14 Best Freelance Websites to Get Remote Jobs from Home

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Mar 8, 2022


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Freelancing is becoming the most demanding job trend. Find the list of top-paying freelance websites and begin creating your career.

Money is needed in all stages of our life. You can earn money by doing a Job (or) a Business. In this portfolio, freelancing is recently booming.

If you have a skill, you can easily find remote jobs on these freelance websites. Getting a job is easier and just a few clicks away.

To manage a joyful social life, money is essential. How can we get our money? The answer is obviously going job.

Going to a job and earning money will provide financial security, self-dignity, and social status. For this reason, young people must have a job, just at least to take care of themselves.

After the completion of academics, the students only have two options. Doing a business or regular 9 to 5 job.

Most people picking regular jobs to manage their daily needs and requirements. But the job expectation varies from individual to individual.

Best Freelance Websites
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Some people expect work freedom, be a boss for themselves, others like regular jobs. With all this consideration getting a job and make money is a really tough one.

Then, Is there any option of earning money and live a satisfying life without a job? Why not have multiple options are available in the technical world to earn more money.

Freelance is an instant option for job seekers to earn money except for going for a regular job.

There are plenty of best freelance websites that are ready to offer a job for its seekers, college completers, and enthusiastic individuals who want to make money.

What is Freelance and Freelancing Jobs?

While surfing for a job on freelancer as a fresher on the internet, you may hear the word “freelance” often in most places.

Actually what it means? Freelance work or a freelancer is a self-employed person not belonging to any particular company or working organization.

But they do work the same as a regular employee, but there is a mutual contract between the employee and freelancer.

It is the limited period of work done by the individual to the company. In their contract, the period of working, the nature of the project, and its pay all are written and agreed upon.

Today the busy professional world is mostly designed by freelance works. Anyone can start a freelancing career whenever he/she decides to begin working on his their own.

The emerging professionals like writers, designers, programmers, illustrators, editors, photographers, tutors, business analysts, accountants all are finding their freelance jobs.

To earn some extra money from our free time and part-time gives the option of Freelance works.

Many MNC’s to small companies all are started outsourcing their jobs to freelancers. So, making money is possible in all boundaries for college youths.

The Advantages of Freelancing

  1. Generally, a freelancer gets more working flexibility than a regular job goer.
  2. The primary benefit of freelancers is that they can choose their employer by themselves.
  3. The ability to choose the number of clients and the work burden all are scaled by the freelancing individual.
  4. Working independence is the best choice for the individual who wants to work on the platform of freelancing.

Apart from the regular job, working exposure in freelancing is a wide one. The freelancing individual can develop more experience in various professional fields.

Moreover, freelancers do not get frequent work and the responsibility of getting a stable identity in this field are the major cons in this remote work.

But no worries, as there are so many online freelancing platforms are available connecting freelancers with the employer.

Now, in the next part of the article, I am going to share the 14 best freelance websites where you can easily find freelancer jobs.

14 Best Freelance Website to Find Remote Jobs

To ease your search for the best sites to find freelance jobs, I hereby enlisted 10 top websites.

Each website is used to showcase your talent and certainly improve your working creativity.

Without any second opinion, you can start your career from this freelance portal with a more complex freeway of earning.

1. Up Work – Job Place for Talents


Upwork is one of the leading global freelancing websites offering freelancing jobs across more than 170 countries.

This website connects businesses with remote professionals and agencies for their hiring needs.

Lots of jobs are available in this portal like data entry, typing jobs, graphic designing, web designing, and development, etc.

It is a paid freelance jobs portal. So, you need to pay the processing fee to get the list of available works.

So, any talented individuals can register this portal and find freelancing work across the globe.

How to Register with Up-Work?

  1. Click here to visit the site – Upwork and complete the simple signup process.
  2. You can use your Gmail ID (or) Your Working Email to register an account.
  3. Now, click the confirmation link in your Email to finalize your registration.
  4. After that login to the dashboard and start listing your services. Also, you can find available jobs based on your skills.

Accepted Countries: Self-employed people from any part of the world can register an account with Upwork.

2. Toptal – Hire Professional Remote Workers


Toptal is also a vibrant freelancing website offering work-from-home job opportunities for youngsters.

The name TopTal is derived from the name “Top Talent”. Getting a home-based job from this website is very difficult because of its rigorous screening process.

Only 3% of the applicants will be accepted out of 1000 applications. They aim to connect only domain experts with the company and agencies.

After registering for freelance work, the candidate must prove their efficiency in language, working skills, video meetings, and test projects.

When the freelancer passed all the test criteria only will get their project.

Obviously, the topmost companies only require their freelancers in Toptal so such entrances need to meet. Besides, a free registration is only for beginners.

Registration Process in Toptal

  1. Visit Toptal.com and click the “Apply as a Freelancer” link located on the top of the screen.
  2. You will be provided a simple registration form and upon successful completion, you will be connected to a screener.
  3. Upload your Resume, Linkedin Profile, and write about yourself. Also, complete other fields in the registration process.
  4. It will hardly take 10 – 15 minutes to complete the registration. Now a Screener from TopTal will connect you for the screening process.
  5. On successful completion, you will become a TopTal Freelancer. Enjoy making lump some money by working as an independent worker at Toptal.

Accepted Countries: People from any part of the world with absolute skills can join Toptal.

3. Freelancer.com


Freelancer is a paid working portal to find your freelance jobs. It is an Australian company that offers job opportunities in more than 200 countries.

It allows working professionals to find their best independent job opportunities in this portal.

More than 1300 categories of job offers are available on this website.

A freelancer can easily review the employer’s details and after the work completion, the employer can also review the work progress on this portal.

Science, software development, engineering, sales, finance, and law-related jobs are available in this portal.

How To Register at Freelancer.com?

  1. Go to the website freelancer.com and click the signup box on the top of the screen. You can also signup through Facebook or using your Gmail account.
  2. Next, you will be taken to the page where you can choose your username which will appear on freelancer.com.
  3. Then the user asked to select an account type as “I want to work” or “I want to Hire”. After this process, you need to create a profile by visiting your dashboard.
  4. Once you completed your profile creation, you will be taken to the project section. Find suitable projects that match your skill and set your bid on the project work.
  5. Give your brief intro and add some previous project links. If the client likes your profile they will message you.

Accepted Countries: It is a worldwide network and People across 247 countries can join this online portal.

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4. Guru – Freelance Platform for Professionals


For the freelancers who are searching for a remote job, then Guru is the first and best choice.

The Guru is the best platform for self-employed professionals to find freelance jobs from their homes.

More than two million employers have listed their outsourcing work recruitment in this job portal.

Guru is a paid freelance website offering remote works for all sorts of people. This website stands in the market for more than three-decade.

So, the young pro-workers can try their better luck on this website to find their freelancer Jobs and can make money easily.

How to Register at Guru.com?

  1. Click the link guru.com and click the signup option on the top of the screen. Next, a page will appear to complete the security check.
  2. To create an account, you should have an account on Facebook, Linkedin, or Gmail.
  3. Give your account details like username, password, and agree to the privacy policy, and proceed.
  4. After giving the Gmail an OTP will be sent to your mail account. Type the OTP and select the account type as “Employer” or “Freelancer”.
  5. Choose your designation as a Freelancer and complete your profile by adding your photo, address, and other details.

Accepted Countries: Guru.com is a global platform where people across the world can find jobs in this portal.

5. 99Designs – Creative Platform for Freelance Designers

99 Designs

The 99Designs platform is created especially for freelancers who are experts in the field of designing.

Graphic designers, web and app developers, Advertisers, dress designers, illustrators, product designers, and magazine designers are can use this website to find freelance jobs to make money.

For more than a decade, 99 designs are offering their work-from-home tasks for independent workers.

The designers can get global opportunities through this job portal. It is a paid freelance website yet the job opportunity is a wide one.

How to Register at 99Designs.com?

  1. Go to the link 99designs.com and click the option login on the top of the screen. The login page will open and click the signup button.
  2. On the next screen, choose your designation as “I need something designed (Employer)” or “I’m a Designer (Freelancer Designer)”.
  3. After choosing the option, give your Email ID, Password, and complete the security check to create your account.
  4. Confirm your account by clicking the confirmation link sent to your email ID. Verify your Email ID and set your profile picture with other details.
  5. Next, click the button “Browse Contests”. You will be then asked to choose your “categories” and “industries”.
  6. Now you can select the job based on your designing skill and start your freelancing career.

Accepted Countries: 99designs.com is an online platform created for designers to connect with employers worldwide. So your location is not a constraint.

6. Peopleperhour – Hire Freelancer Online

People Per Hour

Peopleperhour is a UK-based remote job website where you can find multiple freelancing jobs.

Having more than ten years of experience in the field of remote job offerings, they offer valuable jobs to many people.

Jobseeker from the field of Information and Technology, Engineering, Sales, Finance, and business all can get suitable jobs.

More than 1.5 million freelancers got their job opportunities across the globe from this freelance website.

So, for the freelancer who searches for the best websites to find freelance jobs and make money, this website is a preferable option.

How to Register PeoplePerHour.com?

  1. Go to peopleperhour.com and click the signup option to open the signup page.
  2. You can use your Gmail ID or Facebook or Linkedin details to create your PeoplePerHour account.
  3. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your designation as “Buyer”, “Seller” or “Both”.
  4. Now click the confirmation link and verify your email ID. Now login to your dashboard and complete your profile creation.
  5. That’s all, and you will be provided access to their vast job portal. Choose the job based on your skill and start working from home.

Accepted Countries: Peopleperhour.com is one of the top global freelance platforms available for skilled people from any country.

7. Fiverr – Gigs Starts from $5


Fiverr is the top-notch website where you can find jobs relating to IT, digital marketing, programming, business, health, lifestyle, and gaming.

So, self-employed people from any field can find their suitable job in this portal.

For more than a decade this website offering its service to freelancers across the world.

More than two million people are getting job offers from this website.

It is one of the trustable and global giants offering enough jobs in multiple categories.

As an employer, you can easily hire a person starting at USD 5. This is the most economic and affordable platform connecting independent workers and employers.

How to Register Fiverr.com?

  1. Go to Fiverr.com and click the “join” button on the top of the screen along with the Login menu link and Become a seller.
  2. Now the signup page will be displayed where you can use your social media accounts or Gmail ID to register.
  3. Give your user name and password to create an account on Fiverr and click join.
  4. An activation link will be sent to your email address and click the activation link to verify your account.
  5. Once after that, you will be a member of Fiverr and will be provided access to your dashboard.
  6. Now start adding your services (Gigs) and publish them to available for the employers.

Accepted Countries: Fiverr.com is one of the leading online freelancer service platforms that offer its services worldwide.

8. College Recruiter – Entry Level Jobs for Students

College Recruiter

College Recruiter is one of the famous freelance websites offering various job opportunities to college students.

Only graduates and college students are eligible to find their jobs in this portal.

This website is a bit different than other working portals because you can find various entry-level jobs and professional internships only for college students.

Business, media, mentor, speaker, blogger, and brand advertisers from top-notch fields can find their freelance workers from college recruiters.

Through this website graduates across the world can find freelance jobs and make money for their college expenses.

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How to Register CollegeRecruiter.com?

  1. Go to collegerecruiter.com and click the option “Register” to start your registration process.
  2. Choose the option “Job Seeker” and proceed to complete the simple registration form. You will need to give your name, email, and password, etc.
  3. Then upload your resume and the size must not exceed the limit of 65 KB and tick for a resume review process.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and finally click the “register” button. Check your email for the confirmation link to verify your account.
  5. Now, you will be provided with a dashboard where you can find suitable remote jobs from home. Select the job and start earning money.

Accepted Countries: Collegerecruiter.com is a leading global online freelancer service platform that offers its services for college students.

9. Kolabtree – Trusted Freelance Scientists and Experts


Kolabtree is a unique and famous freelancing website especially designed for scientists and engineers.

Through this portal, scientists and professionals can submit their projects and get their money.

More than freelance work the business opportunity is a wider one while using this job portal.

As per the value of the project, the employee can buy your project.

The direct meeting between the project seller and industrial expert is a convincing option for choosing this freelance portal.

How to Register Kolabtree.com?

  1. Go to Kolabtree.com and click the option “Signup” option on the right corner of the screen.
  2. If you have a Linkedin account, it can also be used for the login process, or else use click “Create account”.
  3. Give your details first name, last name, email address, and password, and contact number with the country.
  4. Finally, click the button to create a secure account. Now your registration process is completed.
  5. It is the freelance portal, especially for freelance scientists. Here you can post your work projects to shortlist.
  6. Then the team of kolabtree will shortlist the best project and contact you through video conference.

Accepted Countries: kolabtree.com is a renowned global online freelancer service platforms that encourage young scientist across the globe.

10. Flexjobs.com – Remote Jobs for All People


The world of working is changing day by day. Now the typical office structures are also replaced by part-time works.

If you have the working skill and talent, you can get a job in any corner of the world as remote work becomes popular.

For the freelance workers who are searching for the best freelance website to find their jobs, certainly, Flexjobs is the right destination.

It is a paid job portal. Just sign-up and choose the payment method for the freelance task you are doing.

However, finding the right job is a hassle and time-consuming work. Indeed, finding freelance work will take some extra time.

Hence, the freelance workers who are creating their profiles on this website can get their job within two months.

Students, home moms, retired people, athletes, caretakers all can find their remote works to do in their free-time work.

Flexjobs commenced its freelance online portal in 2007. Since then, they offer the best-trusted service to their customers.

How to Join flexjobs.com?

  1. Visit flexjobs.com and click the “sign-up option” to start your registration process.
  2. On the next page, enter your Email, Password to complete your registration.
  3. After this process, click the email confirmation link which will take you to another page.
  4. There you will be asked to give your keywords, job title, and location. It is a paid portal.
  5. So, you need to pay a registration fee to get your freelance projects on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Accepted Countries: Flexjobs.com is a global remote job board and one of the leading freelance services offering jobs to all.

11. Designhill.com – Freelance Platform for Designers

Design Hill

Multiple freelance portals are posting abundant job offers for independent workers. So, the selection of a job is a really puzzling one.

While choosing your best work portal, the specialized platforms are an effective choice to enhance your working skill with more proficiency.

In this way, for the creative folks, design hill is the best platform. It is the marketplace only for creative people.

Designers, artists are the members of this portal, and this creative community stamped its fingerprints in more than 52 countries.

This free-time work portal is a bridge between entrepreneurs and employees to showcase the creative talent of the individual.

If the entrepreneur is impressed with the work of the individual they can approach and hand over their designing works.

It is one of the busy versatile platforms functioning since 2014. Obviously, it is a scam-free portal more than 1,25,000 people are getting their projects here.

If you have the potential designing skill you can use this platform to lime-light your working talent to the outer world.

How to Join Designhill.com?

  1. Go to designhill.com and click the option “Join now” on the top right side of the screen.
  2. On the next page, enter your Gmail ID and Password. Choose your designation as “I’m a Designer: I want to submit designs to customers”.
  3. Click the verification link in the email to confirm your account registration. Now, access your dashboard and select your design category, company name, and industry to upload your creatives.
  4. Once done, you will be allowed to access their marketplace to meet employers. Submit your portfolio, get your projects, and earn money.

Accepted Countries: Designhill.com is a renowned global creative designing platform for both businesses and individuals to find and hire.

12. Project4hire.co – Right Choice for Programmers

Many remote workers are showing their worthy projects on freelance platforms to make money.

Does this secondary income is enough for the completed work or not? How the individual can calculate their value of work in the freelance marketplace?

Many of the marketplaces never disclose the salary package and the freelancer can demand their salary depending on their work profile.

But when you signup on Project4hire.co, you are allowed to place your best bids to get the works.

Through this bidding system, the real value of the work as well as the work efficiency of the worker is keenly measurable.

Multiple top-notch business platforms are submitting their free-time job wanted posts only in Project4hire.co from various parts of the world.

Programmers, designers, writers, app developers all are finding their best way to earn money by using this simple portal.

It is a paid portal, skillful individuals, home moms, retired people all can earn work from home by placing their paid gigs.

How to Join project4hire.co?

Visit project4hire.co and click “Join Now” to go to the registration page. Fill the fields and choose the option “For Hire”.

Complete the registration process by clicking the confirmation link sent to your email id.

You will be provided with a separate dashboard where you can list your offers. Complete the profile to get jobs to work.

Now, visit their marketplace and surf through the available jobs in the listing. Choose any job and give your job details, budget, pay type, job category, job description, and country.

The employer will compare the bids and if he/she finds your bid is affordable, they will choose you. Complete the task and get your pay.

Accepted Countries: project4hire.co is a worldwide freelance marketplace that allows clients to post projects and bid contractors get those projects

13. Aquent.com – Creative Manpower Agency


In today’s world, the earnings from your regular day job are not enough. Hence, every person must find an alternative source of income to manage their financial needs.

Suppose, if you have the potential skill and talent, there are many employers ready to outsource their projects with decent pay.

The power of flexible working is the major advantage of the freelancer to earn their secondary income in such freelance portals.

To enhance your potential acquaintance, doing alternative works is the right choice for all.

The business priorities are changing day by day, to be the best and want to prove your talent, part-time works are the best of choice.

Aquent is the top-notch freelance business market functioning in the USA and Canada. It offers business solutions to entrepreneurs in these cities.

Digital marketing and business promotions are the major feature works of this digital agency. So, business promotion-related works are available here.

It is one of the expertise freelance websites across the globe. They are one of the bigshots in the freelance world for three decades.

How to Join aquent.com?

  1. Go to Aquent.com and scroll to the bottom of the website. Now click “FIND WORK”.
  2. On the next page, you will be shown available work and you are allowed to choose the work based on your skill and knowledge.
  3. Select any job and click the job which will take you to another page. Go through the job requirement and click “Apply Now”.
  4. Now on the next page, give your name, email, phone number, and a Profile URL.
  5. Now, “Upload” your resume for review. One of the staff from the aquent will analyze your profile and conduct an interview on behalf of the employer.
  6. Only talented and skilled freelancers will get an opportunity in working in this portal.

Accepted Countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

14. Nexxt.com – Right Choice for Career Building


Nowadays, multiple online part-time working platforms are hunting talented people and offer suitable jobs with good enough pay.

If you searching for the best free-time works on the global platform then nexxt.com is the final destination with multiple job offers.

Though, if you’re a regular job goer, homemaker, or student there is no limit for your online money-making by using side gigs.

The professional spectrum of Nexxt will easily find your talent and hand over the challenging projects to your hand.

The designers, writers, and developers are the professionals highly recruited for the MNC’s through this vibrant platform.

Actually, it is a user-friendly free-time working portal offering its services for independent workers for more than 20 years.

Eventually, more than 85 million job seekers across the globe finding their suitable job offers directly from employers.

Having passion, flawless skill, and on-time work completion is enough to become a free-time worker in this global portal nexxt.

How to Join nexxt.com?

  1. Visit Nexxt.com and click the “Sign up” button to start the registration process.
  2. On the next page, enter your Email, Job Title, and location. In the next screen, you need to enter few more details like your address, profile visibility, etc.
  3. You also need to set your expected salary range, your education level, and finally upload your Resume.
  4. Your profile will be recommended to the right employers and once selected, you will get an interview call.

Accepted countries: nexxt.com is a global platform where both employees and employers can find the best digital marketing job offer for hire.


Choosing a suitable freelance or free-time job is the best option for all people to get some extra money.

Freelancing is a good option to earn money but getting a steady income in this field certainly takes some time.

And remember if you work hard and expose your professional talent then you will be the best expert in your working arena.

Hope this article is useful for the freelancers who are searching for the best freelance websites to join.

The above-mentioned sites are the best websites to find Freelance jobs across the globe and money-making is possible for everyone. All the best!!!


How can I get a Freelance Job?

Now getting a freelance job is a very easy one. With the help of the Internet, the job seeker can create a portfolio related to his profession. If you own a website, the placing of blogs, designs, and other working testimonials will easily convey your professional core to the clients. So, often publishing your service will easily reach more people and they will contact you if they require your service.

What are Freelance Jobs?

Freelance jobs are similar to regular jobs, but the employer appoints the freelancer for a specific period. For this temporary work both the employer and employee draft a contract that describes the nature of the work, pay, and other additional details required for the job. After the completion of the project, there will be no relationship between the employee and the employer.

How can I find the Best Freelancing Websites Online?

Multiple freelance websites are offering several jobs to job seekers. If you belonging to the field of designing, developing, programming, coaching, sales, business, finance, and law, all can find their best freelancing jobs through Up Work, Toptal, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, 99Designs, Peopleperhour, Fiverr, College Recruiter, and Kolabtree are the top 10 best freelance websites to find jobs and make money is easy for all. 

Who can become a freelancer?

Without any restriction, any people can become freelancers.  As per the professional skill or talent, which is the basic requirement for doing freelance. Your skill in the competitive world, and neat completion of your work exhibit as an emerging professional in the business market.

What are the most demanding freelance jobs?

In the platform of freelancing, web development, programming, graphic design, illustrator, writers, editors, photographers, tutors, business analysts, SEO managers, marketers, sales professionals, fashion designers, law professionals, and accountants all are demanding freelance jobs.

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