Top 7 Proven Ways to Increase your Blog Traffic Free

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Working ways to Increase your blog traffic for more conversions and sales.

Learn the top 7 ways to increase your blog traffic and earn more real money from your blog through online jobs at home. With growing internet users and usages, a website/blog is becoming one of the best platforms to earn money.

My ultimate aim of making a site on WordPress is to get good traffic to the blog, therefore, increasing revenue for sharing knowledgeable articles and information’s on different niches.

WordPress is better than other blogging software’s in customization, you can get maximum traffic on WordPress if you have quality articles updated on your blog regularly. It is very simple to do.

Increase Blog Traffic

You can get maximum traffic to your blog by following some steps.

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There are many different to increase your blog traffic, but to make some quick money blogging, we need to drive traffic as soon as possible.

This article was for those who wish to drive traffic from Social, Referral, and direct sources because organic traffic requires more effort and work from your side.

To get decent traffic to your WordPress blog then it should be visible on search engines. To increase search engine visibility you need to follow some ways shown here…

Table of Content 1.) Post on Facebook pages and groups 2.) Answer on Yahoo and Google forums 3.) Write the guest post on popular sites 4.) Advertise on Google Ad words 5.) Share your posts on Social networks 6.) Submit to Free classifieds 7.) Blog Commenting

These ways are not only used for search engine visibility. These ways will help you to increase your site ranking in all search engines.

1. Post on Facebook Pages and Groups

The dramatic increase in the use of Social networks among different people around the world has turned these networks into huge business platforms.

Most bloggers and Entrepreneurs use these networks for their business to meet new clients, and customers, and for a new establishment.

So, once you developed your blog, you should create one official fan page on Facebook and create a group for your blog to get more traffic from Facebook.

It’s pretty simple and you can easily create it on the page with just a few mouse clicks. Optimize the page looks and content so that people can easily understand what you offer?

The majority of people use only Facebook for searching and finding new ideas. Search for Facebook groups that are related to your blog and join groups which are having more than 10,000 members.

Then post your site onto it. You can make it in a few seconds.

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2. Answer on Yahoo and Google Forums

All people are expecting some advice and tips from experts, consultants, (or) others who know.

To those people, I admit joining Forums (Group Discussion Blog) where people of similar minds unite together to discuss a certain topic.

You will get a lot of ideas for your next topic and also, you can get a new prospectus for your business. This is still a working method to drive targeted traffic to your blog, this helps to make more sales.

You can get a solution for your question, (or) provide answer’s to others’ questions. Your active interaction helps to build a healthy community of people around your niche.

I recommend joining Google Forums, Search Engine Land Forums, Yahoo Question, and Answers, which are more useful to drive instant traffic to your blog.

Register yourself and post your website links for your answers. It will help increase blog traffic as well as performance. I would like to mention some more forums that are,, and

3. Write the Guest Post on Popular Sites

To increase traffic to your blog, you need to update your blog with new quality and useful pieces of information.

So, you need to write articles and publish them on your blog. But, when you write articles and ask other bloggers to publish them on their blogs is simply called Guest Blogging.

Try to post on popular sites that are related to your blog to get good traffic. Write good content with your blog link then request the admin of that site to publish your article.

Your post content should be unique and useful to the audience of the blog you are approaching. It gives good back-links to your site and instant traffic too.

4. Advertise on Google Adwords

By advertising your site on Google ad words you will get targeted traffic to your blog. Google AdWords is a program, where advertisers will pay some fees to get traffic from the display advertisements.

If your blog was related to selling any affiliate products, then this method will be more useful. Open Google AdWords and register your account using the existing Gmail ID.

After that, you need to give your related keywords and description to show your ad in places such as Search Results, Gmail Tabs, etc.

Google through its AdSense program, will help you reach more audiences from other blogs. It’s a pay-per-click program and you will receive Rs.2000 Worth of free ad credits when you first register your account with AdWords.

5. Share your Posts on Social Networks

Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world but it is not the only one.

Use other social networking sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, Delicious, Reddit, and Digg to share your blog posts with a lot of people.

You may get low traffic from these kinds of social sites. But your site will reach a good position in the ranking. Your site may get a chance to show on the first page in Google search engine results. You will get quality visits.

6. Submit on Free Classifieds

Submit your blog on free classified websites like Classified sites are a category where you can list your offers and services for free.

Many people are using classifieds to get genuine online jobs (or) looking for the services they need.

The sites I recommend are Olx and, Quikr, Locanto, etc. allows users to register free accounts and post their ads in their categories.

7. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the most efficient way to drive immediate traffic to your blog. Find blogs in your niche and write comments.

Your comments should be constructive and helpful to the audiences of the blog where your comment will be published.

Comment on blogs that are familiar to your blog with your blog link.

It will help you to increase the Google page rank and Alexa rank of your blog.

Last thoughts,

Traffic is the main thing if you want to make money blogging. Without visitors (or) customers, you cannot make any sales (or) conversions, thus no income from your blog.

There are four different sources to drive traffic, and those were: Direct, Organic, Social, and Referral.

I will explain these categories in the next article. I hope this article on Increase your Blog Traffic has given you some idea to drive instant traffic to your blog.

If you know anything more please leave your comment below to share your thoughts with me.

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