40+ Side Hustle Ideas to Generate Income in 2024

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 3, 2024


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Every people wants some extra money either to pay bills or dues, etc. These side hustle ideas can help you earn such income without disturbing your day job.

The beauty is that you need not invest any money to begin. Most of these side gigs are populated based on your skill set only. Probably we can even call it a side business.

You won’t believe there is a huge money potential in these side gigs. By spending your free time or weekends, you can earn decent cash.

Now earning money is a necessary thing. Having a single source of income will not support your family, and managing finances becomes a tough one.

Side Hustle Ideas
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Sometimes the side hustle or side gig is an alternative job option for the individual to earn more money in their free time.

In order to manage their financial needs and increase their supplement income, a side gig is therefore essential.

Most of the students and people from Western countries are undertaking these side hustle works. These people manage their financial needs by developing their working skills.

In this article, I will enlist 50+ side hustle ideas to make money in your free time. Follow this and start your side hustle!!!

1. Online Surveys

An online survey or internet survey is one of the popular ways to collect data. More companies are offering this part-time work for people.

Surveys are a prominent research tool for all businesses. It comes in the form of filling the questionnaires, taking interviews, and so on.

Housewives, college students, and working people can do this work in their free time and get a considerable amount of pay.

Online surveys do not make you instantly rich. Yet this is one of the suitable online jobs to fill up daily needs such as pocket money.

2. Blogging

Blogging is a great platform to share your ideas, thoughts, and information with fellow bloggers and readers.

The influence of this blogging business is sky-scraping these days. Everyone including housewives, college students, and working people is starting their blog.

You can start a blog based on your interest and passion in any niche.

With simple promotional ideas, you can quickly spread your blogging idea with the help of online portals and social media.

As a free-time work, blogging is the apt choice to work and earn online.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best free-time jobs for job seekers, home moms, and college students to earn handsome incomes.

It is a performance-based business model, where you can earn by selling other merchant products or services.

The person known as an Affiliate stands as a bridge between the buyer and seller.

For each sale, the affiliate marketer will earn some amount of commission money as a salary. The income depends on the volume of the sale.

Conducting affiliate programs, product promotion, and internet marketing are the duties you undertake to earn more money as an affiliate marketer.

4. Teaching Online

Online teaching is the best opportunity to earn money as a second income. Several online teaching portals are hiring teachers, professors, and lecturers for this remote work.

School teachers, college professors, and lecturers who are good at teaching can take this as a side hustle to generate revenue.

Now taking online classes is trendy. Simply record your lecture, or else a PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over is enough.

If you are engagingly taking the online class, many students can attend your online class. It increases your revenue over a long period.

5. Selling on Etsy

Hand-crafted works always attract people, and they offer a perfect outlook to our home decoration. If you know hand-craft, you can earn more money.

Etsy is one of the largest marketplaces for selling hand-crafts works. It patronizes the unique hand works which are done at your home.

Housewives and college girls who have a talent for doing handicrafts can earn money in their free time.

As per the elegance of your hand-craft works, you can make more money. Give it a try on!

6. Online Tutoring

Taking classes at schools, and colleges regularly daily, weekly, or monthly on a specific subject is an apt choice for a second income.

Spending a few hours online in your daily routine is the plus of this part-time job. Housewives retired people, and college students can make money from online tutoring.

The people who possess the tutoring skill can also offer their tutorship to the freshers and trainees.

Many technical platforms and developed companies are hiring tutors as part-time workers and paying them up to Rs. 500 per hour.

Online Tutor and Tutor Vista are some of the popular brands hiring tutors online.

7. Selling on Fiverr

If you have strong knowledge in your working field, you can sell your services online. Many professionals are already doing this as a side hustle to increase their regular income.

Fiverr is the best platform to sell your work, skill, and talent. You can list your services starting at $5.

Huge requirements are there for Writing works, graphic designing, programming, and website designing. So, you can quickly get projects from this freelance platform.

If you are passionate or already working on those above streams, this side gig is the best option. Even they offer a decent amount of money for your work.

So, Fiverr is the best opportunity for talented folks who seek alternative job offers for online money earning.

surveys pay online

8. Ghostwriting

Writing is one of the most demanding business industries in the world of digital marketing. Several types of writing jobs are available.

Some of them are blogging, article writing, magazine writing, and product description writing. Out of them, the side gig of ghostwriting earns more money.

It is writing where the writer didn’t get a working credential and published the work under the name of the employer or company.

Though it sounds weird as per the word count, the writer can demand his pay.

You can work for a magazine publishing company, book writers, novel writers, and a news media agency.

9. Sports Coaching

Sometimes, retired and senior coaches from any sport find boredom in their routine work. For a change, they can train school students.

There are many opportunities available for teaching sports to school students.

The college and school coaches who are retiring can find more opportunities to generate their second income.

Moreover, regular job-goers and college students from any sport can spend their weekends and leisure evenings coaching the school players.

It is active and engaging free-time work. Coaching provides considerable pay as per your training and coaching proficiency.

10. Podcasting

Podcasts are captivating sessions where an individual narrates a story or any incident in the audio file format.

Many successful business people and entrepreneurs are regularly publishing their podcasts.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot do this. If you are sound in any subject, you too can start podcasting. You can repurpose your blog content in audio file format to reach more audiences.

Having a good voice and a limited amount of time is a more convenient option for this side-income work.

For many free-time workers, it can be a life-changing career. A handful of earnings is possible with these side hustle ideas.

11. Swagbucks / InboxDollars

Sometimes, participating in reward and loyalty programs are the finest platforms to earn a small amount of money for your needs.

It is not a very hard task to complete. Such simple works as reading paid emails, playing online games, posting reviews, and taking a survey are enough.

By doing all these easy-task-based works, you can earn a decent monthly income. Swagbucks is the best rewarding program where I am making $100+ every month.

By doing the simple tasks listed above, we can easily earn Points and redeem them via PayPal Cash.

Like Swagbucks, there are other sites like Inbox Dollars, Crowdflower, Clixsense, etc.

12. Freelancing

While people are ready to spare their time for money-making, freelancing is the only option that offers multiple opportunities.

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Especially for housewives and college-goers, multiple freelancing portals offer many jobs.

Just sign up for the portals like Fiverr, Upwork, and Taptol. Don’t forget to submit your working links which are the references to hire you.

As per the work demand and time-bound, you can earn up to Rs. 1000 per hour. So don’t lose this earning opportunity.

13. YouTube Channel Host

Now making videos and posting them on YouTube is the trending way of content marketing. The college students never ignore this side hustle idea.

Many people launch their YouTube channels in various niches such as travel, food, healthy life, and beauty.

YouTube is a very engaging platform to earn money. If your video goes viral, your income will reach sky-high.

You do not need to invest money, and with just a Smartphone, you can start. Create useful videos in your free time and publish consistently.

The top-notch YouTube channel and its hosts are earning more than Rs. 1,00,000 as a passionate side gig. Certainly, you can earn a lot with it.

14. App Development

In the digital world, you can get everything and easily access anything through mobile phones. The rush of mobile marketing is improved a lot.

For every business to ensure easy business practice, a mobile app is necessary.

The app development team is paying more attention to offering a flawless service for mobile users.

Now, the mobile phone is the sixth finger to all. Without it, we can’t walk through our day in the digital world. So, you can pick this mobile app development as your best side gig method to earn.

If you’re a housewife or a college student, there is nothing to limit your efficiency. With this mobile app development, you can earn up to Rs. 40,000 per month.

15. Photography Service

While surfing the Internet to search for a suitable part-time task to earn money, different job lists appear on the screen.

Most of the free-time work is not belong to your profession. But passionate hobbies are more in numbers.

For photographers, it is the best opportunity to generate their professional growth. Photos are mandatory on every occasion, function, and event.

Freelancing is the independent way to showcase your working proficiency, skills, and talent to the outer world. And you can earn a considerable amount on it.

A professional photographer can earn up to Rs. 20,000 for a single event. You can even sell photos online on the sites like ShutterStock, IStockPhotos, etc.

16. Voiceover Acting

Voice-over acting is a profession where your voice represents information about a product or business service to the general audience.

A voice-over artist is used in radio, television, and other streaming portals. They narrate the content in off-camera mode.

It is one of the most demanding professions not only in India but also across the globe. A voice-over artist can earn up to $ 400 per task.

The commercial platforms recruit housewives and college students as voice-over artists with good pay.

17. Teaching Music

Music is one of the emerging platforms in the current trendy world. If you have a talent and strong aspiration in music, you can earn more money.

Though it can be a hobby, a talented individual can earn more than equal to a working professional.

Mostly, home moms and college students can easily do this part-time work as music teachers. Now kids are eager to learn music.

From your local hometown, you can teach online to abroad countries. Many digital platforms are hiring music teachers with a pay scale of $ 1500 per month.

18. Teaching Yoga

In the busy world, people are giving much attention to their healthy lifestyle. So, following the yogas and exercises are vital to maintaining good health.

Due to the pandemic situation, people urge to take health protection steps to protect themselves.

In this list, Yoga is the first and best option for kids and all age groups of people. So, freelance yoga teacher recruitment is increasing day by day.

Even, you can conduct online yoga classes and earn up to $25 per hour.

19. Travel Agent Service

We all love traveling. The travel freaks must know the best travel places around their locality. Why not it be the side hustle?

Due to the advancement of technology, giving new information about the place and its surprising facts will easily attract the tourist.

Many college students started creating their careers as travel agents. It is suitable for anyone who has side hustle ideas.

If you have first-hand knowledge to manage the travel arrangement, you can be the right person. The income from this service ranges from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50000 depending on various factors.

20. Web Design Service

Today, the online business is in its hype. There are many small businesses also remarkably lending their online hand to customers.

The website is the central hub where all the services and products of the company describe to find the right customers.

Nowadays, people learn website design and development quickly through online courses and offline classes.

The demand for a web designer is increasing day by day. If you have skills in website design, you can earn money as a freelancer. Spending free time is enough for this.

Hence, homemakers, job seekers, and college students can use their design skills. And make this side hustle idea at their homes and can earn up to Rs. 600 per hour.

21. Vehicle Advertising

Every business requires some kind of traditional and digital promotions online. Among them, vehicle advertising is the recent trend adopted by several businesses across the location.

There are different types of advertising available in the current trendy world. Just design your car or motorcycle with creativity.

Vehicle advertising is one of the viable ideas to promote your business and branding wherever you go.

Moreover, the cost of the advertisement is considerably low, and it never fails to steal the attention of other people.

So, college students, home moms, and job seekers can use their vehicles to promote business. Try this side-work, and the pay scale of this task is too good.

22. Kindle Publishing

Now the world is simplified with our Windows screen. Having a pen and paper for your writing works is an outdated style.

Change yourself as fingers to keyboard. If you have good writing, there are multiple portals available to publish your talent.

However, many young authors are self-publishing their works on Kindle in the form of E-book publications.

Selling your works at the world’s largest booking store is the added advantage to promoting your E-book.

The author will earn for each download, and the income potential is quite impressive.

23. Being a TaskRabbit

Errand running jobs are very demanding freelance work. Though they seem to be simple work, it is obviously hard for regular people.

Fitting furniture, plumping works, gardening, home decor, and cleaning all come under the list of errand works.

Task Rabbit is one of the most demanding errand-running services. It provides help and guides people to complete these regular tasks.

It is best suitable for housewives and stay-at-home moms who can teach others through Task Rabbit. Not only them but others can also make this their long-term side hustle gig.

24. Become a Proofreader

Proofreading is the final action before submitting the electronic copy for publication or any other academic research work.

It’s very important to proofread a written work to avoid spelling mistakes, punctuation, word order, and formation before it is published.

To convey the intended matter of paperwork, checking the copy and proofreading is essential.

It is a simple revision work that any graduate can do as remote work. For college students, second-income seekers can make use of it.

You can easily find a job in this arena through freelance portals.

25. Renting Out Your Car

Though it sounds weird earning a secondary income is possible by renting out your own car.

Rent out on a fixed time for self-driving, or you can drive the car. It is the emerging side gig in Western countries.

The commitment like paying EMI for your house or car needs money. You can pay for these commitments by renting your car.

Moreover, the weekends and holidays are the peak days to rent a car. Simply add your car to online marketplaces to offer this service. In India, it is still in the crawling stage but soon gain more traction.

26. Virtual Assistant Service

Many young entrepreneurs are commencing their businesses in the competitive world. Sometimes, they fail to manage all the work tasks.

To ease their daily routine complexities, they can hire a virtual assistant to support their day-to-day administrative work.

Moreover, virtual assistants can guide and help their clients from their homes. The Administrative tasks such as checking emails, managing meetings, scheduling appointments, etc.

Virtual assistance is suitable for working women. They can spend their evening and leave days to earn extra money.

27. Bookkeeping / Accounting / Tax Preparation Service

Maintaining a home or office account and finances is a hectic job. Many business owners are puzzled about managing their accounts.

Hence, they hire the right people or sometimes UG or PG college students for this particular task.

These side hustle ideas help commerce students to earn some additional income while studying.

Even these people are addressed by the term virtual bookkeepers.

As a virtual bookkeeper, an individual can earn up to $ 20 per hour. It is hour-based work that offers a decent pay scale.

28. Earning Money with Credit Card Rewards

These days people are most likely to do online shopping. Banks and financial institutions encourage people to shop online.

They provide cashback offers and rewards points to create a thirst among the people. Even I am using Axis Bank Credit Card, and I am earning almost Rs. 1500 per month.

Earning means paying less than the actual price. For example, I book movie tickets worth Rs. 150 by paying Rs. 130 through my Axis Bank Credit Card. Here I save Rs. 20.

So, I make all my purchases like shopping, dining, and fueling through my credit card to earn more rewards points and cashback.

29. Graphic Design Service

Like Web designing, Graphic design service is a highly searching free-time task among entrepreneurs across the globe with a good pay scale.

Every website and marketing campaign requires promotional materials. There comes the demand for Graphic Designers.

Images speak more than words. If you are strong in creating unique and creative designs, you can start this side hustle job.

It is passive communication needed to impress your clients. If the individual is good at designing, he can earn up to Rs. 40,000 per month.

It is especially suitable for college students and working professionals in the IT industry.

30. Consulting / Coaching

Consulting and coaching are necessary at every stage of the business. People experts in their field start their own consulting careers helping others to shine.

Being an expert and having first-hand knowledge is the basic requirement to start this side hustle job.

The beauty and lifestyle industries record a high number of coaches and tutorials for their customers.

Work-from-home moms, college students, and job-goers can try these side hustle ideas. You can simply share these ideas from your experience, knowledge, etc.

You can also make a video to publish on your YouTube Channel.

If it hits more reaches, it will be the best independent work that offers a handsome salary of up to $ 60 per hour.

31. Cover Letter and Resume Writing Service

Cover letter and resume making is a massive opportunity part-time and offers a considerable amount of pay.

The resume is the entry pass for the people to attend the interview. A Good Resume can increase the chances of getting a job.

Whereas if gone wrong may throw you away from the interview.

If you possess the skill of writing an effective resume or cover letter, you can explore extensive opportunities.

There are so many resume writing companies ready to hire Resume Writers. You can apply for part-time or task-based work.

Though it is time-consuming remote work, a good resume writer can earn up to $ 75 for a single resume.

32. Small Business Marketing Service

Many small business entrepreneurs solely manage business administration and other additional work tasks without any staff.

Whenever the business starts to develop, they appoint the staff. However, not all roles can be done by their in-house employees.

Marketing is the lifeline of every business. Because the development of a business certainly needs promotions and advertising.

If you are an expert in social media marketing or learned digital marketing, you are the right fit.

Many small to medium-sized companies post vacancies for remote marketers.

So, an online marketer for small business units can earn a salary of up to Rs. 30,000 for their monthly free-time task.

33. Interior Decorating

A good outlook of the home or office gives the best impression to our guests. Multiple decor ideas are available on the Internet, but people search for experts and knowledgeable persons.

Nowadays, interior decoration is not just an art, but also a healthier idea that pleases both our minds and body.
A well-decorated office environment increases the productivity of its employees.

While doing interior project work, a decorator should do more research. The decor should prepare a plan to coordinate with the clients.

The income range is not explicitly showable as it depends on the project work you undertake.

34. Building Niche Websites

A niche website is different from building other business websites. It requires more market knowledge and in-depth analytical stats.

Because you have to focus on a single niche for developing the website. Also, the websites need to dominate the market with a website.

Many college students and passionate individuals are running their niche websites in food, travel, pets, and sports.

While building such niche websites maintain a specific niche, and cover the articles and topics only related to it.

Building a website with a suitable niche offers decent pay. You can do this work in your free time and can earn it as per its reach.

35. Customer Reviews, Interviews

Getting customer interviews, reviews, and feedback on a particular business product or service is essential for its market reach.

Not only the top-notch business, but the small business units also require this feedback to improve their business.

People these days are smart enough to make decisions only after thorough research.

Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews have a great impact on business decisions. Hence, companies spend money to ask for reviews from their customers.

There is a great demand for writing product reviews, interviews, etc. College students, home moms, and retired people can try a product or service and give real-time feedback for money.

This side hustle idea can earn you up to $ 500 per review.

36. Food or Grocery Delivery Service

Apart from the regular job openings, some common types of side hustle work are available in freelance portals.

Many college students and job goers are taking food delivery or grocery delivery to earn additional income.

Moreover, retired people and job goers can undertake these services on weekends and holidays to earn extra income.

It is an alternative job opportunity compared to your regular job. And the pay scales up to Rs. 15,000 per month.

In India, Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats are thriving on a large scale providing side hustle jobs for college students.

37. Selling on Amazon or Flipkart

Selling your product on a world-class platform is a huge opportunity to make extra income.

Many small businesses started their virtual store with the Amazon or Flipkart Platform. It helps them to expand their business nationwide and improve their revenue.

Likewise, if you are an entrepreneur, you can buy a product at a wholesale price from a merchant. Then, you can create an online store with Amazon and sell in your brand name.

Many female college students started selling female dresses like sarees, Kurtis, churidars, etc.

38. Airbnb Hosting or Co-Hosting

If you have some extra room in your sweet home, you can earn money by renting it out to visitors and travelers.

It is one of the popular ways to earn some extra income. Moreover, people from abroad are familiar with the service and make more money from it.

Mostly, the property owners can use this side work to meet more people as well as earn good pay.

It is a responsible freelance job. Once you handle the clients and fulfill their needs, it will offer a handful of income from this side gig.

Modern youngsters seek multiple features like the best outfit, the latest accessories, mobile laptops, and so on.

If you are one of them, you must be having an eye on the printed T-shirts. Friends get together office parties never ignore this option.

This small business idea can help you earn a passive income. With some small creativity and designing skills, you can print unique T-shirts.

You can design a concept, a pilgrim, an event, etc. Bring them to life by printing them on T-shirts and selling them online for money.

Successful work from home selling printed t-shirts provides an average monthly revenue of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000.

40. Child Care

A great side hustle idea suitable for home moms and females. They can utilize their free time caring for babies.

Childcare is one of the emerging cultures in developing cities. Most retired nurses opt for this profession.

It is a highly responsible job. Mostly the working people recruit child care personnel to balance their workspace.

However, many online marketplaces are listing childcare professionals near their natives.

You can list your services on those platforms. An experienced nanny can earn up to Rs. 20000 for a month.

Mostly hourly workers are available on online freelance platforms.

41. Caregiving

Caregiving is slightly different from baby care. It involves caring for old aged or disabled people.

The work is a multi-task service where experienced nurses and skilled professionals are appointed to care for senior citizens.

Mostly, the caretaker with medical knowledge is the preferable choice.

The work involves preparing meals, giving medicines, and taking out of patients or older people.

Though it is a nursing job, the caretaker can earn up to Rs. 35,000 per month for their fixed hours. The caretaker offered the payment as a scheduled working hour.

42. Flyer Distribution Service

Flyer distribution is a traditional way of advertising. The advertisement is in the form of paper issued to public gatherings and crowded places.

Today, businesses are hiring college students and others to distribute their business flyers. Normally, it will take 3 – 4 hours only.

Many college students are utilizing these side hustle ideas and earn up to Rs. 1000 per hour.

43. Computer Repair Service

Computers, laptops, and mobile accessories are playing a necessary part in our day-to-day work culture. So, maintenance is essential.

Nowadays, the computer repair market gets its hype. So, the solo operators can earn more money by working from home.

Giving support to small IT companies and local businesses who need frequent service can earn decent pay.

You can quickly complete a workshop or a 3-month certificate course. Then, you can start this side hustle job by promoting online.

As per the skill and experience, a technician can earn up to $ 15 per hour. It is a considerable scale for your freelance work.

44. Flipping Items for Profit on eBay

Online buying is a rushing environment, and choosing the available item is a competitive one. Most of the time, it is out of the sale.

Due to this, buyers drain quickly. Some people do not lose their grace on the product, and they buy when it is available.

For them, flipping items is the trendy one. Some sellers are ready to sell the product below the margin rate.

An example is Domain Name Flipping. You can buy a domain name at the regular price and sell it at a higher price when in demand.

Obviously, it is the best opportunity for home moms, retired people, and job seekers to get a considerable salary.

45. Catering and Cooking

Catering and cooking is a demanding business. Cooking and serving for a family get-together, and birthday parties are offering good pay.

There is a lot of difference between cooking and catering. Home-based catering is an emerging business in the urban lifestyle.

Home moms, grandmas, and chefs have frequently been involved in this space of cooking. So, they can easily do this service as remote work.

Weekends and Sundays are convenient schedules to choose this remote work.

You may observe in some functions, that college students are employed for catering services. The event management company offers decent pay for every function.

46. Furniture Making

Furniture making is a master carpentry art. There are multiple wood designs, and plain carving gives different outlooks.

Most people are very interested and eager to buy hand-crafted work furniture. Though it costs high, it never loses its posh.

So, the carpenters can try this furniture-making as freelance work, and obviously, the profit of the work is as huge as a side gig.

Aged people and home moms who are good at handi-furniture making can do this work and can earn decent monthly revenue.

47. Transcription Service

Transcription services are one of the familiar work-from-home jobs for homemakers and people who are seeking part-time jobs.

It is the typing work that involves the written documentation by converting the voice-over records and audio files.

Many transcriber job vacancies are available in areas like medicine, law, and media industries with a considerable salary package.

It is a suitable free-time work for college students, educated home moms, etc. This side gig offers a stable income of up to $ 15 per hour.

48. Party Planning / Wedding Coordinator Service

Party-planning and wedding coordinator services are popular side hustles offering a considerable additional income.

Job seekers and working people who are good at organization skills easily manage this tension-filling work.

To be the predominant wedding planners, they need to build a strong relationship between the venue, wedding photographers, and so on.

As per my experience, fulfilling the requirement of the wedding earns you around Rs. 2,00,000 per event.

Final Words

These days people search for side hustle ideas to manage their financial needs. Since income from a regular job is not sufficient, an additional source of income is therefore essential.

Technology growth and modernization create many unique job opportunities for people of different skill sets.

I hope this article seems to be a reliable reference piece for job seekers, home moms, and retired people.

Try these freelance works and generate your extra revenue from today. All the best !!!

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