8 Tips for Creative Domain Name Ideas for Your Blog

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 16, 2024


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Choosing a creative domain name for your blog is crucial to stand out in your blogging niche. This article will show you how to shortlist creative domain name ideas and register one of them.

Blogging is the best source of earning a passive income today. Because of its money-making capabilities, blogging can be a part-time or full-time profession.

Anyone can take up blogging, like students, homemakers, job-goers seeking a secondary income, etc.

You can be a blogger if you have rich experiences and knowledge in any niche, along with basic grammar literacy in the language of your choice.

📌 The first step into the blogging world requires a lot of homework.

Although anyone can blog, it is a significant profession. It could be beneficial to create a brand for yourself as a blogger.

Creating your blogging identity makes you stand out in a sea of online blogs.

Creative Domain Name Ideas
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👉 Your blog’s domain name is not just an address but also its identity and online face. The domain name is your blog’s web address, like www.myfirstblog.com.

Users prefer brands or products with unique names as much as in the real world. Products with similar or the same names create confusion, leading to one or both of them having fewer consumers.

— Likewise, your blog domain name must be unique. It must give a gist of the content of your blog.

On the other hand, it must not limit your content to a restricted niche and prevent rich incoming content.

So, we need to come up with creative domain name ideas.

Too confusing? 🤕

Let us learn how to find the perfect blog name and register your blogging domain name.

Fundamentals of Creative Domain Name Ideas

Did you know search engines look for meaningful and relevant domain names when ranking blogs on SERPs? This SEO metric prevents spam or unauthorized websites from filling up search results.

Hence, starting your blog with a unique name relevant to your niche is crucial.

Let us see some popular blogs and the significance of their domain names;

Example 1:

➫ www.onlinehomeincome.in

When I started this blog, I planned to blog on topics like blogging tutorials, affiliate marketing, making YouTube videos, entering the stock market, etc.

All these topics are about generating passive income from online channels.

Moreover, the motivation behind my blog was to help students, homemakers, and passive-income seekers get a source of income right from their homes.

Thus, my blog got the perfect domain name.

🤔 You may ask why I went for the .in extension.

The ideas I suggest are tailored specifically for the Indian audience. As a result, queries relating to online home income and blogging in India started showing my blog on the top results of SERPs.

Example 2:

➫ www.biggerbolderbaking.com

This blog belongs to a retired professional baker, Gemma Stafford. She shares all her baking experiences and hacks with the world.

👉 Her blogs cover every possible baking recipe.

Does that mean she has finished creating content for her blog?


She continues to explore various cuisines and uses her baking knowledge to provide an innovative twist to traditional recipes.

Moreover, she provides substitutes for every baking ingredient suitable for individual diet preferences like vegan, nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.

Millions of followers have accepted her bold attempts. She addresses her followers as bold bakers. These are satisfactory reasons to justify her domain name.

Things to Know Before You Choose a Blog Name

The above examples provide a clear guide on shortlisting creative domain name ideas.

Since this is the first step of starting your blog, be clear with concerns about your blogging niche.

Ask yourself these questions;

  1. What is my blogging goal?
  2. Who is my target audience? What are their literacy levels?
  3. What tone should I use to write? Should it be professional, friendly, or like a story?
  4. What will be my blogging strategy?
  5. Will I stick to one niche or cover more blog topics in the future?
  6. How will your audience benefit apart from learning? Can they earn money through your blog?

Answers to such queries can give you creative domain name ideas.

Above all, your domain name must be unique.

This name becomes your blog’s brand or identity. In addition to your blog website, you must use the same name on all your social media pages.

Thoroughly research your blogging niche and avoid repetitive or similar-sounding domain names.

Practical Creative Domain Name Ideas for a Blog

At first, your domain name must convey the blogging niche of your content.

Second, it must be catchy enough to remain etched in your reader’s minds.

Third, you can include your name or a niche-relevant term to the domain name.

Finally, ensure it is short, crisp, and free from hyphens, double letters, and numbers.

Keep these guidelines in mind and find the perfect blog name.

1. Follow Top Blogs in Your Niche

Before starting to blog, you must research and choose a blogging niche. It is because this forms the foundation for a long-term blogging journey.

When browsing through niche ideas, you will come across the top popular blogs in niches of your interest.

Browsing through domain names of top blogs in your niche gives you creative domain name ideas.

All blogs have an About page.

— This page describes the blog’s history, why it was started, and the benefits it offers to followers.
— The domain name (coupled with a blog purpose) can make one understand why bloggers choose a particular domain name for their blog.

Let us assume you are a financial expert.

You want to start a blog to help students look after their expenses, invest money, and repay loans. Readers must understand your language and terms with elementary-level education.

The blogs mentioned below are some of the top money-saving blogs for students.

  1. www.thecollegeinvestor.com
  2. www.youngadultmoney.com
  3. www.sidehustlenation.com
  4. www.brokemillenial.com

Observe how the above domain names convey the blogging niche and purpose of the blog’s content.

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2. Combine One or Two Focus Keywords

Along with choosing your blogging niche, you must also research trending keywords in that niche.

Tools like Google Analytics, AHrefs, Semrush, Keyword Planner, etc., give you a list of top keywords queried by users on a blogging niche.

Once you get your list of keywords, you can craft engaging combinations of domain names.

However, your competitors may also be targeting such trending keywords.

👉 Domain names with popular keywords may be registered.

How do you know if your domain name is unique or not?

• At this stage, you can use domain name generator tools for assistance. All you need to do is type your creative domain names. Then, check if it is available.

If a name is already registered, the tool will suggest alternate names for registration.

👉 There are many free domain name generator tools available online.

WordPress has an Instant Business Name Generator. Entering your keywords or blog will show numerous combinations of available blog names.

Additionally, make sure that your choice of a domain name does not have an existing social media page or account.

3. Use your Real Name with Blogging Niche

If you can not come up with domain names using trending keywords, you always have the option to include your name.

Using your real or pen name in your domain name is the most popular strategy for new bloggers.

Search engines give high SEO ranks for domain names having personal names. It is an authority metric to verify the credibility of a blog.

The above strategy is popular in blogging niches where there is an overpopulation of bloggers.

Go through the domain names of the top blogs on cooking, travel, reviews, etc. At least 60% of them have a proper name in them.

Let us see some blog name examples with a personal domain name. Now, such bloggers are addressed by their domain names rather than their original names.

www.sunitabiddu.com – She is a blogger and digital business coach for small businesses. Her quality content has made her a top-ranking blogger in this domain.

www.samanthanorth.com – She is a top blogger blogging on SEO and improving organic traffic to websites. What started as a personal website soon turned into an information-sharing hub, thanks to rich quality content.

www.ryrob.com – A successful blog started by Ryan Robinson, this handholds new bloggers on how to start a blog and earn passive income.

Remember that some names can be widespread. Repeating such names in different domains can reduce your blog authority. Hence, perform domain name research before choosing a blog name with your name.

4. Use a Dictionary (and Thesaurus) for Domain Name Ideas

The English dictionary has a vast collection of words for all blogging domains. New technical words are added to the standard English Language dictionaries every year.

However, going through millions of words lexicographically is a comprehensive task. 😁

You may have a word in mind and want words with similar meanings. This step is where you can take the help of a Thesaurus.

— A Thesaurus is a tool that lists similar-meaning words for a given word. This advice is most helpful for bloggers looking for creative domain name ideas.

After researching keywords, find words with similar meanings. You can use such semantically relevant words in your domain name.

👉 But will search engines rank your blog low because your domain name does not have keywords?


Google’s semantic relevance metrics algorithm ranks domain names with words meaningful to a blogging niche.

Most standard English dictionaries, like Oxford, Cambridge, etc., have an online website or mobile apps.

You may also use technical dictionaries relevant to your blogging niche. As always, ensure that the words in your domain name are unique and catchy.

5. Use Acronyms or Abbreviations in Blog Domain Names

If your keywords, name, or blogging niche has way too many characters, you can consider reducing them to abbreviations or acronyms.

Long domain names are a negative SEO quality metric.😱

Long-domain names are notably challenging for humans to perceive and understand.
— This difficulty is because of our memory span to remember short, crisp, and catchy words.

There are a lot of terms and acronyms invented by the youth today.

Most of them have come out of restrictions in the online space regarding the word or character length.

Let us see some popular acronyms;

  • GRWM – Get Ready With Me
  • MUA – Make-up Artiste
  • ROI – Return on Investment
  • FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

Now, let us come up with some sample creative domain names and blog name examples;


It is a leading technology media blog that delivers tech news. It combines ‘tech’ to represent technology and ‘crunch’ to emphasize the analytical nature of their coverage.


It is a technology news site that covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture, providing in-depth analysis and reviews. The Verge suggests a boundary or edge.


It is a comprehensive source of fashion news, trends, and industry insights. The term “Fashionista” is a blend of fashion and enthusiast.

You may even come up with your acronyms. Above all, make sure that they are unique, sound cool, and are easy to spell out.

6. Ask for Blog Domain Name Suggestions on Social Media

Social Media has seeded the growth of many blogs and online businesses. Blogging on a niche comes from a demand from an audience seeking new content.

You can find such audiences and domain experts in various social media groups, discussion threads, channels, etc.

They can be potential followers of your blog. So, connect with them more often.

Besides getting content ideas, such interactions can fetch creative domain name ideas for your blog.

  1. You get to know the literacy levels of your audience, their expectations, what they see as cool, etc.

Slowly, create your groups or pages on social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, etc.

— Conduct polls and ask your friends and followers to suggest good domain names for your new blog.

After several discussions and negotiations, choose a handful of good domain names.

Then, check their availability for registration. It is equally crucial to cross-check that no other social media page operates with the same name.

Collecting suggestions from followers right from your blog’s inception makes your audience feel valuable.

7. Include the Blog Niche as a Domain Name

Using semantically similar terms of your blogging niche gives you a lot of creative domain name ideas for your blog.

Use the exact term or semantically relevant terms that describe your blogging niche. This approach facilitates clear comprehension of your blog content by your followers.

Similarly, we observed the combination of personal names with domain names in many examples discussed earlier. This practice is more common in oversaturated niches.

Example 1:


A top blog in the baking domain started by a blogger, Shivesh.
We also saw the example of Gemma Stafford’s bigger bolder baking at the beginning of this article.

Example 2:


A personal finance blog that helps one make the right choices in spending and saving their money. A wallet is where you keep your money and is related to the financial domain.

Example 3:


A lifestyle blog started by Katie Wells focuses on helping women and mothers deal with all-around healthy living ideas.

Such domain names are easy to understand. Audiences can connect easily with such names and remember them.

The next time they have queries in that domain, they can directly type your domain name and come to your blog.

8. Get Blog Name Ideas from Your Competitors

Google is a rich storehouse of creative domain name ideas. You can also choose a blog name with its help.

Its AI-powered algorithms get the best results that are rich in content and come from authoritative sources.

Google consistently provides the best suggestions among all other research tools. When researching domain name keywords, you can directly find them from top blogs in your niche.

Firstly, list the domain names of top blogs. Then, split them up like separating a person’s name from the blogging niche.

Example 1:


The keywords here are flying solo.

Subsequently, find more such keywords in your niche. Try combining your name with such keywords and check for the domain name availability.

👉 You may also use top keyword combinations as domain names and check for availability.

As a result of shuffling keywords from top blogs, you may end up with a new and unique domain name.

Followers easily remember words from popular domain names.
— Remember that using a similar pattern to top competitors can make your blog appear spam or bogus.

Your domain name word combination must be such that it is unique and equally has a chance to be popular.

Conclusion: Register Your Blog Domain Name

When you try all the above methods, you will have a list of creative domain name ideas for your blog. Then, you need to finalize one for your blog.

Remember that your domain name is the online identity for your blog and you. If someone recommends your blog, they need a catchy name for their reference.

Your domain name must convey your blogging niche. At the same time, it must not limit your content provision beyond a period.

Likewise, learn to browse and research from Google, domain name generators, and keyword analysis tools. These are very helpful throughout your blogging journey.

Simultaneously, decide on the Top-Level Domain(TLD) you need for your blog. .com is the assumed standard TLD for blogs.

As a blogger, aim for this domain extension unless you restrict your content to a particular region.

I have made a detailed post on how to choose a domain name, the dos and don’ts of a good domain name, and how to register with a domain name registrar.

Finally, compare and compute the costs needed to register your domain. Once you have a domain and a website, you can completely focus on researching and providing quality content.

So start your blogging journey by finding the perfect blog name.

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