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Make Money with Email Marketing Course – How To Guide?

Learn how to make money by creating an email marketing course?


Email marketing is a kind of direct marketing that uses internet medium as a means of the communication platform.

This involves sending electronic mail either for commercial purposes or for the social purposes such as fundraising etc.

Email Marketing is one of the widely used marketing techniques to promote a product or service.

This method is also used to develop a friendly relationship with potential clients/customers and you.

Among the various online marketing methods, email marketing produces more conversion compared to other methods.

This marketing method encompasses the direct connection between your customers and yourself.

You can easily target your potential buyers who are interested to buy the product or service.

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How Much do Email Marketers Make?

An Email Marketing Specialist is the one who manages the complete marketing activities. He is responsible for starting a campaign, running the campaign and delivering results.

The person utilizes Email as a communication media to reach existing and new potential clients/customers.

His devotion to the growth of any business is highly appreciable as he should induce recipients to take few actions such as:

  • Opening an email
  • Clicking the click
  • Replying the email
    and etc.

On average, an email marketer who specializes in this field earns around $20 per hour ($4000+ a month).

Hence this article must guide you and learn how to make money with email marketing by creating a course in Udemy?

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Advantages of Doing Email Marketing:

It can be personalized:

You can send a personalized message to your audience so that it will create a friendly relationship between us.

Developing a friendly relationship between the customer over time will lead to increased sales and improve customer loyalty.

Sending personalized emails to your audience is the best marketing practice that should be followed by your other online marketing methods.


Low-Cost Marketing:

Send bulk emails to your audience are more cost-effective than practicing other methods on the Internet.

It is the easiest way to put your products or services in front of your customers.

Creating an email campaign is an extremely easiest process and can be done with minutes.

It does not involve any advertising fees, print media charges or other costs. Sending emails is an inexpensive method of advertising your company when compared to other types of marketing.


Measurable Results:

Sending newsletters, autoresponders to your subscribers provides you the necessary information that is measurable.

For instance, you can track every event such as the number of open emails, number of clicks for the link, number of conversions, etc.

You can evaluate your success in a particular email campaign by integrating web analytics software.

You can then calculate the results which help you to find the areas of improvement to increase your marketing strategy.


Scalable and Flexible Design:

You can send emails in any format such as Text, HTML, Graphics or as an attachable file, etc.

The design is based on your business needs and how do you want to convey your business branding.

Email marketing is scalable as you can send emails to a large volume of audiences or target a smaller group.

You can even precise your target based on age, gender, demographic location, occupation, interest, etc.


Time-Saving and Environmental Friendly:

By using various automation software you can trigger emails on the occurrence of any event.

For example, send a welcome email when a user subscribes to your website or completing a form or taking any action.

Once you have developed a template you can reuse it several times and also for various email campaigns.

Since it does not involve any paper printing work, you are supporting your environment by saving trees and create Green Earth.


Real-Time Marketing:

By sending emails, you are connecting with your customers in real-time.

By using automated triggers, you are reaching the right audience at the right time in the right place with the right solution/offer.

This helps you to develop more trust as well as improve your conversion ratio at the same time.


Why is Email Marketing Important?

As per the recent study which states that more than 43% of the people are still using emails in their everyday activity. That’s about 3 billion people worldwide. Also, the same study states that it will increase to another 5 -10% by the next 2 years.

  1. Email Marketing is still one of the most vibrant and powerful ways to connect people with brands.
  2. It is more efficient than social media for customer acquisition as sending personalized emails develops Psychological attachments.
  3. When compared to social media marketing, this method gives more results when converting people into customers and buyers.
  4. Sending emails to a large volume of the audience does not involve high marketing costs and is a possible inexpensive and better choice as well.
  5. After the viral growth of Smart devices, people are checking emails all the time using their smartphones.

Hence, creating an email that fits various screen sizes thus improves higher opening rate thereby more conversion ratio as well.

Concepts of Email Marketing

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How Do I Create an Email Marketing Course?

So dear visitors, so far we have read what is email marketing and how much is worth running an email campaign for marketing?

Now in this post, let’s walk together to learn about what is an email marketing course?

How you can create an online course on your own and how to create a massive email list who really wants to buy your course?

Finally, you will reveal how to make money with an email marketing course through Udemy?

An email course is a series of autoresponder emails that are sent out for a particular period of time.

This is done in order to teach your audience something related to your knowledge, experience, or new ideas.


1.) Decide What to Teach?

Before you are planning to create an email marketing course, figure out what you want to teach first? Analyze and find a topic that is useful, needful and valuable that showing off your teaching abilities.

For Example: let us take a look at my first Ebook on the Topic, “Basic Concept of Email Marketing”.

In this course, I share my experience with various concepts like email segmentation, how to build an email list, email design, etc.

I have also uploaded 5 to 6 video sessions for more engagement where I have discovered the ways to create perfect email templates for better conversion.


2.) Develop Content for Your Email Course:

Now after made a decision on what to Teach, you have to prepare to develop content for your course.

Start researching on the Internet, collect materials and start writing your first content.

If you are running a blog, then you can re-use your blog posts that are performing well even today.

If you don’t have content, then start creating one by learning the current need of your audience.


3.) Automate your Workflow:

Your every email should be like a narration of a length TV Serial but it should be crisp and clean.

When a new visitor subscribes to your email course, they should get a feeling like they are intact with the previous emails.

Create autoresponders to attract new leads by using various platforms like Aweber, etc. to increase your sales.


How to Create a Course in Udemy?

Udemy is a great online platform for learning and teaching. Udemy marketplace has more than 1 million courses and 24 million students.

As a student, you can learn any subject online like design, development, IT, Engineering, Marketing, etc.

Udemy provides a proper platform for anyone who has the knowledge to teach any subject.

Now let’s walk through the process of creating a course in Udemy and learn how to publish your email marketing course today?


Step 1 – Plan Your Course:

As I said earlier in this session, before starting your email marketing course, you should find a suitable topic to teach.

It’s very important to create a strong solid foundation for building the rest of your course.

Do a small research to identify what is the one thing that the majority of audiences are searching for?

Determine how can you bring up a solution by creating a great course structure?

Probably now you have an idea of what are you going to teach?

Breakdown your course into smaller units separated with suitable titles to describe each section clearly.

This will help you to create more detail content that makes readers easier to learn from your course.

For example, in my first udemy course, “Basic Concepts of Email Marketing”, I am going to teach you,

  • Email Segmentation
  • how to Build a Great Email List
  • Legislations of Spam in Different Countries
  • How to Design an Email Layout?
  • Email Optimization for Mobile and Other Smart Devices

This course is most suitable for students who like to learn about Digital Marketing and Email Marketing.


Step 2 – Produce Your Course:

Creating an interactive course session is more important after preparing a course plan.

In your course, you should consider adding various types of lecture sessions such as text, presentations, videos, etc.

You can also add Slides, Screencasts, drawing boards for more engagement.

Also, I strongly recommend you to add one activity practice per session to encourage learners.

This includes quizzes, case studies, mini projects etc.

Try to upload video sessions as part of your course for better engagement and more sales.


Step 3 – Create Course Landing Page:

The (CLP) Course Landing page is the place where you market your course. This is the first thing that users see when searching for the relevant course.

To provide the right information that will help them to make a decision of buying your course.

You can also add images, and dynamic content to showcase your course and tell them why they want to buy your course?

The top four factors that decide your conversion ratio:

i.) Content of the CLP
ii.) Course Price and Discount
iii.) Number of enrolled students
iv.) Student Reviews (Social Proof)

Prepare convincing content for your CLP to target the right students and make them fell to buy your course.

Write in a natural, informative, conversational and approachable way that puts your visitors to take an action.

Perform research on how potential students will be searching on Google and find similar words to write your CLP content.

Do not use Jargon words that confuse readers and make it difficult to understand.


Step 4 – Optimize your Course, Landing Page:

After creating your CLP content, review your content to match the Udemy Guidelines.

Udemy offers a great place to market your email marketing course but at the same time, they have strict rules to follow.

You have to familiarize those rules to play safely on this platform.


i.) Course Title: This is one of the strongest deciding factors that determine whether the students will enroll in your course.

Be concise and subject-specific with your course title (max. 60 char limit including spaces)


ii.) Course Sub-title: Write a brief overview of your course, its expectations and reason to buy.

Keep it short and descriptive with no more than 120 characters including 1 – 2 relevant keywords.

Make sure your title and sub-title are in line with your course.


iii.) Course Description: Now describe your course in about 1000 – 1500 words. Target the potential students and identify their needs.

Answer them how your course can provide a solution so that the chances of enrolment will be more.

Identify the problems, need or desire and explain how your course can effectively address those issues.


iv.) Course Image: An Image speaks more than 1000 words and one eye-catching image can attract 24% more audience attention, a recent study said.

Hence, therefore, it is a must to create eye-catching and informative images that express your course context.

You can either design on your own or get help from Udemy Designers to create one image for your email marketing course.

Additionally, you can use third-party images or logos but proper prior permission is necessary.


v.) Preview Video: Create a short video of less than 1 – 2 minutes to represent your course well.

This video will give a necessary insight into the students and help them to understand what they expect from your course?

You can create a short lecture video or promo video to grab readers’ attention.


vi.) Instructor Profile: You should create a strong biography of yourself so that students may get a chance to know about you.

They want to know whether you are a credible instructor to teach them about the subject.

Creating an instructor profile helps to create trust in you. Highlight your skills to differentiate yourself from others.

Be a passionate instructor by creating an actionable profile interesting to read. Share your mission, vision, etc.



Creating an Email Marketing Course requires a lot of work, but once you get started, you will surprise to unveil the real potential.

Remember that you don’t have to be an expert in email marketing but the experience you have learned is enough.

Your knowledge and experience will speak through your content that is valuable for someone else.

Put your dedication to creating great content for your email marketing course can ultimately build a steady passive income.


Action Part:

Now you have learned the importance of Email Marketing and how can you create a course in Udemy?

Are you planning to create one course this weekend, of course, yeah, let me know how can I assist you better?

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