15+ Best sites to Sell Art Online and Make Money in India

  • 18 May, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

Do you Draw Arts, Find the Best Sites to Sell Art Online?


Once upon a time, the Internet was used for very few purposes but nowadays it is being used for many great things.

One of the greatest things is making money by working online from the comfort of your home.

Anyone can make money online whether he/she may be a programmer, coder, marketing executive, blogger or even an artist can earn money.

Based on your skill and knowledge, you can easily find your related niche and start generating additional revenue.

For an example, I have completed my diploma studies and started this blog to share my own experience in earning money online.

Currently, I am sharing knowledge about Blogging, Make Money Online, Money Management, and Affiliate Marketing.

Sell Art Online

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If you like you too can start a similar blogging site and earn from your home. Let me come to the actual article, how one can earn money by selling art online.

As the internet is growing and makes things easier, artists can easily earn money by selling their arts, drawings, and paintings online.

We will see further in this article, different sites and different methods to sell art online.


Do artists have a future?

People living in countries like England, USA, Spain, Germany were still loving to decorate their home with arts and paintings.

In developing countries like India, people started this practice and decorating their home with wall arts, paintings, drawings etc.

Hence, this determines the growth of art industry and there is a bright future for those who take art as a career.

There is no guarantee in any industry about the growth rate, however, there must be a certain volume of a market to sell art online.

For this, you have to join related programs, clubs and have to build a relationship with famous artists and buyers.

Treat this as a business and learn different marketing strategies from the experts to develop yourself in your career.


How much do you sell your art?

An important question to be answered at this moment to add come value, because most of the people do things for making money.

Similarly, artists draw arts to sell for money. Creating or drawing an art is based on your own creativity and experience.

But pricing your art is different which you have to make after you created your art.

Pricing an art depends on many factors such as how your art is sold either personally or by an art gallery.

You sell your arts at an art fair, through an online store, at studios or malls, through a mediator etc.

Hence, you have to consider all the facts before fixing the price for your arts or drawings or paintings.

I will give you a practical calculation to determine the price of your art. Let me explain to you,

The first thing is to fix a reasonable hourly wage for yourself, for an example Rs.100 per hour.

Next, include material cost which is about Rs.1000 or Rs.2000 depending on the art.

Based on the above two calculation method, you can fix the price of your art.

However, depending on the market and your competitor, you may have to rethink your pricing once again.

surveys pay online


10 Ways to sell art online to make money:

So far we have discussed how being an artist can earn money by using the Internet. There are many different websites out there who sell arts for money.

We shall see the list of sites here in this article.


1.) PixPa:

[Visit Pixpa]

The best way to sell art is through your website. Having an own domain establishes your brand and improves your value.

It also has the most chances of earning a profit, as you don’t have to pay commissions to anyone.

Pixpa is a website builder through which you can build a visually stunning website with an in-built e-commerce store.

The e-commerce store has all the features to sell your products. You can sell anything from posters, wall art, frames, prints, to digital products and services as well.

Having your e-commerce store also means you have control over each aspect of the business.

With Pixpa, you don’t need to know coding to create an art selling website. With a strong support team, you can get help in any step of your process.

There is no reason to stop yourself from making a website now to sell art online and make money.


2.) Amazon:


The world’s giant e-commerce store where people can buy and sell anything, anywhere.

In 2013, they entered into the art industry trying to sell arts, paintings, and drawings by opening a special Amazon Art Section.

Here, artists can list their arts for sale and to get listed there is a pre-approval process to become eligible.

They don’t list everything comes under this category however you can find original paintings, drawings, arts, oil paintings, and watercolors etc.

Since Amazon is having its business across various countries around the world, you can easily reach a global market.


3.) Etsy:


They started their business in 2015 similar to the Amazon model and their motto was a go-to online marketplace for any items.

If you are an artist wants to sell handcrafted furniture or sculptural jewelry, then Etsy is the right marketplace for you.

They charge a nominal listing fee and the transaction fee for each sale at your Etsy shop.


4.) eBay:


eBay is another great online marketplace to sell art online or buy art online.

Since with the business inception in 1995, eBay has reached more than half of the world’s market.

They have a huge number of sellers and trustable buyers across the world.

As an artist, you may have to find their art category which will show you what’s available to buy or sell.


5.) Society6:


The society6 is a great place to buy apparel and home goods with your dreamed designs printed on them.

They sell a large volume of art reproductions thereby getting your creativity being visible on clothes, art prints, etc.

Artists can sell art online just by uploading artwork and photography to their website for printing or selling.

Society6 will take care of all the order fulfilments such as raising invoices, packing, shipping and payment processing.

You can set your own price to be paid after deducting some charges for their brokerage and transaction fees.


6.) Zazzle:


This is another option or the marketplace for artists to sell art online.

Zazzle gives an opportunity for artists, graphic designers, and photographers to sell their artwork online.

The shall simply upload their work and make it available to print on demand on any variety of products.

Setting up a seller account is free and you can able to set your own prices for your art.


7.) Redbubble:


They have their own online store where artists can make money by selling their arts online through their E-store.

These arts, drawings or paintings will be used to reprint on a huge variety of products, apparel, etc.

As an artist, you can set your own prices to sell art online after deducting Redbubble profit margins, transaction fees, etc.


8.) Saatchiart:


This is the best place to buy artwork, wall paintings, oil paintings for decorating your home and even you can design your own apparel.

A leading online art gallery to find perfect and original paintings, fine art photographs, etc.

They connect arts and artists you love and buy art online that you think attractive and beautiful to decorate your home or for your apparel needs.

They have taken one step ahead listing sculptures on their featured items list.


9.) Art web:


The Art Web is a favorite marketplace for artists which allows them to create their own gallery website to sell art online.

As an artist, you can customize your website on your own taste. They currently have 43000+ artists and more than 3 million collections.

One of the special features of the Art Web is that they don’t deduct any commission for sales made through their online store.


10.) Absolute Arts:


Another great website for art lovers to buy their favorite artworks, drawings, and paintings.

Absolute Arts is a well known online store for selling fine arts, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media arts.

They have three different levels of sign up Free artist website, Mid-level site and premium artist website.

As an artist, you can create your own art gallery website to showcase your creativity and to promote them online.

They started their business in 1995 and since they have benefitted more than 1 million artists worldwide.


11.) Art.com


Art.com is an excellent place for art lovers to buy various artworks such as wall arts, paintings, and other hand-crafted items.

One can buy these arts based on their styles, space, industry, etc.

Art.com connects artists directly to the buyers. They take care of everything such as order taking, packing, and shipping.

The artist can create a free account with limited functionalities else a premium account is better to sell their products online.


12.) Artsy.net:


Artsy is the best online resource for most of the art lovers. Here you can discover, learn and then you can buy art your love.

They feature various categories such as painting, photography, sculpture, artworks, works on paper, etc.

Artsy comes with lots of various collections with more than 8,00,000 images designed by 80,000+ artists so far.


13.) Art Fire:


Art First is based in the USA was the best marketplace for all kinds of homemade jewelry and crafts, apparels, and supplies, etc.

ArtFire is like a community that includes thousands of artists, independent shop owners, and handcraft item makers.

They help artists to sell their artworks online directly to the buyers worldwide. You can sign up a free account with them for a test try.


14.) FineArtAmerica:


If you are an art lover and wanted to decorate your home, office, or any other place with modern arts, wall paintings, then FineArtAmerica is the best choice.

Here you can find a large variety of framed prints, posters, wall art, Portraits, etc.

As an artist, FineArt America is the best place to sell art online, drawings, and paintings online.

You can register a free account with them and list your arts, paintings. They take care of the logistics process.


15.) Art Pal:


ArtPal is another perfect marketplace for buying and selling artwork online.

They feature lakhs of paintings, arts, sculptures, crafts from thousands of artists across the world.

As an artist, you can register a free account with their site and earn up to 95% of each item you sell.



There are so many different ways one can able to earn money online by working on the Internet.

Earning online is not at all limited to any particular industry or sector, as every person is having an option.

In the course, artists can also find possibilities to earn online by selling their fine arts, paintings, and drawings, etc.

In this article, I have listed a few sites which I found in my research that help you get some ideas.

All these listed sites were acting as a middleman to sell art online created by the artists to the buyers.


But I suggest you start your own website or a blog to list your creativity and implement a payment gateway to process the payments.

One of the biggest problems is shipping in which if you can able to manage you can achieve success in this business.

Every home, office, and other places need to be decorated and hence there is always a demand for arts and other handcrafted items.

I hope this article will give you so many ideas for selling arts online. If you like this article, share this with your friends and neighbors.


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