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Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing? Scope and Opportunities

Updated on Aug 6, 2020 by Myilraj G  |  3 Comments

Learn the various benefits of starting your career in Digital Marketing.


Marketing is a beautiful art of communicating to a mass audience and attract them towards your products. All you need is a unique marketing strategy and target audience.

With the enormous growth of the Internet and it’s technology has laid a strong foundation for the massive growth of every business online.

There is a huge opportunity to choose a different career in digital marketing such as SEO Executive, SEO Analyst, Digital media manager etc.

Career in Digital Marketing

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There are four types of traditional marketing, we used earlier:

  1. Print Marketing (NewsPaper, Magazines etc)
  2. Broadcast Marketing (TV, Radio etc)
  3. Direct Mail Marketing (Post Cards, Brochure, Letter etc)
  4. Tele Marketing ( Marketing over the mobile phone)

Traditional Marketing exists even now, but it is diminishing day by day with the growth of Digital Marketing.


What is Digital Marketing?

India is very much familiar with this word since Digital India campaign took place and reached many.

With the boon of smartphones, Digital Marketing started to grow rapidly.

In simple words, digital marketing is a type of marketing being used widely to promote products or services and to reach customers using a digital medium like SMS, MMS, social media, etc.

Digital marketing strategies tend to improvise brand awareness and drastically make it grow your business in no time.

With less investment, digital marketing can change the company’s future by earning you more consumers and more revenue which will ultimately result in achieving your business goals.


Effective Ways of Digital Marketing:

Follow an effective way to achieve success in digital marketing as listed below:

Planning – Planning a unique marketing strategy and acting accordingly is the most important part before beginning.

Management – Manage your marketing activities in order to analyze the key point to success.

Optimization – Learn the success factors and key skills to know the marketing aspects better.

Digital marketing is the future of fast-growing marketing world with added benefits that are better than traditional marketing and is measurable and can be analyzed easily.


Different Career in Digital Marketing:

In this section, we are going to have a glance at some of the most important topics for the career in digital marketing.

Different Opportunities in Digital Marketing


1.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is the most common terminology in digital marketing.

It is a process of website optimization to rank higher in Google and other search engines, which will result in the increased amount of traffic to your website.

The successful websites and blogs follow SEO in order to be on top.


2.) Content Marketing:

Content is the heart of marketing since the words play a vital role in introducing brands, promotions, and traffic of any website.

The more unique and quality content you have, the more audience you get in turn.

Content marketing can be implemented by means of Blog posts, Ebooks, Brochures, and Infographics.


3.) Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is the most common marketing option opted by advertisers to attract customers.

People spend time on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, etc.

Advertisers and Marketers targetting these channels to put their ads in front of these people.

These social media platforms are highly suitable to get more leads to market your products.


4.) Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

PPC is a method of getting traffic to your website or blog by paying publishers whenever the ads visible on their websites are clicked.

Some people pay for impressions as well. One of the most common and famous PPC is Google AdWords.

Many other social media channels have started PPC advertising like Facebook paid ads, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn sponsored messages, etc.


5.) Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is an upcoming trend and many people who have huge circles tend to use this method.

It is the process of earning a percentage of commission by promoting other’s products. If someone purchases using your link, you are paid.

surveys pay online


Advantages Of Digital Marketing:

There are lots of advantages in digital marketing like any other field and we will see these things below.

  • Instant update on products and services
  • Customer engagement is easier
  • Customers get a better view of product details
  • Customers can compare with other products
  • Sharing with others boost brand awareness
  • Instantly you can purchase through net banking
  • Banking is also digitized


Challenges in Digital Marketing Arena:

1.) Big Data Management challenge:

The term “big data” refers to a huge collection of information that is very difficult to process using software and databases we use today.

Though technology is growing and a lot of software is available but is not cost-effective.

Hence management of huge data being exchanged is really becoming a tough challenge nowadays.

That’s why many are going for a single platform like a cloud database. But the problem is, it is not cost-effective and is not affordable by many.


2.) Lack of knowledge in employees:

Since digital marketing is an upcoming field, people are not having in-depth knowledge and are struggling after entering into the field.

Without complete knowledge, one cannot succeed in a career in digital marketing.


3.) Unable to predict customer behavior:

Many companies fail to predict their customer’s requirement and unable to fulfill.

Thereby there is a false impression of the company by the customers.

Analysis of the target audience is very essential to overcome those issues.


4.) Organizations fail to know the importance:

Many small organizations have not identified the importance of digital marketing and hence they tend to lose potential clients and losing grounds to competitors.


Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing:

Here’s a list of the digital marketing positions available for those seeking a career in this field:


1.) SEO Executives:

The role of SEO executives includes Keyword search, SEO optimization, indexing pages, the analysis in webmaster tools of Google.

On average, the SEO executive earns up to Rs. 2,00,000 INR per year as a salary.


2.) Digital Marketing Manager:

If you have an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, you can become a digital marketing manager. Minimum you should have 5+years experience.

The average yearly salary of an experienced marketing manager will be around 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum.


3.) Content Marketing Manager:

Sound language skills and experience in content marketing of 5+ years with branding tactics is all that is required to be a content marketing manager.

Professionals in this field were earning more than 6 lakhs salary per annum in countries like India.


4.) Content Writers:

This is the most common career chosen by many who have good writing skills. Many leading companies are hiring content writers nowadays.

Since the content is core raw materials of this industry, average content writers earn up to 2 lakhs per annum.


5.) Social Media Marketing Specialists:

This position is suitable for the person who has deep analysis in all the social media as each and every social media has different scopes and marketing strategies.

You should be an expert in social media to promote products, a minimum of 3+ years.

Companies came forward to offer more than 5 lakhs salary per annum to experienced social media specialists.


6.) Search Engine Marketers:

One should be able to attract the customers or bring leads to the organization and click on the ads.

One should have a minimum of 2+ years of experience for this post.


7.) Copy Writers:

Copywriters help in writing ad copy, social media posts in a more refined and efficient word.

One should have creative skills to have a bright future in copywriting.


8.) Adwords Specialist:

Adword specialists set up your PPC advertising campaigns on Google search, display partners and mobile partners in an effective way.

3+ years of experience with strong Adwords knowledge is required.


9.) Email Marketer:

This is one of the effective, traditional ways of marketing but is still followed by many companies.

They run email marketing campaigns, manage all email databases and create business newsletters, etc.


10.) Affiliate Marketer:

Since affiliate marketing is setting a trend now, hence there is a need for affiliate marketers in every business.

The main role is to develop a strong database of customers who are ready to purchase the product they have.

There are lots of ways to promote the product through different methods in digital marketing.


11.) E-commerce Specialist:

The E-Commerce Specialist is responsible for all e-commerce activities, coordination and creates awareness, customer acquisition, engagement, and analysis of revenue generation aspects.

A minimum of 3+ Years of experience is required.


12.) Web Analytics Executive:

The Web Analytics Executive role requires a perfect understanding of the business modules, key objectives and related online measures to analyze accurately.

There are a lot many digital marketing opportunities that are emerging day by day with the adverse of technology. Based on the skills you acquire, the jobs can be chosen.


There are other similar kinds of career in digital marketing which one can choose based on his/her knowledge.

In the next session, we will see the different ways to find a job in this industry.


How to find digital marketing Jobs?

It would be awesome if you have fine experience and exposure in the digital marketing arena.

But where to find jobs related to digital marketing?

There are a lot of job portals available on the internet but one has to choose a genuine portal to apply for jobs.

Below are a few job portals where you can apply:


1.) Monster India:

This is one of the leading job portals in India, where you can get genuine jobs.

All you have to do is register yourself at www.monsterindia.com and post your CV and wait for job opportunities.


2.) LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is not only social media but also a strong job portal, where all you need to do is complete your job profile and companies will approach you for jobs.


3.) Twitter:

Apart from LinkedIn, you can use Twitter also for jobs. You can follow job posting twitter accounts, follow specific job hashtags, follow a company you want to work for, etc.


4.) Naukri Job Portal:

One of the trusted job portal sites by many and based on your skills registered in your account, you will be getting opportunities.


5.) Quora:

Quora is a social network that is very popular among marketers. One can post a question related to jobs in digital marketing and experts can share their experience in the forum.


6.) Create your own online portfolio:

All you need is to design an online portfolio to attract job offerings companies. Show your talents and they will hire you based on your skills showcased in your portfolio.


Career Options for Freshers:

The career in digital marketing was available on a wide scale as many companies, MNC, and small corporate organization is incorporating digital marketing as the primary marketing strategy.

There is a belief that only the engineering stream can choose the digital marketing field. The fact is that anyone with any stream can enter into this field.

All you need is a little training and correct guidance to ensure your career opportunity and job guarantee in the digital marketing world.

Hence the students or freshers who are on an edge of choosing their career field may take up digital marketing as a career option and may unleash their skills.

Freshers in this field can earn up to Rs. 20k to Rs. 25 k easily as a monthly salary.

Many freshers have become a great entrepreneur in a short period of time and earning a lot as a blogger and having a website.

As a fresher, you can go for a training or certification program to have a high possibility of getting jobs.

As a beginner, you can try creating your own blog, write your own contents, do SEO research and gradually you will be getting practical knowledge.

There are a lot of online tutorials available across the internet which you can try and equip yourself with.

In short, freshers have a huge opportunity available if you have an interest and passion for digital marketing.


Top Online Digital Marketing Courses in India:

1.) Manipal ProLearn:

[Manipal Course Start Here]

This is one of the reputed organizations that offer both online and classroom-based courses in digital marketing.

Their online certification program is of 30 hours duration of learning which covers all aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, ORM, and Analytics.

There are other specialized courses in different packages also from which you can opt for suitable courses.


2.) Google Online Marketing Challenge:

[Start here]

It’s an online course with topics covering digital marketing introduction, SEO marketing, Advertising, display advertising, mobile, social, analytics and a lot more for beginners.

It is an experimental based learning online e-course that lets students get real-world experience and develop their career in digital marketing.

This program brings in students and non-profit organizations to develop a healthy environment in this industry.


3.) TalentEdge:

TalentEdge is very much suitable for early beginners and working professionals.

They have 8,00,000 registered candidates who have benefitted from their live lectures by their faculty experts.

TalentEdge provides live interactive online sessions and provides professional certified courses for all people.


4.) Alison:

[Alison – start here]

The Alison training institute was a certified training provider based in Ireland that has trained more than 1.5million people and empowered their career in the digital marketing industry.

This is a short course that introduces you to exciting new concepts and applications of digital marketing.

They provide e-learning facilities to study, learn and develop your marketing skills in the digital media industry.


5.) WordStream’s PPC University:

PPC University is a free online learning resource created by WordStream to help build PPC and digital marketing skills. It is trending nowadays.

You can learn certified courses in PPC management, Google Adwords Management, and Search engine marketing skills.


6.) Digital Vidya:

Digital Vidya is one of the leading digital marketing companies and the first to launch a social media marketing course series in India.

Since 2009, they claim to have had participation from over 20,000 professionals and students, from over 10,000 organizations and institutions.

These include Philips, Google, eBay, Reliance, Star TV, Cisco, SAP, Naukri, Citibank, GM, Toyota, ITC, CNBC, NIIT, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Lucknow, in more than 1,200 Digital Marketing training programs conducted by them.

Digital Vidya is one of the continent’s leading digital marketing training agency teaching digital marketing course in India.


7.) Simplilearn:

Simplilearn is one also of the leading platforms for online training and certification programs.

They have nearly 30+ courses in digital marketing that provide experience in various domains of digital marketing.

Accredited by OMCP, these courses aim at helping working professionals & candidates ultimately stay ahead of the digital curve with relevant skills.


8.) Internet & Mobile Research Institute (IMRI):

Internet & Mobile Research Institute is India’s first job ready institute where best practices are offered in the global digital media community, online media, web analytics, and mobile application.

Their certified training courses make every individual explore a various careers in the digital marketing industry.

They provide the one-on-one training program for 12 weeks to teach their students how to face real-world challenges in this industry.


9.) AIMA:

The All India Management Association (AIMA) along with Digital Vidya offers a joint Certification Programme in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

The expertise and knowledge given by AIMA through this course set the way to a career change by helping learners move up the in the digital marketing field faster.


10.) Digigyan:

Digigyan, an advanced showcasing establishment based out of Delhi NCR locale, offers internet business and computerized advertising courses and preparing to graduates, experts, business people, and corporates.

The online course is affirmed by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).


Classroom & Offline Courses for digital marketing:

11.) NIIT:

NIIT Imperia, in a relationship with Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) Ireland, offers a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for graduates and working experts at their focuses in most real urban communities in the nation.

This course is authorized by Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) of Ireland.


12.) DMTI:

Digital Marketing Training Institute leads a Post Graduate Program in Digital Media Marketing in Mumbai.

The course is a one-year, full-time program that spotlights the vital parts of Digital Marketing.

They have a functioning arrangements cell too which helps course members land positions in the computerized showcasing space.


13.) EduPristine:

EduPristine is one of India’s driving preparing suppliers for universal affirmations in Finance, Accounting and Analytics.

They likewise direct advanced promoting classroom courses in 11 Indian urban communities.

The course covers 60 long stretches of computerized promoting classroom preparing more than 12 Sundays. They additionally have a 48-hour online course that spreads more than 6 ends of the week.

On finishing the course, the members are granted a Certificate of Excellence in a joint effort with the “Microsoft IT Academy Program”.


14.) DSIM:

The Delhi School of Internet Marketing conducts an all in one course for working professionals, business owners, and job-seekers, at their training centers in Delhi and Bangalore.

They conduct an online instructo-led course as well on weekends. However, they don’t appear to offer any certifications for members who finish the course.


15.) Simply Digital:

Simply Digital, started by a group of IIT-IIM alumni conducts digital marketing and big data courses at their centers in Delhi and Gurgaon.

They also have a cell for placement to help students and professionals to get internships in digital start-ups & final placements at all levels across sectors.


16.) Learning Catalyst:

Learning Catalyst, based out of Mumbai, represents considerable authority in specialty web/portable/advanced related projects coordinated towards a wide section of people with promoting, outline and tech foundations.

They have focused in 7 Indian urban areas (Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad) where they direct courses of different spans on SEM, SEO, SMM, and a 6-week coordinated computerized advertising program.

They direct an online course on Google hangouts too.



Digital marketing is an emerging field that many companies and organizations opt for their business growth.

This creates a wide range of job opportunities in this field for both professionals and freshers.

Digital marketing has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. There are many online and offline reliable courses available and we can choose anyone we want.

We are heading towards the future of the digital world and by the end of 2020, the whole world will be digitized.

This creates lots of varied career in the digital marketing industry that lets everyone to have one job for their living.


I hope this article has given you the best shot for your long-term search. Share this nice piece of information with your friends and family.


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