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Online Jobs: Why there is a need for second Income?

This article gives you information on various sources of second income opportunities


One of the most widely discussed topics among most of the people were Earning Extra Income (Second Income).

Money is Important. Of course, there is no doubt in it. Money is needed for everyone for their basic needs, and for a few necessary wants.

Without satisfying their basic needs and monthly budget, you cannot be happy in your life.

Do you need a solution? Yup, a financial freedom that deserves you to buy anything the moment you want.

This is possible by leveraging the power of the Internet, through Online Jobs.

why need for second income

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We all talk about it, search for it in Google, but who get the success was the one who tried it? Yes, creating a successful business is like a building a house.

Building multiple streams of Income is becoming necessary for all, because due to the high rate of unemployment and lesser jobs availability. I will tell you the best solution, WHY? we will discuss this in this article.

In countries like India, if you account most youngsters have completed their engineering graduation and searching for suitable jobs. A study shows, on an average, every year nearly 1,00,000 lakh students completing their course and applying for jobs.

Table of Contents:
1.) Create Second Income
2.) Why is Day-Job not sufficient?
3.) What are the reasons to search for Second Income?

3.1.) Family Health
3.2.) Under-employment
3.3.) Un-employment
3.4.) Paying for loans and Debts
3.5.) Earlier Retirement
3.6.) Diversified Income Source

4.) Top 5 Second Income Ideas:

4.1.) Affiliate Marketing
4.2.) Blogging
4.3.) Building an App
4.4.) Start a You-Tube Channel
4.5.) Sell E-book and Audio Books


1.) Create Second Income:

I have been working on part-time jobs and earning extra revenue starting from my college days. It’s not about having time for a side hustle, but the drive to search for side-jobs.

The Drive is Boss-free life, no un-employment crisis ever in my life. I prepared a goal and a plan for my future.

If you have true interest to Earn Money Online, then come out from your circle of the comfort zone, and plow the internet to find some ways for extra income.

I will explain further in this article, about the different sources of second income option. Your time is the most profitable workforce to convert into money.

Time is always directly proportional to money.


2.) Why is Day-Job not sufficient?

When you ask people who commuting for Office Job, they say, salary is not enough to manage monthly financial commitments.

When you look at married couples, they both commute to office jobs for their livelihood.

We all have dreams, a Desired life-style. I am too dreamed of having my own free life but it took years to achieve.

Trust me, you too can achieve with your side hustle when you choose to work on Online Jobs.

Because it is easy, it is reliable, it is flexible, it gives more time.


3.) What are the reasons to search for Second Income?

3.1.) Family Health:

This comes at the very first instance when you ask anybody? Adding an additional income source you a long way in paying things like higher medical expenses and unexpected medical costs.

3.2.) Under-employment:

In many companies, this is one of the biggest issues because most employees don’t get a salary for their performance. Instead, they pay just like a novice getting or pay per hour basis.

If you work for 8Hrs a day, you will get Rs. 200 only which is not sufficient. People at the management levels can earn up to Rs. 1000 per day.

3.3.) Un-employment:

You may question, Why? Because there is no permanent job ever especially in the tough recession. But a second income can help you deal with job loss or unemployment.

3.4.) Paying for loans and Debts:

Under No-Job or unemployment situation, it will be tougher to re-pay any existing loans and debts etc. paying off your Mortgage, automobile loans or credit card bills is of a greater use if you have an additional extra income source.

3.5.) Earlier Retirement:

This is one of the most awesome legacies decision in choosing Online Jobs as an additional income. Having other sources of Income can be a greater help and supports you by not letting your retirement at risk because of saving up your children education or your family financial situation.

3.6.) Diversified Income Source:

It is the most welcome point for every entrepreneur. If you have diversified your income sources, then there will be no pain if one of your sources dries up. Because you are having other sources of backup income plan. Here are the different Online Jobs from home, that is a great source of creating such second income.

Summing UP:
i.) There are so many other reasons that tell the necessity for additional second income. You can create any number of different streams of sources of making money online earning.
ii.) There are plenty of benefits of creating additional income. It takes time to build a system that pays you back. Let’s discuss further in this article, on how to create a second income source?
Surveys pay online
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4.) Top 5 Second Income Ideas:

4.1.) Affiliate Marketing:

What Wikipedia Says: It is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Oops! Did you understand?

Ok, let me explain KISS – Keep It Simply Simple.

You will get money if you sell someone else’s product or service.

Start affiliate marketing business

Let me explain with an example: A musical shop in Chennai keeps selling CDs and DVDs through its physical store located in Chennai, TamilNadu. In this case, what will be the owner’s marketplace? It’s only Chennai.

Similarly, if he is having a website means, he can expand his market outside Chennai and even broader.

Now, your part plays here. Being an Affiliate —

Think, you have a discussion with the shop owner (Merchant) of taking a franchise and selling those CDs and DVDs on behalf of the merchant for a percentage based commission.

This is what we called as Affiliate Marketing. Many MNCs such as Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, Commission Junction have already analyzed this method of income source and designed a state of the art software that entirely manages this affiliate program.

You need not meet the merchant and bargain for a franchise or commission. You just simply register an account with them for free and log in to your account dashboard to get link codes.

Place the code on your blog or website, promote on your social media and bring the sales as much as you can to earn a higher commission.

This can be done in part-time as a side hustle that helps to generate a passive second income at home.

i.) A blog or a strong Social Media.
ii.) Affiliate Account with Amazon / Flipkart / Commission Junction / ShareaSale
iii.) Product knowledge and market trend.


4.2.) Blogging

Blog for MoneyBuilding a blog or a website still remains a most profitable way to earn an additional second income online. But it is the most competitive venture because of the awareness.

Since with the start of the Internet, only a few companies have started a website to expand their market and to sell their products or services abroad.

But with leverage growth and advancement in the Internet, blogging lets every people use the opportunity to make a second income through online jobs.

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Once you have a blog, there are many different ways to earn money:

1.) Contextual Display advertisement — Google Ad Sense
2.) Display advertisement
3.) Selling your own product or services
4.) Affiliate Marketing
5.) Selling AD spaces.

Creating a blog does not need an experience and even a newbie can start blogging easily. CMS such as WordPress, Blogger’s blog has made it even easier.

Here’s is my research paper on starting a successful blog in 2017, a practical working start-up plan.

Blogging requires time and passion because it takes time to build the reputation and attract visitors, who can spend a significant amount of time on your blog.

So that they get converted either into customers or return visitors.

Last few points:
i.) Blogging is the legit source of passive income from online.
ii.) It requires more time and passion.
iii.) Registering a blog is easy and use WordPress to launch your first blog.
iv.) Publish new articles on the subject frequently to drive more visitors and rank well.


4.3.) Building an App:

Make Money from android apps

This may sound interesting huh! but it requires a fair amount of technical knowledge and expertise.

Mobile communication at their early stage was only used for voice calling to send and receive information and messages.

The next generation of mobile technology was Java-based mobile phones with some additional features such as Radio, inbuilt music station, games etc.

Further, the technology was innovated more and smartphones came into existence as the result of this evolution. With this, you can do anything, and everything, voice call, video call, games, surf the Internet etc.

If you know to create smart-phone apps for a specific task, you can easily build an additional source of second income online.

Task-specific apps, money-making apps are becoming more popular and those developers are making a lot of side income online.


4.4.) Start a You-Tube Channel:

Earn from YouTube videos

This is most suitable for the people who have interest in taking videos, photography, teaching etc. You-Tube was a video-sharing site started by Google, now ranked #1 in the world.

You can find trillions of videos in any niche – online jobs, offline jobs, educational courses, job training, academic courses, lifestyle training etc. etc.

Most people were earning a considerable income through uploading their videos in their channel online.

But your video must be unique, and informative, creative and it should put some knowledge to the people.


4.5.) Sell E-book and Audio Books:

amazon kindle

Writing and publishing an E-book has become a wide source of earning a passive additional second income in last few decades.

You can write on any topic like online marketing, online training, educational courses, business start-up advice, business development advice etc.

Once you have written an E-book, you can put it for sale on different online platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle publishing or Apple’s Itunes Connect.

Audio Books are becoming popular and we can say it a revolution of Ebook. People often bored on reading lengthy paragraphs in a big book.

But if you can convert into the audiobook and publish online, will turn into a great way of boosting your second income online.

Amazon’s Audible ACX platform connect different authors with producers who can convert their Ebook into Audiobook.

FYI: There are so many thousands of books available. If you can able to write an E-book or an Audiobook, you can make money by selling it or else you can participate in Amazon Affiliate Program to sell other merchants books and make a considerable side income.


So, at Last …

Friends, I have shared you the very nice and interesting pieces of information about making a side income from online jobs.

The only requirement is your real interest and the passion to make an additional income.

I know that these ideas have a lot of information and it refreshes your mind.

An extra income, says an addition of Rs. 10000, or Rs. 20000 in your add in your bank account by doing side-hustle jobs will be a greater relaxation know.

I am sure, YES!

It’s simple, but not an easy task. It consumes time, and you should come out of your comfort zone and accept some pain in order to implement it.

People who never takes an extra effort were never created any additional income in their lifetime.

Find the possibilities in every opportunity. The Internet has huge online Jobs other than the above mentioned but the above were the most successful second income opportunities.

— Huge Money Will Not Come Over Night —

Think about it and plan for your action today.

Happy Earnings and best wished from Online Home Income.


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