7 Creative Ways to Increase Your Income This Month at Home

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Nov 7, 2023


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Today, you need to increase your income by finding and doing some additional jobs. Because to cope with the recession and manage the cost of living, an extra source of revenue is essential.

In this 21st century, living and saving for the future with a single source of income is impossible. It is the case for at least the common people in a developing country like India.

Among the whopping 140 crore people in India, nearly 99% of them face risks to balance their income with expenditure.

  • Millions of people are risking their lives doing jobs in dangerous environments just for running their families.
  • And even with a stable 9 to 5 job, people find it hard to balance their financial needs and clear off their debts faster.
  • The price of all commodities is increasing day by day, But our paycheck may not be increasing accordingly.

So looking for ways to increase your earnings is highly important.

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There are thousands of opportunities available online to boost your income through the internet today. But most people don’t know these options and are still struggling.

Thank God that you at least have the knowledge that you could earn from the online world working part-time and full-time.

Having said, that I can’t guarantee you that earning online is simple as it seems. The competition here is very high, and many experts are serving online.

But if you have the right talent and a mindset to work hard, you can easily make a living from what you do.

Creative Ways to Increase Income

With the development of technology and its impact on people, customer behavior has changed to a great level.

  • Let me make this clear to you, earlier when people had a doubt, they would either seek advice from knowledgeable people. Or go and refer to some books from the library.
  • But this is not the case now, and within your fingertip all knowledge is available.
  • Next comes the purchasing of goods. Earlier we need to go to physical stores to buy what we need?
  • But now, everything we need is available online, and we could purchase it without stepping out of our homes.

So these are a few examples of how technology has changed people’s perspectives on life.

Technology has influenced all sectors like education, real estate, automobile, etc. All these developments provide an additional opportunity for those who wish to boost income by using the technology.

With the growth of the internet and technology, earning extra income from the comfort of our homes is possible now.

Including your creativity in your works makes it unique and helps you grab more people, thereby helping you grow.

Having said all these, let us dive into a few ideas that help you get an income by sitting in your home.

How to Increase Income from Home in India?

So, here I can tell you some methods through which you can make money online.

But keep in your mind, that working online will not bring you instant money. It will take time, and those which give you sudden income are all scams.

If you are passionate about learning new profitable skills and investing your time and energy in them, you are ready to succeed in the internet world.

There are thousands of opportunities waiting for you. Select the right opportunity that suits you and work on it to build your empire.

1. Start Blogging in a Relevant Niche

If you have excellent writing skills and are ready to work for money, blogging is the best platform.

A blog is a kind of website regularly updated with new content. Usually, written in a friendly manner to attract readers.

The benefit of starting a blog is that even if you don’t have any technical knowledge of websites, still starting a blog and being successful in blogging is possible.

You don’t need any prior experience or degree to start a blogging business. Even your age and location where you stay don’t affect in choosing blogging as a career.

Millions of people are doing blogging as an alternate source of income along with their 9 to 5 job.

And the surprising fact is, that there are thousands of people pursuing blogging as their primary source of income.

People are earning six-digit figures yearly. Earning from authority blogging is easy once you know to choose the right niche and effortless work.

So how can you earn from blogging?

  1. Through Podcast sponsorships
  2. Taking advertisements in your blog
  3. Offering online courses
  4. Selling physical products or software
  5. Business partnerships

With a minimal investment, you could start blogging as a career. There are several guides available online about how to start a blog in 2022?

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2. Become a Freelancer at Fiverr, Upwork, etc

Freelancing is another major source of income for thousands of people all around the world. There are several freelancing websites offering millions of tasks daily like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

If you have any skills that are helpful to someone else, you could sell them on these websites and earn from them.

To be a freelancer, you need to have two skills mainly. One is a marketing skill, and the other is a core skill for earning.

Even if you are a good designer or a developer and lack marketing skills, people will not understand your ability to choose to work for them.

So marketing skill is highly important. If you lack, seek some expert advice and create an attractive profile to work as a freelancer.

Making your profile highly professional as well as attractive brings more buyers to you asking for your service.

To succeed in this field, you need to have excellent communication skills. As it is the best way of talking that holds customers to you.

Several people from India themselves earn 6 figures in dollars per month. They are doing what they are best at sitting in their home through freelancing.

So you too try your hand at freelancing. Joining these freelancing websites are completely free, and you can earn by doing what you can.

3. Learn Stock Trading

Investing in stocks is another good idea to earn something extra. But the majority of the people stay behind when suggested to start trading stocks because of the rumors they hear.

To make a living from stocks, you need to be highly intellectual, and have years of experience, hard work, dedication, and patience.

But for making some extra money, stock trading is a good option. So for a beginner, to make money in the stock market, consider the following tips,

  1. Understand your purpose for starting an investment
  2. Learn fundamentals of stock market investing before investing
  3. Decide on an investment strategy that matches your goal and risk profile
  4. Buy stocks when the price is low and sell them at a higher price to earn a profit
  5. Don’t go behind what your peer choose
  6. Seek advice from financial advisors

As mentioned earlier, success in stock trading takes time. You want to be disciplined and patient to gain something from the stock market.

4. Become a Content Writer

Content writers in the online world are the ones who can create suitable content for a specific topic to be shared on the internet.

It includes posts like articles in blogs and websites, marketing or advertising content for e-commerce sites, promotional writings, etc.

With the growth of the internet and technology, the demand for remote content writers has also increased.

It has become a full-time job for many people these days.

So, if you are an expert in any specific area and have good writing skills, you can express your thoughts and earn from doing what you love.

You can be a content writer by freelancing or by working under any specific company. In both ways, this career brings you a decent income.

A beginner can earn an average of Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10,000 a month, while experts earn up to lakhs just by writing and sitting in their homes.

So what all you should know before choosing content writing for earning?

  1. Have some basic knowledge about SEO, HTML, CSS, WordPress, etc.
  2. Write original content and not copied from someone else writings
  3. Stick on to a specific niche and improve your knowledge of it
  4. Master your writing skill and update them with the latest trend
  5. Write with simple language without grammar mistakes understandable by the people

5. Become a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a profitable field not only in India but also all around the world.

It comes with a lot of opportunities that you can choose depending on your personal interest and work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

A digital marketer is one who develops and implements a suitable marketing strategy for the growth of the company.

Some of the responsibilities include:

  1. Social media management of the company
  2. Improving company’s brand awareness
  3. Managing social media of the company and grabbing more customers’ attention
  4. Doing SEO to drive organic traffic to the company website
  5. Developing marketing campaigns

There are different positions in the digital marketing field.

At entry-level, you can earn up to 5 lakh per year, and with growing skills and position, your income also increases.

Here to maximize your income, you should not stick to only one area. You need to improve your skill in all relevant digital marketing disciplines to get more salary.

Usually, many companies require digital marketers with experience. So, spend time learning digital marketing courses to gain experience.

And if you can convince and make money for your employer or client, your qualification or experience doesn’t matter.

6. Become an Affiliate Marketer

It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to earn money without any risk.

Affiliate marketing means earning a commission by promoting someone else products or services and making a sale for them.

You get paid only when someone buys the product using the link you provide. So how can you make people buy the product?

  1. The first and foremost thing is to have a medium for communicating with potential customers.
  2. It can be a website, blog, any social media platform, etc.

Earning money through affiliate marketing will not happen overnight.

You first build trust with your readers. That you are recommending the specific item to them genuinely and you have personally used it.

So for that, you need to provide quality content to your visitors. Know what they wish to know and help them with the recommendation of the product or service.

So being an affiliate is easy as it sounds, but not that easy to establish your identity among people to initiate sales from their side.

Also, companies seek to promote their product to you only if you have a social influence among people.

So if you feel like you have a group of people following you and trust your suggestions to try new products, you can easily earn through affiliate marketing.

7. Start a Youtube Channel and Publish Videos

Nowadays, the entertainment platform for people has moved to mobile phones, and hence social media networks are flourishing.

It brings more opportunities to people trying to earn some extra income, and one such opportunity is the Youtube channel.

A YouTube channel is a place where you can share your knowledge and ideas with people through videos.

Here, the income comes from the Ads that play in your video and through your affiliate marketing or promotional content, etc.

People are sharing their day-to-day life and even their talents on their youtube channels to earn money.

So to succeed here, all you want is to get traffic to your channel. You don’t need millions of subscribers to earn a decent income from youtube.

But there are some criteria to be met to get monetized by youtube Ads. Also, your content should follow some rules.

Having a YouTube channel has become so common, just like having a Facebook or Instagram account these days.

Hence the competition is high. But if you have the right talent and can impress the audience, being successful with a YouTube channel is possible.

The golden part is that you don’t need any degree or experience in any field to start a youtube channel.

Many housewives and Elder people have chosen youtube as a full-time job showing their cooking skills to earn a decent income.


With a single source of income, managing a family’s financial needs has become difficult these days because of the increasing price of all items.

Hence it is necessary to find additional sources of income to balance the expenditure with the non-increasing paychecks getting from 9 to 5 jobs.

These methods can be used as a full-time job, as I have provided some ideas to earn extra money.

If you find any doubt in the above-mentioned techniques, a detailed step-by-step guide for each is available online.

Doing thorough research on each and understanding your goal can help you to plan ahead in the journey to boost your income.

Hope this article helped you get an idea about possible ways of increasing your earnings sitting in your home without any worries.

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