List of Top 35 Fresher Jobs Sites in India, find Best Jobs

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Nov 7, 2023



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Find the list of Top 35 Fresher Jobs Posting Sites in India.

The college students after completing their studies will perform a fresher jobs search to find the right job.

Because not all the students who pass out from the college will get placed in a company.

I am writing this article to teach them the right information and procedures to do this thing correctly.

There are millions of jobs are waiting for skilled students who are just passing out from any college.

Fresher Jobs Sites
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Lots of small and big companies are looking forward to hiring deserved freshers to work on their premises.

Fresher jobs search usually starts when a student studying his/her final year and lucky ones may be placed on-campus.

Still, some students find it difficult and continue their job search online and offline. This article is for them.

Job Vacancies for Freshers

Every new academic year nearly 10 million students were passing out getting their graduation course completed in India.

Many different Post-graduate batches such as MBA, MCA, B.E, B.Tech, and under-graduate batches such as BCA, BBA, B.COM were passing out.

India is a country with a huge population of more than 1.2 billion people with over 80% is from the employment category.

This statement clearly states that the majority of the Indian population is searching for the right employment opportunities.

Since the Internet has a greater influence in every field, it starts dominating the employment sector in India.

Online Jobs Portal aka job websites, has gained a lot of credence in the current decade and made the employment process easier.

Let us see the different fresher job search sites and how to apply for them to get a deserved job for your career?

How to Apply for Jobs Online?

When you are searching for fresher jobs, you should keep all these things ready at any time.

Keep in mind that there are numerous applications are already ahead in the queue before you apply.

There are two areas you can submit your job application, one is directly on the employer website or via a job board.

Completing job applications is the first step to apply for jobs online which include all your basic qualification and knowledge.

Things Required:

  • A computer or a laptop with an Internet Connection
  • Email address (I prefer Gmail)
  • Perfect Resume that includes a cover letter, job history, etc
  • A Permanent communication address.

Once you have all these listed tools ready, and then register a free account with the online job boards or company websites.

In this article, I have listed a few fresher jobs search site which is found to be the best to start your career.

Before getting into the actual phase, gain some knowledge about some common mistakes that should be avoided.

surveys pay online

Mistakes of Fresher Jobs Seeker

I can many fresher jobs seekers were doing these common mistakes when they finding their first job.

Here is the list of the common mistakes to learn so that you can avoid them next time when you search for a kind of job.

1. Poorly Written Resume

This is the first mistake that many freshers online job or offline job seekers do when they search for a job.

Most of them just pick a resume from their friends and just replace the name and the address.

This isn’t a healthy habit of searching for a job. Because usually, interviewers focus on technologies you wrote on your resume.

If you don’t have sufficient skills better avoid mentioning them in the resume.

2. Lack of Technical Skills

Many freshers who scored very good marks in their academics don’t have strong technical skills.

Think, why would someone hire you? It’s because they think you have a certain skill to get their job done.

Isn’t it, but practically if you don’t have that skill, then why would you get hired?

For example, if you are a computer science engineer, you should know about all technologies.

The technologies such as Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Programming skills and concepts, Database Management Administration, etc are a must.

3. Lack of Practical Skills

Like the same thing said above, most of the students/graduates who have very good academics don’t have any practical knowledge.

They even don’t know how to write a basic math algorithm program for a given problem.

Take the same case, if you are a computer engineer, you should be able to fine-tune a computer performance.

Else, what’s in there that you learned in your academics. Just think about it.

The interviewer requires you practical knowledge to work for their company. This skill can be developed only by practice.

4. Lack of Communication Skills

The top-scored academic graduate may or may not a good communication skills which affects their job search adversely.

You should first improve your communication skills to increase work efficiency, collaboration, and motivation of employees.

If you don’t have good communication skills, then how would you manage a team of employees in a company?

Poor communication skills lay down conveying ideas and issues within the team which affects quality product development.

5. Falling behind Courses Maze

I can see many freshers were learning additional courses like Java, SAP, testing tools, cloud computing, etc.

But in practice, it’s not necessary to learn any additional courses to attend an interview.

If you deserve strong basic technical skills, then the employer will train you in the required domain.

Some other common mistakes I want to write a note here was,

Poor Job Search: Most fresher’s online job searchers or even traditional job searchers, search for a job only part-time or when they find free time.

You must lay a proper plan to develop your skills and spend enough time every day searching for the right job.

Unclear Goals: Technically called, Shiny object syndrome, which means one should have a clear goal in his/her job search.

Many often confuse themselves and search for different jobs every time and end up with no results.

Not discussing with elders or others who have experience with your decision is also a fact you end up failing to find the right job.

So I have explained the most common mistakes that are happening in the fresher’s online job search.

Let me show you some of the best online job search sites where you can upload your resume to find the best job for your career.

List of Fresher Jobs Search Sites

Below is the list of Fresher Jobs Websites in India that was doing a great service in listing job opportunities from different companies.

Register a free account with these job sites and complete your account registration by uploading a resume.

Activate email alerts to get alerts based on your search or the selected company.


naukri portal is India’s largest online job portal with a big network of clients and companies in almost all fields.

This site was first started in the year 1997 and has been accredited as being the leading job site in India.

It is the most favorite job search engine for freshers, college students, housewives, and almost all people.

Register an account with the site and upload your CV to their database and wait for the job alert in your email and SMS.

They list almost all jobs in various fields such as from engineering jobs to government jobs and even international jobs (Abroad opportunities).

They also extended their service to marriage and real estate, however, still focusing primarily on the job search.


Monster India Portal

Another largest fresher jobs sites in India with an extensive network of clients and companies were aka formerly.

They specialize in listing top IT software jobs in India, started in 1999, has revolutionized the job search.

A perfect online platform where job seekers meet employers and nearly 30 resumes are uploaded every minute.

This site provides various job opportunities in almost all avenues such as Engineering, Biotech, Banking, Airlines, Management Jobs, and Construction, etc.

They also started selling various educational certification courses in different fields and also list multiple training institutes.

In recent years, they started dominating other job listings such as BPO, Marketing, Insurance, Education, and Contract-based work, etc.


Times Jobs Website

A subsidiary alias of the Times Group Network started its business on the job search portal in India in the name of

This website is becoming one of the top job sites in India with numerous clients and employers who offer various jobs. provides millions of jobs opportunity based on various skills, designation, location, and experience.

You can even refine your search by function, role, company, and location you prefer the Job.

Registration is required which allows top recruiters to reach you through email or SMS whenever the need arises.

It provides an excellent opportunity for fresher jobs searchers and also job providers to find the right employee.

They also created a separate platform for the people who search for property or matrimonial services.


The India Jobs is emerging as a new job search portal in India with a vision of providing excellent job opportunities.

They were one step ahead of their competitors through their transparent business policies and value-added services.

They primarily concentrate on providing human resource solutions at both senior and qualified junior levels.

Moreover, they list various fields also such as IT, Engineering, Insurance, Banking, BPO, Construction, etc.


Shine Jobs is among one of the fastest-growing recruitment portals in India.

Their highlighted feature is an integrated Facebook hiring solution to make operations easy and reliable.

Like other fresher jobs portals, has its own unique features to attract job seekers and employers.

With a network of over 14000 recruiters and job openings of more than 2,22,000 opportunities are available.

They list jobs depending on the city, skills, qualification, designation, and the education specified by the employer.

6. NaukriHub

Naukri Hub Portal

The site mainly focuses on specific job providers with specific requirements and most popular in Northern India.

Many new job seekers were registering on this site and it is recently growing popular across India especially the north. is known as a leading salary portal in India, where you will find job listings based on salary.

The first Indian job portal operates on a different vertical, that is, they list jobs based on salaries offered by the companies.

Their platform provides an opportunity for working professionals and fresher jobs seekers to know the salary trends.

If you are already working for a company, you can come to know the salary you are getting is what you deserve or not?


Career Age Jobs Portal

This site was started in 1999 with a view to creating different jobs and career information on the Internet. is one of India’s most comprehensive Job and Career portals that help students to find the best job.

They also provide an online campus education course in the name of campus to all students, institutes, faculty, and employers.

This course educates students to search and find the right job based on their skills and interest.

Register an account and upload your resume to their database, then complete your profile by listing your preference.

A perfect online job portal for Job seekers, employers, and placement agencies to find the right candidates for their work.


CareerJet Jobs Portal

The was another popular fresher jobs search engine for India with over ten thousand websites.

This is a USA-based online portal with businesses from over 90 countries and in 28 different languages.

Their interface has a very simplified design which makes the process of finding a job easier for the user.

They listed more than 7,08,000 jobs published on their website across India in various avenues.

Their database has huge job offerings with an extensive network of various job boards, recruitment agency websites, and large companies.

An alternative platform for job seekers who search for jobs by industry, location, skill, and qualification.


Indeed Jobs

The is an American worldwide employment portal for job listings started in 2004.

They have listed more than ten thousand companies, employers, and recruitment agencies to offer lakhs of jobs.

You can register an account and upload your resume which usually takes a few seconds to complete the process.

Moreover, their extensive reliable interface makes it much easier to find jobs based on the company, location, category, and designation.


Freshersworld Portal is another best online fresher job search portal in India with an extensive network of employers and companies.

They also offer training on particular recruitments which is most useful for freshers finding their right career.

This site helps you connect with the right employer and alert you to different jobs on-demand in the industry of your choice.

Their portal list various categories like Govt. Jobs, BPO jobs, software jobs, MBA jobs, Research jobs, and many more.

Register an account to find a suitable job based on your location, skill, qualification, and designation.

This site sometimes offers various placement papers, presentation tips, and tricks to educate their members to face interviews.

They send you email alerts when a suitable job is found or when an employer wishes to contact you for an interview.

Few Other Job Websites in India

Here in this article, I listed a few top 25 fresher jobs websites in India, but this is not the limit.

There are so many other sites that were doing the same kind of services to the people.



Thank you for stopping by to read this article which I am sure you have got a lot of information and different sites to register.

Register and upload your resume to these sites even while you are studying in college.

This will help you get a genuine part-time job while studying if you have certain skills.

If you doing your final year, prepare the best resume especially focusing on your major, and upload to these sites to get the right job asap.

If you find this article, fresher job search guide useful, share it with your friends.

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  1. Hello, I am glad that I found this web page. The list of top job portals is awesome. You have really listed top Indian job listing sites. But It would be great if you add more websites to your list. like RadicalistLabs is a great website where students and job seekers can find job opportunities. Also, they can join our forums to discuss various things related to their career.

  2. Thanks for sharing these job portals it will be helpful. Also, you can check this job portal WorkIndia. They have the job in a different industry from fresher to CEO position. Few of my friends got jobs from this portal.

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