8 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up on Blogging in 2024

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 3, 2024


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Blogging business can be challenging for anyone, but it’s important to keep going even when you hit roadblocks. Let me explore 8 reasons why you should not give up on blogging and keep growing. Establish yourself as an authority in your niche and enjoy a handsome gain.

Blogging has become an increasingly popular way for people to share their thoughts, and experiences and connect with others of similar interests or opinions.

Sometimes, you may feel discouraged about your blog not growing or not making money. You may also think about why you should give up on blogging.

Wait, don’t lose hope.

People are interested in blogging as it allows them to engage with their audience. You can also earn money by selling products or services.

Blogging is becoming popular because it does not require huge investments. Anyone can start a blog from the comfort of their own home.

Why You Should Not Give Up On Blogging

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At the same time, a few people hesitate to blog due to,

  • fear of their content being judged, ridiculed, or misinterpreted by others
  • making a mistake or offending someone
  • do not feel comfortable sharing their personal experiences in a public forum
  • Not having the time or energy to maintain a blog

My advice is to not give up on blogging. It is easy to be discouraged when you don’t see instant results.

Remember, blogging is a long-term investment. It takes time to build an audience, but the rewards are worth it.

This article will help you to focus on knowing the reasons why you should not give up on blogging.

Are You Struggling With Your Blog?

When you are having difficulty getting your blog off the ground, you are not alone. Many aspiring bloggers struggle with the same problems and find themselves stuck in a rut.

Regularly publishing blog posts can help build credibility and establish expertise in the industry.

It can also help to achieve greater brand awareness by providing a platform to tell your story and reach a broader audience.

Should you give up on your blog? No, you should not.

If done correctly and consistently, it can create a steady income stream. The income potential of blogging depends on many factors, including the niche, content quality, and the number of readers.

Higher quality and a larger audience are usually the essential factors for generating income.

Additionally, the money generated from blogging can vary significantly, from contextual advertising networks to affiliate marketing.

Traffic-driving methods are strategies to increase the number of visitors to the blog, such as SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

All of these factors affect the success of a blog, and it is necessary to understand and utilize them to be successful. At the same time, passion is essential for blogging.

It helps to keep the energy and enthusiasm alive while creating content. Passionate bloggers are usually more motivated to produce quality content.

They will put in the extra effort required to make their content SEO-friendly. They are also more likely to stay focused on their goals and to keep writing, even when times get tough.

Passion will help a blogger to be successful in the long run. It helps to produce SEO content that will be beneficial for their posts.

Why You Should Not Give Up On Blogging – 8 Reasons To Know

Giving up on blogging should not be an option. There are many reasons why you should keep going with your blog. For starters, blogging can be a great way to express thoughts to the world.

It is a great way to build your writing skills, practice creativity, and stay connected to the blogging community. It also serves as an outlet to document your journey and track your progress.

Not only that, but blogging can be a very profitable business with several opportunities to collaborate with other professionals and brands.

So, if you are serious about blogging, do not give up. Keep going and use it as a tool to reach your goals.

You never know what amazing things you can achieve with your blog.

1. Never Expect Too Much at Your Beginning

Expectations Always Hurts

Never expecting too much at your beginning means having realistic expectations for what you can achieve early on in any new endeavour.

It is essential to understand that you want to work hard and put in the time and effort to achieve blogging success. Starting something new is often challenging, and it may take a while to get to where you want to be.

Hence, set realistic goals and understand that progress may be slow at the beginning.

Most bloggers fail to make money because they have unrealistic expectations of how much money they can make through blogging and how quickly they can make it happen.

They assume that writing and promoting an article will instantly make them lakhs of rupees. It is simply not true.

Remember, blogging is not a get-rich-quick theme.

In reality, it takes time and dedication to build a successful blog. Blogging is a long-term commitment that requires consistent effort, and it takes a while to build an audience and monetize a blog.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula to success. Bloggers should also be open to learning new technologies, as this will help them become better bloggers.

At the same time, bloggers should work hard to be successful and to see any rewards.

Also, educate new bloggers on the practical aspects of blogging and have grounded expectations about the time, money, and effort involved.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Competition

Competition between bloggers is a normal part of the blogging industry. It is important to remember that competition is not something to be afraid of, but rather something to embrace.

Competition can be a great motivator to push yourself to create more interesting and engaging content. It can also provide you with an opportunity to learn from the strategies and tactics of other bloggers.

Always remember that there is enough room for everyone to grow despite heavy competition. Since there are several niches in blogging, you will get some new space and creative voices.

It is also important to remember that competition does not always have to be negative. It can be a great opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another.

Competition is also a great way to stay motivated. By observing the successes and failures of other bloggers, you can learn what works and what does not.

You can also gain insight into the type of content that resonates with your target audience. Finally, remember that competition is healthy and necessary for growth.

It can help you stay on top of changing trends in the blogging industry and ultimately help you become a better blogger. So do not be afraid of competition, use it to your advantage.

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3. Put More Focus On Your Goals

When newbies start a blog, they usually have a clear goal in mind to become,

  • an established blogger
  • to make money online
  • to build a personal brand or
  • to simply share their thoughts and ideas with the world.

However, after a while, it is not uncommon for them to lose focus and become overwhelmed by all of the different tasks associated with running a blog.

Therefore, new bloggers need to stay on track and ensure that they are taking steps towards achieving their goals. The best way to do this is by creating a plan and sticking to it.

  1. Start by setting realistic goals for yourself and then break them down into smaller, achievable tasks.
  2. It will help to stay focused on the bigger picture and ensure that bloggers are making progress towards the overall goal.
  3. Set aside some time each day to work on the blog. It could be writing content, finding keywords, promoting the blog on social media, or any other tasks that need to do.

Doing blogging activities will help to stay motivated and make it easier to track your progress and see how far you have come.

It is also important to remember that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. Blogging is not for people who expect overnight success.

4. Bloggers Give Up on Blogging Because of Slower Growth

Bloggers Expect Slow Growth

Bloggers face a lot of challenges when it comes to growth and success. A common and most difficult challenge is a lack of expected growth (or slow growth).

It is often due to a lack of understanding of how to market the blog, a lack of knowledge and experience, or a lack of resources.

The good news is that there are some tips and suggestions that bloggers can use to tackle this challenge bravely.

First, it is important to understand the importance of marketing.

Creating high-quality content is vital, but it won’t be enough to bring in readers if no one knows about it.

Bloggers should take the time to develop a marketing strategy that includes tactics such as SEO, social media, and paid advertising.

Second, Consistency helps grow your blog.

Creating consistent content and building relationships with readers will help keep them coming back.

Third, you should be creative and think outside the box.

There are plenty of new and innovative ways to promote a blog. Bloggers should experiment with different tactics to find what works best for them.

Fourth, networking is important.

Building relationships with other bloggers and influencers can help to gain exposure and grow the relationship.

Finally, having patience is an added essence.

Growing a blog takes time. Therefore, stay positive and keep working hard even if progress is slow.

By following these tips and suggestions, bloggers can bravely tackle the challenge of slow growth and put themselves in a better position to succeed.

5. Lack of Motivation Makes People Quit Blogging

When people set a goal, they are highly motivated at the beginning as they want to achieve it. However, sometime later, they lose this motivation, and the temptation to achieve their goal fades away.

It is a common phenomenon, and necessary to understand why this happens and how to prevent it from happening. It will also be a reason why you should give up on blogging.

First, try to understand that when you start with a goal, you have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm that keeps you motivated. At the same time, you should figure out ways to keep yourself motivated.

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to break down your goal into smaller, achievable tasks.

It will make it easier to stay focused and motivated as you can see the progress (you are making).

Additionally, reward yourself for the progress that you make. Rewarding yourself will motivate you to keep going and make the goal more attainable.

Another way to stay motivated is to surround yourself with people who work towards the same goal. So, you can stay motivated and inspired as you will be able to share your experiences and encourage each other.

Setting a goal is hard, and you should understand it will take time and effort. Learning to be patient with yourself and understanding that setbacks are part of the process is key to staying motivated.

6. Avoid Procrastination to Stop Quitting Blog

Procrastination is a monster that can wreak havoc on work and productivity. It can be particularly challenging for bloggers who regularly stay on track to produce content. However, it is possible to beat procrastination and stay on track with the right strategies and tools.

The first step is to identify and recognize when you are procrastinating.

Analyze the behaviour and take note of what triggers you to procrastinate. For instance, some people might be particularly vulnerable to procrastination when they feel overwhelmed or bored.

  1. Once you have identified the procrastination triggers, start to work on strategies to help avoid them. Take a few breaks between the tasks.
  2. Time management is also a key to beating procrastination. You should focus on the most important tasks and schedule tasks into the most productive times.

Use tools like calendars, to-do lists, and timers to help stay on track. It is also important to ensure that the environment is favourable to productivity.

You should limit distractions and ensure that the workspace is comfortable and organized.

Finally, if you find yourself slipping into procrastinating ways, remain positive and focus on the end goal.

7. Little or No Expected Income

Little or No Income in Blogging

Bloggers are the backbone of the modern digital world. They provide content, research, and information, and those are invaluable to many industries.

Blogging is an excellent way to create passive income and make money online. However, you must understand that blogging is a long-term investment and can take time to start seeing any return.

Why do people quit blogging? Many people underestimate the time and effort that goes into having a successful blog and often expect to see fast results.

Although, there are a few lucky people out there who have seen some success quickly. But for most people, it will take six months to a year to start seeing some income from their blog.

One of the biggest reasons why many bloggers experience little or no income from their blogs is that they are not putting in the necessary effort to make them successful.

It may involve;

  • not setting up the blog properly
  • not having a content plan in place
  • not utilizing social media effectively
  • not promoting the blog in any way

Without these steps, it is much more difficult to be successful in blogging. In addition, many people do not have an adequate understanding of how to monetize the blog.

They may not be aware of the different ways of making money blogging, or they may not have the necessary skills or knowledge to implement the strategies.

Without a clear monetization plan in place, it is much harder to generate any income from the blog.

Finally, you should focus on building an audience, diversifying the monetization options, and finding creative ways to stand out.

8. Losing Interest and Not Willing to Work Hard

When you are a blogger, it is important to make sure that you are consistently creating content that your readers will enjoy.
It can be a difficult task, especially if you are not sure what topics to cover or how to come up with blog post ideas.

Spend some time doing something that helps you relax and feel motivated. It could be taking a walk, reading a book, or listening to music.

Take a break from your work and remind yourself why you are passionate about your blog. Next, brainstorm ideas for topics.

  • What topics do you enjoy writing about?
  • Which topics do your readers care about?
  • What are the current trends in your industry?

There are a lot of ways to come up with blog post ideas.

Once you have a list of potential topics, it is time to start writing. Plan out how often you will be publishing new content, and ensure you stick to the schedule. It will help bloggers to maintain consistency and keep readers engaged.

Finally, set goals for yourself.

  • How many blog posts do you want to write each week?
  • How many subscribers do you want to reach?

Setting goals will ensure that you are making progress. By taking time to brainstorm ideas and setting goals, you can consistently create content that the readers will love.


It is not wise to give up on blogging. Bloggers should remember that blogging takes time and effort, but you can gain too many benefits mentioned above.

If you are struggling with blogging, take a break and come back with a fresh perspective. Of course, blogging is not for everyone, and some may feel that it is not worth the time and energy.

However, for those who have the desire and passion for blogging, it can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Do you know why you should not give up blogging?

Blogging can open up doors that were never opened before and provides a valuable platform to share your voice with the world.

Blogging is not a “one-and-done” activity. So, if you have been contemplating giving up blogging, don’t do it.

Instead, take the time to assess the benefits and decide if blogging is the right choice for you. Blogging should not be given up but rather embraced and enjoyed.

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