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How to Earn Money While Studying in the College?

Revealed: How a College Student can Earn Money While Studying?


If you are a college student willing to earn money while studying, then appreciate yourself as you are doing the best thing ever.

College Life is a fantasy phase in every person’s life which everybody doesn’t want to miss in their life.

Because that is the phase where we break open our shells and come in direct connection with the real world.

This period is where you pass through a lot of changes psychologically and hormonally.

The college life helps us to know who we are and where we are and what more to do to achieve higher.

How to Earn Money While Studying

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College life also teaches you how to make yourself independent in managing financial matters.

Perhaps, most youngsters face difficulty in learning to budget and they depend on their parents for their expenses.

This creates more burden for their parents as they have to manage your college fees, academic fees, and all your expenses.

At the same time, when you search the Internet to earn money online, you may require huge investments to begin.

But in that event, most of the online works have no good earning potential or some online working ways don’t even exist in India.

In this situation, question yourself that how to earn money while studying college?

Come on let see in this article more about the great ways to earn money by working online while studying.

And the keys to developing strong money management skills, so that you can live a self-sustainable living on your own.


#2. How Can I Earn Money While Studying in India?

There are many reports prove that education is one of the most prominent factors that helps in economic outgrowth.

There are many cases that still, students have to face not only education loans but also consumer debt.

As the saying “Money is what everyone needs, but not everyone has”, the number of Institutions increases every year, so the student’s count.

It’s pretty sad that student’s college fees, also getting doubled which becomes unmanageable on their own.

This eventually forces the students to search for an answer to the question “how to earn money while studying”?

This encourages you to set the goal to become financially independent by taking side hustles managing either tuition fees, hostel rent, etc.

And, like tuition, books, housing, and the whole economy level is more on the rising side.

The dreams of becoming financially independent have only become more difficult, and stressful.

Below a few other reasons why you should opt for a part-time job while studying college.

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2.1. Can Help You to Avoid Debt:

Working during college can help to reduce the amount that you have to borrow as a loan to pay for college fees.

A part-time job and a cautious budget can help to supplement your earnings to pay your class fees.

One of the things that many graduates initially struggle is with paying off their loan debts.

Working during college allows you to graduate without as many financial problems.


2.2. Provides Real-time Job Experience:

Finding a part-time job can provide you on-the-job training that will make you more competitive once you graduate.

Some internships might turn into part-time or full-time jobs once you complete your graduation.

There might be much online work from home opportunities in your field also be available.

You can also check with your department to find out about possible jobs relative to your field.


2.3. Teach You Time Management Skills:

Once you begin working, You will have to play with several projects as well as you will have more meetings to attend.

Learning to manage your time with classes and work will help you to adapt more quickly to ace real-time job difficulties.

Working part-time will also benefit you in learning to deal with many people at work and make a real connection with the real world.

So start scheduling your time which helps in managing both for studies as well as the job.


2.4. Can Improve Your Grades:

Some of you may notice that your grades increase when you begin working part-time.

This is a result of your capabilities in organizing and planning your study time effectively.

Some people can handle thirty hours a week; some people can only handle lesser than that.

Your stress should not be a reason for a distraction so that you can still maintain the top ranking in the class.


2.5. Can Provide Employee Benefits:

Many companies might accept you as a full-time employee and offer full-time benefits.

This happens in case if you work 25 hours a week you might avail benefits like health insurance and a tuition assistance program.

You may also qualify for vacation and sick leave benefits which can alleviate the stress of working enough hours.

This will make you feel easier to manage your time concentrating studies and jobs also have some time for yourself.


2.6. Working and Studying Possible in India:

India is known as a communication hub and has become popular with mostly abroad students from all over the world.

It is considered to be an attractive place due to its forward-thinking, hub of large multinational companies.

English is the common language of communication also one of the reasons that India being the students top choice for studying.

Even abroad students can explore India’s job opportunities and take up work unless they hold some necessary legal documents.

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#3. Why Engineering Students Should Earn Money?

Engineering Students Earn Money

None of you would say no to start your career in any of Top engineering colleges out there in India.

Its everybody’s dream is to become pass-outs of any of the top Government and/or Private Colleges.

But to pursue engineering by lower-middle-class people is least possible because of semester fee structure ranges from Min 75,000 INR.

Students like you would have lots of ideas as to how you can make money while studying and how fast you can make it?

So, they go for either of the below three options which are discussed in detail.


3.1. Saving Money:

Saving money at a Younger age is least possible because of low job opportunities provided to people under 18 years of age.

My advice is to start with the saying “Watch out what you spend”.

As a kid, when your parents give you a couple of dollars, you were able to spend every penny without having to worry about anything.

At that time whatever you are planning to spend to think twice before doing so.

Now that when you become an adult, you may have to value those saved pennies and spend on things that are of high necessity.


3.2. Avoid Educational Loan:

One inconsiderable option to sail through the high college fees structure is that you can opt for a bank educational loan.

This bank loan is now available for every student to pursue their college studies easily.

But unfortunately these bankers some times turn students into prey for loan debts in the name of MCI “Moratorium interest capitalization”.

MIC refers to the addition of unpaid interest on a loan to its principal balance.

Unpaid Interest is calculated heavily for the intermediate period that students dint start repaying the loan amount.


3.3. Choose for Stipended College:

You have another best option of choosing a college that gives better quality education and stipends as well for your preferred course.

This is one of the government subsidiaries that most of you can make use of.

For which you have put your efforts into scoring well in certain competitive exams.

Try to choose some colleges that might give a stipend for certain categories like SC, MBC.

Make use of these easily available options to achieve your dreams.


#5. Great Ways to Earn Money While Studying?

When you get enlightened about your financial statuses, you will think of various successful ways to save for their future.

For that, you should have a basic understanding of your wants versus your needs which helps you to track your spending.

By doing this most people will be shocked to find out how much money they spend on non-essential items.

Buy gaining knowledge about responsible borrowing, careful budgeting, and repaying loans on time has helped lower my financial stress.

The following are some simple tips I’ve learned that can avoid financial stress and that can also help you to manage yourself financially.


4.1. Part-time Blogging:

Part time Blogging

If you want to utilize your writing skills and earn a lump sum amount on your own time, blogging is an excellent option.

Starting a blog not only pays you well, but you can also work as much or as little as you want depends on your style.

You have to find a niche based on your interest and passion. Then, register a domain name and buy web hosting to host your blog.

Start writing articles and keep publishing on your blog consistently to attract readers to your blog.

With proper SEO and Digital Marketing Activities, improve your blog ranking in the search engine result pages to drive huge traffic.

Apply for Google Adsense, and/0r Affiliate Marketing program to start generating revenue from your part-time blogging business.

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4.2. Transcription Work:

Transcription Services

Computers aren’t perfect at their ability to recognize and interpret human speech on their own so they would require human help.

All you need are great listening skills and the ability to type faster and perfectly which makes you fit for this job.

This is also one of the online paying cool jobs as a student you can opt this for a side hustle without thinking more.

You can refer to a website like Rev for such types of jobs, where you can become a registered member after clearing the preliminary test.

Also, be aware of scams as most of the people tapping people with magical advertisements and loot your money for no job.

Description Particulars
Job Nature Part-time
Job Type Online Typing Work
Earning Potential up to $500 a month
Working Hours 30mins to 1hr
Skills Required Basic Internet Knowledge
Trust Score 80 / 100


4.3. Working as Apprentice:

Work as Apprentice

Working as an apprentice helps you to gain hands-on experience within an industry sector of your choice.

It also helps in gaining knowledge on various new practical skills while earning a qualification and receiving living wages too.

An apprenticeship usually takes one to five years to complete and is open to anyone over the age of 18 in India.

If in case you are interested in taking up any position like this you can search on a website like Freshers Job, Naukri, Indeed Jobs etc.

Many college students are making a decent additional revenue by working as an apprentice in their relevant industry.

Description Particulars
Job Nature Part-time
Job Type Apprentice
Earning Potential up to $500 a month
Working Hours min 3 hrs
Skills Required Based on your academic course
Trust Score 80 / 100


4.4. Online Tutoring:

Online Tutor Work

Online tutoring is one of the easiest ways if you search for how to earn money while studying in college especially after your college hours.

Be it any favorite subject of your help making that subject others favorite too with the help of online tutoring.

You can do this job just by leveraging your teaching skills only in your free time.

This type of job requires a computer/Desktop with a good camera facility and a good internet connection.

There are websites like tutor vista, Live Mint where these online tutor openings are available so make the best use of it.

Job Type: Online Tutoring (Teaching to other people)

Sites to Join: Tutor Vista, Tutor .me, TutorIndia

Earning Potential: up to Rs.500 per day per session


4.5. Freelance Content Writer:

Part Time Content Writer

Nowadays, my recent all-time favorite freelance gig has become “writing” which keeps me stress-free.

You need to possess knowledge in identifying SEO keywords and writing content around the keyword that makes readers engage.

I have written a great article that explains how to earn extra income by doing part-time content writing jobs from home.

Through your writing skills, you can overturn any great people’s strong perceptions within no time.

You could opt for writing articles like this one, try writing scripts for videos or even try creating content for web pages.

If you are a beginner I would suggest Raj Softech Solutions India Private Limited, Coimbatore because they encourage and expose your writing skills well.

Job Type: Content Writing for Blogs, Websites.

Sites to Join: OnlineHomeIncome, HuffingtonPost, Pay Per Content

Earning Potential: up to Rs.2000 per article


4.6. Take Tuitions In the Evening:

Take Home Tuitions

If you want to work part-time and earn additional income tuitions are the one choice that you can take up.

There are few parents where both will be working and they will not find time to help their children out in their studies.

By teaching school going students will help you in a way to revise all your basics as it forms the basement for your future learning path.

Starting home tuition does not require any great investment to begin, and you can use some small spaces in your home.

Take tuitions for school students from 5th standard to 12th standard students and you can earn Rs.1000 per student per month.


4.7. Work at Store or Restaurant:

Work in Restaurant Part Time

Working at stores or restaurants as a college-going student is one way how you can earn money while studying.

It is no way considered a worthless job comparatively because it also helps in getting a side gig also it helps us learn many things.

If you’re a business student or want to become an entrepreneur you can choose this type of work as it might give you new connections.

There are also many other reasons to choose this work because you can learn cultural awareness, time management, working under pressure, etc.

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4.8. Create Crafts and Sell Online:

Create Handcrafts and Sell

If you are good at craft work, you can sell your creativity at a great cost as in this digitalized world people want to have everything wherever they are.

So you can make use of your creative skills and make tons of useful crafts and sell them online.

The only skill that you will need to earn better is that try developing your marketing skills by analyzing the market trends.

Having an Instagram page for your art is something must or you can prefer taking a look at a platform like ETSY in order to sell.

Job Type: Creating handicrafts and selling online

Sites to Join: ETSY, Amazon, Flipkart

Earning Potential: up to Rs. 20,000 per month


4.9. Work as a Remote Assistant:

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Working as a remote assistant is something working as a virtual personal assistant for busy people.

Since many of them don’t have sufficient money to hire somebody as their PA’s so they will need the help of us.

To suit this position you should have strong organization and communication skills you can choose your flexible timing to work as a VA.

There are many websites to search for this type of job like Craigslist, Peopleperhour or you can check VA agencies like Zirtual.

Job Type: Virtual Assistant

Sites to Search for the Job: Craiglist, Indeed Jobs, Naukri

Earning Potential: up to Rs.20,000 per month


4.10. Do Internship Programs:

Take Internships

Doing an Internship as a student is a platform to apply all the theoretical knowledge you gathered so far.

Whether being as an intern or working part-time while studying, is evidence of someone having a good work ethic.

The interns will naturally develop the power of willingness to take responsibility for supporting themselves.

It gives you an advantage over others and paves the way in landing up a permanent job soon after graduation.



As a student, It is critical in sustaining your financial literacy which simply means knowing how to lead a financially stable life.

Because of which many of you rely on financial aid, and most of you leave school with loans.

As a result, they risk damaging their credit score if they default on these loan debts.

So, choose for the reputed bank and check for their lowest loan interest rates would be some kind of tip to avoid later financial stress.

I am sure this article would be of great help in teaching you the tips of earning money smartly and hastily.

Also, through this article, you could have got an idea of money management skills and learn how to earn money while studying in college.

Which deals with understanding your spending, live within your limits and to be sure to have sufficient resources to tackle emergencies.

Once you understand your spending patterns, you can make abreast money management decisions.

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