12 Funny Reasons Why People Hesitate to Blog | Hate Blogging

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 16, 2024


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Many people hesitate to blog and are scared, because of the fear of facing pitfalls in starting and maintaining a blog. Go ahead to read the article if you are the one.

As we all blogging is the most successful business suitable for all people. These days many people are entering this business.

Let us look at the other side – why some people hate blogging, even though there is big money in it.

Blogging is a slow-growing business, and it takes more time to generate revenue. You want to be willing to work hard and put more effort into driving traffic.

Many people wish to start a blog, but only a few can blog. Some people start because of curiosity and quit after some time, seeing no progress.

There are many reasons why bloggers fail to make money – this article shares a different perspective.

Why People Hesitate to Blog
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Do people still blog?

Is Blogging Dead?

Is Blogging Difficult?

The answer depends on the individual’s opinion. However, blogging is still alive, and people read blogs multiple times daily.

It has been the most lucrative business for more than a decade now. Blogging has evolved drastically and has now grown a lot.

Successful blogging is not an overnight task. If you plan to earn a full-time living from blogging, this business is not for you.

You have to spend more time creating a lot of valuable content. It includes text, videos, podcasts, or illustrations.

Engage yourself in social media platforms and actively network with like-minded bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Build loyal followers to listen to you.

Don’t be scared as starting a blog is easy. I have published a few other articles on this blog.

Continue reading further to know why people hesitate to start a blog and/or hate blogging.

Is Blogging Dead? Why Do People Hate Blogging?

In developing countries like India, still, many people are not aware of this blogging business. They don’t even know how to create a blog and generate money from it.

On the other side, people are starting different types of blogs and creating passive income for a long time. Considering the fact – blogging is not dead.

People start blogging based on their interests and profession. Some people start a personal blog and share their opinions, struggles, and experiences.

A few other people start niche blogging and dominate the industry through their informative content marketing strategy.

  • For example, I start this blog “onlinehomeincome.in” to share my expertise in blogging and the affiliate marketing industry.
  • My other on Tamil culture “exploretamilagam.com” is my hobby blog, where I write about Tamil literature and culture.

Read the article on different types of blogs that makes money to understand various blog ideas.

People hesitate to blog because they fear not knowing the exact work.

Let me explain the hard part of blogging.

1. People Don’t Have Time to Schedule Blogging Activities

Unless you are not ready to spend long hours writing SEO-friendly articles, blogging is not for you.

So before starting the blog, decide how important it is for you and how you generate money from the blog.

Are you really going to make a full-time living blogging (or) just practicing it for some time?

There are a few other questions that arise and if your answer to those questions is relatable — start a blog.

Be aware that blogging consumes more time than you think. You want to spend more time on keyword research, content writing, and blog promotion.

Not only this, you have to learn SEO, digital marketing, and email marketing to stay UpToDate. If you start a food blog, you need time to take photos and shoot videos.

Graphics play an important role in retaining visitors for a long time. It includes photos, videos, infographics, and vectors.

  • Designing suitable images for the articles consumes more time. Shooting videos and editing also put you to work for long hours.

Tell me, can you spend long hours daily writing content, creating images, and promoting? There is no shortcut, dear friend, and you cannot escape from these activities.

That’s why most people hesitate to blog and avoid blogging. If you are not scheduled to write articles, you will fail after some time.

2. People Assume They Are Not Good at Writing

People Think They are Not Good at Writing

When it comes to blogging, writing is everything. Once you learn the art of writing impressive and engaging content, you are the people’s blogger.

But many people hesitate to blog because they think writing is not their cup of tea. Of course, not everyone can write to impress others.

At the same time, you do not require any IELTS certification to write blog posts. Search engines want you to write in your style and simple English.

Do you know about the Flesch Score? It is a scale to measure your blog article’s readability. A score of 70 and above is required for better indexing by search engines.

Moreover, you do not need to be a perfect writer. If you can write and convey the message in simple English, you can start a blog.

A few blogging gurus throw a fear of writing hi-fi articles – do not worry, just write that comes naturally to you.

Spend some time to understand your audience’s needs and create content that connects their problem with your solution.

Writing an article is a series of processes that includes brainstorming, researching, writing, editing, proofreading and publishing.

Wait, it’s not an end. You need to monitor its performance and update old content after a few months.

You need to keep writing more articles daily to grow your blog. That’s why many people are not interested in the blog.

3. People Avoid Blogging Because They Do Not Want to Invest

Above all, do you know how much does it cost to start a blog? Many people do not blog because they are not ready to invest money.

Many free blogging platforms are available that let people practice blogging without spending money.

These platforms are for learning purposes only, or just to share your daily routines. If you want to make money, you have to start a blog on your own.

Free blogs have more limitations and restrict you from ranking and monetizing. Even more, you are not the true owner – you are building your blog on someone’s else platform.

Anyone the property owner may throw you and own all your content. It’s a big story that happened to me in 2013. If you want to know, ask me in the comments.

People hesitate to blog because they hesitate to invest money. Trust me, my friend, blogging is truly a professional business, and if you invest, you can earn more.

It will not cost you more than buying a basic smartphone variant. Think once your one-time investment is going to bring lifetime returns.

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4. Blogging is Really Hard Than You Think – Be Persistent

Many grown bloggers speak only about the fruitful front side of blogging. Only a few share their hurdles, obstacles, hard work, failures, troubles, and sacrifices to achieve success in blogging.

Running a successful blog is not a cakewalk, and it requires hard work. When I started this blog in 2013, I struggled a lot to write content and was stuck in promoting the blog.

Without any guidance and support, I solely managed to grow this blog. I do not have words to explain my pain in building this blog.

You have to look at the other side of the painful blogging process. It is one of the reasons why people hesitate to start a blog.

If you are not ready to work hard under stressful conditions and long working hours, blogging is not for you.

Another reason why people don’t want to blog is they are not persistent. After you start blogging, you have to publish posts daily or on alternative days.

The competition is very high, and to tackle the situation, newbie blogger wants to post frequently and regularly.

You will not find time to relax as you have work back-to-back. It starts with keyword research, writing content, SEO, social promotion, and guest posting.

It is a continuous process that never ends and requires hard work. People fear working hard, so they do not start blogging.

5. People Do Not Have Passion (Poor Mindset)

Some people doubt everything they come across and always keep questioning the negative side. I pity those people with such poor mindsets.

I used to see these kinds of people more often on the Internet. They do not believe, think it is hard, and procrastinate blogging.

Such people with an inferior complex do not have a passion for blogging. People should have a strong desire for achievable goals. Developing such a mindset will push you to great heights.

Anything that you do with love will give fruitful results. So, always love to blog.

When I was in my beginning stage, I had a lot of fear all over the business.

Later, I started to love my blogging job, and whatever I decide, I do it with passion. I started seeing positive results – more people started visiting my blog, search engines sent more traffic, etc.

It all happened because I developed a passion, and loved my blog over time. Do not think blogging is hard – it is doable.

I always advise people to find a blogging niche based on their passion and interest. Passion drives you, and the interest makes you write an impressive article on the topic.

You need to prepare a strategy and create a strong feeling that you will reach success.

Many people hate blogging because they are not ready to believe and develop self-doubt.

Stay away from those people to build a successful online business.

6. Blogging is Not Meant for Quick Money and No Fixed Income

Blogging is Not Meant for Quick Money

It took me a year to see a handful of income to manage my expenses from this blog. Blogging is not meant for making quick cash. If you have such ideas, stop thinking and search for another job or business.

The internet has so many opportunities to make quick money. Some popular ways are freelancing, online survey jobs, money-making apps, micro-jobs, and more.

And, there is no fixed income in blogging. You will earn more money in a month, and there are chances of no revenue for the next month.

Blogging income fluctuates heavily, and you should prepare for those uncertainties. Many reasons can support why you should start a blog – but try to understand real-world problems.

Some people blog in their leisure time and publish a random article on a random topic. These days, a majority of contemporary blogger’s ultimate aim is to make money.

People do not have the time, persistence, and skill to manage a blog, but they just want to earn money. And they are trapped by some fake gurus and lose their money.

Finally, those people quit and blame blogging as not being their cup of tea. See, my friend, blogging gives you success only if you are ready to help others.

You will not earn anything at your initial stages, but you should keep working hard to grow your blog. One day, you will see the possibility of getting income from your blog.

7. People Hesitate to Blog Because They Do Not Want to Think

Blogging is about writing articles and publishing regularly. It means you have to spend the whole day thinking of new blog post ideas and preparing content marketing strategies.

Though successful bloggers say writing is simple, like you are talking to your friend, it is not true. Writing a piece of sentence involves a lot of thought processes.

You must possess a great command of the English language. Improve your grammar, as English is the universal language for communication.

Thinking is a crucial part of this business. You are writing content for other people and also search engine bots. Therefore, it is mandatory to please both audiences.

You cannot write like anything, and people will ditch you if you fail to add essence to your content. It should be interesting, fascinating, and easy to read.

Now, tell me – how much do you need to think before writing a sentence for your blog? That’s why a few people still hate the blogging business.

8. People are Not Ready to Do More Research

People say no to blogging because it requires them to do a lot of research. It includes keyword research, competitive analysis, market research, and technical analysis.

Most of the days, you need to spend researching the above-mentioned areas. I spend an hour or two daily doing keyword research and getting new content ideas.

  • You cannot simply write something on the topic and publish it. People need evidence, proof, and supportive documents.

Do more research before you write a blog post. You have to support each statement with solid facts, case studies, and research papers.

On top of that, you may want to add your opinions, feelings, and expectations. People want to admire your effort in your content.

At this crucial moment, I suggest you read this article – 80/20 rule for blogging success, which will help you manage your time for research and content writing.

For sustainable blogging, it is important to provide long, in-depth articles after proper research. It will increase your credibility and trust among your loyal readers.

9. People Avoid Blogging Due to Lack of Humour

When it comes to writing a blog post, you need to maintain a unique writing style. Many people feel difficulty when writing an engaging post that attracts people.

Humor plays a significant part in your writing. As I told you earlier, you cannot write like anything and fill in the word count.

Your blog content should talk to your readers. Blog posts should be like discussing with people to find a solution or derive an answer.

Maintaining a unique writing style that compels internet users is an art. When people used to get your humorous sense, they begin to follow you always.

You cannot acquire such skills at the initial stages of blogging. It needs a lot of practice and time to overcome mistakes.

There is a reason why I always insist every newbie blogger write at least 1000 words daily. You can use it for social media promotion, email marketing, or pile up for your next blog post.

Writing content daily will sharpen your writing style and develop more knowledge on the topic. But a few people are not ready to take this risk, and that’s why those people hesitate to blog.

10. People Do Not Blog Because They Lack Knowledge and Skill

People Lack Knowledge Skill For Blogging

Blogging is suitable for anyone and not for everyone. It is a simple business where you can convert your writing skills into money.

You need to develop more knowledge of the niche and write informative content to share with others. Keep learning other people’s blogs, books, and novels to gain more subject knowledge.

You can say that you have a great piece of knowledge and are strong in writing engaging articles. But if you do not have marketing skills, you will fail.

Blogging is not just writing. Blogging is much more than just writing blog posts. You have to market your content and promote it on social media.

Develop your skills in various online marketing tools to grow your blog. Marketing skill involves planning, creating, and executing the right promotional strategies.

You need to learn from an expert (or) join any classes to learn digital marketing. Still, many people think that running a successful blog is all about publishing more content.

Of course, it is correct. But if you are a newbie, who knows about you? No one will click your blog URL and read articles except your close friends and family.

So only, I am insisting new bloggers develop knowledge and skills in various online blog promotion methods. Unless you do not show up daily, you will get buried deep.

And that’s why most people hate blogging because they do not have enough marketing knowledge and skill to grow their blogs.

11. People Fail to Update Themselves

When you prepare yourself to start an online business, the first requirement is to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Blogging is not an exception.

The internet and its allied technology keep evolving and changing. Hence to survive and sustain any business, you want to update yourself.

In blogging, many once-popular digital marketing and SEO techniques are not outdated. One such example is the use of Meta-keywords in the HTML webpage header section.

If you are using Yoast, Rankmath, or any WordPress plugin, you may see a drastic change in their function.

Olden-day search engines rank blogs based on keyword density. Many bloggers and webmasters manipulated the search results with their keyword game.

Now, search engines become smarter in indexing and ranking a blog post. You must know how to write relevant and remarkable content to make your blog rank higher on Google.

Still, keywords play a crucial role in ranking, but the way you use keywords has changed. Know how to use keywords in various places of your blog post to rank on the first page.

Search engines like Google keep pushing more updates on their ranking algorithm. Therefore, if you forget to keep yourselves updated, you will fail.

That’s why a few people hesitate to blog because they do not find time to learn new technologies and marketing strategies.

12. People Reject Commitment and Do Not Have Patience

Treat blogging like a professional business. For example, if you set up a brick-and-mortar store in a densely populated area, you need to be highly committed and disciplined.

You cannot delegate core business activities and enjoy the pleasure of ownership. Blogging is also the same, and it requires you to be committed and consistent.

As the competition is growing largely, newbie bloggers have to struggle more to write and promote their blogs.

Stick to a commitment to posting daily or every other day till you see significant progress. Some people publish daily in the beginning, stop for a few months, and then post every two weeks.

This inconsistency makes your audience wonder what is going on and all your efforts will hit you back negatively. You will lose ranking and traction.

Blogging needs more patience – no matter how hard it is. Keep trying as many times as possible till you reach success.

You publish content regularly and are hit by an algorithm update. Do not worry and stop writing, instead come up with more energy to grow your blog rapidly.

Apply necessary changes and modify your blog. Keep patience and continue your blogging routine till the next update.

If everything works fine, you can see a regain and regrowth. Pat yourself on your back and appreciate your success.

Many people hesitate to blog after the hit by an algorithm update. I know it is painful for some time. Do not lose your commitment and patience.

Finally, Is Blogging Still Alive

I always stand on the side of blogging. Because today, I am a full-time blogger. I own nearly five blogs in five different niches.

Almost all blogs help me earn a decent six-digit monthly revenue from the comfort of my home.

Blogging brings success for sure. Do not worry about anything, and start blogging today. If you need my help, I am quickly reachable via Whatsapp at +91 96554 55140.

Once you are ready to learn the science behind blogging, you can run a successful blog.

All you need is to give enough time for your blog to grow and be passionate about it. Spend more time writing quality content and engaging on social media platforms.

Blogging is not difficult, and it is doable. Many people hesitate to blog, and if you are one among the crowd, do not wait anymore.

Throw your hesitation and stop worrying about working hard. Drop the fear of driving traffic and put effort into reaching the goal.

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