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By Myilraj G 

Updated on May 1, 2024


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If you are a new blogger looking to increase your blog traffic, this article will show you the latest trends to follow today to get increased viewership.

The world of blogging openly welcomes anyone willing to share ideas or experiences. It is a great source of earning a passive income.

Also, it can become your main income source once you have steadily increasing blog traffic.

However, not everyone has been successful in blogging. Many people quit blogging after publishing their first 1-2 posts. Why is this so?

  • Many new bloggers underestimate the important factor to help your blog grow – to get blog traffic.

— Most beginners in blogging focus more on the content, themes, and styles, giving less importance to promoting their blogs.

— Bloggers assume that once their blog is published, it will find its way through the internet to many viewers.

Failing to get the required results demotivates them. Hence they stop sharing quality content.

Increase Your Blog Traffic
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As much importance as you give to researching, creating, and publishing your blog post, you must make equal efforts to increase and maintain your blog traffic.

Without blog traffic, your money-making goals can never take off. Traffic for beginner bloggers is very crucial to have a feasible blogging future.

Ad revenue, affiliate commissions, and other monetary benefits are provided to bloggers only once they reach a certain number of views or followers.

So how do you get your blog to reach your target audience and make this number grow organically? We will discuss seven strategies that can help you achieve this.

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Traffic to your blog can come from various channels. They are –

  • Search traffic – coming to your blog from relevant keywords in search engine results
  • Referral traffic – coming through inbound links, guest posts on other blogs
  • Social media traffic – when your social media connections visit your blog
  • Direct traffic – viewers directly typing your blog website URL
  • Paid traffic – coming through paid sources like ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

All of these channels can get you organic traffic at various instances of time. Your goal as a new blogger must be to route organic traffic to your blog.

In short, if your content has something relevant to what someone is seeking, your blog should be their destination.

To increase your blog traffic, you must prove to the search engines, your peer bloggers, your advertisers, and your target follower groups that you have stuff.

The way you prove to each one of them has different strategies. So you must master these techniques to increase blog traffic.

1. Post on Facebook Pages and Groups

A large part of the online world still resides in the age-old social network (a.k.a. Facebook). No matter how many social networks come and go, Facebook remains a multi-faceted social media.

Facebook Pages for blogs and businesses are created in huge numbers every day across the world.

Pages can have in-depth ‘bio and media’ sections followed by a timeline of posts and links to your blog. You can host events, and ‘live’ interactions through your page relating to your blog topics.

Facebook groups can be created for your regular followers or new followers. Groups offer features like polling, event creation, and discussion threads, with privacy options of your choice.

Remember to not spam or bring in affiliates or partners initially, as it can appear like a promotional strategy to your group members.

The key is to keep discussions healthy and organic. Only then can you establish your credibility in your blogging niche.

1.1. Steps to Promote Your Blog in Facebook Groups

Suppose you have a blog giving tips on newborn care in a nuclear setup. Your first potential audience can be new parents within your friends and relations circle.

  • Prepare your blog topics according to the parent’s and babies’ age groups.
  • Schedule your blog posting timeline, say one post daily for the next 10 – 15 days.
  • Learn about your group members ‘active’ times and publish your posts accordingly.
  • Post a gist or summary of your blog along with the blog link to arouse curiosity.
  • Go ‘live’ soon after publishing to discuss what your blog post has, and answer queries immediately.
  • Start discussion threads relating to the posted topics to get opinions and feedback.
  • A few days later conduct a poll on what is the next topic they would want to see.
  • Ask for comments on suggestions and scopes for improvement in the same poll.
  • Encourage audiences to comment on your blog and subscribe to your email updates. This improves your SEO quality.

Note: Never spam and do not encourage spamming in the group.

2. Write Guest Posts on Popular Sites

Once you have a few blog posts published, you can seek guest posting opportunities in top blogs in your blogging niche.

Google performs Search Engine Optimization(SEO) on its results before ranking them according to the search query relevance. Top listed websites are SEO friendly, i.e., they pass Google’s SEO and EEAT metrics.

Guest posting in an SEO-friendly blog website or blogging community makes you popular. It earns you a backlink to your blog. Backlinks are redirections to your blog from the guest post website.

Your guest post in a top blog is sometimes ranked higher than your blog. If your content is catchy and provides a solution, traffic from many such top blogs can be redirected to your blog through the backlink. A large part of this traffic will soon become your regular followers.

Popular guest posting websites in India are Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, The Guardian, etc.

Guest posting is an art. It requires a proper plan of execution in order to see some results.

Steps to Make Your First Guest Post

  • Find blogs accepting guest posts in your niche through Google search, social media, and guest posting websites.
  • Analyze competitors and their backlinks and check their traffic share with tools like AHrefs.
  • Filter and choose the right blogs based on their domain authority and SEO quality.
  • Analyze the blog content niches and prepare an email pitch with a catchy title.
  • Send a minimum of 5 different pitch emails to your target blogs.
  • Upon getting approval, prepare your first blog post.
  • Add a backlink(s) to your blog at the right position along with a short ‘bio’ at the end of the post.
  • Submit and follow other promotional strategies given here across various channels.

Within no time your blog traffic increase will become exponential!

surveys pay online

This is one of the means to get paid traffic. Is the paid traffic organic?

Yes, it can, as long as it reaches the right audience.

Google Adwords is the top tool for bloggers to earn revenue with relevant Ads in their blog.

This tool can also be used to advertise your blog. Using Google Adwords can make your blog list top in the ‘paid results’ part of Google search results.

But will your blog be listed for any query? No way!

This is where you will need to use the tool called Keyword Planner. Find keywords that can lead to your blog post. If you post worksheets for nursery kids, you should bid for keywords like ‘nursery’, ‘kindergarten’, etc. Aim for competitive keywords that can list top blogs.

If your blog can provide location-specific results, include them in your keyword list. Geo-targeting is used by search engines for this purpose.

Cost wise you will be paying Adwords on a Pay Per Click (CPC) basis. This can range from $1 to $7 for a beginner blogger.

Unlike the page title and meta of your webpage that appears in search results, Ad results need to be short and crisp. A catchy title containing most of the keywords relevant to the user query and a short description attracts traffic to advertised links.

Once you reach a target follower count, you can move on to other organic ways to increase your traffic.

4. Be SEO Friendly To Increase Your Blog Traffic

SEO is a way to let search engine crawlers know that your blog has meaningful content meant for a relevant search query.

Google uses SEO metrics to compute the quality of websites and gives them an SEO rank.

Higher SEO-ranking websites are listed at the top of search result pages (SERPs).

It has been proven that users hardly achieve the top 10 search results in SERPs. So, these top 10 pages absorb most of the organic search traffic.

  1. As a new blogger, your goal is to list your blog in the top search results. For this, it is essential to learn the keywords that users will query to reach your blog.
  2. Incorporating such keywords in strategic locations in your blog post makes your blog SEO-friendly.

Tools like Google Analytics, and Keyword Planner can help you research focus keywords for your blog.

Google gives importance to ‘EEAT’ metrics, where firsthand priority is given to authentic content coming from personal experiences and learnings.

Adding relevant media to your content, reposting, or sharing the same content across various channels makes your blog more reliable.

Partnering by guest posting in an SEO-friendly top blog earns you a backlink to your blog. This is a great way to increase your blog’s SEO score.

The higher your blog’s SEO friendliness, the greater your chances to increase your blog traffic.

Follow these tips to increase your blog’s SEO quality

  1. Optimize your title and meta descriptions with well-researched keywords
  2. Place keywords in the URL, title, header tags, introduction and conclusion, image alt texts, etc.
  3. Have fast-loading pages with SEO-optimized images and videos.
  4. Have inbound links to related blog posts.
  5. Include a Call to Action (CTA) by allowing viewers to subscribe, comment, log in, etc.
  6. Boost your Off-page SEO presence by having social media pages for your blog.
  7. Analyze your competitor’s SEO strategies and be updated with the latest SEO metrics.

5. Share Your Posts on Social Networks

Most blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger allow you to directly share your blog posts to connected social networks. This has been the age-old formula used by many bloggers.

Today social media has many categories. For sharing high-quality images and reels there is Instagram.

  • Pinterest is a space for searching ideas based on images or gifs.
  • YouTube is the most preferred video content-sharing platform.
  • X (formerly Twitter) is the 140-character ‘bites’ style micro-blogging social media.

Bloggers need to tap this vast space to promote their blogs. But what if your content doesn’t have something to be promoted? Simple, you create it!

How to increase blog traffic across social media?

Your blog may be something very simple, say, concepts and worksheets for nursery kids.

How do you increase your blog traffic?


— You can add rich images of your worksheet or concepts. These can be shared on Instagram, by adding your blog link in your ‘bio’.

— Add popular, yet relevant hashtags under such posts to increase visibility like #homeschooling #nurseryhomeschool, etc.

X (Formerly, Twitter)

— To share on X, add a short byte about your blog followed by your blog link. You may start a discussion thread expecting audience feedback, and adding relevant hashtags.


— You can link your blog post to Pinterest. Images from your blog or a ‘pin’ friendly image can be added along with a meta description. Choose a board to add your pin or create a board that can be accessed by idea seekers.


— A simple image slideshow with a voiceover can be made as a supporting YouTube video. Viewership comes both to your blog and your YouTube channel, increasing your blog viewer count.

6. Do Daily Blog Commenting

This is yet another powerful way to show off your authority in your blogging niche among peer bloggers.

As a new blogger, you will need to find the top popular blogs in your niche. Find out what stands out in such blogs and add an appreciation for the same.

Such encouragement helps you get a good connection with top blog authors. Valuable comments can help you get a guest blogging opportunity in such blogs.

Posting valid arguments or responses to comments can further prove your credibility. Such comments act as backlinks to your ‘bio’ or profile, from where viewers can backtrack your blog posts.

Commenting does not stop with just blogs. It could also be across social media.

A popular Q&A platform like Quora is where you can spot top bloggers today. By providing solutions to queries, you can also attach your blog links for references. Not just the one who queries, but also readers who land there through Google can chance upon your blog!

Your blog receives backlinks or redirections from top blogs where you post meaningful comments. Blog commenting is thus a great way to boost your blog’s SEO friendliness.

How can commenting increase your blog traffic?

Suppose you are reading a blog on daily stock market trends. You post a comment challenging the author’s predictions. Your performance prediction turns right and the author’s followers find you more credible.

Their immediate course of action would be to find out more about you and what you log on to. If they see your blog on stock market analysis, you would definitely be getting a huge chunk of organic traffic.

7. Collect Visitor’s Emails and Send Newsletters

Blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, etc. provide a feature for followers to subscribe to your posts regularly. They can leave their email or social media account id with you. Using this feature in your blog can be a great way to get blog traffic.

Suppose someone checks upon your blog and gets what they want, leaving their email address. Then they are occupied with something else, forgetting to explore your other blog posts.

Sending them a newsletter, and notifications on new posts can make them curious. This way, you get one-time visitors to become your regular audience.

Newsletters can be mailed fortnightly or monthly to your visitors to visit your blog. This is a great way to increase your blog traffic.

Newsletters are the best promotional strategies to arouse the curiosity of by-chance visitors to your blog.

How to develop a catchy newsletter?

  1. Give importance to developing a clear and concise newsletter that finds its way to mailboxes. A catchy title is the main feature of your newsletter.

Suppose you blog on sarees woven across various geographical locations in India.

Your audiences are a vast group across the world. You invoke a CTA at the beginning of your blog for them to subscribe to regular updates.

If your next posts cover sarees from the state of Karnataka, you could give a newsletter title that goes like this,

“Once meant for the Mysore Royals, explore the sarees that are now a household treasure”

Coming up with a catchy title can be tricky but focusing on your blog’s USP can give you the best ideas. Follow some top templates and add your unique touch to them.

Keep the content very less, prompting them to click your blog link sooner.

To prevent confusing the user to regard them as spam, keep your blog URL clear and specific with the right keywords.

Final Thoughts to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogging is a combined effort of publishing original content and the right promotions.

In the initial stages of blogging, it is crucial to be consistent in both to increase your blog traffic.

It is a common misconception that as you blog more posts drive more traffic automatically. This is an important reason why many bloggers fail.

Without the right promotions, your blog traffic will never grow. What can be worse?

— A top blogging author can sense your low traffic, steal your ideas, and publish something similar on their blog. Without a backlink, their regular followers will never get to know about you.

Be active and engage with blogging communities in your niche.

— Your peer bloggers should always get an image that you are in the game.
— Your discussions, comments, and suggestions should show your credibility and strengths in the blogging niche.

Guest posting, social media referrals, and blog commenting get traffic directed towards your blog.

— Start promoting your blog after the very first post. Develop a detailed ‘bio’ about you and what your blog stands for.

Maintain your existing blog traffic and prevent it from going away. Having a multi-platform presence sends a message that you are ready to adapt to all social media audiences.

Newsletters and email notifications help your regular followers get back to you through periodic updates.

Ultimately, getting blog traffic is an organic process. You can never expect high growth in the initial stages.

Like any other process, be consistent in your efforts of creating content and promoting. Trust the process and soon your blog traffic will increase exponentially.

FAQ on Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

How do I get 1,000 visitors to my blog?

1000 visitors a day is a magic number to start off your journey as a blogger. Once you get this count, your blog traffic increase can start progressing fast. Some gold tips for achieving this are –
1. Write detailed blogs with a word count of 2500+.
2. Do proper research for your blog content.
3. Promote your blog in various channels, focusing on each strategy one at a time.
4. Make your blog SEO friendly.
5. Build a good network in blogging communities.
6. Start guest posting and engage with your followers.

What is good traffic for a blog?

Good traffic refers to organic traffic that comes as a quest to find a solution or experience. These can be from paid and free sources. Referral from social media and guest posting, listings on SERPs, affiliate marketing, and paid advertisements can get you high-quality traffic. Refrain from spamming your blog links in any random comment section or public forums.

Can I increase my blog traffic for free?

Yes, you can! This is a slow process but very organic. Some proven ways to increase your traffic for free are;
1. Sharing blog links on social media pages.
2. Having multiple social media presence like a YouTube channel, Pinterest board, Instagram reels, etc.
3. Having Facebook groups for your followers.
4. Guest posting on peer blogs or blogging communities.
5. Commenting on peer blogs, Quora, or forums related to your technical expertise.

How do I attract readers to my blog?

Follow these simple steps to make your readers come to you for more;

1. Have an impressive landing page for your blog. Use rich templates and styles.
2. Create an author ‘bio’. Share about yourself and the motivation for your blog.
3. Share blog links and maintain social media pages for your blog.
4. Be frequent but do not spam readers with content. Stick to 1 post a week or a fortnight.
5. Have elaborate content with supplementary media like images, videos, etc.
6. Guest posts and comments in SEO-friendly blogs.

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