Best Internet Platforms To Earn Money With Less Efforts

Let us Discuss and Find the Best Internet Platforms to Earn Money by putting some little efforts


Almost every student has faced financial dilemmas during academic life. Some graduates are able to combine studies and work.

Other students have a full schedule in academia, which makes it impossible for them to find a job.

However, there are a plethora of platforms to help a youngster to get back on track in terms of finances.

Starting from cheap essay service, and ending with dropshipping, a student is to earn at least some pocket cash for entertainment, rent, utilities, groceries, or whatsoever.

Meaning by that there are surely ways you can earn money online these days.

Internet Platforms to Earn Money

And you don’t necessarily need to use websites that demand to be a clicker and consume lots of time clicking and making insignificant money.

Making money online is not as difficult as most of the students consider it. However, it requires discipline.

What is more, anyone who is interested in making money online should pursue the platforms, which are close to their engagement.

We analyzed the most credible and down-to-earth platforms that are to help you to earn money without lots of training and created the list of them.


19 Best Platforms On the Internet to Earn Money:


#1. Sell your abilities on Fiverr:

Sell Your Abilities in Fiverr

This is one of the best Internet platforms to earn money online for free.

Fiverr allows you to propose any type of service that you are good at and earn money from it. The interface is pretty simple, easy, and user-friendly.

It is created for users like students who have burning ambitions to work from home and make easy money.

A plethora of people became successful thanks to Fiverr, and even though you get stuck with the idea of how to make money there?

By browsing Fiverr’s marketplace, you are to find a variety of novel ideas that are to help you to get started.

The most significant part of this website is that Fiverr is totally free of charge, which allows you to make money without any investment.

Required Skills:

Nothing in particular

Average Gig Price:

$5 – $500

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $5000


#2. Start Writing for Blogs, Websites:

Offer Writing Services

This is a broad topic for the reason that freelancers may well do everything.

Topics for writing are endless because bloggers and webmasters constantly seek for new unique, proper, and qualitative content for their blogs and websites, and the return connection with the customers.

In order to become an article writer, all you need is outstanding writing abilities and to be able to search the Internet rapidly to find the relevant information.

In our humble opinion, this is the best way to make money online while being a student.

Not only does it help you to sustain yourself, but also it helps to develop writing skills, vocabulary, and keyboard typing.

There is a diversity of websites where you can earn money by offering your service. However, the most credible ones are Freelancer, Constant-Content, Upwork.

In the beginning, you may well be paid $5 per one page, but don’t be embarrassed.

Your rate will increase once you have good reviews and high trustworthiness, quality of the work, and accomplishing proper instructions and meeting deadlines.

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Required Skills:

English Writing

Average Price:

up to $100 per article

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $5000


#3. Become a Freelancer:


One of the best internet platforms to earn money from home is to become a freelancer. Whether you are a writer, editor, finance manager, or designer, freelancing is for you.

The main thing is to think about what you are good at, and by erasing the least useful skills for an online job, you will find your field and will be able to sustain yourself.

As to the perks of such work: just imagine, you will not have any boss above you, you can work anywhere you like, you will have a flexible schedule, which is vitally important while being a graduate.

Visit sites like UpWork, Fiverr, etc., and sign up for freelancing job positions.

Important to admit that various sites have diverse payment gateway options, schedules, and terms of conditions; pick the one you like the most, and that suits you the best.

Also, don’t forget to create a good profile, depicting and emphasizing your strongest sides and prior work.

Kindly ask people to leave reviews after your assignment is completed. Work for the reputation for the first time, and it will certainly pay off.

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Required Skills:

Identify Yourself

Average Task Price:

$5 – $500

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $2000


#4. Begin Publishing Videos on YouTube:

Start Youtube Channel

Being a part of the YouTube global community, you can make money online without lots of effort.

Just make sure that your content is interesting and unique; you don’t necessarily need to create technical videos; it could be anything from comical, humorous to thoughtful ones.

As to the partners of YouTube, there is a myriad of them, but the most believable one is Adsense.

Meaning by that after you record a video, you should upload it on YouTube. But if you want to get good money from it, you have to monetize the content you produce.

That’s when Adsense comes. It promotes your video to other users and depending on the number of views, and you earn money. The more people watch the video you created, the more you earn.

Simple as that. Even though professional YouTubers possess a lot of solid electronic stuff as cameras, tripods, etc., before becoming successful, they tended to use simple cameras, even smartphones.

  • Homemakers might think of launching a cookery show, showing the viewers their unique and spectacular meals.
  • If you are up to some beauty stuff, you can create a beauty blog, people who lead such blogs are getting overnight success.
  • Moreover, if you are a gym-savvy, you are likely to start a gym-related blog, recording your workouts, providing viewers some tips and tricks, and offering individual cooperation.

So, as you can see, the opportunity of YouTube blogging is eternal and various.

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Required Skills:

Video making

Average Task Price:

$1 – $500

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $2000


#5. Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin:

It goes without saying that cryptocurrencies confidently remain the top-notch position in the globe in terms of trading and whatsoever.

Even though Bitcoin is generally agreed to be at a very elementary stage, if you spend some time deepening your knowledge about it, you will end up making solid money.

Fortunately, you may well find most of the information regarding cryptocurrencies online. We highly encourage you to spend the first week learning about them before you start doing trades, investments, and so forth.

Considering the fact that the market is new and a plethora of people are getting in, you are to expect a lot of progress in the foreseeable future.

As to the platform, we recommend you to have a glance at Coinbase, which is widely believed to be the world’s largest Bitcoin broker.

Coinbase supports patrons in over thirty countries and allows you to purchase cryptocurrency by debit card, bank transfer, and many more.

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Required Skills:

Basic Internet Knowledge

Average Earnings:

$1 – $5

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $1000


#6. Take Online Paid (Surveys) Examinations:

Online Paid Surveys

Paid surveys can be considered as the most adaptable and best internet platforms to earn money suitable for all kinds of people.

When it comes to the explanation, one is to acknowledge that there is a variety of companies, which pay users for their point of view on popular goods and services.

It works in that way: a company sends its products or services for free to participants of the survey for testing their goods.

If you think of this method of making money, make sure you read their terms of services as many programs accept participants from delineated countries like the US, Australia, Germany, and so on.

Online surveys are being adopted by most of the college students globally and are considered a great source of income. You can make a considerable volume of revenue by working in the genuine paying sites.

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Required Skills:

Basic Internet Knowledge

Average Earnings:

$1 – $5 per survey

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $1000


#7. Record a Podcast on Behalf of Businesses:

Record Podcast

Podcasts are top-rated right now, for obvious reasons. It is well-known that our lives get busy, and for this reason, more and more people are seeking ways to absorb content.

And even though it will take some time to attract a big audience and advertisers, this is a good investment for the future.

John Lee Dumas, for instance, makes a questioning for entrepreneurs every day for his podcast, which is called Entrepreneur on Fire.

As a result, he stated that he has made up to $13 million since the program was launched in 2012.

Moreover, the podcast market is continuously growing and is looking for new, unique, and quality content.

It is like creating a YouTube channel, where you tell exciting stories to your viewers or listeners. The most important thing is to find your niche you are proficient in.

Come up with some ideas you would like to talk about and look for them in Google Trends, for instance, to see whether there is a lot of channels related to that topic or not.

What is more, you will need the right tools to make money recording podcasts. In the very beginning, you don’t have to break your bank buying costly equipment. However, at least you will have to buy a microphone and computer program to record your voice in a good way.

As to the potential interviewee, you can easily find them on Facebook and Twitter. After you find your respondents, put a short email pattern where you describe your aims, intentions, who you are, what your program is about, and the questions you are going to ask them.

Once your job is done, think of platforms where you would like to upload your content. We recommend considering using iTunes, SoundCloud, or Spotify.


#8. Test Websites for Usability and Improvements:

Website Tester

Everyone probably had faced a situation when the design of some websites looked weird and had lots of things to improve.

Fortunately, a myriad of website owners wants to hear your takes. Moreover, they are fully ready to pay you a generous amount of money for it.

The prices vary; however, it is widely agreed to pay approximately $30 per one hour.

In order to examine websites, you will likely be asked to visit the website and write down your opinions on its usability as you go through it.

If you are interested in making money online by means of testing websites, visit such services as UserTesting.com or TestingTime.

Generally, a website tester can earn up to $100 per website that you complete successfully.  Many brands and MNCs invest huge money in testing their websites to check various factors.

Because online websites play an integral part of the brand such as reach, audience engagement, etc. A good looking website can get more visibility online and attract customers thus increased sales.

Required Skills:

Testing Software and Online Tools

Average Earnings:

$10 – $50 per site

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $500


#9. Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Amazon MTurk

Amazon provides the world’s best internet platforms to earn money and one of the great services that allow you to earn money online is by doing paid tasks.

Meaning by that each task requires some human interaction, for example, rating search results, correcting spelling, or fundamental translating.

Mturk is the world’s largest micro job sites that offer micro-tasks for people to earn in their free time.

It is a crowdsourcing website like Crowdflower, ClickWorker where users get paid for tasks one.

The businesses from various parts of the World submit Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT) to this site.

Then, on the other side, the worker’s register an account and start choosing the available HITs to work. On successful completion, the users will be paid. A minimum of $20 is required to get paid via PayPal.

Most of the HITs do not require any special skill or talent. Also, there are millions of HITs available at any time.

The main goal is to prevent chaos in searching and make it more user-friendly.

That’s why you can complete such assignments from anywhere you want and can, and be a part of the world’s largest e-retailer community.


#10. Create an Instagram Account and Increase Your Followers:

Use Instagram To Make Money

Do you know that top-notch brands, largest companies, etc., are willing to pay at least $500 per post to people who have a broad audience?

Indisputably it is hard to build up a vast Instagram audience, but if you already have an Instagram account, you can gain the audience and start making solid money.

Pay close attention to the camera of your gadgets and start being an influencer.

Instagram, a part of the Facebook community is one of the emerging identical platforms like Twitter.

With over a billion users, Instagram had turned out to be the best aspiring platform for marketers.

There are multiple ways you can earn money from Instagram while studying in a college or a school.

You can work as an influencer by writing sponsored posts on behalf of the brands. Else, work as an affiliate marketer by selling other merchant products or services.

Moreover, you can create an account and become an entrepreneur to sell your own products or services.

It provides great internet platforms to earn money especially for college students who wish to earn some money to fill their wallets.


#11. Take Photos and Sell on Online Websites:

Sell Photos on the Internet

Possess a camera? Is photography your passion or hobby? Try to sell your pics on some photo stock platforms.

It works in that way: when the picture you submitted is approved by the admins of the stock, it is available to be bought by anyone.

The more people buy your photo, the bigger the passive income you will have.

Needless to say that if you gain broad fans of your art, you will have more chances to earn more by increasing prices of your craft, and to do a vast portfolio, which, in turn, will open the doors to your future photography career.

What is more, considering the fact that you are a student, some of the stocks may well pay you more for the photos or to give you some perks and useful discounts for, let’s say adobe subscription or whatsoever.

To learn more, check Shutterstock and Alamy websites.

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Required Skills:

Photography and Editing Software

Average Earnings:

$5 – $50 per photo download

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $500


#12. Become a Tutor of English Language:

Language Tutor From Home

English as a second language is a hot topic nowadays for the reason that even though there are lots of tutors, the quality of education might not be as good as it is expected.

Not only is it an excellent chance to travel around the world in the future, but it is also a great way to make decent money online.

Just imagine that people from the UAE, for instance, are ready to pay $30 per hour to learn language from the natives online.

To get more information about such type of job, check out websites such as Indeed, Learn4Good, and Remote.co.

Online Tutoring becomes one of the most adaptable jobs for educated people across the world.

If you possess sound knowledge in any subject, you can start teaching others online from your home.

There are many sites like TutorVista, Tutor (dot) me, provides a platform to meet students and teachers.

You can earn up to $50 an hour working as a tutor from home. English is the most demand coach in this decade.

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Required Skills:

Subject Knowledge

Average Earnings:

$10 – $50 per hour

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $500


#13. Transcribe Audio and Video:

A plethora of work fields such as doctors, lawyers, and journalists are in need of someone who can help them to transcribe what has been said in the questioning they conducted.

So, while working remotely and listening to the audios and writing down the interview, you can earn money by this kind of job.

The majority of services tend to pay approximately $20 per hour of transcribed audio.

If you would like to give a try, have a glance at Transcribe Anywhere, Tigerfish, and Rev.

Required Skills:

Online Editing Software

Average Earnings:

$10 – $50 per task

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $500


#14. Become an Article Proofreader:

Getting back to writing, we could not omit editors. Not only does remote editing pay good money, but it also allows you to read various topics.

If you are proficient in writing and usually get high grades in writing essays in college, university, or whatsoever, this job is definitely for you.

Moreover, you can find a myriad of jobs in prestigious corporations, who look for people to write, edit, or proofread articles.

For job offers, visit Contena.

Required Skills:

English Grammar, Writing Skills

Average Earnings:

$10 – $50 per site

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $500


#15. Write Essays for College Students:

One more thing concerning writing, which, in turn, lets you earn money, thus creating a lot of best internet platforms to earn money.

What is more, you can receive even more if you are prone to be an admission essay editor.

It is known that every year a plethora of students have to write an admission written discourse to depict their ability to talk, write, and so forth.

You will always have a job, especially if you acquire a good database of students.

Plus, parents are ready to pay decent money to edit papers that their kids have written. Check out positions at Scribendi and Essay Edge, or feel free to offer your service on Craiglist.

Required Skills:

English Grammar, Writing Skills

Average Earnings:

$10 – $50 per site

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $500


#16. Become a Data Analyst for Companies:

If you are good at numbers and are willing to earn some money, then this job is great.

Working as a Data Analyst is not that time-consuming opportunity to make yourself a portfolio related to data analysis.

Lots of companies seek people who are good at data analysis.

The most popular platforms to offer your services are Flexjobs and TopTal.

Required Skills:

Internet Knowledge, Writing Skills

Average Earnings:

$1 – $5 per site

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $500


#17. Sell your Songs Online:

If you got a thing for songs, lyrics, melodies, and beats, then you can try yourself in this field being a songwriter or selling beats.

In order to start selling your stuff, check the SoundBetter website.

Aside from that, such sites as MusicBed, Marmoset, and Music Vine are superb for authorizing your melodies to shows, movies, etc.

Required Skills:

Vocal skill, Writing

Average Earnings:

$10 – $50 per song

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $500


#18. Edit Videos Online for Youtubers, Podcasters:

If your thing is creating videos or improving them, you can find a remote job in this sphere.

These days, lots of people are seeking specialists to help to advance their raw motion pictures into popular and growing content.

So, if you possess the right software, you can earn money online as a video editor. To learn more, go to Mandy.com or ProductionHub.

Required Skills:

Videos Making and Editing Skills

Average Earnings:

$10 – $50 per videos

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $500


#19. Do Email Marketing for Companies, Small Businesses:

If you think that email marketing is your thing but don’t know what to start with, here, you will find a short guide.

Firstly, you have to set up an email computer program. Then you should attract subscribers by creating a lead magnet.

It is often suggested that you can assume to earn $1 per subscriber per month.

You can easily reach one thousand subscribers, which will give you one thousand dollars monthly.

However, the most important thing is to keep your patrons, meaning that you don’t have to spam them every day. Check Mister Spoils and TheSkimm for more information.

Required Skills:

English Grammar, Writing Skills

Average Earnings:

$100 – $200 per client

Average Potential (monthly):

up to $1000


The Bottom Line

Even though there are a variety of scam websites that don’t let to earn money, there are still lots of credible ones.

Where a student, applying his or her abilities, usually obtained in academia, may well earn money for entertainment, shopping, or clothes.

To ensure that jobs are looked for by different people with different skills, the list of the most diverse jobs has been designed.

Starting from writing and ending from audio transcription, one is definitely to find something that suits perfectly.

Surprisingly enough, the aforementioned internet platforms to earn money do not require lots of time, nor effort to get started and earn money.

What is more, one is likely to be involved in different jobs from the list at the same time by reason of their flexibility and diversity.

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