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7 Best Money Saving Apps to Avoid Losing your Income

  • 18 June, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

Smart Ways to Save Money using Android Apps in 2020


Saving money cannot be easier. Normally people will save money for any vacation (or) for any emergency needs (or) with plans of buying some assets.

Meeting such goals is going to be easier by using these money saving apps listed here in this article.

We cannot make it all possible manually, and so free money apps came into existence that helps us to save money from our earnings.

There are hundreds of apps available on the internet to save money, but you need to research and find the right money saving apps that best suit your purpose.

money saving apps

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You can download these apps for Android and IOS platforms for free from the Play Store on your mobile.

Here in this article, we will discuss the different money saving apps for our regular usage.

Before getting into it, I want to discuss one important point in the Money Saving process and that is “Creating a Budget”.


Create a Budget:

It is very necessary for a salaried person (or) a business person to create a budget, as you should have to plan your spending and earnings every month.

This will help you pay your monthly expenses that include home rent, loans, and debts, groceries, hospital expenses, weekend trips, and tours, etc.

You need to manage all these without running out of your income and not exceeding your income.

How can you cover all these expenses and savings? How can you decide what’s most important? Where should you give the priority to spend?

Creating a Budget is the answer to all these questions. You can either make your own decision (or) use available Money Savings Apps on the Internet.


Best Money Saving Apps 2020:

1. Mint:

Available on: Android \ IOS  |  Cost: Free
Suitable for: Creating a Budget, Planning on expenses

Mint apps were an all-in-one financial app that saves you money. You can easily create budgets, track and set your bills, schedule your payments.

Download free mint app here from Google Play Store, install it on your Smartphone and sync a bank account with just a few mouse clicks.

It’s user-friendly simple and organized design gives you a nice experience never before that helps keep tracking of both online and offline bills.

You can monitor all your financial activities and categorize your spending patterns. This money saving app is protected with a password and gives you a secure environment to work.

Features of the app:
  • Bill Reminders: You can set a reminder sent to your mobile phone (or) email as you planned.
  • Create a Budget: You can create a monthly budget based on your expenses and track how you spend your money?
  • Low funds warning: Get notified when your funds are low.
  • Bills due alerts: You will get beep alert when bill payments due are just minutes away.
  • Unusual Spending: This app alerts you when it found any large (or) suspicious transactions.
  • Create Budget Category: This app calculates average spend based on categories such as dining, shopping, entertainment, etc.

Its automatic suggestion based on your expenses will help you calculate a monthly budget. Also, you will be warned of any unnatural deductions (or) spending from your wallet. Just click here to download and set up your free account in seconds.


2. Money Lover:

Available on: Android \ IOS  |  Cost: Free
Suitable for: Creating and separating weekly, monthly Budget

Best app of 2017, Google Top Developer, Best 2016 Budget Apps for Android, Top 5 Best Apps for Google I/O 2017. These are the list of awards this money-lover app has received.

It helps to manage your finances as well as gets you out of mental stress. You can easily manage your monthly budgets, bills for your services, etc.

Easily track all your daily expenses and incomes, customize full report of transactions based on various categories, etc.

You can create a weekly budget plan (or) monthly budget plan that you will spend on your occasions such as weekend dining, parties, family trip, etc.

This money saving app helps you manage your money by monitoring your daily transactions from your phone’s wallet.

Features of the app:

  • Manage loans and debts
  • Set savings plan
  • Scan receipts and categorize expenses
  • Track multiple currencies
  • Setting up recurring transactions
  • Exclusive reports
  • Data backup
  • Built-in calculator
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3. MySmartPrice:

Available on: Android \ IOS  |  Cost: Free
Suitable for: Shopping Lovers

You can also save money by comparing prices of the products (or) the services that you going to buy and negotiate with the merchant.

This MySmartPrize money saving apps is one of India’s favorite price comparison app that saves you money by giving you the best price and deals with the products.

It compares and displays the rates and discounts of over 10Million products from nearly 100 E-commerce websites for the best prices available.

You can find all the products like Mobile Phones, Computers, Laptops, Cameras, apparel, shoes and accessories, Hi-Fi equipment, etc. Find and compare the lowest best price.

In one of the articles on saving money, I have advised bargaining merchants and compare prices as one of the working tactics to save money.

You can use this app for that purpose as it saves huge money on all your online shopping.

Features of the app:

  • Compare prices on every purchase
  • Discover products from various shopping sites
  • Display best deals and offers
  • Secured payments, fast and easy interface
  • Free mobile recharges.


4. WhatsApp:

Available on: Android \ IOS  |  Cost: Free
Suitable for: People who make always text/making calls

Everyone uses WhatsApp, which is popularly known as an entertainment app used for sending messages and engaging in group chats, audio, and video calls, etc.

But do you know you can save money using WhatsApp? Yes, this app can save your mobile expenses by cutting charges on Mobile Calls, SMS services.

This app uses your phone’s internet connection (4G/3G/2G/Wifi) to make calls and send messages to your family and friends.

Not only text messaging, but it also lets you send photos, documents, videos and voice messages.

You can cut your monthly mobile expenses and use WhatsApp for connecting with other people.

Features of the app:

  • No Fees
  • Free Calls
  • Group Chat
  • Whatsapp Web
  • No International Charges
  • User-friendly interface


5. Go – Ibibo:

Available on: Android \ IOS  |  Cost: Free
Suitable for: Small Business People, Tourists

This money-saving app helps you save your money on travel and fun.

hey already have more than 10 Million travelers around the world using the app and saving a lot of money.

This app gets you a hassle-free booking experience and saves money every time when you book a train, flight, bus (or) Hotels.

IRCTC (Indian Railway Train Ticket Booking) has many exclusive deals and offers.

Try GOIBIBO apps here. Download from Google Play Store.

Features of the app:

  • Search and book both domestic and international flights.
  • Search and compare the fare for your travel.
  • You can choose the best service providers and some of them are Jet Airways, Indigo, Air India, Thai Airways, American Airlines, Qatar Airways, etc.
  • Find and filter the best hotels with price, amenities, and reviews, etc from more than 3,50,000 hotels.
  • Free cancellation if you do not like the hotel and save money by requesting cash back.
  • Save Rs.2000 by signing up this app for the first time. Click here to start.


6. Swagbucks:

Available on: Android \ IOS  |  Cost: Free
Suitable for: Online shoppers

When coming to purchase (or) save money, it’s not about just using real money as your prime medium.

You can save money by paying the MRP prices and getting back as a cashback.

It is also a saving and I want to tell about Swagbucks, one of the best rewarding sites on every purchase and order.

You can find the best deal and cashback offer’s every single day from nearly 1000+ merchants and also you can earn money by earning swag points.

Read this article where I have explained the faster ways to earn money from Swagbucks.

You can also get other benefits such as reward points and free gift cards on every purchase.

You can redeem your swag points as a PayPal cash (or) Freecharge gift voucher.


7. Freecharge:

Available on: Android \ IOS  |  Cost: Free
Suitable for: People using prepaid mobile

Freecharge apps were founded in 2010 with India’s movement towards Digital India.

They have their own wallet where you can save money when you made any transactions like mobile recharge, book movie tickets, go out to dining, hotels, DTH and EB bill payments, etc.

You can pay for any mobile postpaid and prepaid bills, Internet bills from their wallet (or) by using a debit card/credit card and make payments.

They have different promo codes based on time and purchase value.

Use the promo code at the time of making payments and get the cashback in your Free charge wallet.

It’s simple and free to register. Available on all Android and IOS Platforms.

Amazing discounts when you use it with most of the other apps such as Book myShow, Ticketnew, GoIbibo, etc.


Purpose of these apps:

All people need money for their living. To earn money, either you can go for a 9 – 5-day job (or) work in part-time jobs Online and/or offline.

Also, you can spend 100% of your earnings without saving a little for your future.

As there is no guarantee about what our future will give us?

Either you can become rich (or) may grow more beyond tolerable debts and loans.

If you have the habit of saving money for your future needs, then you can easily overcome the fear of the future.

This article was written to get you an idea of different money saving apps available on the Internet.


Disclaimer: The apps recommended here are just for informational purposes only and may (or) may not suitable for all people who are going to try these apps.

Hence, OnlineHomeIncome disclaims no responsibility in any means of losses before and after using these apps.


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Arputha says 02 April, 2020

Thanks for sharing this helpful information. Another one of the best sites is missing. Last week I used the coupon site. Saveji offering trending coupons and offers for all categories of products. Its a really helpful and trustable site for saving money. SAVEJI app on Google Play

    Myilraj G says 02 April, 2020

    Hello Arputha,
    Thanks for adding value to our information. Our research team will do further research and analyze this site sooner. Once done, we will update the list. If you have any more experiences, do let us know to add more proof.

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7 Best Money Saving Apps to Avoid Losing your Income

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