How to Find Genuine Online Data Entry Jobs without Investment?

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Dec 29, 2023


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Find the Real Data Entry Jobs from Home and Start Making Money this Month.

There is a considerable volume of searches for online data entry jobs on the Internet because it still has value.

This job works great for people who are less qualified to get an office job. Many people are searching for work from home and for those people, data entry work is much more suitable.

Data Entry work is very straightforward but most of them try to take benefit of the people’s naiveness and sell packages.

Online Data Entry Jobs
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But actually, you do not need to invest any money to get these jobs or any registration fees.

If you have good typing skills and a good command of English communication, then you can easily find a job on the Internet.

In this article, I am going to share different kinds of data entry jobs, how to find them, and start online work from home today.

What is the Data Entry Job?

It is kind of a typing job that includes converting any data into words by typing through a keyboard taken from audio, video, image, etc.

The data is available in various digital formats such as audio, video, image, etc.

All the data should be converted into digital form in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Web-based system, etc for a certain need.

This is the primary reason why still there is a need for data entry operators.

You can earn a quite decent income by working from anywhere at your own home or other places of your convenience.

You will be paid based on the number of hours of work or depending on the total number of pages in the project.

This job is perfectly suitable for people with fewer qualifications and fewer skills and those who expect to work from home.


Like every other online job, this job also requires some tools to start.

  • A computer or a laptop with an internet connection.
  • Gmail account
  • Typing software: MS Office, MS Excel

This job is suitable for housewives, retired people, and even college students who can do it as a part-time job.

Disclaimer: Generally, I DO NOT recommend doing an online data entry job because of the rising numbers of scammers.

Every day many innocent people lose their hard-earned money to these scammers by paying a registration fee or a deposit.

Genuine Data Entry Jobs DO NOT require any investment or deposit to take the project.

I always recommend one thing, start an online business like blogging for affiliate marketing or Google Adsense.

I will provide you with complete support until you make money from your blog, check out here.

No one will contact you and offer you a platform to work data entry jobs from home.

It is like a virtual assistant job, where you need to find a job online.

I will explain to you how at the end of this article.

surveys pay online

Types of Data Entry Jobs

There are different types of jobs available on the Internet and I explain them here in this article:

  1. Simple Data Entry Jobs
  2. Data Mining
  3. Web Research
  4. Online Form Filling
  5. Data Scraping
  6. Data Editing Jobs
  7. Data Conversion Jobs
  8. Copy and Paste
  9. Data Collection
  10. Data Formatting

1. Simple Data Entry Jobs

This is a very basic form of data entry job where the employer will give you a PDF or Image file to convert into a simple MS Word document.

You should have a very good typing speed to complete this project on time.

Apart from typing speed you also need good English reading and writing ability to complete the job.

The people who are creating their online presence were looking for these types of data’s have created such jobs.

You will be paid anywhere between Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 per page for this type of work. Some employers pay on an hourly basis.

2. Data Mining

This job requires a few technical skills such as data analytics, interpretation, and organizing skills.

The large companies that have a collective volume of data are required to be separated and segregated.

These volumes of data were separated into a small set of data to use later for marketing or another purpose.

There are certain tools available on the market to start data mining work at home.

3. Web Research

This type of data entry job is mostly required by the people who are building an online presence.

They require various data such as a company profile, number of employees, revenue, stakeholder information, etc.

As a worker, you should perform an online search to find, collect, and list these data in an Excel format.

You also have to aggregate the data through some automation software given by the employer.

4. Online Form Filling

In this job, you will be given a long online form with huge data in a separate file.

You have to feed the value in the online form and store it in the database for later use.

You have to pay much attention to this data entry work because filling in the wrong data may terminate you from further working.

These jobs are mostly offered by survey companies who collect data from different people through paper.

Later they will organize and convert it into digital format and store it in their database with the help of data entry operators.

5. Data Scraping

Since the internet is full of data in various formats, data scraping is becoming a most needed job.

Data Scraping is also known as web scraping, web harvesting, or website data extraction.

As a worker, you must extract these data from the Internet and download it to a local computer for later use.

6. Data Editing Jobs

If you have a very good command of English, then you can find a job in this category very easily.

Here, you will be provided with a document and you must correct the grammatical mistakes and clean the errors.

You also need editing skills and a good typing speed to complete the project sooner.

7. Data Conversion Jobs

The name itself tells the nature of the job explicitly which includes converting data from one form to another.

For example, the employer will give you some images, audio files, video files, etc.

You need to type the content in the image into MS Word or listen to audio files and type the words in MS Word.

Similar to the video conversion jobs, you have to watch the video and type those words in MS Word.

8. Copy and Paste

This is another very easy data entry job from home, which involves copying data from one file to another.

These types of jobs are usually required by the company or the people who are either upgrading their software or changing them.

9. Data Collection

This job is very similar to data scraping whereas it won’t require much technical skills and knowledge.

You can also do this job offline without an Internet connection.

For example, a survey company asks to collect data based on some aggregate information such as age, gender, occupation, etc.

10. Data Formatting

This job doesn’t require you to type a long paragraph of sentences and words, instead, you need to format the data.

You will be given some MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents usually messed with data improperly aligned.

You should properly align those data by separating long paragraphs into shorter sentences, adding bullets, numbering the lists, etc.

Setting the right fonts, correcting grammatical mistakes, and adding missing data are also included in this job.

So far, I have shared a very common type of data entry job that is available either online or offline.

I just gave you the idea that there are these kinds of jobs available but this doesn’t mean the job is ready to take.

You have to find the right employer online to get anyone’s job listed above.

The employer will not come and ask you to take the job.

Let us see the genuine job provider list further in this article.

Where to Find Online Data Entry Jobs?

In this section, let me show you the different ways to find genuine data entry work at home.

Note: There is no need to invest any money to get work. DO NOT fall into scam again.

As I said above, the employer won’t reach you and give you the job to perform instead you have to search for the job.

Let me show the different sources to find the genuine sites that offer these jobs.

  1. Freelancing Sites
  2. Fiverr
  3. MicroJobs Sites
  4. Job Portals
  5. Classified Sites
  6. Newspaper Ads.

1. Freelancing Sites

Up Work Data-entry

A freelancer is referred to as a person who works for a company for a short period of time.

You will be hired only for a particular project and will be paid upon successful completion.

Few freelancing sites offer these kinds of jobs to people who search for work from home.

The recommended freelancing sites are Elance, Freelancer etc.

Register a free account on these platforms and create a profile (Do not just enter some random information else you may get terminated).

Again, as I said, you have to search for the job on their portal as they have 1000s of employers posted a job to be done.

Search for the job, read the job title, and description, and analyze whether you can perform the job.

After that, post a bid for the job, because many people like you have to do the same. The employer will choose the best bids.

Once you are selected, you will get a job.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr Jobs

Fiverr is a very popular marketplace where sellers meet buyers and sell their services for as low as $5.

If you want to do data entry jobs, you have to sign up on this platform and become a seller.

Complete your profile create the list of services you offer and quote a very low price starting from $5.

The service offered on this platform is technically referred to as Gigs. So, you have to create a data entry gig here.

The employer who is looking for data entry services will check your profile and if everything goes well, order a gig.

After that, you accept the order and complete the job as per the employer’s requirements.

Upon completion, you will receive the payment in your Fiverr account which later you can withdraw via PayPal.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the complete setup process like creating a gig etc, there are lots of YouTube videos to learn.

Study those videos and create a similar gig on Fiverr. It takes time but fortunately, you will get a few jobs sooner.

Note: Do not forget to ask for feedback and ratings, which will help to get more jobs in the future.

3. Micro Jobs Sites

Microjobs are common and the most popular online jobs available in many countries.

As an employee, you will be assigned a few micro tasks that usually get completed in minutes.

The tasks are very simple, and basic knowledge is enough to get started. But, you have to pass a certain grammar test.

I have listed a few micro jobs sites list where you can find genuine typing jobs and data entry work without investment.

Registration is free and you are required to take a few quality assessment tests before taking the task.

A few recommended sites were: Micro workers, Mturk, Figure Eight etc.

You will earn between $0.01 and $1$ and can request a payout via PayPal or other payment processors once you reach the minimum threshold.

4. Job Portals

Indeed Jobs

There are lots of job portals such as Indeed Jobs, Naukri, Monster Jobs, Shine, etc.

You can search for any data entry jobs on these platforms. First, register a free account on these sites.

Give your primary Gmail ID and a phone number to verify your account.

Then, use their search box to list the various data entry work providers from their database.

Find someone suitable based on your profile and then apply for the job.

The cons are, that most of the jobs require you to work in their place and are offline. You can’t work from home.

5. Classified Sites

OLX dataentry

Classified advertising is a very popular form of advertising anything on the Internet.

This is a way for cheap when compared to traditional advertising such as TV, Media, newspapers, etc.

You can find a lot of requirements for data entry operators, typists, data analysts, BPO operators, etc.

The recommended sites are OLX, Quikr, Locanto, Craigslist, Vivastreet etc.

Visit the site register a free account, and then use their search form to find the list of data entry work.

Choose work and contact the employer, upon satisfaction, get the job complete the work from home, and get paid.

Notice: Be aware and stay safe from scammers, don’t take the job if they ask for an initial deposit.

6. Newspaper Ads

The everlasting traditional method of finding genuine data entry jobs from home was reading the newspaper’s classifieds section.

Every day many new jobs are listed in this section which you should never skip.

Read the daily newspaper to find a suitable job.

How to Identify Scam Jobs?

Dear visitor, be careful while searching for data entry work at home because there are dozens of scammers there.

Also, it’s not the best advice to find a job through newspapers and classifieds because people often post scam jobs.

They usually don’t verify the Genuity of the job poster.

In the case of freelancing sites and Fiverr, the risk is low because the employer has paid the money already for the service.

The second worst case is that they ask you for a non-refundable deposit to take the job.

If you find any site asking for such investment, better avoid the site and search for another one.

All they want is your invested money and after that, they will run away, because they don’t have an actual job.

A few signs of scam data entry websites are:

  • Low-quality designed sites
  • Ugly URL
  • Fake Payment Proof
  • Poor images and company logo
  • Personal bank account number instead of the current account (company account)
  • Bigger pricing plans
  • No postal address
  • No contact numbers

All these symptoms are a clear sign of a scam data entry site. Do not register or pay any money to get a job.


I have written this article due to the huge responses received on behalf of genuine data entry jobs by my blog audience.

To them, I want to tell you one thing, there is plenty of data entry work from home available.

But, 80 out of 100 people were trying to scam others by asking for registration fees or deposits, etc.

Though these jobs don’t require much technical skills and knowledge, speed typing and good English communication are a must.

Finally, I recommend you try Freelancer sites and Fiverr to find genuine online data entry work.


Don’t pay money to get work. Use your common sense, everyone wants to earn money, but be aware of online.

You will be easily trapped and scammed by showing some magical advertisements and promises, don’t believe them.

Be practical.

PS: Instead of doing a job, why don’t you think of starting an online business such as Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc?

Ask me how?

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  1. Thank u so much, madam… Really your content giving me new strength… Definitely, I will try, God bless you abundantly for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I have registered in the freelancer site and applied for a few data entry job but few had replied to give a job but had to submit a refundable amount or some say registration amount. Is it genuine or all they are a scam? How can we verify it? the reason they told us is to make sure that we will work seriously. Please suggest

    1. Hi Prashant,
      It depends on the client (employer) who offer job to you. However, you confirm to whom you are paying money (either to the freelancer website (or) direct to the employer).
      If you have deposited to the freelancer website means you can ask for a Refund. But don’t pay directly to an employer.

    2. It has happened to me as well. I am wondering how come the person registered as an employer in the freelance site and redirected to another person who asks for the money to award a project. Usually, the payment they ask in the form of Google plays gift card in USD (it won’t work in India and can’t be redeemed on google play store).
      Don’t pay if you see an email from them offering a project. Thanks

  3. Hello, my name is Shiva Kumar. I am looking for an online job pls suggest me a genuine data entry job both online or offline.

  4. I was searching for a data entry job from which i can make money from home on quickr. A company named Sri Laxmi marketing has offered me one and asking for 2500 rupees registration fee for one time and said it’s refundable on my first salary, what should I do please guide I am a graduate on I couldn’t find a satisfying job. In the urgency of money.

  5. Hello, sir, I have registered with one of such typing jobs with a company by name “type and earn” they asked me to sign a digital mou in which there was no address of the company and name of proprietor only my names and details returned. After completing half of the forms i. E. 400 forms in three days. At the fourth day, they deactivated my id and asking me for money to activate my account again. So plz guide me what to do next?

    1. Hi Varun,
      I have already explained many times to my audience that there are many scam sites are there? It’s your responsibility to analyze the site before taking the work.
      Say thanks to God that he has saved your money. Better stop knocking the site and go to Freelancer, Fiverr. Create a profile for you and showcase your talent.
      Find a suitable typing job and bid for the project. Wait for approval from the employer and once successful, start the work and get paid.
      So far, Freelancer and Fiverr was the only proven sites to take typing jobs and data entry jobs online.

  6. Your information is very useful. I appreciate the way u explained each nd every thing about online data entry jobs. Actually, I am looking for data entry work from home.

    1. You have to register an account with Freelancer, Fiverr type of sites and create a profile first. I have mentioned the details on this post, then you have to find the data entry projects on those sites and bid for the same. The employer will review your profile and reach you if an offer is made for you. This is the only way to get genuine data entry jobs for now. The rest of the methods like searching for online sites will put you in trouble. Follow my advice and join a genuine job now.

    2. This is an awesome article! I found two jobs (Captcha and Upwork) to be very interesting, genuine and finally paying. Thank you:)

  7. Excellent site you have here… It’ѕ һard to find exⅽellent writing like yours thеse dayѕ. I really appreciate individualѕ like you! Take caгe!!

  8. Sir,
    As you have mentioned about the online classifieds like quikr jobs,, etc. On that also there are lots of scammers who are demanding a particular amount as deposit for starting to work.
    So, I mean that those sites are not so much trustworthy. Your Blog is great.
    Thank you for all the information you have provided.

    1. Hi Faizan,
      Yes, scammers are available everywhere on the Internet. It’s we have to be careful when choosing a genuine online job. You follow all the advice mentioned in this article to gain some knowledge and use it when needed.

  9. Hi

    I am interested in computer typing job/data entry or form filling job, if u have any vacancy please let me know?
    How can I get these jobs? plz, guide me.
    Thank u.

    1. Hi Hemanta,
      In the article, I have recommended Few sites where you can register and start working. Go through the article once again and get back to me if you have any doubts.

  10. Hi

    I am interested in computer typing job/data entry or form filling job, if u have any vacancy please let me know?
    How can I get these jobs? plz, guide me.
    Thank u.

    1. Hello Theagarajan,
      I have already explained clearly about the source of Genuine Data Entry Jobs. You should go through the article once again to get the complete info.

    2. Hey,
      I’m interested in computer typing/data entry or form fill job if you have any vacancy tell me please and also guide me.

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    1. Hello Prateek,

      The number of advertisements will be presented only on the available basis. Why can’t you try to complete offers and do tasks to earn more income from Neobux?
      And the most important part of earning a high income in Neobux and other PTC sites is by bringing in more referrals under your downline.
      So, from now, concentrate on other areas such as tasks, offers, brining in referrals etc.

  14. Online surveys are another best way to earn money on internet. In online surveys, different companies ask for your opinion for their product or services, so that they can increase their sales.
    Here you can signup with different companies who provide this online job. Once you join with online survey companies, they will send you the surveys in your email.

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    Kindly let me know the exact website address in order for me to read and study your nice article here through my desktop, not smartphone.
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