Best 20+ Small Business Ideas to Start in India in 2023

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 5, 2023



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Dreaming of Starting your Own Business, Let’s Find the list of Small Business Ideas to start in 2023.

There are two kinds of people in the world, one is Job Goer and the remaining people doing some business. Using some business ideas they are executing them and making some money.

One incident that happened on my New Year Celebration day made me write this article to let know my audiences about the power of doing business.

When you look at the American people and other foreigners they always travel in their life.

How could this be possible for them to travel almost throughout the month?

What are they doing to earn such a huge income every month?

business ideas
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I recently thought of writing an article on this subject because last week I went to Ooty to enjoy my New Year occasion.

I had seen many foreigners and rich people were enjoying their occasions in Ooty and they are spending money without calculating.

It made me curious and I went to ask one guy the secret of the financial freedom in his life and what he says was just astonishing.

The secret was his business ideas and the strategy he is following so that the money he earned works itself to earn more money for him.

Many people in India and some parts of the world are still working for a small monthly income commuting for a 9-5 office job and even working night-shift.

Some people among them have abandoned their dream of building their own homes in the face of these poor economic conditions.

The only solution to overcome this crisis was finding some legitimate sources of second income online (or) doing some business.

It’s a myth saying, starting a business needs a heavy investment, but the real fact is that even you can start a business with Rs. 1000 in your hand and put it as your capital investment.

I am going to share some various small business ideas that will help you to find some financial freedom in your life.

Difference between a Job and a Business?

1.) Time is not in your control:

When you go for a job, your time is not in your control, and someone else, it may be your superior officer (or) your boss will control your time.

They will order you what to do and when to do it? But when you run a business, your time is in your control.

You can manage efficiently and more usefully.

2.) Income-based on your time:

When you work for someone, you will get limited money based on your time and not on your work.

In India, normal working hours are 8 Hrs a day where your physical presence is compulsory.

But when you do business you can work anytime based on your comfort and earn money based on your effort (work).

When you put in more work, you will earn more money.

3.) Time spent with family is lesser:

In business, you can spend more time with your family whereas the time with your family is lesser when you commute for an office job.

Small Business Ideas in 2023

Let’s start the discussion with some small business ideas to help you get some knowledge and make you get ready to start a business.

Today’s most successful entrepreneurs are Mark Zuckerberg [Facebook], Jeff Bezos [Amazon], and Steve Jobs[Apple Inc.] may come into your mind, but none of them started their business with a big investment.

Facebook was started in a small dormant room and Amazon was started in an old garage and Apple Inc. was started in an old car shed. Also, those businesses were started at the time when there is a very little technology development across the world.

Why I want this note here is, all successful business does not need capital but a prominent business idea is the most important step to creating a legendary platform.

Creating a business plan, putting your ideas into action, investing small capital, and aiming for high returns is the theoretical success of a business.

In this article, I am going to share some of the small business ideas that you can start with as little investment as Rs. 1,000 INR.

surveys pay online

1. Start a Travel Agency

Incredible India has a vast land of tourist places that attract people not from within the country but from the world.

Starting a travel agency was a prominent startup business idea for an individual who wants to make some money.

As I said earlier, if you planned to start a travel agency where you can provide all-in-one complete details about the spot, then that’s a perfect business start.

The travel industry in India has grown to a large extent in the past few decades and thus gives rise to a many new travel agencies across India.

All you need is complete information about the tourist spots such as their history, their culture and famous spots there. A 10×10 office room with one computer and internet connection is enough to start this business.

If you have a list of the best hotels to further enhance your support, then you can get more chances to earn from your business. These types of business ideas will not rise in everyone’s mind but now you can think about starting one.

2. Mobile Recharge Shop

mobile recharge shops

By the third quarter of 2017, India’s mobile users have grown more than 80 million connections reported by the Indian telecommunications department.

Nearly half of them were prepaid users and they prefer visiting a mobile shop for recharges.

Many people think these business ideas are dead but of course not, there is a scope to run this business successfully.

Why I am saying this because out of the 80 million people, 48% were old people who don’t have a Smartphone and don’t know about online recharges.

1.) To start this business, rent a 10×10 room at the places where people occupy the most such as Bus stands, Railway stations, Malls, etc.

2.) You also need to tie up with mobile network providers such as Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, and Tata Docomo, and stock their small recharge cards [10Rs, 20Rs, 50Rs, and more].

Apart from just selling recharge vouchers and displays, some china made mobile phones and Smartphones are at your shop’s showcase.

You can get an option for some sort of new mobile sales which will increase the revenue for your small business.

3. Home Tuition (or) Tuition Center

This is the best home-based business idea for housewives and job-goers to start making some additional revenue in their spare time (or) evening time.

In my area, most school teachers and some college students are taking evening tuition for school students and they are making more than Rs. 10,000/- a month.

Like other businesses, taking tuition needs a 10×10 room (or) you can use your own home to eliminate expenses on rent and other’s expenditures.

Once you decided to start this small business, you need some sort of advertisement and you can socialise your social network (or) go back to your old school with flyers.

You can also use ‘word-of-mouth’ advertisements to enrol students in your tuition.

4. Fruit Juice Shop

fruit juice shop

When I travel at day times, I use to have fruit juices at frequent intervals to keep myself fresh and healthy.

Many people have this habit of drinking fruit juices when they travel.

You can start this business, I mean to start a fruit juice shop near the highway (or) at some crowded places where more people gather such as Bus stands, Railway Stations Malls, etc.

All you need is to rent a space at places where people group together and some investments to purchase different fruits, some groceries, and machines to make fruit juices.

Following more sales, you can recruit some employees (s) to work in your business and pay them a monthly salary to increase your business.

5. Garment Tailor

garment tailor

In my area, every morning when I commute to my office I can see some roadside banners and posts affixed to the electric polls advertising for the requirement of tailors.

Why going outside, even my cousins have learned to tailor and put some machines at their home, thus running a small home-based business.

They take all types of stitching works from their neighbourhoods and thus make a decent income every month.

Normally the fee for the tailoring class was around Rs. 10,000/- and this is your investment. The normal rate to stitch one shirt and pants was Rs. 500/-. If you have some 100 orders a month, your income from your home business will be Rs. 500 x 100 = Rs. 50,000/-

Even, some garment companies are looking for expert tailors for the bulk stitching work on their premises and they offer a very good salary. This is just a note.

These business ideas are best suitable for housewives, and college girls because they can stitch their own clothes and at the same time earn pocket money when they do it as a part-time business.

6. Bakeries

It’s also a nice business model in which you can start with a small capital investment. Mostly, if you start this business on highway roadsides, Schools, colleges, companies, etc., you can make more income.

But at the same time, when you start near theatres, Malls, you will have to face heavy competition from corporate baking companies. So, choosing the right place for this business determines your success.

You can take my location as an example, two years back there is only one bakery in my locality around 3Kms. But there are nearly 8 – 10 bakery shops in my locality by the end of 2017 at the same perimeter.

So, there is competition but there is also awareness among the people. If you serve good quality baked items, people will come to your business place mostly. Forgot one thing, offer the Best Price OK.

You can start this bakery business with a little investment of Rs. 50000/- and a room for monthly rent to accommodate people. Buy some chairs and tables for the people to sit and eat.

7. Road Side Tea Stall

road side tea stall

In Tamil Nadu, you can see a lot of tea stalls at every kilometre where you will get quality tea and coffee.

The beverage business has grown exceptionally over the decades and many small tea stalls have been started in our state.

Especially, the Kumbakonam Degree Filter Coffee stall for Filter Coffee started in one district and expanded all over Tamilnadu.

Many travellers attract it as they are dedicated to only filtering coffee.

You can easily get a franchise with a small investment from them and start one shop in your locality.

You can get a business from more coffee lovers.

License cost and other capital investments including the purchase of accessories and materials to prepare coffee are the investments but I think coffee was charged Rs.20 per 150ml.

So when you sell at least 100 nos. Of coffee a day you can get Rs.2000 INR per day.

8. Tour Guide

Are you a travel lover? Fond of travelling to new places and having information about the visited places.

Are you the tour planner for your family and friends? Do you find time to surf the internet to collect all the information about the tourist spot?

Then, you should look into opening a tourist guide business, where you can scout tourists and make all the arrangements for the trip including hotel booking, planning visits, etc.

This start-up business does not need any capital investment because your knowledge about the place will create income for you.

The only potential cost is finding some travel agencies to get a new traveller’s list, and contact them for an offer.

Else, you can start a blog and display your services, portfolio, and all the work you can carry out.

9. Blogging

Blogging is one of the top business ideas in 2018 if you are planning to start any new business. There are so many ways you can earn money from blogging.

The most employed method of blogging was displaying Google AdSense and making money from them. This is what most bloggers are following.

Other than this method, you can start Affiliate Marketing with blogging. I will explain this business later in this article and don’t forget to read it.

If both the method failed you can start selling own ad spaces (or) sell own products and services to the people.

Read this article about the best online jobs for housewives where I have explained how to sell their own products via a blog.

You can start this business for free but most successful bloggers won’t recommend this way because surely you will lose at one stage.

Professional blogging business requires a minimum start-up capital of Rs. 6000 [$100] because you need to purchase a domain name, web hosting, and WordPress theme.

If you wish to start this business, then you can work with me. Get more details by visiting this page and joining me in my revolution.

10. Start YouTube Channel

YouTube is the world’s largest video broadcasting website where you can watch millions of videos in various niche industries.

If you have a Gmail Account, then easily you can create one with YouTube as it is also a part of the Google Community.

Creating a YouTube channel and publishing any useful videos can make you lots of money as Google pays for displaying ads on every video hosted on their servers.

1.) This works very simply, just create a free YouTube account and publish any video by creating a channel [Like domain name]. Promote your videos and make them popular.

2.) Then apply for monetization and start displaying ads overlaying your videos. When people click on the ads, they will earn money.

This method does not require any means of investment to start. The only investment is your time and creative thinking.

11. Online Courses

Any form of education is some sort of usefulness to all.

Even if you take blogging, when you Google for Blogging Business Ideas, you can get thousands of online courses to teach blogging.

If you are an expert in coaching [any particular subject], you can create an online course.

You can either provide for free by creating a blog (or) you can tie up with other digital content companies to earn some money.

To start this business, there is no investment from your side. You can’t make money unless if you have sound knowledge in the field.

A little startup capital is needed if you start with a blog because you need to pay for Domain name and Web Hosting.

12. Selling Surveillance Equipment

When coming to security consciousness, People often care for it the most.

They are ready to invest in these types of guarding equipment for their home and office to save themselves and their families against theft and other crimes.

Even, I have installed CCTV cameras in my home and a Burglar Alarm security system with a centralized remote locking system.

This system is connected to the internet and can be accessed by me even when I am in my office.

Based on this high demand, you can start a franchise with a branded company to sell their products. You don’t need a rented space because you are not going to display anything.

1.) Register an SSI in some name and tag as the dealers of home and office safety equipment. A pamphlet containing the list of products and their uses is enough.

2.) Recruit a marketing team for canvassing if you can able to put in a nominal capital (or) you perform marketing at your beginning stages.

A high-return small business idea in India up to my research with minimal investment and sustainable returns every day.

13. Street-side Book Stall

In every city in India, you can’t cross the bazaar without seeing some street-side small bookstalls.

You can find any books there and even you can purchase them for half of the actual MRP price.

Even, I have used them to purchase books for my Public Exams in both School and High School.

Later after I completed my studies I sold the books to others.

This is a nice small business idea and with a small effort, you can start this business within weeks.

First, you need to apply for a permit and find a suitable place to construct your stall.

After that, arrange a vehicle for a rally to collect all the old books in your locality and other areas too.

Once you have collected a hand full of books for a month of sale, you are set ready for making it.

Starting this business requires a small investment which includes applying and getting a license, stall rent (or) construction, and book collection work.

You can sell academic books, storybooks, other examination books, and more. You can sell anything that is in the book format.

14. Customized Jewellery

All men and women were fond of wearing jewels, even though I wear a Gold Chain of 30 grams. Don’t make fun of me ok, I wrote just to tell you about my interest.

Jewellery made of Gold, Silver, and Platinum is more costly than a normal salaried person cannot afford because mostly they are roaming empty-pocketed.

Countries like India are well-known for their ancient tradition and selling traditional pieces of jewellery are still one of the profitable markets in India.

In some states such as Karnataka, Mumbai, and Maharashtra, you can find bulk manufacturers of these kinds of antique traditional jewellery made of wood (or) with some other metals.

It is straightforward to start this business, you have to buy some bulk jewels from them, place a deal for some customized prices (or) offer them a percentage of profit from the sales.

Then, you rent a place to build a stall (or) you can build a rickshaw as your mobile stall, but your ultimate destination to run a business selling traditional jewellery.

Your overall start-up investment will be around Rs. 25,000 [$500] as it includes monthly rent, capital for inventory purchase, and some sort of marketing area.

15. Start an Advertising Company

No business is there without advertising in media such as TV, Radio, Internet, etc.

Many corporate companies have started outsourcing their marketing campaign developments to external ad agencies.

This is to cut down additional costs within them and reduce the pressure of maintaining technologies and manpower resources.

As a result, there is a huge demand for these external ad agencies in the market today.

This is a very nice lucrative business idea which you can surely start in this era.

It requires some more capital because to purchase expensive equipment, a team of people with enough knowledge of the media industry, and a brand website.

A minimum start-up capital of Rs. 100000 is needed to start this advertising business.

After your setup, find the orders from the startups and slowly extend your wing toward corporate companies.

16. Food Services

road side food services

There is always a need and a demand for the food industry in this era. Also, it was one of the successful business ideas to earn a handsome profit every day.

Most office-going people and other working people do have time to eat but they find it very difficult to cook food at their home and carry them to their workplace.

In Tamil Nadu, I can see some people use their Maruti OMNI Four-wheeler vehicle as their mobile hotel and serve a variety of fried rice for the cost of Rs. 30/- per meal.

You can start this business immediately from tomorrow because there is no hectic process of getting a license, searching for a space for monthly rent, etc.

Also, you can cook your food in your home kitchen and serve it from your mobile hotel by stopping your vehicle under the roadside tree.

17. Aquariums and Pet Store

Aquariums are one of the best decorative elements in every household today. It is also considered the medium of Vastu remedies that deter households from all kinds of Vastu problems.

Many people often show more interest in having at least one dog (or) any other pet in their home.

It’s the best business idea to start some pet stores to sell dogs, cats, parrots, fish, and other birds, etc. You should rent a space to place various sizes of aquarium tanks, dog dens, birdcages, etc.

You can start with a minimum smaller capital of Rs. 1,00,000 based on the market in your area and the competition.

You can also sell additional items such as accessories for aquariums, dog foods, and other stuff, etc.

You can make a nice handsome income over the days when more people start visiting your place. The toughest part is you should be knowledgeable about animal habitats and their living style.

18. Candle Making and Paper Plate Making

These business ideas are best suitable for housewives and jobless people to make some money every month.

Many small-scale industries in India are manufacturing candles, paper plates, and paper cups. Also, they have their own marketing places to sell those products to consumers.

To manufacture those products, they do require a place of business where they need to install machines and employ people to work.

Instead, they have changed their trend of outsourcing the work to the people who are spending more time without any work at their homes.

The merchant will issue all raw materials and types of equipment required for the manufacturing process. And they will buy the finished product themselves on a pay-per-item basis.

Starting this business requires a minimum capital investment of Rs. 10,000 [$200], normally as a security deposit.

You can find lots of opportunities in the daily newspaper classified section.

19. Mushroom Cultivation

A perfect home business idea for the people of India and the government has taken many necessary steps to provide various subsidies and facilities to encourage home-based mushroom farming.

Even my aunt was involved in mushroom cultivation and made a daily income of Rs. 1,000/- to Rs. 2,000/- in her free time.

Mushrooms are more nutritious food and it is the prime dish in most of the marriage festivals in South India [Mushroom Briyani – Yummy].

You can start this business with a minimum investment of Rs. 25000/- which is needed to set up a temperature and humidity-controlled greenhouse.

Mushrooms need perfect stable weather conditions for a high yield. In Coimbatore, you can get mushroom spores from Agricultural University and they are conducting monthly courses to teach farming methods.

20. Vegetable Cultivation

Like mushrooms, you can grow other vegetables in your home. Other vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, ladysfinger, and brinjal, are suitable to grow in any climatic conditions.

You can convert these wonderful business ideas into a real business by cultivating those vegetables in your home and selling the excess yield after taking them for your own consumption.

You can use your house terrace (or) any non-usable land near your home. Proper maintenance and care will give you more yield which you can sell at your local grocery stores.

Even you can build a small roadside organic vegetable stall and sell the additional vegetables and greens to the people directly.

Presently many people are showing more interest to buy organic vegetables and greens for cooking. So there is always a demand for these organic products.

There is almost no investment to start this business, but you can make more profit when you convert this into your full-time business.

21. Work as a Rideshare Driver

The economic situation globally is shifting towards an environment in which temporary positions have become common and organizations search for and contract independent workers for short-term engagements.

A popular job in this type of environment is working as a rideshare driver. It is a fun job that gives you a good amount of money.

A growing number of people are now signing up to be rideshare drivers. You can also learn how much rideshare drivers make to understand more about this craze.

Requirements for This Service

  • Driver’s license
    An active driver’s license is required with an age of 1 to more years of driving experience, depending on the company’s requirements.
  • Clean background
    You must have a clear background, i.e: no criminal record.
  • Vehicle requirements
    A standard for acceptable vehicles is set by rideshare companies. This is why most rideshare companies have inspections to judge a car’s condition.

This includes checking the overall condition, insurance, etc.

Though not a formal requirement, rideshare drivers get to meet multiple new faces a day. With every passenger coming from different background, the driver needs to know how to interact and deal with the passengers diplomatically.

A rideshare driving job allows you to become your own boss. This means freedom of doing your work as per your wish with no time constraints.

You can work whenever you want to and work only for a certain number of hours per day. When you work as a rideshare driver, the time is in your own control which means you can concentrate on personal commitments also.


The biggest incentive for these business ideas is their pay. An average rideshare driver can make $2000 per week.

But on occasions such as New Year’s Eve rideshare drivers have reported being earning $500-1000 dollars a day.


In this article, I have shared only the list of such possible ways of small business ideas that you can easily start this year.

Remember, when you are planning to start a business you need some capital investment to begin.  You can choose any of the above business ideas to start.

But, the entire success of your business is based on your personal skills and necessary abilities.

Every time, I use to recommend one important point is, “Learn the system before entering into the work“.

Knowledge gives you the power to run any business, and if you are not ready to gain knowledge, ultimately you will lose your business.

All the best for your future and share your experience and knowledge about any business if you have already started and run successfully.

Even you can write to me if you want to list your business on this chart.

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