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  • 25 December, 2019
  • / By Myilraj G

Experts would have said these are the best in demand jobs of 2020


Hello everyone, 2020 started, a new year with new hopes.

It has been another great year for OnlineHomeIncome and with a focus towards a financial-free future.

I had to come up with an idea to write an article about High In demand jobs in 2020 after reading a piece of news on the internet on this topic.

And I want to share some information about this. So I have written this article.

People always searching for genuine online jobs (or) offline jobs to make some extra revenue to meet their monthly expenses.

There has been always a demand for a certain kind of jobs across the world anytime.

The first thought that will run in your mind was data entry jobs, form filling jobs, email processing jobs, BPO jobs.

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But the real fact on the most searching jobs (or) in demand jobs are in the following industries: Healthcare industry and core software industry.

Do you believe that the healthcare industry has this much potential to provide huge jobs to most of the people across the world in 2020?

Of course, Yes. In this article, we will discuss these high in demand jobs in 2020 and will see how to get one to shape our future.


What are the high in demand jobs in 2020?

Today from the journal, I list some of these jobs that are going to be the most demanding jobs in 2020 and the people who will enter this field will get a job easily.

Those best jobs were:

1.) Fitness trainer: A High school diploma (or) equivalent

2.) Physical Therapist: A degree from a certified health institute

3.) Registered Nurse: A Nursing degree [B.Sc (or) M.Sc]

4.) Personal Financial advisor: A Degree in Accounting and finance

5.) Software Engineer: Strong computer programming skills


A U.S. Study stated that the Physical therapist ranks as the No. 4th most in demand jobs around the world and estimated growth of merely 10,14,000 new positions by 2020.

The reason is that the common people were aware of their health and wellness, and showing more interest in preventive healthcare options.

We can see most of the advertisements telecasting in media such as television, radio about different preventive measures for seasonal infections and diseases, etc.

Another greater demand jobs in 2020 were Nursing Practitioner, with projected demand for more than 20,00,000 jobs available in the coming years.

Also, the demand for software engineers is constantly increasing and an estimated vacancy in 2018 will be nearly 5,00,000 positions.

So, now we will discuss these in demand jobs in 2020 and how to get one in our career.


1.) Fitness Trainer:

Estimated Vacancy in 2020: 3,00,000 Nos.

Maximum Annual Salary: $50000 – $75000 [INR 2500 Rs. per hour max.]

fitness trainer jobOnce was the day every people put hard work every day and this makes them fit to lead a long life.

But now, the trend reverses and you can see many obesity people around you.

Most of the people have less physical activities nowadays and also due to false food culture has lead to obesity among the people.

This results in the rise of seasonal diseases and chronic diseases among the people.

To sort out this, you need to go to a gym to maintain your body fitness.

Fitness trainer is a specially trained person who can help people to develop and maintain their body fitness.

This is going to be one of the high demand jobs in 2020 because health and wellness continue to be a hot topic for most people.

Fitness trainers can help you create a fitness plan, and educate you on routine daily exercise activity to maintain your physical health.

The demand for fitness trainers has grown by 16% by 2019 and it may cross this level in the coming 2020.


Interesting Facts:

An average earning of a fitness trainer was around $50000 – $75000 a year.

In India, a self-employed fitness trainer can earn Rs. 1000 – Rs. 2500 an hour.



  1. To become an international professional trainer you need to complete Personal Training courses such as American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM).
  2. You can join the Tulip International Academy of Wellness and Cosmetology in India and get a certificate to become a professional trainer.
  3. The course period maybe around 3 months to 6 months (or) up to 1-year.
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2.) Physical Therapist:

Estimated Vacancy in 2020: 2,00,000 Nos.

Maximum Annual Salary: $75000 – $100000 [INR 10,00,000 Rs.]

physical therapistAccidents are happening every day and many people were getting injured.

Some may become disabled (or) have disabling conditions such as low-back pains, heart diseases, polio, fractures, nerve damages, etc.

The most common problem with many software professionals was the lower back pain.

All these people wanted to recover and to carry this recovery jobs, Physical Therapists play a major role in this part.

PT uses various techniques to improve and restore your body function back to normal.

It helps relieve pain (or) prevent further injury and try to limit permanent disabilities in the future.

Interesting facts:

  1. Physical therapists earn around 100000$ USD in 2018.
  2. An average monthly salary in India was Rs.25000 per month.
  3. Most in demand job of 2020 with an estimated vacancy of more than 200000 across the world.
  4. They can either work in the hospital  (or) start their own registered clinics.
  5. You can practice anywhere such as in Homes, rehabilitation centers, Hospitals, Dedicated nursing homes, etc.


Role of a Physical Therapist:

They are healthcare professionals whose main objectives are to serve those people who have problems with their mobility.

Physical Therapists treat people of all ages from newborn to the very oldest who has similar health-related issues.

Therapists examine each individual and prepare a treatment plan to improve their condition thus try to restore to their previous conditions.

Also, therapists handle cases such as Polio, Paralysis, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia, Ortho Problems, Muscular problems, etc.


All physical therapists should be graduated from an accredited physical therapist program (or) college and should obtain a license to nurse people.

Best Recommended Physical Therapy College in India:

  1. Apollo Physiotherapy Collge, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Indian Institute of Health Education and Research, Beur Patna,
  3. Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh,
  4. Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Vellore, TamilNadu,
  5. KJ Somaiya College of Physiotherapy, Sion, Mumbai.


3.) Registered Nurse:

Estimated Vacancy in 2020: 2,50,000 Nos.

Maximum Annual Salary: $35000 – $65000 [INR 8,00,000 Rs.]

nurseYou may hear the word “Nurse” often used in hospitals and medical care centers.

This is one of the most in demand jobs of 2020 because of the growing healthcare field with no end in sight.

There are huge numbers of good career opportunity for the people who trained as a nurse and having interest in a patient care role.

Nursing (Nurse) is an act of performing attention and care to the people who were suffered from any injuries (or) accidents (or) diseases and help them to recover from such occasions.

They work as an assistant for the Doctors, healthcare consultants, physical therapists and support them in their medical activities.

An average experienced nurse will get an annual salary of around $65000 and in India, an estimated annual package of Rs. 8,00,000 paying for them.

If you have more experience, you can earn more from these jobs in 2020. Choose your nursing career from PRN Health Services, a one-stop place for nursing job search.


i.) To become a professional nurse in India, you need to be a registered candidate for the Indian Nursing Council.

ii.) You need to complete any of these various programs and get a certificate from the registered institute.

The different courses are:

  • Auxiliary Nurse and Midwifery
  • B.Sc in Nursing from any registered college.
  • M.Phil and/or Ph.D. in Nursing.

You can study this course at any nursing colleges in India.


4.) Personal Finance Advisor:

Estimated Vacancy in 2020: 1,00,000 nos.

Maximum Annual Salary: Up to $100000 [INR 10,00,000 Rs.]

financial advisorAre you a math legend, having deep knowledge in managing various personal finances for individuals and companies, then there is a huge demand for you in 2020.

You can choose to become a professional personal finance advisor for various clients and help them manage their money, by providing timely advises on everything.

Helping them to invest their money in the right investment plan such as mutual funds, insurance, shares, and commodities will be the responsible task for a financial advisor.

If you choose to work as self-employed and with your creative thinking, you can easily make up to $1,00,000 USD in a financial year.

In India, one can earn up to Rs.20,00,000 annually and it will increase based on your experience and your influence in the market.


  1. The first step to enter into this high demand job was a professional certificate in BE program in Business administration (or) any similar financial management programs.
  2. You should hold a license from any certified financial planner in India (or) US Securities and Exchange Commission (ESC) if you look for international operations.
  3. You should complete any of these courses in India to find a proper career in this sector.
  • MBA in Business Administration
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (National Insititute of financial managements NIFM)


5.) Software Engineer:

Estimated Vacancy in 2020: 5,00,000 Nos.

Maximum Annual Salary: $75000 – $100000 [INR 10,00,000 Rs.]

software engineerThe Information Technology field has grown a lot to adapt to the modern workforce and implementing the latest technologies to improve their products.

There are various requirements in the software sector as with the increase in demand jobs of the corporate culture.

Many startups and big companies are always looking for creative, unique and innovative software designers for their businesses.

They develop new software and apps to perform certain business tasks and automate the work process to replace human workers.

The most in demand roles in the software field were around data-focused and security-related positions will be the most paying jobs in 2020.

Types of software engineering jobs:
  1. Business Analyst
  2. Database Developer
  3. Systems and Network Administrator
  4. Data Security Administrator

An individual candidate with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering (or) B.tech in Information technology will have been the most wanted by many MNC’s.

You need to have experience in database technology and various analytics tools.

Also, you should analyze the data patterns and process the data to get the reports.

B-2-C Businesses looks for efficient candidates who can effectively and strategically convert every lead into business.

You can name this position as Help Desk (or) Customer Relations representative.

This is the first line of defense in the customer service sector and every candidate who has the right technical skills and subject knowledge can easily get into this in demand job in 2020.

Requirements:Minimum 2 Years of an associate degree (or) business school training certificate.


Network Administrators:

Another highest job in the Software engineering field was the network administrators who can help the responsible for handling a large LAN/WAN protocol in an organization.

They should have troubleshooting skills and sense to act on the issues effectively.

You will be hired immediately if you have the ability to handle emergency cases on failure.

Requirements:A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with minimum 3 – 5 Years of experience in the related field.

Basic diagnostic and analytics skills, Effective communication skills.

When you take all B2B, B2C businesses, there is always a huge amount of databases to handle and it requires a high level of security to protect your business, customers, and clients.


System Administrator:

Data Security administrator was a very responsible position in major MNC’s and there is an average requirement of more than a lakh of candidates in 2020.

As a Network Administrator, the system administrator is also an important job position in all IT companies.

They should have strong problem-solving skills, communication skills to understand the problem and to provide a solution.

The various jobs in this category include managing client computers and server hardware, Operating System maintenance and monitoring and installing all updates.

Effective data handling techniques such as data backup and restoring skills are also mostly required.


i.) An associate bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and technology along with certified courses from Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) (or) Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA).

ii.) In general, there is always a huge demand for various jobs in software engineering in the coming years.


Below I have recommended some general skills that are best fit for all kinds of IT-related jobs in 2020.

Skills and Experience:

  1. Associate BE (or) B.tech degree
  2. Programming Languages (Phyton or Java)
  3. Strong Mathematical Skills and Processing skills
  4. Experience in handling database queries
  5. Masters or Ph.D.
  6. Minimum 2Years experience in the related industry.


Final thoughts,

There are a few high in demand jobs found everywhere around you based on your educational qualifications.

But, why still people are not finding their right jobs is because their minds were shrunken and the system teaches them to search for a particular type of job.

When you are ready to mine other jobs from various industries like this, you can aware of lots of most needed job opportunities available.

You can consider starting your career in these fields from 2020 and shape your future to live the desired life.

Let’s spend some more time valuable in learning about the topmost 20 Genuine Paying Online Jobs in 2020 to work from home.

Do you wish starting your own business, here are the practical business ideas to start in 2020 to earn a huge monthly income?

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