Online Tutoring Jobs in India: How to Earn money by teaching?

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Updated on Jul 30, 2021


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Start Earning Money by using your teaching profession on the Online Tutoring Jobs Platform.

Some people are doing online jobs and many people were still searching. To those, I am going to present this article on the topic, “Online Tutoring Jobs”.

There is always a large gap between the people who were working on some sites and earning online already by doing some online jobs and some people who are still searching.

The main cause for this gap is that it was filled with a lot of scammers who target new innocent people and make them prey for their money hunting.

Why am I saying this here is because in recent days I have crossed so many online scam tutoring sites. So only I am beginning this article with a warning.

The days are gone where students are needed to sit in the class for hours. A lot of things have changed including teaching methods, choice of subjects, etc.

Online Tutoring Jobs
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The influence of technology has enabled us to establish a virtual classroom as we have been in the age of online tutoring jobs today.

The sessions are carried out in real-time through a virtual classroom with lots of tools available to support the teaching and the learning experience.

What is an Online Tutoring Job?

Online Teaching (Tutoring) means teaching people in a virtual environment with the help of virtual communication devices such as Video Conferencing, Team viewer, and Any Desk, etc.

This kind of online profession thus supports school teachers and college lecturers to utilize their knowledge and earn some additional revenue in their free time or evening hours.

It is not necessary to be a teacher, lecturer, or professor to take online tutoring jobs, anyone with sound knowledge about the subject can become an online tutor.

With the help of assistive technologies, the tutoring sites allow the tutor to teach the subjects with virtual face-to-face interaction.

Advantages of Tutoring Jobs?

Start your classes whenever you want: Many online tutoring classes have the facility of providing services 24/7 across the world.

This would benefit both the students and the teachers (tutors) from different time zones to schedule their routine activities accordingly.

You can start the session whenever you literally want and probably you can even change according to your own schedule.

Advantages of Tutoring Online

1.) No Geographical Boundaries: As a tutor, you can start the session in your home country with the students in the other country.

A computer or laptop with an Internet connection will do all the needful things to conduct the tutoring classes.

The internet itself has limitless possibilities letting one enjoy the biggest benefits of online teaching.

It provides more convenience for the students because they can learn the lessons whenever they feel comfortable in drawing attention.

2.) It saves commuting time: You can attend the tuition session from the comfort of your home with just a few mouse clicks on your computer connected to the Internet.

It doesn’t matter when you start the session and from where you start the session such as in the bedroom, hall, drawing room, or even at your home balcony.

You can start where you feel comfortable. Online tutoring saves you a lot of money spent on commuting, dressing and accessories, travel expenditures, food, etc.

3.) Cost-effective: Online tutoring jobs need only the working personal computer or laptop with a stable internet connection.

There is no need to rent a room, furnish it for students to occupy their seats, boards, etc. Your only work is to plugin your profile with the tutoring sites.

Even the advertisement part and its related activities will be taken care of by the tutoring sites, you can save money by cutting these expenses.

You will be charged a nominal percentage of the amount and the rest can be your pure profit.

surveys pay online

There are many sites are available on the internet for earning online but among them, tutoring jobs are having their own share of the market.

Mostly many students prefer online tutoring sessions for their studies which they found more comfortable to schedule accordingly.

This helps them increase their inner ability, also getting online help is much easier rather than fixing an in-person appointment.

Online tutoring gives more comfortable timings that let the college students work part-time jobs to earn some additional money also.

It is always advisable to keep up with the growing trend and stop procrastinating things and start today.

How to Find Online Tutoring Jobs?

three students learning

Not everyone can easily become an online tutor because one must be a subject matter expert to teach a subject to other people.

The tutoring sites require a minimum qualification to join such as a minimum of a four-year degree and in some special cases, a higher degree is expected.

Some employers require Ph.D. scholars and some require minimum experience and the course completion certification from the legal coaching center.

In this article, I have crafted a list of paying online tutor sites for you to which you can easily become a member and start teaching online.

Requirements to Become an Online Teacher

The first thing is you should have sound knowledge about the subject you are going to teach your students.

It’s your responsibility to take care of them and feed the knowledge you have into them.

Let us discuss the basic requirements necessary to become an online tutor as per the industry standards.

1.) Computer or Laptop: Obviously, this is the first thing required the most with an active internet connection.

You should have the latest model computer with Windows 7, 8, 10, I3, or more generation processors with a minimum of 4GB RAM.

Because most of the tutoring companies will give you software to conduct their online sessions and your computer should be eligible to install the software.

2.) Digital Pen/Writing pad: It is a digital device that will show all the content you wrote on the computer or laptop screen.

You should buy one before you start an online tutoring job.

3.) Subject Knowledge: If you have enough knowledge on the subject, then only you can teach your students.

Hence it is mandatory to be an expert on the subject you are going to handle.

Apart from these things, you should have little technical knowledge about the computer and the Internet.

You should be able to handle these types of equipment to deliver the best lecture you can.

So far we have discussed the requirements necessary to become an online teacher. Now we shall proceed to the sites where you can join to earn money.

List of Online Tutoring Sites

1. TutorME

This is the first site on the list. TutorMe was a revolutionary online education platform that connects the students and the teachers to learn online.

They pay up to $18 per hour to share their knowledge with the students and others.

There are four different kinds of plans available for you to choose from based on your available timings and flexibility.

How to Start? The application is very simple and you can easily become an online tutor just simply by completing the registration form.

Then, you have to choose the subject you have mastered to teach others. After the approval from TutorMe staff, they will start sending your students.

Once you were allocated a student based on the discussion, the next step is to begin the virtual class.

Their interactive space is equipped with powerful features and tools that enable you to teach the best way possible.

Become an online tutor at TutorMe today.

2. Vedantu

The Vedantu is the next site in this category that offers quality tutoring jobs online for students in India.

They offer coaching services on various subjects including Maths, Physics, Biology, Science, etc. and different language such as French, German.

Vedantu offers other professional coaching such as IIT-JEE, CAT, NEET coaching, etc. Currently, 40,000 plus students are using this portal.

They pay their online teachers more than Rs. 15000 INR per month. If you devote two hours every day, you can easily earn up to Rs. 20000 INR per month.

As a teacher, you can set your own teaching price based on their standard rate chart. There is no need to invest any money to join them.

How to start? The first process is to fill the application form so that you will be invited for an initial screening test to assess your quality in teaching.

Then, you have to complete a demo teaching session and upon completion, you have to complete induction class, create a profile and complete documentation, etc.

Finally, you will be listed as a teacher on their page and you will get the time for your first online session.

3. OkTutor.Net

OkTutor was a leading online tutoring site with over 8 years of experience in this field thus availing free online job opportunities to many tutors.

They started with a view to expanding the passion of teaching among the teachers at their own pace and time they feel comfortable.

OkTutor pays from $5 per hour to $200 per week based on the experience and the time spent on tutoring.

All the payments will be processed two times a month via wire transfer, PayPal, and Moneybookers.

As an online tutor, you can work from your convenient place and at a convenient time.

How to start? To get started as a tutor on this platform, you should first complete the application form and the subject you wish to teach.

After that, you should have to attend an online exam so that it helps the OKTutor team to gauge your skill and talents.

After you successfully completed the test, your profile is allowed to be listed in their available tutor base. Find the student and start taking the classes.

The payment will be processed two months a month and the payments are highly guaranteed.

4. was another brand online tutoring jobs site. Their tutoring services are available 24/7 and you can create your own schedule of work.

You can tutor a minimum of 5 hours a week to a maximum of 29 hours a week. They supply their own software to conduct virtual training sessions for the students.

How to start? You can become a tutor at by completing their application form and then choose the subject you wish to teach.

Then attend a mock interview and the training session. Finally, after assessing your quality, your profile will be made live to recruit students for your tutoring sessions.

The pay chart is different from different subjects and additional incentives will be provided based on high-quality training.

A single application will take more than 1 – 2 weeks processing time and also it depends on how you complete each step quickly?

5. TutorVista

TutorVista is the leading online tutoring company with a worldwide network at very affordable prices.

TutorVista has more than 2000+ teachers on various subjects from countries like India, the US, UK, Australia, China providing quality training classes.

It started in 2005 and is one of the oldest tutoring service providers in the world with more than 10 million live sessions over the last decade.

The registration process is very simple just by signing up for the application form, you are enrolled directly as an online tutor after a live interview.

Well equipped with digital interactive training classes, 24/7 access, affordable prices, flexible timings, are the notable factors about the TutorVista.

6. Freelance Online Tutor

The freelancer trainer is a bit different from traditional online tutoring companies. Here the tutors were hired by some learners for a particular session or subject for a particular period of time.

If you are interested, you can become an online freelance teacher on your own wish.

The best sites I recommend to find genuine freelance tutoring jobs were:

There are some disadvantages of doing freelance tutoring jobs and we will discuss them here.

  1. Becoming a freelancer is very easy but when looking at the income structure, it is inconsistent and unstable.
  2. You can’t always depend on a single regular project, client, or profit whereas you will know these details in the full-time tutor jobs.
  3. Even though you can work at your home, you are spending more time only for your profession at home which creates a detachment from your family.
  4. You may sometimes feel odd working long hours every day and do make time for your own personal interests.
  5. Being a freelancer means you have to take the responsibility of your work which includes marketing, advertising, and sales.
  6. You may sometimes get into the risk of not getting paid for the actual work done. This is a common fair practice in the freelance world.
  7. Some cowards may give a negative review which often deceased on processing successful payments and it will affect your future prospects also.

I have given two options, either working online for a company from the comfort of your home else work as a freelancer.

It is completely up to your own decision to choose the right path in your career. Freelancing gives your professional freedom but it leads to instability and risk of failure.


There is a bright chance to earn a huge salary every month from being a professional online teacher.

Online teaching jobs are growing and taking over the physical classes in most cases and it is the right time to start building your career.

There are a few other most in-demand jobs in 2021, which I have discussed in the previous article might help you here.

It is possible to earn a decent income from online tutoring jobs in India. Since you are working at a convenient time, you can even make more money.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to share, post a comment below. Share this information with your friends and others as it might help someone.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful article. Currently, the online tutoring sector is booming with numerous opportunities. The list of top players who provide tutoring services is quite apt. Would like to know how new players like class plus and apps like learnhyst are competing with the already established companies like Vedantu.

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      In this article, I have recommended a few sites in which you have to register an account by yourself. Then submit your resume and update your profile to get access to your account for taking online classes.

    1. Hi Asha,
      You can register a profile with “Vedantu”, “TutorMe”, “TutorVista” sites. Once your profile is approved, they will assign students to you for Online Tutoring. Take action now.
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