How to Make Money Online in 2024? Top 10 Genuine Ways

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 3, 2024


Earn Money

Online Surveys in India

Learn How to Make Money Online in your Free Time.

Every Indian people were searching the internet to find how to make money online by spending their leisure time to meet their financial situation.

There are two ways to make money either go to a 9 – 5 Day Job (or) working online part-time jobs.

The development of the Internet and its powerful technology have given many ways to make money from the Internet.

It’s not easy making money online today because of heavy competition and so many people and headlines scrambling here and there all over the internet.

This causes a shift in our attention through finding new reputable sources of income over the internet.

How to Make Money Online
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How to make money from the internet is one of the most notable debates in the online industry.

It’s about finding trusted sources and ways to create an active secondary income. Every one of us needs an additional source of income today.

It also should empower us to save, invest, and get richer in the future.

Making money online shouldn’t be a pleasurable activity because you need to spend more time in your initial stages for a smaller return.

But later after some time, you can put in a little work for the greatest return.

1. How to Make Money Online?

So you may have come to know the importance of making money from the internet and how far it makes your life happy.

The No.1 rule of success to earn money is to spend less money wherever possible.

If you want to grow financially strong, it’s more important to save money than to spend more money.

But where you save money if you do not make money, here you will learn how to make money from the unlimited number of ways available all over on the internet.

Let’s read more to know what are the steps and procedures on how to make money from home.

  1. A personal computer or Laptop with an internet connection
  2. Gmail account to register accounts in the online job portal
  3. Payment processor accounts to get your payments (PayPal and Payza)
  4. Bank account
  5. Pan card (For Indian people)

Once you have all these requirements you can start to work online right today.

Work daily 3 – 4 hours on your computer and earn a lucrative income every month continuously.

Today in this chapter, I am going to explain about succeeding in online jobs which will deliver an enormous amount of value.

2. How Can I Make Money Right Now?

Every successful online business has a tremendous amount of value in them. You need to identify them and work on the alignment to get success.

The first point to avoid is, never to search for quick money as there is no real money without putting much effort.

Making money from the internet takes time and you need enough patience to continue work until you get success.

Many people ask me one repeated question, How to make money online?

And to those, I wanted to say,

  • First, choose a job you can able to do by reading the blog post or an article.
  • Second, do proper Google research to know the job provider’s trust and reputation.
  • Once you are satisfied register an account with them, start working, and earn money.
surveys pay online

3. How to Succeed in Online Money Making?

Many people are often looking for online jobs to earn extra revenue and they drop out after some time.

Because frequently jump to new methods without knowing anything and proper understanding.

Every online job needs time to build a strong base that will make you money even when you are away.

This is the best part of working online from home. Am I sure you must admit it?

People’s expectations are higher and they need money overnight as it is merely not possible in this field. All people should be aware of this.

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Then what is the best working way to get success in making money online from home?

We will read the answer to this question in this article but before you need to know the secret of success in online business.

Here are the ways to follow to reach success in this field.

3.1. Find the Right Job

There are plenty of ways to make money online such as online data entry jobs, form-filling jobs, online tutoring, online ad posting, pay-to-click ads, online surveys, etc.

The first thing is you must justify your ability and ask yourself whether you can able to complete the job after your registration.

Most online jobs are free to register, so people just register an account and leave sooner after seeing no payments or fewer earnings.

Do not quit any online job in a shorter period, you have to put some efforts for a long time.

Because they didn’t understand the concept, they just registered and did blah blah things then quit after a shorter time.

  • Google often to know how the business works.
  • What have you to do after registration?
  • How to grow your account?

This is the right approach in any online business as this is the first step to success.

3.2. Decide your Time and Place

Decide your time

The main purpose of online jobs is the flexibility of doing anytime and anywhere but why I am asking to dedicate some time?

Because online work consumes more time during your initial days and you need to do a lot of tests before getting a leveraged income every single day.

You need to build a small business, get a brand name, and build a relationship to drive a long-term business.

All it needs is some time and you have the spend your time like day jobs.

Give as much as time possible regularly every day in your daily routine.

If you want to quit your crappy day job, then you need to stand strong on your online part-time jobs.

Work daily as much as possible and increase your knowledge in the niche you have chosen.

Scale up every day until you reach your destiny.

3.3. Stand on Your Passion

Working on the internet and earning money from the comfort of your home has been the passion of many people.

However due to a lack of time and money, most people often give up their passion, and the only people who see success are those who stand by their decision.

Let be me honest, I took this online blogging business in 2013, and after lots of ups and downs today in 2024 this blog giving me back what I lost at the beginning?

If you need success in online business, just give up all you have for your passion to drive the ultimate result.

The same passion will be giving you back much more compared to what you thought.

3.4. Difficulties will be on the way

Facing challenges

We are facing difficulties every day of our lives, so it is not a matter when you choose to work online.

You have to face a lot of challenges and difficulties in online business.

You will face challenges in the form of people who not appreciating what you are doing.

Criticize your creativity, judging you will not succeed.

If you have a passion for online money-making, then just pass over these challenges and difficulties.

In the end, your success will tell them what you did.

3.5. Sacrifice Yourself

In online work, you will have to sacrifice a little during your initial stages in terms of money, time, the value of your work, etc., and lots more.

For an early couple of months, you will have to work for nothing. Because you are just learning new things at this stage and of course, you will face more failures over successes.

Never give up, just move on trying again and again until you taste the fruit of success.

Even, though I started this blog with minimal knowledge time and passion taught me new things.

My passion gave me the result more than I expected where am standing today.

3.6. Success Won’t be Overnight


You should have to admit that your passion for how to make money online will not happen right away; rather it will take some time.

If you start a new blog even on a trending niche, you should know that already many gurus in your niche have more knowledge and an in-depth understanding of your field.

They have been in this field for a long time, and you have to learn more and more to achieve.

You will not earn anything until your blog shows up on the first page of your niche.

The online market is really very competitive and building an online presence for making money will take some time.

Work overtime till you have a name on the front page of your niche. Once then the money starts flowing into your bank account.

Now it’s your turn:

So, I have written my own experience which I have passed on the way of my journey in the online money-making field.

All that mattered was time and passion, a strong intention to generate some money online.

Focus on learning new things with pleasure, putting them into action will bring your desired results.

4. Top 10 Ways to Make Money in 2024

On this page, you’ll find all the best ways of making money from your computer during your free spare time.

This is suitable for all groups of people including housewives, job seekers, college students, full-time job goers, and even retired persons who can do these online jobs from home.

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Here are the start-up steps you need to complete before making money online.

4.1. Start a Blog

If you ask for the best ways to make money online? I recommend Blogging. A proven method still.

Perhaps blogging is the most popular way to earn long-term income from home. You can start blogging on any subject matter you are passionate about.

It only takes a couple of minutes to purchase a Domain, Hosting, and WordPress Theme.

After your blog is set up, start exploring your blog with unique quality content on the niche, drive potential traffic from different available sources, and convert them into money.

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4.1.1. Find a niche and start a blog

Earn Money with Google

Every online business becomes a successful one if they find a way to travel.

If you wish to make online money, then first you need to set up your blog on a popular niche.

Search on Google for the recent popular niche and register a domain name.

The blog is your virtual home where you are going to set up your workplace to earn money.

Without a blog, it is an almost worthless plan for earning online.

Don’t build a blog on a sub-domain like, create a blog with your custom domain name like

4.1.2. Build your blog

Start adding content by writing new research articles based on your targeted niche will add authority over time which in turn brings more visitors to your blog. More visitors mean more conversions and more income.

4.1.3. Monetize your blog

After content marketing, you should perform SEO and Digital Marketing to drive traffic that includes different sources available such as social sharing, blog commenting, social bookmarking, etc.

Concentrate on SEO activities and drive traffic from Search Engines.

Once your blog starts to receive a steady flow of traffic, use any of the blog monetization methods to make money from your blog.

There are different monetization methods available to make online income. Some of them are:

  1. Google Ad Sense program
  2. Google alternatives such as Bing Ads, Chitika
  3. Text links ad networks such as Bidvertiser, Adbrite, and info links
  4. Affiliate marketing program
  5. Selling your products
  6. Selling ad spaces directly to advertisers

All this is possible only if you have a blog that receives decent traffic from different sources every day. Say at least 500 visitors each day will earn you a decent income every month.

Action Part 1

1: Write your Passion topic and the Internet.

2: Register a domain with Raj Softech Solutions.

3: Purchase Hosting and Premium WordPress Theme.

4: Install the theme, create a professional design. Start writing articles and publish them on your blog.

5: Drive traffic, grow your blog audience and Install Google Adsense.

4.2. Online Surveys

An increasingly popular way that is best suitable for college students, housewives, part-time job seekers, and others who wish to make part-time income from home was taking online surveys.

Your voice and opinions have the power to make money, and this can be used by marketing companies to improve their product and service quality.

For a few minutes answering questions, means form filling, and you can make some dollars every day without investment.

4.2.1. How to join surveys?

Marketing companies do not invite you to participate in their survey campaign because they don’t have time to organize things.

Research companies will take part in conducting surveys on behalf of these companies. So as a member, we have to register a free account with these survey companies.

After registration, don’t forget to complete your profile surveys because this will be used to evaluate your profile whenever a survey opportunity comes in.

4.2.2. How to work?

After you complete your profile surveys, just wait for a survey invitation via your mail ID.

Whenever a new survey comes in, your profile will be processed for eligibility and once if it meets their requirements, they will send you an invitation mail.

Just click the link in the mail and attend the survey. After successful completion, you will be rewarded either with cash or gift vouchers.

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4.3. Write and Sell E-books

amazon kindle

If you know how to write in detail about a topic or a subject, then consider writing E-books. You can also sell online courses for extra money.

This technical market always seeks new minds on the same topic to think and work from a different angle. This led to helping you to make some additional revenue.

It is a great source of passive income but it does require a large amount of effort at the beginning stages before it generates money.

You can sell your ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle program or Apple’s iTunes Connect, where there is a great deal of market among people.

You can list your book from $ 2 to $ 10 for selling online and earn up to 70% of the sale made through Amazon.

There is no need to invest extra money but it does take more time to write a quality E-book on the topic.

You should know marketing too as you are the direct seller of your product.

You can even use your blog to promote your E-book by adding a payment gateway to your blog.

Driving your site visitors to your E-book lead page and convert them into your buyers.

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4.4. Convert your E-books into Audiobooks

You can convert your E-books into audiobooks in audible, which it become the new trend in technical academics.

Audiobooks have grown popular recently over digital e-books because people are turning to see the video and hear audio notes when coming to technical subjects.

Once you made E-books hire a producer who can convert your E-book into an audiobook.

Hire a producer either through a royalty share so that you can hold him up for a long time for your future projects also.

You can get help from an online resource such as Audible’s ACX platform to convert your ebook into an audiobook.

4.5. Create an Android or Windows App

Though it is a technical part and if you have the right app development skills, doing this job going to be a significant undertaking.

Developing apps are a great source of passive income when done in the right way.

You can develop an app on any subject you know about. Even you can create an app for your blog or website and market via Google Play Store.

You can reach a huge audience of smartphone users with apps that will earn you residual income.

However it requires you to invest more time and money to transform your app to perform a great way user-friendly.

But once done with the right approach money will start flowing into your pocket every day.

4.6. Use Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk from Amazon offers a lot of online income opportunities for all people.

There are thousands of Micro-jobs available in their program and it requires real human power to complete the job.

Normally this work is called a HIT (Human Intelligence Task) and this can be done by anyone.

Some HITs require special skills and most require minimal experience. Payment will vary on the HITs chosen.

Various HITs are available ranging from one cent to a few dollars and it depends on the nature of the job.

You can earn small cash but if you do together a few hundred HITs you can earn a bit of decent money online with this website.

Usually, they pay via PayPal or Cheque.

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4.7. Place Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place where employers can meet their employees and also they have the freedom to choose any employee based on their requirements.

There are lots of part-time jobs available in Fiverr including graphic design, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, web design, PHP coding, Web development, etc.

You have to offer gigs on Fiverr starting at $5 per project. You can sell a wide variety of services and products through your gigs on Fiverr.

Before submitting your Gigs, you must know that you can able to complete them on time and post only what you can.

Making money from Fiverr takes much time at the initial stage and once you have reached a place then the money starts flowing.

4.8. Sell Your Service in UpWork or 99designs

Well, you know about these two sites Upwork and 99designs are the two greatest resources for selling any professional services or product under one roof.

If you have any experience in any field then you can come forward to sell your services through these sites.

You can sell your designs on 99Designs whereas Upwork applies to all services professionally.

Like other online jobs, the starting stage is a bit difficult until you have a significant track record and huge positive reviews.

Find the successful people in your niche and work for them with your model to get a good record.

4.9. Create a Video on YouTube

YouTube from Google is a great way to make money online without investment. YouTube partnered with Google Ad Sense to let its user earn some money from their creative or tutorial videos.

You can easily start a YouTube Channel by reading this literature and creating awesome, useful videos that attract more visitors to view and share.

You won’t get rich overnight in this method, but creating engaging and informative tutorial videos and posting them on sites like YouTube could make you passive income in the long term.

i.) Find a proper niche and stick to it.

ii.) Create videos aligning your niche and post on your YouTube channel.

ii.) Promote your video channel by targeting the right audience and let them view your video.

Do not copy other videos or audio including any copyright materials will violate their terms and conditions leading to a permanent banning for monetization.

It requires time to prepare a creative video and promote it in the right market will make you a great passive income for the long term.

4.10. Write Articles for Blogs

Last idea, but a golden idea yes, writing articles for a niche blog is a better way to make money online and also will help you to develop your knowledge.

There are various skill levels required when it comes to writing articles, and you could always find a writing job based on your skill level.

In the beginning, you will not be compensated much even if you wrote a quality article. But show your talent in your initial stages.

Once you have a proper portfolio built for your work, the money will come your way.

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You can also do other related works such as copywriting for other articles, emails, or other sales-related content that will add up to your income.

Last thoughts,

Making money online has always been a passion for every person looking for a stable secondary income at home.

However, finding the right way to start was the biggest task that most people failed to succeed in online jobs.

After reading this article, I can be sure that you will get some idea of where you can get success after a certain time.

Always remember one thing, making money online will not happen overnight and it does take some time. Work with patience and you will deserve what you looked for.

FAQ: Money Making Android App

How can I make money right now?

The Internet provides a great platform for every person to make money online. I have recommended a few online platforms, and websites to make some money from the Internet.
Online Surveys
Write and Sell E-books
Convert your E-books into Audiobooks
Create an Android or Windows App
Use Amazon Mechanical Turk
Place Gigs of Fiverr
Sell Your Service in UpWork or 99Designs
Create a Video on YouTube
Write Articles for Blog

What are the Requirements to Make Money Online?

Like every job, it also requires some equipment and tools to start making money. The following are the important requirements to get started.
A personal computer or laptop
Gmail account
Payment processor (PayPal)
Bank Account

How to Succeed in Online Money-Making?

If you choose to work online, then work with the proper strategy and procedure to start making money.
Find the Right Job
Decide your Time and Place
Stand on your Passion
Difficulties will be on the way
Sacrifice Yourself
Success won’t come overnight


In this article, I have shared with you 10 Legitimate ways on Making Money Online [4.1 to 4.10].

Each method has its own strategy. I hope you spent enough time to read and understand each method.

Comment me here, which method you preferred the most to start so that I can mentor you to start today.

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