Blogger vs WordPress in 2020 – Which is Better and Why?

  • 19 February, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

Hello Everyone, today I am going to explain to you about the difference between blogger vs WordPress.


Are you going to start a blog, but confused on how to choose the best ones?

When you search through the Internet, you may find many different blogging suggestions.

These suggestions and tips were shared by different people from their experience.

Even though it sounds confusing for you, I always say start your blog on WordPress.

It is so far the best blogging platform that powers nearly 68% of the blog around the world.

So, I am sure that it fits your purpose for sure.

Blogger Vs WordPress

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What are Blogger and WordPress?

A blogger aka BlogSpot is a service from Google that enables you to create a blog for publishing posts.

You can start a blog in a few minutes without any technical knowledge and make it live.

WordPress, on the other hand, is a content management system (CMS) built for creating blogs and websites.

It is a standalone application that we usually call it as a WordPress theme.


About Blogger – a quick overview:

Blogger is a blogging service owned by Google Inc. that allows people to start a free blog.

If you are searching for a source to create your first blog without investment, then blogger service is for you.

Your blog or website is hosted on Google servers and they will take of everything.

Less technical knowledge is enough to start a blog using BlogSpot service.

Suitable for the people who merely want to write posts and publish for others (hobby bloggers).


About WordPress – a quick overview:

WordPress is free opensource software that anyone can download and install on their domain name.

It is called a Content Management System used to create blogs and websites.

The main advantage of this system is that you can customize anything and everything of your choice.

Even a newbie with no coding knowledge can easily develop a blog or website in a few minutes.

Powered by a graphical user interface, WordPress does provide a great platform for bloggers.

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Why I am Not Recommending Free Bloggers Blog?

FreeBlogging vs PaidBlogging

You have the right to choose the one that suits your budget and based on your experience.

There is a common debate is going over the internet: Which blogging platform is best? Blogger vs WordPress

Many people are interested to start a blog but they don’t have a budget to buy a domain name, hosting, etc.

Hence they choose a free blogger platform, but this is a bad choice and I will explain to you the reason below.

Both Blogger and WordPress provides a free service for the users to try.

But, there are many reasons to avoid a free blogging platform and you can read them below.


1. Not a Fully Qualified Domain Name:

You are starting a blog under a sub-domain and it is not a Fully Qualified Domain Name.

It does not involve purchasing a domain name instead you can create a free sub-domain.

Your blog name will be like yourname.blogspot.com (or) yourname.wordpress.com which is not your own domain.

Therefore you will face difficulties in ranking your domain name for the target keyword.


2. No Ownership Rights:

Since you are publishing your blog in the webspace offered by Blogspot, you are not a real owner.

But you can enjoy the benefits of being an owner of your blog.

BlogSpot (or) WordPress.org gives you a free publishing platform.

You have a given a login where you can write and publish your posts.


3. Poor User Experience:

Free Blogger Platform gives you a free theme to choose for your blogging.

Unless you are an expert in coding, you cannot bring up a good looking blog.

Free themes are highly limited to customize as per the user’s ideas.

Hence bringing up a good looking blog is a difficult task when using a free blogging platform.


4. Limited Monetization:

Most of the people usually getting into the blogging business for making money.

But here, you are limited to display advertisements (or) promote affiliate products using affiliate links.

If you breach your user agreement, your free blog will be suspended anytime.

But the true owner of your blog (means provider) can use your blog to monetize for their own revenue.


5. Risk of Losing:

Since you do not own your blog and simply using a free sub-domain, you may lose your blog anytime.

In 2012, I started onlinehomeincome in the BlogSpot platform (free blogging) and all went good.

One fine day morning, when I open my blog URL, I saw my blog was suspended.

I have worked for almost one year and published nearly 40+ quality content. And now, I lost everything.


6. Limited SEO Benefits:

Search engines won’t prefer ranking sub-domains in their search engine result pages.

Therefore, you won’t able to drive millions of traffic even after a long time of blogging.

Just try searching for any keyword of your choice and you will see no sub-domains in the search results.

Without SEO, driving traffic will be a daunting task and therefore for generating revenue from your blog.


Advantages of WordPress (self-hosted) over BlogSpot:

BlogSpot is the better option only if you only want to write and no other reason than that.

WordPress has several advantages over blogger platforms like more SEO benefits, Customization options, etc.

If you want to create your career around blogging, the WordPress platform is the wise blogging decision.

OnlineHomeIncome uses WordPress (self-hosted) as its blogging platform.

Also, WordPress is being supported with plugins to give you more control and functions for your blog.

This makes your WordPress blog more SEO friendly and you can use the latest technologies as well.

Getting started with WordPress require technical knowledge like installation, setup, and optimization.

But there is no need to worry because we have tons of literature across the web.


Pros and Cons of Blogger Vs WordPress:

You have so far understood the difference between Blogger Vs WordPress.

Now I will get you some consolidated advantages and drawbacks between the two blogging platforms.

The below comparison is from my experience and I disclaim myself from the conveyed message.

Because some people may have a great experience with Blogger and I welcome those to share their experience.

Comparing the two is just for knowledge. Choosing the wise ones is up to your own decision.


Pros of Blogger:

The system is very simple to begin – literally, you can create a blog in minutes.

Suitable for newbies who are curious about creating their first blog.

Even an amateur person can start his/her own blog for free.

Zero investment to start your first blog as you don’t need a hosting plan.

Even under high limitation, you can customize your blog to some extent.


Cons of Blogger:

Functional wise, the blogger platform is very basic like writing your post and publishing it.

Difficult Customization that makes user experience sometimes not up to the level.

It will be very difficult to bring a good looking blog appearance without coding knowledge.

You are not the real owner of your blog, as your blog is hosted on Google servers.

It’s not a Fully Qualified Domain Name and hence lesser SEO benefits – Difficult to rank.


Pros of WordPress:

Please note that I am not writing about the free WordPress blog here. I am trying to say about the self-hosted WordPress blog.

That means you have to purchase a WordPress theme and install it on your blog.

Getting started with WordPress is simple but requires a bit more tasks for the initial setup.

You have a few hundred WordPress themes to choose from for your blogging design and setup.

There are thousands of customization options that can be done by using plugins and themes.

You can able to design an appealing blog with greater user experience and to your choice.

Great SEO benefits and makes you generate passive revenue for a long time.


Cons of WordPress:

Buying a WordPress theme attracts some investment but it’s worth investing in brand building and earning money.

Free WordPress themes are available, but it’s not recommended because of the same limited customization as a blogger.

Starting your WordPress blog requires WordPress hosting services to host your blog files.

You should bear the responsibility to manage your sites and protect your site from attacks.

Knowledge is necessary when installing a plugin and set up to work for your WordPress Blog.


Blogger vs WordPress – How to Choose One?

Both Bloggers and WordPress provide you a space for blogging over the internet.

If you have a budget to invest in blogging, you can choose the self-hosted WordPress platform.

Blogger platform is a good choice for the people who just want to write and share their work.

Means, it’s like a hobby blogging.

But if you want to create your own online business (or) career in blogging, then choose WordPress.

Blogger is highly limited in terms of customization, feature, SEO, and monetization.

The start-up cost for blogger is almost nill and setup is fast, suitable for new beginners.

You cannot continue for a long time with your blogger blog, and WordPress is almost the best option.

If you want to expand your blog, WordPress is the right option as the blogger doesn’t have those features.


1. Cost:

Blogger is always free unless if you want to purchase a domain name like onlinehomeincome.in.

If you don’t, your blog name will be like onlinehomeincome.blogspot.com (or) onlinehomeincome.wordpress.com.

Starting a blog in WordPress is affordable that includes buying hosting for your blog.

But I recommend purchasing standalone WordPress themes and host in your own domain name.


2. Getting Started:

Anyone can start a blog in BlogSpot without any previous knowledge in blogging, it’s really simple and easy.

If you already have a Gmail account, you can register a free account in blogger to start creating your blog.

A well-designed dashboard will take care of your creating process.

WordPress requires a few skills to get your blog setup done and ready for launch.

You need to set up your hosting account and install the theme separately to manage your blog.


3. Customization:

When it comes to customization, I vote for WordPress as compared to Blogger.

You can customize every inch of your blog when using WordPress where the blogger doesn’t.

Blogger gives you a few official templates to choose from for your blogging along with third-party templates.

But WordPress is being supported by thousands of themes to choose and install in your domain name.

You can make use of Plugins to add more features for your blog or website.


4. Ownership:

It is the most important point to discuss when starting a blogging business for your career.

In Blogger, your blog is hosted on the Google server bound by its terms and conditions.

Google reserves full ownership rights and can take over your blog anytime at their own will.

Since WordPress is open source, you are free to use their service bound by their terms and conditions.

Here you host your blog files in your hosting server and hence you own your blog.


5. Support:

Since Google owns the blogger platform, they provide rigid maintenance and support.

You, therefore, do not require any skill to maintain your blog on your part and is simple to use.

WordPress is an opensource software developed by a community of developers across the world.

You can use their official free user support forums to get help in times when needed for your WordPress blog.

WordPress is the most preferred one over bloggers when it comes to supporting and maintenance.


6. Development:

WordPress is developed by the community of developers and therefore development is a continuous process.

You can take your WordPress blog to the next level with the support from developers worldwide.

There are countless numbers of news, guides, tutorials, and reviews are available all over the Internet.

These facilities are limited in Blogger and only a few third-party supports blogger services and products.

It is very hard to get further development of your blog based on your growth.


Which is Better and Why?

Better For Blog

If you wish to start a blog, there are plenty of options we can choose. Let me show you,

  • Blogger (using Blogspot subdomain)
  • WordPress (using WordPress subdomain)
  • WordPress Themes (standalone blog in your domain name)
  • Wix
  • Medium
  • Ghost
  • Tumblr

You can choose one from the above blogging platforms for your blogging career.

Many debates are going on and that’s why I came up to write this post.

The blogger platform is useful for you only if you are just sharing your thoughts by writing posts.

But, when you start blogging for money, building authority or branding yourself, WordPress is the ideal choice.

If you don’t have technical abilities to manage a blog, BlogSpot is your way-to-go choice.

BlogSpot has limitations in terms of functionalities, customizations and SEO benefits.

It is only suitable for those who want to start blogging with at almost zero investment.

WordPress blog can have higher visibility in search engines and also have lots of additional features.



You are over-whelmed after reading a lot of resources on the internet about Blogger vs WordPress.

But in general, and finally, keep only one thing in your mind – Why are you starting a blog? Making money (or) just for writing.

WordPress platform is the best choice if your option is for making money.

Blogger platform is a good choice if you start a blog just for merely writing and sharing.

I hope you have learned how to decide your blogging platform for your blogging career?

Do you have any more questions to ask, please write in the below comment section?

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