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10 Best Paying Work from Home Jobs that Really Pay

  • 06 March, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

Many People opt for Work From Home Jobs in the Recent Decade, let’s analyze

In the last few years, more people opt for work from home jobs as their comfortable career option.

It’s because the latest technologies and the fastest internet connection has provided a lot of opportunities.

Work in the home may not suitable for everyone, but of course, there are some perks even.

Being a home employee doesn’t need to commute to the office, reduce transportation costs, coworker distractions, etc.

Does it sound appealing right? You may want to read more in this article to know the list of paying work at home jobs.

Work from home jobs without investment

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In today’s world, many companies feel it as the best and cost-effective solution to get their work done on the stipulated time.

Few jobs involve your work for other clients or company and some may be able to start own business.

You can earn full-time revenue by working in your home and at the same time spending time with your family.

Especially, females after their marriage quit their day job to handle their family responsibilities.

Luckily, the internet provides them a chance to restart their career from their home along with managing their family.


How can I actually make money from home?

There are multiple ways to earn additional revenue by working from home that requires nill investment.

It is suitable for a home mom, a college student, a housewife, or any who just want to earn some extra revenue.

By spending your free time in your home, you can find a suitable job based on your skills and knowledge.

A quick internet search can help you find a job easily but aware of the work from home scams.

Few people ask you to pay some upfront to assign the job and then go away with your money.

To start making money by working from home, you should prepare certain things in your home.

If you are choosing a graphic design job, you need a computer, and software like adobe photoshop, illustrator, etc.

Similarly, web camera, skype, headphones are needed for starting a career as an online tutor.

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Now, let’s discuss the various opportunities available for the people to start their career from home.


What Kind of Work Can I Do From Home?

In this article, let me explain to you the Top 10 work from home jobs to earn money from the Internet.

There are a lot of benefits when working from home for both the employee and the employer.

A study states that people are more productive when they work in their homes or any other place.

Let’s discuss the top 10 work from home ideas for students, housewives, stay at home moms, etc.

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#1. Become a Blogger:

If you ask me what is the best work at home option? My first choice would be Blogging.

I am a full-time blogger who started this blog in 2013 and now earning a decent six-digit income every month.

I have earned over Rs.50,00,000 with my blog in the course of 7 years of blogging.

The basic requirement to become a blogger is to have the interest and the passion for a trending niche.

Then, you have to purchase a domain name, web hosting and a premium WordPress theme to start blogging.

Start writing articles by doing proper keyword research and publish on your blog frequently.

Drive potential visitors to your blog and monetize using different methods like Google Adsense, Selling Products, etc.

My first choice is integrating Google Adsense and earn money by displaying contextual display advertisements.

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I have written a dedicated and detailed article that explains the step by step procedures in starting a blog.


#2. Content Writer:

In this digital world, all businesses have their own website which is being used for sales and marketing.

The entire print media depends a lot on content writers who deliver the required content for their business.

This is one of the best work from home jobs suitable mostly for housewives, college students to earn in their free time.

To become a content writer, you need to have a computer and an internet connection in your home.

You can write for blogs, websites, magazines, journals and print media publications.

Different types of jobs also available such as content writing, re-writing, copywriting, and proofreading.

The earnings depend on the scope of the project and the client to whom you are working.

Note: If you are a content writer passionate about writing articles, then join our company – Online Home Income.

We are searching for creative and quality content writers for our blogs and websites.

Send an email to support (at) (and/or) WhatsApp at 95663 55140.


#3. Affiliate Marketing:

This is another great work from home program suitable for all people searching for an alternative source of income.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based business model where the affiliate earns a commission on every sale.

It’s not necessary to own a product or a service, but you can sell other merchant products or services.

A few top affiliate marketing programs are Amazon, Commission Junction, Flipkart, ShareaSale, etc.

It’s free to join as an affiliate in the above-mentioned sites and you can find multiple products to sell.

Choose the product based on your interest and your audience, and start promoting the product.

Though there are different ways to do affiliate marketing, I recommend starting with a Blog.

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This article is specially written to teach the complete information about the affiliate marketing business.


#4. Web Developer:

Today, we are living in a technology-driven world where businesses found a new phase of marketing.

Digital marketing is evolving on a large scale in every industry and a website is, therefore, becoming mandatory.

Here, web developers come into the picture who design, create and develop websites for the businesses.

Websites can be used for both personal and commercial use and it depends on the area of application.

Web designers who put their skills to develop good looking, appealing websites.

OnlineHomeIncome recommends you to study the various certification courses in web design and development.

You can easily find long-term work from home jobs in the web designing field.

Income Potential: up to $300 per day


#5. Graphic Designer:

Another most wanted job in graphic designing work for both personal and commercial purposes.

If you have experience in working with designing software like Photoshop, Coral Draw, Illustrator, you can get a job.

Many companies require graphic designers to create banners, ebooks, brochures, advertisement boards, etc.

A hands-on experienced person can earn decent revenue from home working as a graphic designer.

It’s pretty easy to find a job in this segment.

Sites like, can help you find potential clients who require designers.

There is a potential growth in this industry and your earnings will depend on the scope of the project.


#6. Social Media Specialist:

After the evolution of digital marketing, social media has also grown to a large extent independently.

Most of the people around the world are spending nearly 6 – 8 hrs a day on social media sites.

Especially, people spend time on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin, etc.

Businesses in recent years started to target the social media market and the people on these platforms.

High conversions and narrow audience reach are the reasons to adopt for social media marketing.

Hence, many companies are searching for social media managers or specialists to manage their digital marketing.

If you have a strong knowledge of social media, you can easily get a work from home job in this industry.

Your role is to reach out to new people and engage them by promoting the products or services.


#7. Online Tutor:

This is another evolving industry and mostly adopted by many western countries and developed nations.

The advanced technologies have created newer opportunities for teachers and students to work together.

You can become an online tutor in your free time and/or evening time after school and college time.

Students also prefer online tutoring rather than going for tuition that makes them more comfortable.

There are few sites like Tutor Vista, Live Tutor who creates a platform for online tutoring.

You should register an account with these sites and complete your profile listing your subject knowledge.

They will connect you with a student from any part of the world and you have to teach the student.

You can earn anywhere around Rs.500 per hour by working in your home during your free time and/or evening.


#8. Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant is a role that provides administrative support, technical support, and management assistance.

They are also known as who work from a remote place and manages all business activities for the company.

The work also includes bookkeeping, maintaining the blogs and websites, monitoring social media platforms.

If you have excellent communication skills, software knowledge, critical thinking, you can become a virtual assistant.

You can work from your home as a virtual assistant by preparing a home-based office for your clients.

The pay scale also is quite decent and it depends on the company you work for.

The average salary of the virtual assistant in the United States is up to $20 per hour.

You can set a home office to become a successful work from home employee as a virtual assistant.


#9. Software Developer:

All the machines that reduce man’s work run on the specially designed software that operates the hardware.

The software development field is one of the rapidly growing fields in almost all industries today.

Like web developer, the software developer has also potential demand in most of the companies.

He is the one who plan, design and develops software for a particular application to run for the company need.

The software developer is also responsible for overseeing software programs, managing the software.

He had to troubleshoot the technical issues and also have to find bugs and fix for the smooth running.

An average software developer can earn up to Rs.1000 per day by working from home at his/her comfort.

You can easily find a job from sites like, Upwork,, etc.


#10. Auditor and/or Chartered Accountant:

One of the most commonly practicing work from home jobs is an auditor and/or chartered accountant.

He is the one who is responsible for managing all financial activities of the company.

The responsibility includes planning and executing internal audits, documenting all sales and purchase invoices, etc.

In addition to the above work, you should work with stakeholders to manage the company policies and procedures.

To start your career as a work from home auditor or chartered accountant, you should study the qualified courses.

After the successful completion of your course and getting the certificate, you can approach the companies for a chance.

An average auditor who works from his/her home can earn a minimum of Rs.10000/- per month.



In this digitalized world, there has never been a comfortable career rather than work from home jobs.

There are many reasons for the people to select the work that can be done from their home.

One main reason is that time management, spend time with their family and work for multiple clients (companies).

You can be your own boss and work anytime when you feel comfortable and focused only on work.

In this article, I have crafted the 10 best paying work from home jobs suitable for all people.

It will be difficult to earn money at your beginning but after a few weeks you can earn more and more.

Good Luck!

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