8 Heart Breaking Reasons Why Blogging Isn’t Working For You?

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Apr 17, 2023


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If you’re a newbie blogger or planning to start your first blog, this article is for you. You will not say why blogging isn’t working for you after reading the solutions from my practical experience. Blogging can be the most rewarding online business if you are ready to put in the effort and hard work.

Huh, today, shall I ask you a question? Why do many people jump into the field of blogging?

Let me explain to you. Blogging is a great platform to share your ideas and thoughts with people.

It is a great way to create a unique identity and an excellent platform to express yourself (say about your hobbies, profession, etc.).

Another benefit is that blogging helps you to improve your communication and writing skills.

When publishing fine-quality content on your blog, your readers will get attracted and share your blog posts with their networks. It helps you open doors to collaborations and partnerships.

When your blog grows and becomes popular, you can monetize it through sponsored content, advertising, etc.

Why Blogging Isn't Working
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Still, many people hesitate to blog and think this blogging business is difficult.


Because in the olden days, you start a blog and gain exposure just by writing on a topic.

These days, you have to face a lot of competition like SEO, quality content-writing, super-fast loading speed, etc. Also, you need to impress search engines and your audience with your impeccable content.

Apart from these activities, promoting a new blog is a high-risk job now. You want to participate actively on social media and other digital platforms to improve online visibility.

Sometimes, you may think blogging might not be for you after seeing your blog getting no views.

Stop frustrating now!

We will discuss and find the reasons why blogging isn’t working for you in 2023.

8 Prime Reasons Why Blogging Isn’t Working for You?

I know as a newbie blogger, you may face issues in getting the expected reach. Stop worrying, as I am here to help you.

It seems irritating when you put so much effort and not getting traffic to your blog. We will find the reasons why your blog isn’t making money.

By implementing a little change and hard work, you can easily overcome blogging mistakes and turn your blog into a successful business.

1. Your Blog Covers Multiple Niches

As a newbie, you get excited about writing your blog post. You are not sure what niche you need to write about and end up writing on several blog niches.

It is one of the common reasons why blogging isn’t working for you, especially when you are a newbie.

As a new blogger, it may look like a good idea when you go the extra mile. But it is not so.

People will come to your blog looking for a particular topic, but your blog ends up with various blog topics. It will confuse your readers, and they may leave your blog sooner.

You want to be a maestro in a single niche rather than mixing everything.

Creating blog posts in multiple niches makes it difficult for you to create authority. Readers will not be interested in your blog when you dive into different topics and do not stick to a particular one.

In the beginning, try to stick to a topic you are passionate about.

For example, if you love traveling and know more about this genre without thinking, stick to this topic and start blogging.

It helps you spend more time researching a topic and giving your best.

How to Solve This?

Here are a few solutions to how you can solve the issue of covering multiple niches in your blog posts.

  1. I always ask fellow bloggers and newbies to first sit and create a list of topics of their passion and interest.
  2. Ask yourself whether you can enjoy reading or learning about it and do some research on the topics.
  3. Do self-evaluation by considering your background, education, and professional experience.
  4. Analyze the income potential of popular blogs and market audience, audience volume, etc.

For example, if you want to start a blog on the YMYL niche – aim for one particular money-making idea. Select blogging topics like make money blogging, affiliate marketing, etc.

2. Your Blog Topic is Too Narrow

Another reason that makes you think why blogging might not be for you is choosing too narrow blog topics. It means that you glue yourself to a particular small group of people and location.

It will not help your blog grow and reach a large group of people. Look for who your audiences are and what they are looking for.

For example, if you are writing about Kanchipuram silk sarees, don’t just write for the people in Tamil Nadu alone. Instead, write about the history of the fabric, the process of obtaining a weaving, etc.

If you expand your topic, your blog will automatically reach different sorts of people across the globe.

When you go deeply into the topic, your readers will also get interested. As a result, you will gain more audiences.

You can include interviews with weavers, how they process the fabric, etc. To make your blog interesting and appealing, include such ideas.

If you want more reach, do not narrow down your words, and don’t worry, there are solutions for this too!

How to solve this?

There are a few solutions that you can consider.

  1. Look for a particular angle on the specific topic. For example, if you are writing about traditional food recipes, expand the blog topic and cover recipes with a modern twist.
  2. Another solution is that you can focus on a particular group of people. For example, when you write about fashion, aim for different age groups of females rather than targeting young girls.
  3. You can add various sources to expand your content, like incorporating podcasts, videos, and images. It will help your content reach a large audience, even if you stick to a particular niche.

Get yourself updated on the newest developments and crazes happening around you. Incorporate them into your content to make it unique and attract more readers.

3. Poor Quality Content in the Blog

The third reason – why your blogging is not working for you is because of poor content.

Poor quality content not only implies grammatical and spelling errors. It means content that does not create a vibe among your readers.

Of course, content is king in the blogging world. If it is not up to the mark, it is going to be difficult for you to attract readers and keep them up.

If your blog posts do not give the output that your readers expect, they will not stick to your blog for a long time.

We all want the content to be engaging and written well. If the blog post is less captivating and written poorly, we will look for alternatives.

Our readers do the same thing when they find our blog posts to be less captivating and lacking depth.

Remember that quality comes before quantity. Do some research and make the writing interesting and well-crafted, which adds benefit to your readers.

It is always better to have a few blog posts written well than lots of them that are not so good.

How to Solve Poor Quality Content Issues?

  1. Do thorough research on the topic you are writing on. Ensure that your writing is clear, simple, and easy to understand.
  2. Copying the content from other sources will not work. Go through the content you research on and create new and original content. Spill some of your unique ideas into the content.
  3. Finally, be consistent in your publishing and try to improve the style of your content day by day.

By following these steps, you can improve the quality of the content and attract more readers.

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4. You Lack Consistency After Sometime

Not everyone starts full-time blogging from day one. I started this blogging business while working as Junior Maintenance Engineer. I was a part-time blogger once.

We are all busy with our life. So finding time to create consistent content can also be difficult.

One of the main reasons why blogging is not your piece of cake at present is that you lack the tactics of organization and timing.

If you do not have a crystal-clear calendar schedule, you can easily fall back on creating content consistently.

Not having the correct planning is a big reason for blogging may not work for you.

Another reason might be your lack of interest and motivation.

Writing, as always, needs creativity, and sometimes you may not get it. It makes it tough to come up with unique blog post ideas, and you may also have no motivation.

It’s frustrating when you do not get ideas as a writer and may lack consistency in your blog.

Remember that blogging should be enjoyable and not stressful. You can always step back for a while and come back!

Create a schedule for blogging, set goals, and find various ways to set off your writing passion.

Creating blog posts should be fun. So don’t put your head into too many thoughts and ideas. Take time, be patient, and find a schedule in which you can work accordingly.

Here are a few steps to maintain your consistency:

  1. Create a genuine posting schedule that matches your commitment and lifestyle. It is necessary to create a set of goals to complete tasks without much pressure.
  2. You can also plan and organize your schedule with the help of an editorial calendar.
  3. Find different ways to lighten your writing passion (take breaks in between when needed). You can read other blogs in your niche, listen to podcasts, and talk with other bloggers.

As a newbie, it is common to have highs and lows in blogging. Let’s celebrate blogging success and learn from struggles.

You got this!

5. You Failed to Understand Your Audience

Another reason why blogging isn’t working for you is that you failed to understand your audience. It happens when you focus more on the content that you personally enjoy.

Many newbies do not focus on their target audience’s needs. There are again many reasons why you fail to understand your audience.

You are not taking much time to research and not connecting with them.

Sometimes not interacting with your readers (through social media, blog comments, and emails) becomes a failure.

You failed to ask for feedback and suggestions for your blog posts.

When you ignore their queries, your audience may feel disconnected from you.

Connecting with your audience is an important aspect of blogging. It is essential to engage with readers and create content that resonates with their needs and interests.

When you do so, you can really become a successful blogger!

How to engage with my audience?

Here are some solutions which help you to connect and grow your audience:

  1. Know your audience’s interests, needs, and preferences by conducting polls and surveys.
  2. Respond to their comments, messages, and emails as soon as possible.
  3. Ask them for suggestions and feedback to develop your next content better.
  4. Create content relatable to your audience’s interests, and needs and in easy language.
  5. Write your content in a friendly tone to make them feel comfortable and think that they are having a conversation with you.

Finally, you can share your stories and real-life experiences in your content.

6. You are Not Promoting your Blog

When a new movie is about to release – the cast, director, and producer do promotions.

When doing so, the people know that the movie is about to be released. Also, it creates the urge among people to watch the movie.

What if no promotion was done?

No one knows about the movie, and they even hesitate to watch it. The same thing applies to blogging.

When you are not promoting your blog, you will not reach people because no one knows you.

You shed your sweat and blood into writing, and all of a sudden you want the audience to find your blog and read it. It will not work, my dear friends.

Promoting your blog is as important as creating beautiful content.

If your blog is not getting traffic, it means that you are not sharing your content on social media or interacting with your audience.

You know social media is an excellent platform for promotions, right?

Don’t be shy and put yourself out. Get out of your shyness and be active in promotions.

Be proud of your work and share it with the world with confidence. It is the right to step out of your comfort zone and promote your blog!

How can I promote my new blog?

Here are some solutions to solve the issue of under-promotion of your blog. Do not wait till your content is seen on Google. Take the first step to promote your blog actively.

  1. Share your blog posts on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  2. Respond to your reader’s comments and queries. Build a community for your blog by engaging with your audiences.
  3. Collaboration works great, therefore, collaborate with other bloggers in your niche.
  4. Send email newsletters to your regular customers whenever a new post is published.
  5. Share your blog with your offline friends and colleagues and seek their help for promotions.

Promote your work with confidence at last.

7. You are Not Networking with Others

Blogging is not about creating content but also about building a network with people and other bloggers.

Networking with others is an important aspect of the success of your blog. It helps to increase your reach and get valuable feedback.

If you do not network, you may miss out on many potential opportunities to grow your blog.

Engage with other bloggers on social media platforms and participate in blogging forums.

Active engagement with others helps you establish yourself in your niche.

Make sure you actively connect with the target audience and other bloggers to unlock your potential in your niche in blogging.

Again, networking with influencers and bloggers creates various collaborations and other growth opportunities.

It helps you to learn more from the experience of others and gain an understanding of the strategies of blogging that have worked for others.

Let’s see how to network and engage with others:-

Here are some solutions in which you can solve the issue of networking with others in blogging.

  1. Participate in blogging communities of your niche.
  2. Connect with other bloggers through their social media channels.
  3. Collaborate with influencers and other bloggers through joint projects or guest posts.
  4. Attending blogging events online and offline, featuring other bloggers in your blog.
  5. Respond to comments and queries of your audience and fellow bloggers genuinely and regularly.

Be active in reaching out to other bloggers and initiate conversation and collaboration.

8. Your Blog Design is Poor

One of the main reasons why blogging might not be for you is that your blog design is poor. It is like having a dessert with poor plating.

The first thing is visual appearance.

Pleasing visual appearance indulges your audience deeply in your blog content.

When people visit your blog and see a mess of layouts, no matching colors, and poor font size, they leave soon.

It creates an awful impression, and readers will leave your blog as it is not user-friendly.

Secondly, your readers feel difficult to navigate through your blog and find their desired content.

There are no categories or tags that help them find their articles. Hence your readers get frustrated and leave your blog.

Your poor blog design impacts your blogging efforts. It is like watching a movie but not presenting it interestingly.

You need to put more time and effort into improving your blog design to make it user-friendly and visually appealing.

After all, the first impression makes the best impression.

Now, we will see how to design a user-friendly blog:-

Since we are using WordPress – find the best theme that is visually appealing and mobile responsive.

  1. Clear the clutter, choose a visually appealing color, and use legible fonts.
  2. Create a well-organized menu bar with clear categories and tags for easy access.
  3. Make sure your blog design looks good on other devices like tabs and mobile phones.
  4. Include high-quality videos and images to make your content more appealing.
  5. Use the correct font size, paragraph space, and line spacing to make your blog posts easy to read.
  6. Ask your friends to give feedback on your blog design. Take up their suggestions and make necessary changes if needed.
  7. Use pre-designed themes in your blog to make it more visually appealing.

If you need more help, you can look for a professional web designer to design your blog.


As you have been blogging for a while, I know you have come up with challenges that block your success in blogging.

Consistency is the key.

Make sure you publish posts regularly that connect with your target audience. Regular publishing will help you gain and engage your readers’ trust.

Understand your audience’s preferences and interests. Engage with your readers through social media and email to build a relationship with them.

SEO is vital for your blog’s visibility and traffic. Hence, do keyword research to identify relevant keywords in your niche.

Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly and can load faster. Do not hesitate to share your blog on social media.

Stop worrying about why blogging isn’t working for you. Join my 45 days professional blogging course today, and let’s work together to grow your blog.

FAQ on Why Blogging Isn’t Working For You?

What is the main problem with blogging?

The main problem with blogging is that people feel difficult in producing high-quality, helpful blog posts. Bloggers are not creating content consistently that resonates with their target audience. Thus, the blog fails to attract traffic and stands out in the crowd.

Why do most newbie bloggers fail?

IMO, newbie bloggers fail because of their poor consistency and patience to produce great results. Blogging is about creating informative content that helps people solve a problem. Additionally, many bloggers lose motivation and fail to understand that it takes time to build a successful blog.

Is blogging dead in 2023?

Blogging is still popular and growing in 2023. Businesses find it an effective way to share their product information, build trust, and generate leads. Individuals (like me) see the blogging profession as a full-time business.

Is blogging dead in India?

No, definitely not! Blogging is a growing industry in India. It enables people to create a passive income source. Many people in India venture into blogging after seeing ample opportunities to make money.

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