Is Blogging a Good Career in India in 2024? Find Out How!

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Updated on Mar 13, 2024


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Many of you think — is blogging a good career opportunity in India? Yes, that is my answer, and I have covered the potential blogging benefits and income opportunities. Also, learn who can blog.

Today we often hear the terms “blog” and “blogging”. In this article, we will get to know about blogging as a career and its benefits.

I just completed my 10 years of blogging and am proud of being a full-time blogger. I have trained other people and helped them to kick-start their careers in blogging.

To begin with, you will see what blogging means.

A blog is a website that gives you an idea or information about a particular topic, theme, or person. A few decades back, individuals used blogs as personal journals to share their everyday activities.

Is Blogging a Good Career
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Do you know that people get paid for blogging? Yes, some bloggers work full-time in blogging.

People create blogs to share their opinions, their experiences on travel, reviews about a movie or a book, and so on. You can also do the same.

Bloggers in India are making around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,00,000, and more a month.

The blogging business is a great career opportunity for college students and other people. You can live a boss-free life, time is under your control, and do whatever you want; and go wherever you wish.

Being a full-time blogger, I proudly say that blogging is a great profession.

Now let’s look for answers to a frequently asked question. Do Bloggers make a good income?

Do Bloggers Make A Good Income?

Yes, experienced bloggers in India make more than Rs. 50,000 a month upwards. Even, a beginner blogger earns around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 in a calendar month.

Basically, there are two types of bloggers (full-time and part-time bloggers).

  1. Those who are working full-time as bloggers commit themselves to their time and resources for blogging.
  2. Part-time bloggers blog just as an activity for side revenue.

Blogging has a huge income potential. And, it’s true. You spend a few hours daily writing on a topic and earn nearly Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 every month.

The plan you put in your blogging will show its output through money. Many youngsters in India prefer blogging as their career choice.

As I have noted in the previous stats, blogging gives an average revenue, as seen below:

  • 1 to 2 years: $500-$10000
  • 3 to 4 years: $10000-$40000
  • 5 to 6 years: $40000- $90,000
  • 6 years and above: $900,000 and higher.

Is Blogging A Good Career In India?

An average young Indian chooses professional careers like doctor, teacher, engineer, etc. When it comes to blogging, it satisfies no one, especially in India.

Today, in this digital era, many youngsters choose to blog as a career. Starting a blog does not need any A+ grade experience.

Basic English grammar and writing skills with a little subject knowledge are enough to pursue a blogging career.

The COVID outbreak has shifted the working portfolio of many industries. People nowadays prefer working from home rather than going to an office.

In this competitive world, finding a job itself has become hectic. Without a source of earnings, you cannot survive in this world. Luckily, blogging has become a source of income in reality.

You know, as of now, there are 600 million bloggers who write on various topics and make a profit. Even Indian kids between 13 and 15 write blogs and earn pocket money. See how India has developed digitally!

All you need is a passion for the subject and a little time (be it part-time or full-time).

Did you know that a few well-known bloggers in India are earning through their blogs?

Amit Agarwal’s blog, earns about $60,000. With his blog, Faisal Farooqui has an income of $50,000 a month. is Harsh Agarwal’s website, and he makes $52,000 monthly from it.

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Who Can All Blog?

Anyone can become a blogger by starting a blog on WordPress. There are other blogging platforms – but WordPress has many benefits.

You do not need to have any degree or academic qualification to blog. Also, there is no limit on age.

Nowadays, blogging has become a platform to record everyday activities of our lives.

College students in India are highly biased towards blogging and completing their academics with an additional source of income.

Educated Housewives in India see blogging as a down-to-earth opportunity. These home moms can earn while managing their kids and family.

Many job goers in India quit their full-time job to pursue a blogging career. Even, I have trained a few job goers in the last few years.

Still, will you ask me – is blogging a good career?

— Definitely, blogging is a well-known platform for people like you to earn a six-figure income.

After all, people prefer blogging as their job because they can work flexibly without any conditions.

If you want to create a blog, you need a desktop and a good internet connection. With a little patience, determination, and good communication skills, you can become a successful blogger.


  • Commitment and stability are the important qualities you should have as a blogger.
  • If you did not find a reach at the beginning, do not give up blogging. Develop the habit of interacting with your audience to grow gradually.

You must understand every social media network, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and many others.

Benefits of Blogging as a Career

Blogging Benefits as a Career

Blogging has progressed much faster in recent days as more people enter into this business.

And there is tough competition to face when you are a new blogger. But that doesn’t mean that blogging is not a good career.

As a blogger, if you produce valuable content that helps people, you will win this world. You should be able to adapt to changes in any situation.

Now that we know who can all blog, let us see the benefits of blogging as a career in detail.

1. Blogging Helps You Create A Passive Income Source

Every human being on earth wants to earn money to survive and live a happy life. There are two types of income – active and passive income.

  • Active income requires your presence, and your time is proportional to your revenue.
  • Whereas creating a passive income source requires more effort at the beginning. And, you can earn without even working actively after some time.

The best example of passive income is the blogging business. I started this blog in 2013 and spent a lot of time writing blog posts.

And in 2024, I earn several times higher than the average salary for an IT employee in India.

Once your blog stays consistent and contrarily, you will get a good amount of recurring income.

You can create revenue by monetizing your blog content with several methods. Some popular ways are Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling courses, taking online classes, etc.

Finally, you can generate consistent recurring money by starting your blogging career today.

2. Blogging Helps You Grow Your Existing Business

Businesses nowadays are investing in websites as people’s buying behavior leans towards the internet.

Online shopping is becoming a prominent option for people. Blogging is a clever way to promote your business. It will help you create a bond between you and your customers that probably leads to more sales.

By providing relevant information to your customers, you can build a healthy wavelength and develop trust with your customers.

Personal branding is buzzing, and starting a blog helps to grow your brand digitally. Publishing relevant and helpful articles on your blog increases your brand credibility and trust. As a result, more people will start to buy from you.

Long and informative blog posts help people to know more about your business. If you follow these simple tricks, you can build your business totally in a different way.

3. Blogging Improves Your Interpersonal Skills

There is no doubt that blogging showcases your intellectual skill with your audience.

Usually, we write content on a topic by implementing our emotional value and experience. It increases the reader’s engagement while also improving our interpersonal skills.

We learn how to communicate with our audience effectively and in their tone. Our grammar will improve when we continuously write articles for our blog.

We also learn marketing and sales skills and communication skills and learn to improve our leadership qualities.

Remember that for effective communication, listening and speaking are necessary. If you do not listen to your customers carefully, you can bring in sales.

Now, can you understand why is blogging a good career and why I insist you start a blog this year?

4. Blogging Gets You Unlimited Career Opportunities

Blogging has developed and is quickly becoming a more difficult job. Yes, blogging is difficult, but it does not mean that you should quit blogging.

There are several career opportunities associated with blogging. Sometimes, you can get placements with MNC companies in India.

A few bloggers in my network are working for many brands in various roles.

Bloggers now have countless paid blogging jobs, including those of digital marketers, social media managers, etc.

For instance, you can become a social media manager who manages social media accounts and pages. Again, starting from content planning to writing blog posts, you can manage a business website.

Do not hesitate to blog like other people and you will miss this endless income opportunity.

What Is The Future Of Blogging In India?

Blogging is growing in India on a fast scale, and it will continue to grow. It may be doubled in the coming years as more people (irrespective of their job role) show interest in starting a blogging business.

We all passed through the deadly COVID-19 a few years back. And it has changed the global workforce to adapt to an entirely new working culture.

Working from home has become the most acceptable form of employment. The rise of the internet makes blogs the most preferred source of information.

Do you know that the first blog was started in 1983? But the actual name “blog” was introduced in 1999 by Peter Merholz. He broke the word “weblog”.

Wikipedia says that Usenet’s moderated newsgroup, which allowed to post in newsgroups, paved the way for the rise of blogging.

After that, blogging emerged like a phoenix bird. We are at a stage where blogging can help us reach great heights.

You stay consistent in the field of blogging, look for what works and what does not, follow the trends, and be unique in whatever content you produce.

I am sure that our future will involve blogging. Everything happened when we were discussing the features and future of blogging websites.

Therefore, the monetization of blogs has increased, and it has raised its potential in the coming years.

Can You Make A Living with Blogging?

Yes, you can make a living by doing a blogging business from your home. Create the habit of writing and increase your level of comprehension to grow as a blogger.

Many of us believe that it is a talent to have a knack for writing. If you belong to a group of gifted people who can control language and understand the influence of content, you can definitely be a good writer.

If you are a good writer, why are you not using your writing skills to blog for a living?

Today, most businesses include blogging as an element in their marketing strategy, and they have proved it to be incredibly successful. As a result, there is an increased demand for bloggers. You can choose to become a blogger and make money.

Keep in mind that the payment for bloggers is different in different places. It includes which subject you write about, how many readers you have, the business for which you write, etc.

I found through research that the average blogger’s salary in India is around Rs. 3 lacs per annum.

If you treat blogging as a professional business, you can tap unlimited income by writing.


I believe that you get a deep knowledge of blogging as a career in India. More than doing part-time, blogging has become a full-time profession for many people now.

You can complement your current income with the money you earn from blogging.

In my opinion, creating a blog is easy and not risky. But, you should have the patience to earn with blogging. The struggle will be terrible but do not fall and keep thriving.

Be patient and put in enough time to write blog posts and promote your blog. You will see the result of your hard work in no time. It is a fact.

The above information will help you to have a crystal clear idea about blogging.

Finally, the question is –

Is blogging a good career in India?

Yes, indeed is the best career choice for students, housewives, job-goers, and entrepreneurs.

What Next?

The time is arrived now to start your blogging career. Let us collaborate and work together for the next 45 days. See more information about my blogging course here.

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