How to Find Legitimate Work From Home Jobs?

How to find the Legitimate Work From Home Jobs and What are the steps need to do?

Hi, Today, I am going to write about the various ways to identify legitimate work from home jobs.

Many people are searching for an additional source of revenue to add up with their monthly salary.

Because of high inflation and lesser salary, people often find difficult to manage their monthly budget.

Are you the one who is looking for legitimate work from home jobs? Let me explain to you the important steps to consider.

Find Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

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This article greatly helps in preparing yourself not to fall in the scam pit of fancy job opportunities found everywhere.

Do you wonder is there any real work from jobs? yes, there few but you need some skills to find out scam-free ones.

According to Upwork Sensex, 2019, already 50%  of the Millenials have started enrolling themselves as a freelancer.

The number can triple in the future decades which means most people are already opting towards flexibility and increased happiness.

Sounds interesting correct!!! there are jobs from virtual assistants, to travel agents available as legitimate work at home jobs.

Undoubtedly, they provide stay at home moms, college students,  the opportunity to earn for their living or as a supplemental income.

So, keep checking the most trusted websites and apply when the positions are open.


#1. How Much Can I make from Working from Home?

Work from Home Jobs gives you flexibility in your work culture and helps increase productivity in your task.

This job is not suitable for every people but it definitely has some perks, of course, makes most people love to work from home.

Often, people, intuition is that work from jobs gives fewer wages but it’s not like that.

How Much Can you Make from Home

In case if you are looking for flexibility and healthy pay, now its perfect time to fit yourself in the market.

There are companies that pay for elementary jobs and companies which offer competitive salaries comparable to in-office pay.

Industries like Tech, Finance, Medical, IT, ITES Services are in search of rising talents ready to offer high pay too.

Work from Home reduces losing your time in commuting to the office, co-worker distractions, and provides a comfortable environment.

You can really earn a huge paycheck without leaving your home and your couch by working in your home.

So, now you realized how much can you make if you work from home for companies or for other employers?

Now let’s see further in detail how much can you make from work at home jobs with examples.

You can earn up to Rs.1000 working as a content writer from home and by writing articles for blogs and websites.

If you choose to start your career as an affiliate marketer, you can really earn up to Rs. 5000 per day.

An online tutor from home is making an average of $20 to $50 per hour by taking tuition online.

It purely depends on the type of work, the site you choose and the company you choose whether you are paid weekly, daily, hourly, monthly wages.

surveys pay online


2. 10 Great Tips to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs?

Despite seeing online job ads, not many are work at home jobs. They may require you to spend consistent hours sitting in one confined area.

Others may be part-time or freelance. So all you need is to be constantly surfing for potential positions with little patience.

Keep in mind that the skills and experience needed for Work at Home jobs are equally similar to those needed for working in an office setup.

You’ll also need a home office setup with high-speed internet, phone, fax, computer, printer, software to pursue a long term career.

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Therefore, find below for a few strategies to find legitimate work at home jobs:


2.1. Plan and Determine your Goal:

1. Determine Your Goal

Just by surfing through the internet for various job opportunities you cant land up in Legit jobs.

You need to take a step back by evaluating your goals simply by asking these questions which will give you clarity on your priorities.

  1. Why do you want a work-from-home job? In what way it will benefit you?
  2. How many hours you can put in every week?
  3. How many months/ years do you want to continue with the remote job?
  4. What is your expected salary range?
  5. Are you open to choose a job outside your area of expertise?

Answering the above questions yourself will give you a clear idea of setting out clear goals.

The SMART way of goal setting too will end up in preparing yourself for finding our legit jobs.

Goal Setting:

Specific – Aim for a specific, materialistic area for your goal.

Measurable – To make your goal measurable, ask questions with How? such as how much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished?.

Attainable – Goals are most attainable when steps are thought out clearly and given enough time to execute.

Relevant – Is the goal worthwhile? Is this the right time? Does your goal relate to your efforts?

Does it require resources more than that are currently available? these questions help you to choose more relevant goals.

Timely – You have to frame a goal within a defined period, which will be helpful both for clarity and for your action urgency.

When do you want to begin and complete each step? This will help in shortlisting and applying the right jobs which match your priorities.

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2.2. Evaluate your Expertise Level:

1. Determine Your Goal

2. Evaluate Yourself

While looking for a new job, measuring your skills is one of the best exercises that encourages you to come up with a new resume.

Keep in mind that the hiring company will definitely want to know what exactly you are good at?

It will also give you a clear picture of what roles you can apply for? How can you evaluate it?

Is this question wandering you? So there are many ways to evaluate your expertise level:

Take a pen and write or record digitally all your strengths, weakness by putting a flow chart to get a wider vision about skills.

Read the job description clearly to understand whether you can meet the skills specified in the job description.

Even though its a work for the home job its somewhat similar to the real-world work.

This means its time to go beyond your technical know-how so, have a checkpoint in your soft skill level as well.

Employer’s most wanted questions would be How have you proved yourself to be a team player?

How do you adapt to unexpected challenges? So be prepared, focus and improve.

There are employers asking job candidates to take behavior or personality tests like DISC online as their first step assessment.

These self-assessments help you to understand your Passion, eq, values, personality traits.


2.3. Customize your Resume:

1. Determine Your Goal

2. Evaluate Yourself

3. Prepare your Resume

A work-at-home gig is a highly relished position, and employers are looking for a top of the heap of the employee.

So if you want to be picked up from a pile of the heap then you have to sharpen up your resume, references, and a cover letter.

But remember, every resume that you apply for a job should be customized for that particular job application.

Here are the few tips that you can follow to make your resume to stand out of the crowd:

  1. First, have a glimpse over the job description for your desired role, then skim your resume accordingly.
  2. Keep in mind that you use the same keywords, skills, and responsibilities specified in the job description in the resume as well.
  3. Start creating a single resume that features all of your work experience, skills, and certifications which will be your “master resume”.

Then make a copy of it and edit it depending on either the role of the job description or based on the company for which you are applying.

Tailoring your resume what is most relevant, creating a section for it, and filling it up with relevant experience or qualifications.

There are many resources like professional resume writers or top resume writing services are available online to assist you with a powerful resume.


2.4. Behavioral and Physical Steps to Follow:

1. Determine Your Goal

2. Evaluate Yourself

3. Prepare your Resume

4. Prepare Yourself to Start Working

Before even you step into searching for work at home jobs or before even planning, here are a few things that you should remember.

Prepare a personal to-do list that helps in getting things done easily before the end of the day.

Work from home people faces the most common distraction is the friends or any visitor’s surprise arrival.

So, it’s better to keep them informed about your working hours ahead or try to club during lunch hours.

Its always better to create work from home environment in a way similar to office setup to have a peace of mind.

So choose an area where you can constantly work, worth try investing in setting up an office.

It’s always important to take necessary breaks especially when you are piled up with heavy work.

This might help you by keeping yourself cool and fit mentally.

Working remotely can prevent you from forming workplace relationships and chances to meet new people which rarely happens.

So, get along with your colleagues and bosses at times to have a healthier relationship.

For instance, get active in LinkedIn groups related to your work, employer, past employers, or other interests that you follow.

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2.5. Create a Social Network:

1. Determine Your Goal

2. Evaluate Yourself

3. Prepare your Resume

4. Prepare Yourself to Start Working

5. Create Your Social Profile

Widen your network by joining online communities, stay connected with the world of past co-workers, family, friends.

Stay active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other similar profiles, try to join reputable work-at-home groups, forums, etc.

The groups or communities which you join will keep you encouraging, stay updated with the trends in the field, get to know upcoming job offers.

When you come to know that someone views your profile you can initiate the connection with them.

But don’t ask for any job offer instead start with some cold conversations such that it turns into a healthy connection.

So, later if they find any job openings they might share you without any hesitations and you can make use of it.

Firstly, Employers look for a known person’s recommendation over a stack of totally unknown resumes.

Secondly, people extend a hand by helping other people out, so let them know that you are searching badly for a job.

So share with your friends and family that you’re looking for home-based jobs.


2.6. Keep your Social Profile Always Updated:

1. Determine Your Goal

2. Evaluate Yourself

3. Prepare your Resume

4. Prepare Yourself to Start Working

5. Create Your Social Profile

6. Update Your Social Profiles

Keeping your social profile updated is one of the crucial steps that will help in getting you a bit closer to your next employer.

Your employer might not meet you face to face rather they might interview you on a video call.

Because of this lack of physical proximity, they will try to gather all your information about you from your Social profile.

There are many social media through which you can get possibly hired for that you should remember a few tips.

LinkedIn is one place where you can get enormous attention by carefully following the below-mentioned conditions:

Try to avoid to be messy, maintain your profile in a more attractively. Add all the relevant skills of your desired job to the profile to get clients to notice.

There is no limit to the keywords on LinkedIn, so the more you include, the higher the clients can find you.

Get an endorsement for your expertise skills from others will improve the credibility of your profile.

Clean up all your scrappy tweets or comments and try to maintain a clear and catchy profile that will create a good impression.

So, invest your quality time in building an impressive LinkedIn profile by highlighting your skills, get as many recommendations as possible.


2.7. Connect with Stakeholders:

1. Determine Your Goal

2. Evaluate Yourself

3. Prepare your Resume

4. Prepare Yourself to Start Working

5. Create Your Social Profile

6. Update Your Social Profiles

7. Speak to Existing Employers Personally

Each vacancy will have dozens of applications and recruiters spends only a few seconds looking at each CV.

Even if you are shortlisted, you are chosen as one among the plenty of impressive candidates.

So these are few key points to remain top of all applicants in employers’ minds?

Before appearing for the interview interact online with key stakeholders in companies you apply to.

You can follow the below tips to impress the stakeholders:

Try to adopt a non-intrusive approach to impress them by leaving comments on any updates or any articles they share.

Spend some time to craft insightful, comments that add value to the post, also to seek their attention and impress them.

Follow them possibly on Twitter and like and retweet the posts that they like and share.

If possible send him an email highlighting how well you can contribute to the role that they are looking for currently.

Offer them work on a small project for no charge to demonstrate your skills.

However, note that emailing people can work very well with specifically with startup companies.

But can backfire with larger companies when you have also applied for the same role to the same company through a formal process.

Keep a record of all these interactions in the spreadsheet so that you can avoid duplicate approaches.


2.8. Search Through Job Sites:

1. Determine Your Goal

2. Evaluate Yourself

3. Prepare your Resume

4. Prepare Yourself to Start Working

5. Create Your Social Profile

6. Update Your Social Profiles

7. Speak to Existing Employers Personally

8. Search Jobs in Job Portals

Searching for work from jobs requires a lot of patience and a bit of effort too.

There are few best job boards and search engine sites that have faster search tools that are quick and easy to use.

Also, it has an additional feature that allows you to search based on the type of job you’re looking for and your location.

These sites are worth accountable for your job search because not all employers list jobs on every website.

You can also check for the sites that list specifically on work at home jobs and look through all the jobs listed.

Use your Google search engine and type in like “remote work” or “telecommute” or “work at home” as keywords.

In the same way search through Indeed, Monster, Linkedin as well by using the keywords. It might show all the matching results.

So, start searching for freshers job opportunities in your industry or domain considering your experience as a value add.

The first place to look for legitimate work from home jobs should be in authentic job sites such as Indeed, Monster or Linkedin.


2.9. Job Application:

1. Determine Your Goal

2. Evaluate Yourself

3. Prepare your Resume

4. Prepare Yourself to Start Working

5. Create Your Social Profile

6. Update Your Social Profiles

7. Speak to Existing Employers Personally

8. Search Jobs in Job Portals

9. Apply for the Job

After vigorous search once you find a work at home job which matches all your skills and needs.

You can also create customized short videos for each application about what you can contribute to the role.

Creating a video application might be a unique way of impressing which will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Demonstrate your enthusiasm for working with the company through a video by expressing the homework you have done well.

Keep the link of the crafted video towards the top of the resume application so that don’t miss seeing it.

Also, If you are following the traditional method of applying through your resume triple check diligently for errors.

Have a glimpse of grammatical errors, eye-catchy word miss if any found in the application forms.

The first impression is the Best so, try to impress the employer with a proper resume at first sight.

When you apply always remember to keep an account on what you do, where do you apply?

If an employer calls and if you get confused with other various companies then it would be a disappointment for both of you.


2.10. Attend the Interview Confidently:

1. Determine Your Goal

2. Evaluate Yourself

3. Prepare your Resume

4. Prepare Yourself to Start Working

5. Create Your Social Profile

6. Update Your Social Profiles

7. Speak to Existing Employers Personally

8. Search Jobs in Job Portals

9. Apply for the Job

10. Attend the Interview (if required)

If you are applying for a work at home job for a company that has a local office, they may expect you to appear in person.

If you get selected for a remote-based company, you may be interviewed via an online via video calls such as Skype, or even via email.

Regardless of the nature of the interview, be prepared and confident to answer the questions.

During your interview, the hiring manager may question you to understand how successful you will be in the position.

To answer work-at-home interview questions effectively the best way is to review the job description.

Make a list of the skills and experiences described and match it with a list of your skills and experiences.

Think of demonstrating your expertise with the real-time examples or instances that you have faced in your job.

Also, ready to discuss why you want to work remotely? and what equipment you have?.

The interviewer will want to know information regarding your workspace, computer, internet connection.

Also, familiarity with communications software and apps, and other technology you may need to know to accomplish the job.

Check the company’s website, social media sites, and any news articles to familiarize yourself with the company’s services, moto, goals.

Prepare to ask a few diligent questions to them as well to make them feel that you have done enough homework.


So, Finally:

Finding a legitimate work at home job is a dream of many people across the Globe.

Thanks to the Internet and its related advanced technologies that help this dream become true to those people.

It’s pretty easier to search for work at home, but finding suitable jobs that fit your skills requires time.

Before getting into the search, research and identify your qualifications and knowledge towards the job.

For grooming yourself, luring a legitimate work from home jobs I think this article will be quite useful.

To avoid common work from home scams, please uphold below tips and try to follow,

  1. Set up your goals cleary by differentiating your priorities and limitations.
  2. Search cautiously through various foolproof websites and apply for jobs that fit your profile.
  3. Avoid any recruiter, ‘expert’ or marketing guru might help you to get a job – in exchange for money.
  4. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for potential employers by interacting with them through social media.
  5. Customize and tailor your resume according to each job requirement and ensure the keywords are included in your profile.

I am sure if you follow the above, you will be the next person to get hired for your dream job.

Finally, I hope that you have spent a great time finding the potential possibilities to settle in the right job.

I wish you good luck in the year 2020.

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