30 Profitable Remote Writing Jobs from Home for Students, Home moms

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Aug 2, 2021



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Let me explain to you the various Freelance Writing Jobs from Home to earn some money by working in your free time.

Our daily needs and financial stability is changing day by day. The price of things is almost double in every passing year.

In this tough financial situation managing a family with a single income is not possible at all. The way of extra earning is necessary.

The more we can earn and the more we can save and live a happy life. So, the earnings of housewives and home moms are indispensable.

Many homemakers and moms are earning not only to become independent but also to support their family’s financial needs.

Nowadays, college-goers also have a bright opportunity to earn money. As the same managing college fees and self needs require money.

Freelance Writing Jobs from Home
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Hence, there are multiple freelance works are waiting for college students. In their free time and weekends, they can do this works.

However, college-goers, home moms, and housewives are in need to choose the right job for their comfort level of living.

Today, freelancing and work from home is the new trend where you can find a lot of earning opportunities from any corner of the globe.

Both college students and housewives can use this work as a great opportunity to be productive and enhance their working skills.

Flexible working time, home management, earning money and network of working people all are possible and similar to the regular job.

What is Freelance Writing Jobs from Home?

Freelance jobs are remote work, where the individuals paid for their projects but it is short-term work.

Many people thought that writing works as a herculean task that requires more skill. Of course, it is true.

But there are multiple platforms and a variety of writing jobs are available to promote your career in the platform of remote working.

To ease your freelance writing jobs hereby I have enlisted 30 freelance writing jobs from home to begin your writing career.

1. Blog Writing Jobs

Blogging is a form of writing where the bloggers give their personal perspectives of ideas to the general audience.

Moreover, blogging is a type of content which paramount important for an online business. Multiple freelancing platforms are recruiting bloggers.

A blog post can be written between 800-1500 words with the addition of keywords, titles that must be suitable to a blogging niche.

The blog is a passive communication that teaches something deep and specific industry knowledge to its readers.

A blog is a reliable source suitable for all industries like small businesses, product brands, travel, coaching, and so on.

Many freelancing platforms are posting various blogging jobs for housewives, home moms, and college students.

2. Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is one of the famous online forms of writing content especially for magazines, businesses, and famous brands.

By this writing, the writer does not get any working credit and this work is not displayed on the individual’s portfolio or social media.

The ghostwriters are paid to write for someone either it can be clients, writers or small business entrepreneurs, and so on.

But it is a highly profitable field of writing where the writer can earn up to three times from their actual earning.

Usually, the ghostwriters are paid by page and get the amount up to $65 per page on the popular freelancing portal.

It is a suitable job for housewives and college students as they can earn a considerable amount of pay from freelance writing.

3. Article Writing

Article Writing

There are many writing jobs are available for people to work from home. In this list article writing is also one of them.

As per your interest and experience, the writer can produce unique content for magazines and websites.

Generally, article writing needs some deep knowledge and information regarding the working niche than blog writing.

A good article can get up to $ 1 per word. The magazines are posting their articles on a quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis.

The natural flow and convincing the readers in the story-telling style is the feature of good article writing.

So, housewives and college students can work as a freelance writer to manage their financial expense as well as work in free time.

4. Course Writing

Now all business promotions are streaming on the internet to reach the right customer and enlarge their business boundary.

All industries and working sectors are cleverly using content marketing strategies to establish their business.

Online coaching centers are vitally using this content management to reach more people. So, they recruit more course writers.

Preparing the course lessons for online classes and digital marketing courses are the trendy course writing jobs.

It is a huge working project for housewives and home moms and college students. It takes nearly a month of period to work.

So, the top online freelance portals are hiring this course writer with a salary package of Rs.25,000 to Rs.40,000 per month.

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5. Copy Writing Jobs

A copywriter creates the customer-engaging content and convinces the customer to buy the products and mostly promoting their brand.

The copywriters need to use multiple marketing strategies and sense the pulse of the customer and sell their product or service.

Web copies, sales pages, landing pages, and other marketing campaigns relating to content usually handle and by the copywriter.

It can be any type of content but the central motive is to convert the website user as a customer is a primary goal.

The narrative and storytelling style of writing is necessary to become a copywriter. So, college students and home moms can try this job.

Freelance marketing portals across the globe offer a good income of $35k-$65K for the best freelance copywriters.

6. Email Marketing Writing Jobs

E-mail writing seems to be simple work but it is one of the revolutionary marketing campaigns to make more money.

Writing E-mail is one of the best marketing strategies used for business conversion and business leads are also abundant in email marketing.

While considering all these facts, E-mail writing is one of the best earning opportunities for housewives and college students.

Writing sales funnel, mail alerts for business subscribers, and sending offers and deals are the content that comes under e-mail writing.

To boost the business sale, newsletters and other business mail headings are prepared by the copywriter.

More copywriter vacancies are available in Fiverr, Upwork, and so on. It is a responsible job that offers pay up to USD 65.

7. Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing

Generally, a press release is an official written statement that delivering before the media to get more reach.

In press releases, a business accomplishment, product launch, event schedules are the common criteria to announce.

A typical press release statement was written between the limit of 400 to 1000 words. The word limit should not exceed more than two pages.

Mostly the statement of the press release follows the same structure and style. So, you can use the same template for other press releases.

The college-goers and being a home mom can choose this form of writing for their freelance writer and can earn more.

Freelancing portals like Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer offering a handsome salary for this work. You can earn up to $325 per release.

8. Video Script Writing

Scriptwriting is an interesting and audience-engaging work not only in films but also in today’s YouTube video making.

More businesses are preferring YouTube as the best social media channel to increase their business growth.

To present a simple and keen video, good scriptwriting is a fundamental work. So, it’s a time for perfect scriptwriters to find suitable freelance writing jobs from home.

Due to the development of video presence, freelance marketers are hiring more scriptwriters across the globe.

Video marketing is a budding industry, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and coaches can use these platforms to target their right audience.

As per work efficiency and experience a scriptwriter can earn up to $1000 per month. It is certainly a suitable job for college-goers.

9. Technical Writing

The college students and the housewives who are already worked have a strong technology background they can fit for this writing.

Due to technology development, Coding tutorials, WordPress tutorials, and web design tutorial writing are becoming in demand.

Technical writing is a wide field, not only the tutorial but also some major company policies technical procedures are needed to prepare.

It is a friendly way of writing that must guide the readers through the company’s handbook, reports, and research papers.

For all these writing procedures the developing companies to top-notch companies are hiring their technical writer.

It is one of the high-demanding jobs in freelance writing jobs from home for students and working people.

10. Content Writing

Content writing is one of the familiar writing jobs and exactly matches the housewives, home moms, and college students to make money.

Become a good content marketer require multiple skills like content management, customize blogs, create a product page, and get more traffic.

Writing to lead magnets and generate more audience are the emerging skills required for the content writer.

Each niche requires a variety of information, tone, and style of presentation to become a successful freelance content writer.

As per the working proficiency and experience, there are multiple freelance content writing jobs are available in the freelance job portal.

A prolific writer with wide knowledge can earn up to Rs. 20,000/- as a remote writer in Fiverr and freelancer-like portals.

11. Book Writing Jobs

Blog Writing Jobs

More and more writing jobs are available in the online world to make more money. Some of the works come with restrictions.

So, as a housewife, student, and home mom, you can’t undertake them. But writing a book is an easy freelance job if you possess good skills.

Having a good narration, a pleasing way of writing, and attracting the readers are the major quality to become a book writer.

Nowadays multiple book platforms and blogging phases are available online to establish your career as a book writer.

As per the reach of the work and popularity of the author, the book writer can earn more than $ 50,000 per month as a freelancer.

Writerfinder, writer and PeoplePerHour are remarkable story writing platforms where the writer can post their work and earn more money.

12. Website Content Writing Jobs

Website content writing is one of the fast-emerging jobs in the world of online business and its marketing promotions.

When entrepreneurs are ready to start their online business, website creation is the first task for a great venturing.

The growing business that seeks wider expansion requires an online website to reach the global market.

At the time, the need for a website content writer become essential to write content for the Home, About, FAQ, and other pages.

It is easy freelance writing jobs from home suitable for all people including housewives, home moms, and college students.

As per the length and depth of the content, the freelance portals are offering a pay scale of $50 to $75 per page.

13. Case Study Writing

Case studies are one of the essential writing parts suitable for the development of both companies and business industries.

Moreover, Case studies are the success stories of a product or project completion relating to the business or company.

It is demonstration content that guides the users to get the best result while using the product or service.

So, to become a freelance writer the housewives, home moms, and college students can take case study writing for their earning.

Having deep knowledge and thorough research will present the best analysis and you can earn a handful of income.

The top freelance websites portals are offering Rs.60paise per word. Then count your salary for a 15000-word case study!

14. White Paper Board Writing

White Paper Board Writing

Many businesses are using this white paper writing as a good marketing tactic to encourage their clients and customers.

White paper writing is mostly similar to a case study. This writing is designed to present the information related to the product or service.

Mostly the experienced candidates or writers only recruiting for this high demanding job of white paper writing in Fiverr like a freelance portal.

It is a highly lucrative job so housewives and home moms can earn more money than submitting blogs and articles.

Obviously, the product knowledge and technical procedure and process need to know for hiring as a white paper writer.

The average salary package of the white paper writer can earn up to $7000.

15. SEO Writing

SEO is a hyping term in the digital world that stands for Search Engine Optimization. This writing enables the website to get a high rank.

Many business industries and growing businesses are paying much attention to SEO to get good visibility on the search engine result.

It is a short writing content work that must contain the relevant keyphrase and it optimizes your content in search engine ranking.

If housewives, home moms, and college-goers searching for freelance writing work at home, it is a suitable option.

This writing offers a suitable skill to write SEO posts in the freelance marketplace like Upwork, FlexJobs, and so on.

From SEO short posts to long posts, an SEO writer can earn $10 up to $30. As a free-time writing work, it suits home moms and college students.

16. B2C Writing

Writing product-based content is the responsibility of a writer who wants to become a B2C writer. It is a creative and fun-filled work.

Without any more difficulty, the writer directly writes the business content to the customers on the behalf of the business owner.

Mostly the B2C contents cover the general sessions of review, offering the buying guidelines, and tutorials on how to handle the product?

Comparing to other forms of writing it is casual and relax work and multiple freelance working platforms are recruiting these B2c writers.

It is mere consumer writing that comprises ad copy, slogans, and commercials. So it is suitable to work for homemakers and college-goers.

A good and busy B2C writer can earn between $15 to $ 25 per hour. Earning is based on their skill and interaction.

17. B2B Writing

Business to business writing is a different type of job that follows the formal rules and procedures to create this content.

Today most businesses are floating online. For the best presence and visibility, more companies are appointing their B2B writer.

Sometimes, the small business sectors are hitting the ghostwriters to complete this business-to-business writing.

To generate more online audience and customer base the business to business writing is essential.

As a freelance B2B writer, you will be paid up to $ 20 per hourly work. The top freelancing marketplaces like Toptal, 99 designs are hiring the B2B writer for good pay.

18. Product Description Writing

Product Description Writing

Good graphic designing companies and printing press companies are appointing product description writers.

The wide array of products and goods graphic designs need suitable content to match the elegant design.

Many online businesses and companies require this product description writer to optimize their service on a search engine result page.

The simple and easy composition of 60-80 words is enough for a product that is going to list on the search engine result page.

Any person can be a product description writer but condensing the information in the limited frame of 60-80 words is a challenging one.

A good product description writer can find their career at the top freelance job portals with a salary of up to $24 per hour.

19. E-commerce Writing Jobs

E-commerce is one of the huge business platforms that consist of a lot of writing works that come to maintain a product catalog.

Moreover, E-commerce marketing requires a huge budget for branding their products in the digital world.

Writing web copies for a product, brand guide, buyer guide, and category descriptions are immense works lie on the hand of an E-commerce writer.

If the business selling on Amazon or other social media platforms the keen description is essential to reach the right customers.

Obviously, It is simple work, so housewives, home moms, and college students can do this remote writing work in their free time.

It is a very demanding profession on the online freelancing portals and they offer a pay scale up to Rs.25,000 per month.

20. Magazine Writing Jobs

Magazine writing and article writing mostly seem to be the same but presenting the journalistic tone is a major difference.

Whether it can be a trade publication, magazine, educational column, are the stuff that requires a different style of writing.

Mostly the journalists are appointed as magazine writers. They can find, research, and write stories on the taste of the readers.

To become a magazine writer, the tone of writing must be interesting and impress readers.

Today various online magazines are available on the internet and they are searching for the best magazine writers at Fiverr, Upwork like freelance portals.

It is the best remote writing work as a good magazine writer can earn up to $ 40 per hour. Have a try!

21. Social Media Writing Jobs

Social media writer is one of the most demanding freelance writing jobs from home. Why it gets such more hype?

Most businesses are completely relying on social media. Most of the sales are completed on social media platforms.

Moreover, it can be window-purchased and saving more time for the consumer. So, small business owners are choosing this platform.

For a freelance social media writer, the edition of blog posts, maintaining the social media account is the central duty.

As freelance job seekers, housewives, home moms, and college students can easily manage the social media platform.

Due to its advantage, the online freelance job portals are hiring social media writers with a pay scale up to Rs.10,000/-

22. Content Editing Jobs

Content Writing Freelance Work

Content editing is one of the emerging freelance writing works to present the best content for your website, blog magazine, and so on.

Editing a written content looks like an easy job but it comes with three major steps. All these three steps make great content.

They are proofreading basic grammar editing and developmental editing. Proofreading is a simple process of correcting spelling, comma, and content checking.

Basic editing requires proofreading as well as the correction of syntax and word-formation comes under this process.

Developmental editing is an intensive look that can entirely change the sentence, paragraph, and writing style.

So, home moms and college students can try these editing jobs in freelance job portals with superb revenue up to Rs.60,000/-per a month.

23. Real Estate Writing Jobs

Real Estate is one of the revenue-earning business platforms. So, the agents are recruiting more real estate writers for their business promotion.

Mostly, writers from the experience in the SEO field can easily reach potential customers, and listing sites are an easy one.

It is Industry-basic writing that requires deep knowledge and real estate information to make a profitable business reach.

If the housewives, home moms who are having good knowledge of real estate can try their writing career in this field.

It is creative work and the writer can frequently find more projects. So, it is a trendy job to earn money.

Global freelancing work platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are recruiting real estate writers with a pay scale of up to $80,000 per month

24. Business Plan Writing

Business plan writing is one of the useful and demanding professions in the current online business world.

There are multiple new businesses and startups that are commencing day by day. For them, planning a business and writing a business plan is a hard task.

So, many freelance writers are recruited to write a perfect business plan to commence the business.

Mostly the writers from auditing, finance, and account sector-related professionals are selected for these freelance writing jobs.

Moreover, the previously worked housewives, home moms from the above-mentioned sections can try this profession.

Many business people are recruiting their suitable business planner from Fiverr and Upwork with the pay up to $30,000 per month

Every running business must be bound by the principles of law. Moreover, all the entrepreneurs do not aware of it.

It is an accurate analysis and a legal presentation written and presenting in a well-organized structure.

While writing the legal document, it must follow the simple and active tone of writing and must avoid long narration.

If an individual wants to become a legal writer, he/she must be worked in a legal firm and know the procedures.

Retired housewives, elderly people are the experienced candidates and the most suitable freelance legal writers.

Top freelance working platforms are hiring legal writers with a remarkable salary package of $4000 – $10000 per month.

26. News Article Writing

News Article Writing

News article writing is one of the fast-phase work, as well as the accuracy of the information, need to cross-check.

Writing the daily happenings, events, and other political news gathering and present them in the right way is a crucial one.

Freelance journalists are commonly hired as news article writers and they travel to collect the local news.

Taking interviews and presenting the cover story in an interesting way of narration is a good feature of a news article.

Freelance workers from media, journalism are the appropriate candidates for this profession and they earn up to $25000 per month.

As a freelancer, college students, housewives, and home moms can try this work if they are interested to work in news media.

27. Resume Writing

A perfect resume that organizes the information in the right order is a complex task for job seekers around the world.

For them, the working women, educated home moms, and college students can prepare it and earn money for this freelance work.

There are so many websites that offer Resume Writing Services. So, there is a huge opportunity for people who knows to write a perfect resume?

In the field of resume writing job, resume building can be varied according to the job application. So resume writing is responsible work that offers a considerable salary.

For each resume, you can earn up to $40 – $75 in the top freelance working portals like Toptal, Freelancer, and so on.

28. Quiz Writing Jobs

Many freelance writing jobs are coming as a long list. Some of them carry more responsibility and others do not.

If you are a homemaker or a college student searching for easy freelance writing jobs, then quiz writing is the best.

Preparing a quiz and its answer relating to a brand, product or service is the main purpose of this writing work.

Nowadays it is one of the hot tools in social media to gather the right people and boosting the sale is an easier one.

While participating in the quiz, the subscription of mail and YouTube channels is paving way for more traffic generation.

College students can easily prepare quizzes and earn more money in these freelance work portals.

29. Gift Guide Writing

Gift guide writing is a famous marketing trend and it is the best way to monetize the brand on social media platforms.

This gift guide writing must be in the form of conversation style and address the buyer and encourage them to buy more.

Gift guide writing is a form of writing that follows the blend of product description as well as the blogging style.

This writing is one of the successful advertising campaigns that must carry the words up to 1800 words.

College students and housewives can work as freelance gift guide writers and can earn up to Rs.36,000 per month.

There are multiple advertisements on Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer are posting their recruitment for this position.

30. Grant Writing

Grant Writing

A grant writer preparing the research papers and proposals to request funds from the various government agencies.

Even though, it is a proposal application that describes the reasons for funding, overview, and intention of writing.

Grant writers are hired by specific organizations and business units like healthcare units, non-profit organizations, and universities.

It is highly responsible work that needs to present a formal way and the authorities need to take action on it.

Once the writer understands the need and importance of writing, then this form of writing is not a great issue.

The college students, housewives, home moms can become grant writers by utilizing their free time without any more compromise.

Moreover, the top-notch online freelance platforms like Upwork are posting their grant writer wanted with the package of $40 – $200 per project.


It is the modern era offering multiple job opportunities for job seekers in the form of freelancing to earn money.

Many people taking this writing work as a passion and earning considerable money in their free time.

To manage our financial stability, seeking free time works are the right choice for making money online.

College students, housewives, and home moms are ready to work but stuck at what to choose for their writing careers.

For them, hereby I enlisted the best 30 freelance writing jobs from home for their healthy freelancing career. Give it a look.

As per their passion, hobby writers can deliver the right form of content to shaping their careers.

Hope this blog will be the best guide to find suitable writing jobs as a freelancer. Start your work and earn more.

All the best!!!

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