write for them?

Why is blogging so popular for business and their growth? 🤔

When a business makes a website, they add a Blog section to it. This blog has topics about the business services or products and their offerings.

Generally, such blogs have posts that address common customer concerns.

I own an IT company. We offer hosting services for websites. Often, our customers are confused about what plans to choose from.

Our website has blogs with topics on what hosting plans to choose, busting myths on shared hosting, when to upgrade your plan, etc.

Blogs on business websites carry generic information, giving unbiased, honest opinions to customer queries.

We can suggest our business products or services at relevant positions in such blogs.

Recently, many companies have started inviting guest posts on their websites. Famous bloggers write honest opinions about the products or services based on their experience.

Moreover, consumers see such informative posts as a positive signal for going ahead with a business.

Creating and promoting such blogs across all online platforms helps to target niche markets and relevant audiences.

5. Blogging Grows Your Skill

Blogging gives you the power to share your expertise with those seeking it. At one point, every blogging niche nears a saturation point.

Why are blogs still relevant if people are already aware of such content? 🤔

Today, one out of every 5 bloggers has a cooking blog. They post some unique recipes and also popular recipes that receive high views.

Why does the audience want similar content if such popular recipes are known already?

— The same content provided in new blogs has something innovative and different.

— Blogs published earlier would not have covered these. The audience welcomes any helpful information.

For new bloggers, it means improving their blogging skills in their blogging domain.

↳ You must keep learning and gain experience. Only then you can share your first-hand experiences and tips with others.

↳ Aim to share the topics that are not covered in existing blogs. Without in-depth domain knowledge, you cannot blog in your profession for long.

↳ You must plan to publish periodic content in your blog for at least one year. Half-baked knowledge leaves you without sufficient content after a few posts.

Once your followers grow, you need to increase your content frequency. Attending workshops, seminars, online courses, etc., are ways to improve your domain knowledge.

6. Blogging Helps Digital Marketers

Digital marketing aims to increase a brand or product’s visibility online. It involves recommending a product to a target user through ads or content.

Why is blogging so popular among digital marketers to carry out promotions?

Blogs reviewing products are among the most popular blogging niches today. Such blogs are the reason for the growth of affiliate marketing.

Today, consumers’ behavior toward buying products has changed. 👀

— Everyone looks for product reviews before buying a product online or offline. They want to compare similar products and analyze them well before buying.

For this reason, many businesses and digital marketing agencies are tying up with affiliate bloggers. These bloggers come up with unique templates and stories to promote a product.

Blogging is a win-win strategy for both bloggers and digital marketers.💪

If consumers find your review satisfactory, then, they will immediately go to the product page. You can place links to product pages or business websites in your blog.

This way, businesses can sell products to large follower groups of people. Bloggers will get an income for every click and subsequent purchase made from their blog.

Remember to keep reviews and promotions to mark your authority credible.

7. You can Create a Community Around Your Blog

Building a group or community of members with common interests is a popular trend today.

You may come across niche clubs like robotic clubs in schools, cooking clubs in an area, book clubs for readers, etc.

Bloggers are adopting new ways to have a deeper connection with their readers. They are creating clubs or a community with followers and those with similar interests.

Such communities allow members to discuss how the blogs have benefited them. One can show live demos, open discussions, throw challenges, etc.

Blogs are the latest method to teach anything.

👉 When a university or online course is not available – experts in such domains create blogs themed like chapter-wise courses. Such tutors conduct offline workshops to allow their blog students to showcase what they have learned.

👉 Many reviewers of books and movies have special shows meant for themselves and their followers. New authors invite such bloggers for book reading sessions and promotions.

👉 Bloggers reviewing films in a unique style get special premiere tickets for themselves and their followers.

Are blogs still relevant to create your community?🤔

The above examples prove that you can create your world with your people and rule them with your content.

Content is not just king. It will make you a king. Your followers will worship you for all the helpful content you provide.

8. Blogging Helps You Learn More

When you start to blog, you must have a schedule for publishing content periodically. No matter how experienced you are, at one point, your content will get exhausted.

Blogging is a competitive field. Someone may publish similar content before you.

At such times, many bloggers think they cannot continue blogging anymore. It brings an early end to many blogging journeys.

You must understand that every blogger faces this situation in their journey. A successful blogger differs from others by continuously learning and finding new opportunities to blog.

Blogging to provide more content for your followers fuels your determination and the vigor to learn more.

However, quitting due to a lack of content damages your credibility. It can make your blog vanish from top search results.

Likewise, you must be willing to learn new things about your domain, the search engine’s quality metrics, and the audience’s mindset.

⚡ The reason why blogging has been important since its inception is because blogs give the latest information in any domain.

The latest blogs providing credible information make it to the top search results of user queries. A blogger can achieve this only through continuous research and learning.

Hence, bloggers must learn what their top competitors target and focus on providing unique content.

Receiving quality feedback from your readers can also shape your learning process.

9. Blogging Makes You a Niche Expert

Continuous learning in your blogging domain helps you gain more knowledge. New experiences and learnings give you new ideas to blog.

Including more unique content in your blogs makes you a niche expert.

Search engines and viewers prefer blogs that have rich information. If they find a solution to their queries in your blogs, they will come again.

Having unique and informational blogs can make you a domain authority.

Being a domain expert fetches you guest posting opportunities in the top blogs of your domain. These opportunities get you powerful backlinks to your blog and increase your organic followers.

👉 Once you establish yourself as a niche expert, you get unlimited opportunities.

Your followers will have quality content and keep coming back to you. Now, your monetization dreams become a reality.

You can become an influencer in your domain. Try to tie up with companies and come up with expert suggestions.

You can become an affiliate marketer and earn a commission for every purchase redirected from your blog.

Now, if you ask why is blogging so popular, it is the modern example of “rags to riches”. From being an amateur to a niche expert, blogging has the power to change your life.

10. Blogging Helps You Learn SEO (And Become an Expert)

Search engines and their results have the power to steer the growth of blogs. When your blog gets listed on the first page of search results, millions of users will read it.

This number motivates many to take up blogging and earn big bucks. Now you may understand the reason why is blogging so popular.

But, reaching the first few spots of search results involves a lot of effort.

SEO metrics list quality parameters for blogs to reach the top rank in search results.

— On-page SEO metrics tell about the quality of your blog.

— Off-page metrics show how you promote your content and establish your brand authority.

As you blog, you learn how to improve your SEO.

Do not forget to include these important SEO metrics for all your posts;

  1. Carry out detailed keyword research and derive your focus keywords.
  2. Include keywords at strategic positions of your blog.
  3. Create quality content with first-hand experiences and correct information.
  4. Promote your blog content and socialize with peer bloggers to establish credibility.

Remember that SEO is an iterative process. You must keep refining your SEO quality as per the latest Google updates.

Also, SEO is a slow and organic process. It will take time (from a few months to years) to see your blog at the top of search results. So patience and dedication are key.

Impact of Blogging on Various Industries

In some of the above topics, we have discussed how blogging can help businesses. Blogging popularity is a driving factor for many industries to include blogs as part of their business goals.

The money-making and influencing aspect of blogging have lured many industries to include blogs in their business websites.

Instead of researching elsewhere and then coming to choose a brand, business websites offer comprehensive analysis and recommendations through blogs.

Let us see why blogging is important in various industries to improve their ROI.

Blogging in Business and Marketing

Blogging is an integral part of the digital marketing strategy of every business today.

Content from blogs is reliable. It is because of the in-depth analysis and conclusions provided by bloggers.

Since blogs address the exact keywords from user queries, they have high chances of visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs). This visibility is the target for many digital marketers and business people.

A single mention of products or services on top blogs can drive large traffic to business websites.

Furthermore, this becomes a chance for many to become your regular customers.

Blogs act as tools for marketing strategists to gain customer needs and satisfaction. Customers can share their feedback as comments in blogs.

As mentioned earlier, SEO is the top digital marketing strategy followed by every online content provider.

Traffic from search queries is the most organic form of views to your blog. It is because people come to view your blog out of dire need.

Your blog must be in the top few spots of search results for such needy followers to come to your blog.

So, you must religiously follow and update your blog content to suit SEO quality. Once blogs reach the top of SERPs, you can achieve all your business goals.

Blogging in Journalism and Media

Gone are the days when hardly 2-3 media houses operated and published content. Readers had limited choices to get information.

There have also been instances when such media channels were biased with their views on politics, sports, etc.

Today, blogs overpower and outnumber news websites and their articles.

Anyone can blog and share their views independently on any topic. Blogs have the power to influence minds with rich and detailed information.

You may be curious – why is blogging so popular than journal-style news articles?

The reason is that blogs convey information like a story. The way bloggers address readers is like talking to a friend.

Furthermore, print media and publications have limits and restrictions on the number of articles and their word limit.

So, many journalists add links or QR codes of the same articles published in detail on their websites.

Today, news and media houses seek bloggers to give content for their online channels.

💪 Healthy debates and analysis of a trending topic are encouraged and rewarded.

Also, blogs are famous for speculating and keeping viewers guessing for more. Such popularity metrics are the backbone of media houses.

You would have come across blogs posting stories like, What are your favorite actors doing this Deepawali, A Day in the Life of your Chief Minister, etc.

Such topics are tough to cover in depth through print media or news bulletins. Blogs are the best medium preferred by both journalists and consumers. So it is a win-win situation.

Conclusion on Why is Blogging So Popular?

Do you believe you have content that can make a difference or shape minds?

You can start blogging. Blogging is one of the best career opportunities to get passive income. We have analyzed the reasons for the query – why is blogging so popular?

Blogging involves hard work, like anything else you do to make money. You must go through recursive learning and experimenting before publishing content. But let me assure you that blogging is not risky.

What you invest and learn will never go to waste. If you face failures, there is nothing to lose. You only get opportunities to learn and improve to rank your blog better on SERPs.

It is the only business where you invest your experiences and knowledge to make money. The best part is you do not need any high-grade academic qualifications to blog.

If you are having a business, include blogs on the purpose that your products or services solve.

Provide tutorials and hacks to use, troubleshoot, and maintain your products. Such methods show your credibility and your proactiveness to help customers.

Above all, blogging gives you revenue that you may have never imagined.

To achieve this, you must establish a strong foundation. Therefore, you must be responsible for your blog’s content, SEO, and digital marketing strategies.

Once you analyze how your blog attracts traffic, you can align your content and strategies accordingly. Then, you will attain the top spot, and your blogging popularity will spread online.

So start blogging today and have a successful journey like I did.

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