Work from Home Scams: How to Find and Avoid Them?

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Updated on Jul 30, 2021


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Working from Home is Becoming Common, at the same time, Learn to find Work at Home Scams and Avoid Them?

Work from home is a fantasy option for every person who is passionate about pursuing their passion yet being near their loved ones.

But, it is also important to identify the common work from home scams and learn ways to protect yourself to not lose your money.

Commutation is considered for major cost cut down for which the work from home option is chosen by us.

Other major influencing factors are tractable timing and refraining from coworker diversion.

In this contemporary world, Technological advancement plays a vital role in making people in achieving their dreams easily.

Avoid Work from Home Scams
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Just hiding in their comfortable place by choosing work from home jobs as their comfortable long-term career option.

Perhaps, by now you all have an idea of various work from job options but choosing the right one is not an easy cakewalk.

So, friends let’s soon dive into this article further to have sound knowledge of various legitimate jobs available.

I have also mentioned some tips to avoid ending up in scams that are more equally prevalent.

#1. Why is Work From Home Scams are So Successful?

These scammers are executing smart work to target people with their magical advertisements and fake promises.

It’s all about psychology hitting most of the people’s dreams which are to “make money fast” from the Internet by working from home.

A very common work from home scam is displaying magical advertisements and sending unsolicited emails to people.

Internet scammers use to tweak people’s psychology about making money faster and working less.

They craft smart emails inviting people and make them believe that there is a real work-from-home job opportunity is available.

Advanced technologies help us a lot in many senses but at the same time, we need to be alert before adopting anything.

Now let us discuss the common work from home scams which is being used across many industries through the Internet.

#2. 10 Steps/Rules to Protect Yourself from Work at Home Scams?

Many of the opportunities that you see especially work at home jobs seem to be quite genuine and interesting

But the bitter fact when you dig deeper you will come to know that these jobs are not so genuine what they seem to be.

Since work-from-home scams have become more prevalent, identifying common signs of a fraudulent job has become easier.

Here are the simple 10 rules/Steps that you can follow to protect yourself from the scam.

Protect Yourself From Scams

2.1. Check for the Employers Email Address

There are times you will be receiving an email from a company that you have never applied for in the recent past.

The email might state that you have already been shortlisted for this position as we have seen your resume in this job portal.

If you receive this kind of scam email please research the company information going in through the website.

Secondly, look at the email address if the address has a Gmail address as their domain name, not their company name then it’s a fake.

A scammer is always a Money grubber so he can’t get involved in any legal costlier proceedings.

2.2. Verify the Company Details and Job Description Well

Make sure the company information is provided as a part of the vacancy post if in case you are applying on sites like Indeed, Naukri, etc.

There are chances that we might think the vacancy is for an established/startup company but, in reality, a scammer might be playing.

When you find legitimate work from home positions, job descriptions always include a detailed list of responsibilities.

The statement further describes the required experience required by the actual employer for the designated position.

If the description only includes a few points irrelevant to the job title or makes it sound like getting the job will be quick, it might be a pitfall.

surveys pay online

2.3. Research About the Company

Before you apply to any online job, whether it’s a remote or normal office setting, researching the company is a key factor.

One way to find out whether a company (or if it even exists) is from sites like Monster’s company guide.

Another way is that you can simply check out the company’s website or their presence on Social media.

If the company doesn’t have a website, any presence on social media, or a single review? Most likely a scam.

There are few websites like Better Business Bureau, GlassDoor where you can get reviews of the chosen company.

WAHM is a Work-at-home discussion forum where you can search for threads on the company you’re interested in.

2.4. Never Pay for a Job Offer

Do not trust fraudulent people who demand a nominal fee from you as their registration charges before the job offer.

You will be able to see schemes like Basic, Premium, VIP on their website for which each one has its registration charges.

The payment information for the specific scheme chosen will be also given under appropriate schemes.

VIP being a more respectful membership scheme demands more registration fees also pays well compared to others.

Since these types of frauds are happening for jobs fields such as specifically in Data entry, typing work please take extra care.

2.5. Never fall for fantasy word “Refundable Deposit”

Some companies attract job seekers and use them as their prey by seeking a small amount from you as a deposit fee.

They would make fake promises that the deposit that you have paid will be refunded back after a week of completion of your first work.

Moreover, they might share the bank details privately or displaying the website to which you have to make a deposit.

Have a look at the account details it might be their personal bank information rather than company bank details.

Think twice before shelling out your hard-earned money for these culprits.

2.6. Never Pay for “Training” Provided

Friends beware not to pay for any training or online course for which they claim “Training with 100% guaranteed placement assistance”.

These are some sophisticated scams happening like ‘Marketing experts’ can ask you to buy an online course or training material.

They may say that the course that you are gonna buy will guide you on how quickly you can start an online business and make millions.

They will also show you testimonials of their past students who apparently made huge profits and are now traveling around the world.

2.7. Never Share Confidential/Personal Information

At any cost, don’t send any money for work at home directories or start-up kits or the equipment charges even if it’s asked for.

Since all Information and job listings are available online freely there is no necessity to share your personal bank details.

There are more chances of misusing your identity. Also, bank fraudulent can also take place.

My kind advice is not to reveal your personal bank details at any point in time before or after the job offer.

2.8. Raise Questions Early and Often

Any job maybe if a company shortlists you for a job in which you are still indefinite about its legitimacy.

Make sure you put forth the questions in a proper way so that you will feel confident in taking up the job.

Before appearing for the interview do extensive research about the company, learn more about the nature of the job.

Try to find out an answer to the question of how you’re earning your pay and how the company makes money.

Prepare well to ask a lot of detailed questions also ask about their expectations from you as well.

2.9. Job Search in Authenticated Websites

Try to grab the websites which automatically filter the scam jobs and provide us the genuine ones. Ex: Upwork,

To avoid Work from home scams jobs focus on specific legitimate companies that you might want to work for.

Do shortlist some legit companies which provide primarily Work-at-Home jobs, “Closed captioning services” are one such company.

These types of companies don’t require a great deal of experience. So, choose wisely and apply for those jobs.

2.10. Don’t Trust Recruitment Agencies

Some agencies will promise you that you will be invited for an interview with this company in another few weeks.

But in return, you have to pay so much money immediately. Sometimes they will not give you a second thought.

They might also say that if you don’t clear the interview the money which you have paid will be refunded back.

If you are shelling your money out without thinking wisely then it’s difficult to get it back after knowing their wild play.

Because these agencies might go invisible within a day or two. You have no clue where they have relocated to.

#3. List of Few Hassle-Free Works From Home Job Options

Hassle Free Work in Home

In today’s world, as always Technology and entrepreneurship are competitively on the rising side, more businesses encourage the idea of remote working.

It includes remote full-time and part-time positions as well as freelance or contract opportunities being adopted by many companies.

Want to work from a torrid zone that isn’t technically your “Sweet Home” permanently?

Then come on, here are listed a few jobs that you can grab which perhaps be your real fit for your life.

3.1. Data Entry Works

Data Entry jobs include document analysis, data analyses, micro typing work, virtual assistants, etc.

Are you puzzled that we are paid for our typing work? I bet you can earn a fine pay by bestowing your typing skills.

All you need is to know how to use a Microsoft word processor (such as word or pages), spreadsheets.

Out in the markets, the legit websites that I would personally recommend are listed below:


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3.2. Form Filling Jobs

In this digitalized world, Online Form Filling Jobs being a part of it helps in a way to reduce office load.

Some of them are daily payout form filling jobs that you will get paid daily, or weekly unlike other monthly paid jobs.

For this job, skills like data entry, good English knowledge, and typing speed are expected from you.

Also, they would provide you with the necessary training. You can earn a little better money without any investment.

3.3. Captcha Typing Jobs

Captcha means a human verification test created to avoid the interference of automated robots or software joining their sites.

As a Captcha solver, you will have a very short time to enter the exact characters provided in the captcha images.

The accuracy is more demanding in these jobs. Please do check out these websites:

  1. MegaTypers
  2. ProTypers
  3. FastTypers
  4. 2Captcha

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3.4. Handicraft

Are you an enthusiastic creator? You can play well with your hands then this job suits you well.

There are more chances in this type of job to become an entrepreneur with little computer knowledge.

You can create your own online store with Yahoo or Shopify and you could set up a WordPress Blog.

You can use a third-party selling site like Etsy or Zibbet or using an E-commerce plugin for WordPress.

To reach a greater audience, you may consider transforming yourself into a craft blogger.

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3.5. Online Tutoring

Are you interested in teaching others? This job type will suit you well. There are many websites on which these jobs are available.

The requirements for this position may vary on different websites, so make sure you read all the details.

Some sites will require a valid teaching degree, while others will require only graduation experience.

Some of the websites that I could suggest are Revolution Prep, TUTORVISTA, My private tutor.

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Some people look for work from home jobs to make income utilizing their idle time while others look for jobs for their source of income.

No matter who you are in common for all job seekers I hope this article would be of great help.

Just a few centuries ago, the majority of work-at-home jobs were far from making a profit.

And before the Internet coming into the picture, it was much harder to sort real opportunities from scams.

Thanks to Technology which is helping us to earn better, faster, longer just by investing our effort and time.

But on another hand, make yourself comfortable in identifying work from home scams and take measures to protect yourself.

Finding a legitimate work from home job isn’t hard, as long as you follow below simple strategies:

  1. Set your goal, weigh your priorities and limitations exactly
  2. Expand your search wisely and apply for the best jobs that fit you
  3. Demonstrate your interest and experience to potential employers through social media interaction
  4. Avoid the ones who promise to help you get a job or make money and expect money in return.

So, Friends what is still stopping you? With quality skills and little effort, you could be working at home as in 2021.

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