10 Working Tips to get a Job on Freelancer as a Fresher

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Updated on Mar 8, 2022


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Planning to venture into a career, then learn these tips to get a freelancer job as a fresher. Besides, create your own income career.

Freelance jobs are one of the latest trends to earn money. Freelancing is suitable for housewives, job goers, and others including freshers.

We will see some tips to get a freelancer job as a fresher. Why is a sudden craze on this remote job?

Home moms, housewives, job seekers, and college-goers like doing freelancing in their free time.

The freelance workers are offered a decent amount of pay for their work. Usually, the freelancers take these jobs in the middle of other commitments.

Tips to Get a Freelancer Job as a Fresher
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As a fresher in this industry, many of us do not have a clear idea about freelancing and freelancer?

Freelancing is a short-term working commitment. It is a self-employed profession, and the individual needs to find projects to earn money.

By signing up with freelance websites, you can build your work portfolio. The projects are available to freelancers based on their portfolio or previous experience.

Freelancing is the common platform to expose your professional skills and earn money. Though it seems to be a simple process, as a fresher, you need to learn.

  • How to register in a freelancer portal?
  • What are the things to be noted all are great puzzles?

In this blog post, I will share the top 10 working tips to get a freelancer job as a fresher.
The freshers who stay in this session can start their careers.

How to Find Freelancer Jobs With No Experience?

Many face obstacles when deciding to become a freelancer. Fortunately, it is common to all and not only for you.

The top freelancing people who earn more money also face the same situation as a fresher. There is a large difference between a regular job and freelancing work.

One can easily join a job and gain experience. But in freelancing, you should have prior experience to get a job.

Freelance jobs are tension-filling ones. Without any idea, becoming a freelancer is a difficult task.

You must have a passion or hobby to choose this working arena.

Freelancing is the most profitable way to earn money, still, freelancers face difficulty. Because they are not ready to learn and take risks.

Don’t stick at this general criterium. Earning money from freelancing is difficult without hard work and working skills.

It is hard to find a genuine freelancer portal, though you are ready to start. Then how to find a freelance job with no experience as a fresher?

Entering into the world of freelancing has a certain process. If you follow them, you will get success.

Let’s see the 10 Tips now.

1. Build an Online Portfolio

Freelancing is a reliable platform for all types of work. Website designing and development, content writing, digital marketing are thriving fast.

But many freelancer freshers are already in the queue on how to impress the client? At the time, your portfolio speaks about you.

Eventually, some freelancers may not have any proper portfolio. Here is your chance to kick the ball of success.

Nowadays, freelancing portals allow every member to create a portfolio page. So, you make use of that to showcase your skill and present the best work samples.

It will help you drive more clients. Creating the sample works is the initial responsibility of the freshers.

At the time of portfolio creation, focus on your top projects. It helps to know about you in a better way.

2. Offer Free or Low Paying Work

Sometimes, having good skill, talent, and a decent portfolio does not work out. It will not help to find your easy online money-earning method.

As a fresher high-paying freelancer portal will not suit you. But do not fed up. Continue trying to reach more clients and offer them free (or low-paying) work.

In the initial phase, getting recognization is a vital process. It is not a single day’s work, and it takes a lot of time.

To ease the process of getting high-paying clients, start working with small projects (and less paying clients).

Offer some free work along with the committed project work. It will help you gain recognition and build goodwill among your clients.

Once you get the name, the clients never go for another freelancer.

Getting a good name and gaining experience is more precious than your money-making. So, try it out to be a successful freelancer.

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3. Ask for Testimonials (After Completing the Work)

Another working tip to get a freelancer job is asking for Testimonials. Testimonials are the true feedback from your client that recommends your work.

It speaks more than anything. It is the real reward for freelancers. So, getting testimonials from your client adds an advantage to your career.

After completing your project, approach the client to get some testimonials. Get them and place them in your portfolio.

Try to publish the best testimonials that express the direct result-outcomes. Presenting such testimonials offers an ever-lasting impression on the freelancer.

Once you apply this tip, many clients will approach you. Yet, it is your working progress and direct feedback from your client.

So, these are better than posting flattering words. Testimonials add more credit to the freelancer.

4. Write Articles for Other Blogs

If you are a freelance blogger, you can post blogs and contribute articles to other websites. It is one of the best ways for building good relationships.

Writing for others offers more exposure and enhances your working knowledge. As a guest blogger, you can earn some money, and side by side expand your working profile.

In fact, it is not only apt for the writers, but the freelancers in other fields can also do. Especially web developers, graphic designers, can write online tutorials.

They can publish them on their blog as well as on their YouTube channel. Publishing such articles, guest blogs, and online tutorials helps explore your working stuff.

Even you can use it as a sample for your freelancing.

5. Market Yourself

Many new freelancers fail to market themselves as it is a great working tip to get a freelancer job.

Marketing is one of the indispensable ways to sell your skills to your clients. As a fresher, marketing helps the freelancer to gain more attention.

Whether you are a housewife, job goer, college student, or a part-time job seeker earning money is essential for all. So, try to market your skill.

Nowadays people engage more in social media. Market your skill where people gather frequently.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the potential platforms to reach more audiences.

You can get more fame among the people. Bloggers can post their website links on social media.

It gives them a clear idea for the people to judge your works. If they are impressed with your work, your project is ready!

6. Contribute Yourself to Open-source projects

In this digital era, some developing clients do not have a potential software background. But, they need some quality works.

As a growing business, the clients can appoint quality freelancers as per their choice. Such works are called open-source projects.

Working on such open-source projects provides you with the best experience. Also, it will boost your expertise to get more paid offers in the future.

Do not simply work on all available projects. Choose projects that have potential growth in your field and help improve your professionalism.

Find out all possible complexities to complete the project successfully. If you fail at this point, it will be difficult in a long run.

7. Attend Meetups

It is a new feature that most newbie freelancers have to make use of it. Meetups allow you to learn, share, collaborate, network and connect with other freelancers.

You can attend meetups in person (or) online. Either be a participant (or) an organizer, but always try to attend all meetups.

After taking the project, create client meetups. It will help you understand the client’s requirements more clearly.

Create partial meetups in every stage of your project till towards completion. It will help you correct mistakes easily and bring great project outputs.

Today there are so many video conferencing platforms that help freelancers. Some popular platforms are Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.

It helps you grow your reputation as a leader in your field. Meetups enable you to meet others with common interests and values.

You can also learn new skills and ease your career enhancement.

8. Start a Portfolio Blog Listing your Services

Today blogging helps freelancers and businesses in several ways. Especially, many freelancers have their blogs to showcase their portfolio and project works.

You can quickly start a blog with the help of WordPress. Time is money, and whenever you start with a new client, spend time to know their expectations.

Write a brief story from your experience in your blog. This article will help you get more new clients as it will get more impressions.

If you have your blog, you can list your services as well. For example, a graphic designer may be good at video editing, business card design, and so on.

If you post all under a blog it will get more reach. Blogging your profession or service is one of the best choices to expose your working potential.

Moreover, it is a way to describe yourself. Many ways are available to find your clients, but, a professional blog helps to reach you soon.

Not only the writers, web developers, social media managers all can start their blog which must be the best answer to pick you.

So, blogging is the best tip to get a freelancer job more frequently. Here you can write the frequently asked questions that are from the clients and encourage the readers to ask their doubts.

9. Submit Samples to Your Clients

As a freelancer, without any previous experience finding a client is hard, but possible. Add more samples to your portfolio.

Job seekers, housewives, college students, and job goers all can create their finest samples in their free time without any difficulty.

Build various samples for each client, and as per their need. Try to build the sample in a way it matches the client’s needs.

Some clients need more samples to analyze their working skills. If you have more samples, don’t hesitate to produce them for your clients.

Feel free and friendly when approaching clients. Your work skill will easily impress the clients. But freelance portals are huge.

By signing up for these portals, you can shortlist more employers across the globe. So getting a project is a possible one.

10. Brand Yourself as a Freelancer

Branding is important to stand ahead of the competition. It is not only for the business but also for freelancers.

Freelancers want to be unique among others. To distinguish from other freelancers, create a separate logo and create a crisp biography.

Make it easy to recognize when choosing your business name. People like to use their own names for their business and if it allows, you can do so.

Do not forget to link your social media pages with your portfolio. It embellishes your works and professional designation.

Maintain your tone and style in a friendly way. Whether it is a social page or your freelance portal, follow the same style.

It is your own responsibility to build a simple but powerful brand for your freelancing business. Make it happen.

Success Takes Time

The most important tip to get a freelancer job is to wait for some time. To become a successful freelancer, there are many things to consider.

It starts with your good portfolio and building a strong network. Hard work is essential to succeed in every field.

Moreover, freelancing is a wonderful opportunity to earn more money. Working people, housewives, college students, and job seekers all are in the race to win and impress clients.

So, being a professional in your working area takes some time. Don’t get tired and give your best as you can. Then you will get success easily.


When a freelancer follows all these principles getting success is too easy. More people are trying their career opportunities in freelancing.

Once you understand your client and their requirement, the outcome is certainly up to the level of expectations.

As a plus, once the clients get interested to work with you, they will never change their freelancers.

So, you can get more projects. Hope this article offers wide exposure to freelancers.

All these top 10 Working Tips to get a Job on Freelancer as a Fresher. Once you follow it all you will get success. All the best!!!

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