TOP 12 Best Online Payment Gateway in India: 2023 Review

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Mar 20, 2023



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Here’s the list of the best online payment gateways for your business purpose.

In technical words, convenience and security are the biggest perks of all aspects.

Before the transactions are made on stream, the difficulties in money transactions between banks, the time for happening, and the cost for negotiation over the wide network were made challenging.

But, now everything is made possible by the on-stream platform.

Never mind how great the e-commerce environment may appear, work achieving success in an online venture may eminently depend upon the renders.

It’s our turn to attract, fill the visitors, and keep them tuned where it can be built by accessible remittance.

Online Payment Gateway allows the merchant to accept card (Credit, Debit, Net Banking) details securely by connecting the payment processor and merchant account providers.

Online Payment Gateway Services
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Gateways are payment services typically provided for an additional charge, that processes card [credit/debit] on stream through an e-commerce site or its terminal emulation.

In other words, the Online Payment Gateway is highly secured by its encryption standards and it is highly recommended. Of course, the gateway initially starts its work by transferring encrypted data using SSL.

Rather before sending it through the credit card payment system to protect the client’s credit card details in an encrypted format, in such a way that it is inexpedient for the trickster to access the data is placed between the different teams in the payment network.

How does Payment Gateway work?

Simply the payment gateway processors work by

  • Accumulating details from the individual.
  • Authenticating that collected information in a shielded link.
  • Authorization of information.
  • Conclusively the transaction data is verified by the bank and the money from the sale is deposited into the account.

Various options are being provided by the payment gateway which may include Braintree,, remuneration express, trust commerce and it moves on.

The variegated payment gateway providers include:

  • Hosted Payment Gateway
  • Pro/Self-Hosted Payment Portal
  • API/ Non-Hosted Payment Gateways- Payments at Merchant’s site
  • Local bank integration
  • Direct Payment Access
  • Platform-Based Payment audit

Scheduling the various list in the Online Payment Processor in India may be vastly difficult because it requires surveillance, a quick, diverse, and the most reliable gateway to get the best out of the service.

While picking up the online payment gateway across the country and payment processor between country various points to be considered like Security, Reliability, Good Rate, Diversity, Easy Integration, hire Option.

List of Online Payment Gateways in India

1. CCAvenue

CCAvenue is a Commerce Service provider which is one of South India’s largest payment portal providers, authorized by Indian financial institutions, which varies from multiple requital options, multi-currency, real-time merchant services.

They started their business in the year 2001 and recently they overhauled their UI interface for a better user experience. CCAvenue supports almost every Indian bank with multiple payment options.

A secure shopping environment is being provided. The various other benefits that are being provided by CCAvenue are a fast and efficient credit card process, no merchant account required, provides various national and international bank offerings.

Here in the Online Process Gateway solution, CCAvenue provides a secure link between the website, issuing institute, and banks where it is the secure payment processor. The two interfaces provided by the solution include the Variable defrayal Interface, Shopping Cart Interface.

CCAvenue has one of the leading Checkout of India’s websites, where it has thousands of web portals. The quality includes smart dynamic switching, iFrame integration, Multiple Currency Support, and more.


  • Set up Fee: Pro plan: Zero startups | Privilege Plan: Rs. 30000/- INR
  • Annual maintenance fee
  • 8 Major bank’s EMI options
  • Transaction fee: Starting from 2.00%
  • Accepts multiple currencies
  • Accepts international transactions
  • Start your business today with CCAvenue.

2. EBS (Now Ingenico ePayments)

E-Billing Solutions Pvt. Ltd is the first Indian merchant website that is part of Ingenico Group facilities where the shopping is being made on the merchant website and collects the payment from the customers through net banking, credit/debit cards.

EBS provides the most advanced and efficient linked payment collection service for a large variety of e-commerce websites and e-tail shopping platforms in India as well as abroad.

By focusing on innovation and transaction shelter, EBS shapes the global payment solution market.

EBS is certified as a secure payment processor that assembles the online defrayment option by many other environments to a single platform with less technical integration with the merchant website.

The various features provided by the EBS include payment page customization, Plugins for all major Shopping carts, Turbo Checkout, Autopay, Intuitive Analytics, Payment Page Rendering, and Support.


  • Set up Fee: Pro plan: Zero startups | Premium Plan: Price on request.
  • Rs.1200/- annual maintenance fee.
  • 2.00% transaction fee.
  • EMI support on 9 major banks.
  • Accept Visa, Master Card, RuPay, and Maestro payments.
  • Start your business with EBS Solutions today.
surveys pay online

3. PayKun

PayKun payment solutions private limited is one of the Innovative payment gateway platforms for digital payments.

They mainly focus on filling the gap between any kind of business (established or just a startup) and their customers.

PayKun payments help them grow their business by collecting online payments from anywhere globally through its payment gateway and payment links.

They adhere to India’s existing financial laws designed in a way to pass through complex formalities easily (especially for entrepreneurs).

Their online payment interface accepts all major debit cards, credit cards, net banking, Wallets, UPI payment, and QR codes.

PayKun is PCI DSS 3.2.1 Level 1 compliant that provides the best security standard to ensure all transactions are safe and secured.

Every financial transaction is therefore encrypted with 256-bit AES standards for high safety.

PayKun Highlights:

  • Truly No Maintenance Charges and Hidden charges.
  • No Setup and/or Integration Fees for creating an account.
  • A flat 2% fee per transaction plus applicable GST.
  • Fast online Onboarding without any physical paperwork
  • Customer/Client support via call, email, and chat.
  • It provides a fast settlement process to the Merchants.
  • Get a Smart Dashboard with all types of transaction analytics and comparisons. And manage all functions from one place.
  • The customer-client differences can be resolved easily with its Dispute Resolution Centre.

4. Citrus Pay

Citrus pay is leading India’s fastest growing finite company with a particular technology focus on mobile and digital payment throughout the nation to make the customers more comfortable in the peculiar shopping sector.

It started its operations in April 2011 and has more than an 800Million users and growing aggressively in India.

The company is the first to bring out the industry’s first payment solution such as 1-Click Checkout, Wallet For Cabs, Consumer Analytics, Native Mobile App Payments, And Many More.

In citrus pay, the key features being treated include a supercharged SaaS platform to handle emerging markets and a popular networked consumer wallet.

Admirable features incorporate a Single Management Panel, Dynamic pricing, Email Invoicing, and EMI, all the transactions that are being made with it are only a virtual payment address, ensuring that our money is in sheltered hands.

It makes digital outlay simpler and faster, reliable and secures finally interoperability. They support UPI payments across the country.


  • Set up Fee: Zero.
  • No annual maintenance fee.
  • 1.99% + Rs.3 INR transaction fee.
  • EMI support on 9 major banks.
  • Start today with Citrus.

5. Direc Pay

Among the largest Online payment processors, Direc Pay is a revolutionary bank-impartial payment processor for online merchants in India.

It is highly secured in such a way that it uses a merchant-centric payment gateway service, robust technology environment, and cost-effective solution.

Direc Pay will act as a one-stop gateway where merchants can contact on-stream transactions.

The acceptance of transactions can be done in various postures including credit/debit card payments, E-banking, and Mobile Payments.

Since the requital is merchant-centric it will help to receive the payment in a secure environment, from a bouquet of payment in a service offering.

It offers the lowest fee in the Online spending environment which will make some distinct advantages to driving linked business in India.

Some eccentric features of direc include Multiple Access Mode, Saving on Infrastructure, Payment Alerts, Merchant Account not Mandatory, T+2 Fund Settlement, Overnight Integration, and Watertight security.

At the level of surety, it is being certified by PCI DSS, VeriSign Secure, Verified by Visa and Master card secure code, Robust data integration, and inbuilt fraud detection measures (Fraudulent Customers, Fraudulent Merchants, Any Suspicious Activities).

Adding together the work of direc pay includes

  • Dropped transaction tracking
  • Reintegrated shopping cart,
  • Robust risk and Fraud Management
  • Real-time MIS
  • In-depth Analytics.

6. Instamojo

Instamojo is the Multi-Channel Payment Processor For India, it is India’s leading full-stack transactional platform for MSMEs.

Instamojo is a zero-integration payment service that lets you collect the payment with the help of just a link.

Instamojo is a simple and easiest  Online payment gateway for any kind of developer.

It can be combined with any website with any stack, where the payments are made simply by API with well-defined documentation and SDK’s platform.

The payments in Instamojo can be by Credit/Debit card payments, Net-banking, EMI, Wallets, and UPI. It supports Rupay, VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX cards.

The payments are made at a very high speed, with optimized checkout.

It uses a smart payment processor distribution system that allows us to split payments between you and your partners in various manners.

OnlineHomeIncome personally uses Instamojo for all our transactions. We had been in the business with them for more than 3 years months and so far we never had a negative experience with them.

Their easy to use interface provides an option to create a direct payment link to send our customers to collect direct particular payments at ease. 

Additional features include:

  • Easy sharing options, fully secured payment processor
  • The low payment failure rate
  • Dispute resolution center
  • Digital file hosting center
  • A trendy offer is a free tool for small businesses
  • 3% transaction fee for every transaction.
  • Start your Instamojo business today.


EaseBuzz is another notable online payment gateway platform for use by all businesses in India. They have the best software platform to collect customer or client payments online and instantly.

They provide online payment solutions for both individuals and enterprises. EaseBuzz is one of the best platforms for all businesses for online money transfers.

Both business establishments, individual merchants, and affiliate marketers can make use of this platform for all payment solutions.

They let you sell physical items, digital items, and services through their platform.

You can easily create payment links and circulate them through various digital platforms like Whatsapp, Text SMS, or any social media.

Multiple payment options are also available such as they accept all major debit cards, credit cards, and UPI payments.

Creating an account with them is completely free and you need not pay any service charges until your first transaction.

All online transactions are highly secured using 128-bit SSL encryption.


  • Real-time tracking and instant invoice generation
  • 100% safe and secure, PCI DSS Compliant
  • Easy Payment Link Creation
  • A customizable Payment Gateway page
  • Instant account creation and simple KYC process
  • Attractive referral program and incentives

8. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net processes is a United States-based payment gateway provider, it is well suited for companies varying from small and medium-sized merchants.

It is one of the safest gateway helping the merchant accept online payments, with a fraud detection suite.

It also provides Advanced Fraud Detection Suite that identifies, manages, and prevents the suspected fraudulent transaction from causing issues.

It is a non-profit organization, and it combines the reduced margins, to accept donations and payments at a varyingly low rate. Here, the margin is flat and fixed, so you always get good offers.

It provides MCC(Merchant Category Code) to classify the different business that accepts their cards.

It is the hooked-up transaction method that accepts credit card and electronic checks from websites and pays the amount by itself to the respective merchant account, thus saving time, and transaction charges.

Here, mobile transactions are also accepted that would accept the credit card payment securely, which is the secure payment processor.

The main goal is customer satisfaction, so it uses the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that gathers the review across a range of social media sites.

The main added features include Automated Recurring Billing, Customer Information Manager, Fraud Detection Suite, and Net.


  • Set up Fee: $49.
  • $25 monthly maintenance fee.
  • 2.9% + 30cents fee per transaction.
  • No hidden fees/charges.
  • Create an Authorize dot net account.

International Online Payment Gateway Solutions

With the growth of the Internet and its technology, the world has shrunken to a palm. Payments between the countries are not at all time-consuming processes with the introduction of international payment processors.

They operate very similar to payment gateways, collecting payments from customers and converting them into merchant country currencies, and depositing the money to their local bank account.

For example, we need to pay for our servers hosted in the United States. Our country’s currency is INR whereas the United States was Dollars. Sixty-five Indian rupees equals one US dollar.

We use PayPal to pay our recurring server bills where PayPal debits the fund from our Indian bank account and converts INR into US dollars to deposit in their merchant account.

This process is instant and depositing may take 2 – 3 business days. We will see the International payment processors further in this article and see which one suits your business purposes.

9. PayPal

PayPal is an American company that started in December 1998 and operates worldwide where it is the all-in-one online allowance solution that is both merchant and processor.

It is the electronic commerce system that operates its payment through connected fund transfers and accepts both credit card and debit card payments across the world.

Here security regards other protection if unauthorized regulation occurs it will notice quickly when you have concerns that will help to your limit of liability. The payment will be made through credit/debit cards, mobile banking, and more.

PayPal provides end-to-end payment solutions for online and mobile platforms, to help grow your business. The payments can be done in a parallel manner that involves a sender making one payment to multiple recovers.

In most cases, the stock is what mainly matters, here Stock Simulator is our free test to increase in trading skills. Added we have Social Payment services link the user to directly link the user’s bank account or card information.

Additional features include virtual currency, returned payment fee, and credit card authorized to use. It is the leading e-commerce website builder, that customizes, and manages the website, loaded with marketing features.

You can register a free account with PayPal (both individual and business accounts are available). Minimum transaction fee is 3.4% + $0.3 USD for merchant payments.

Their buyer protection policy offers a great solution to protect buyers from fraudulent activities with the merchants.

10. Payza

Payza is a global online payment gateway, where an e-wallet connects you to the world. It’s the first company to use Bitcoin for sending and receiving payments.

It is an extremely easy way to make transactions networked by  Online Payment methods since you can send the money anywhere around the country for free.

The flexibility of loading and withdrawal gives you the choice which makes you get money faster, easier, and cheaper with Payza.

Payza e-wallet via an e-currency exchanger allows converting E-coins into real currency (you may use only exchangers authorized by Payza).

Just like payment gateway provider like Payza is also widely used for transaction shopping and other platforms where a transaction is being secured and enable the user to accept the payment via ACH transfers, bank wires, cashier’s check, bitcoin, etc.

Payza management also guarantees to keep the platform simple, international, versatile, and secure.

The services such as

  • Global Remittance
  • Corporate Disbursements
  • Payroll Services
  • Gateway For Online Shopping Payments

11. Payoneer

Payoneer is an international money transfer financial service company, that provides online money transfer and digital payment services. It is also used by the e-commerce marketplace worldwide.

Payoneer is a fast, flexible, secure, and low-cost solution in both developing and developed platforms to get paid at all levels.

The funds are transferred worldwide from companies to a local bank account in INR at a low cost. It is highly suitable for small businesses to international companies.

Payoneer is not only for online sellers it’s also for freelancers to get payment from a foreign country for freelancing works. They support the largest number of different country currencies.

Their unique features are the lowest rates, multiple currency support, free registration, and multiple business support.

The security features include

  • Data Protection
  • Password Protection
  • Phishing Emails
  • Protecting the mobile device
  • Reporting Fraud
  • Suspected Phishing attempts
  • Register one account

12. Skrill

Skrill is a UK-based company that is an e-commerce business that allows payment and transactions through the internet.

It is one of the leading companies which is registered as a Money Service Business. It is majorly used by big business people and Skrill provides the premium membership card for the customers who produce the highest turnover.

Additional features are offered but Skrill includes Multi-currency, armor Tokens, etc. If the transaction wants to be cheaper Skrill is the best.

The various use of Skrill is transferring the amount, online shopping, and receiving money online. Skrill enables customers to securely and cost-effectively send and receive payments.

The security system in Skrill includes transaction monitoring, SMS transaction verification for cardholders, and a dedicated anti-fraud team.

Skrill features include:

Final Notes

Money transactions for both businesses and personnel becoming easier with the use of these payment processors and gateways. All people were using smartphones and the Internet which enables them the easy transaction.

This industry is still growing to find a new dimension and now, we have options to pay with Mobile wallets and UPI. These are called Digital payments which the Indian Government is pushing harder to empower digital India.

We have compared and picked up the best e-commerce store for selling digital products from the website, where you need a payment gateway to accept payments from your customer.

The comparison here is based on the time taken to set up the products, user interface, cost, options, support, and finally security.

In my personal experience, for every business, payment is the final lead, and success is how you make it as easy as possible to get payments from your customers.

You can use any one of the online payment gateways to your business to collect payment for your services and products.

Do you have any ideas (or) suggestions to share with me about this article? Post them here in the comment section to create a healthy environment.

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