Top 15 Great Alternate Sources of Income to Earn Money

  • 09 May, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

Ideas on Alternate Sources of Income in 2020.


People always want money to live their life and thus money plays an important role. There are different ways to earn money such as going for a job or doing business.

Many kinds of alternate sources of income are also available after the boom of the Internet in which most people are searching for.

In this article, I am going to explain the various different sources of revenue options apart from traditional jobs and businesses.

This information may be helpful to create a new career in your life this year.

Alternate Sources of Income

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Why People Need for Money:

  • What’s all this money-making business about?
  • How much money are you really looking for?

These answers depend on your lifestyle and your material needs.

As, it is often said that money is not the world’s greatest thing, but however, it is important for many people right up there next to the air.

These people are not necessarily excessively materialistic, instead, people understand the true value of money.

Money gives you the freedom and when you have a good income or financial resources, you can decide where and how you want to live?

On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of money, you can’t afford to make a choice and you may have to compromise your lifestyle activities.

To cover your basic expenses such as food and shelter, you obviously need the money and how much money you need depends on what sort of life you want for yourself.

Most people want a lifestyle of the middle class, such as people should have sufficient money to access to education, goods, and services.

In addition, those in the middle class generally have a fair amount of discretionary income and can afford to own property.

So, how are you getting the money? The best way to achieve your objectives in financial and lifestyle is to prepare for a good career from a good education.

However, your decision on the career path should not be driven solely by money. Ideally, your career should include work with which you can create an identity and find a job interesting.


The difference from going for a job and doing business:

Difference Between Job and Business

Most of us aspire to be a successful business owner, but only a few of us have the courage to execute it.

Even though, many people are unfortunately not successful in money making on which they have a dream.

The planning, strategization, and implementation of a business plan require a great deal of research and effort.

As a businessman or a businesswoman, you should take part in every step and follow everything related to your business closely.

Many people with a job complain that they work long hours and are not sufficiently compensated for the amount of work they do.

When you plan to build your own business, it is not only about the management of resources but also about the materials.

You need to manage your personal life as unmanageable life will have a negative impact on your company, and time and life management are therefore very important.

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Things to Consider When Starting a Business:

Unfortunately, sometimes there are jobs that make you feel lazy and unproductive, but it doesn’t matter, you still have to complete the task for the day.

You only design a small part of the complete business plan in one job and sometimes you don’t even know how the final product looks.

But you are involved in every phase and step of your business plan when a company is involved.

A business owner can not use personal problems as an excuse for not working and is expected to give 100 percent every day.

They must be fully committed to their objectives as doing business is much more than just a job to deal with the challenges of running your own business.

  1. If you take the wrong step and take responsibility for your own actions, you will have to bear the complete loss.
  2. A blame game cannot be played, unlike in a job. It’s your dream and the results are pretty good.
  3. Building a business and being an employee is completely different. An employee can never experience as a business owner.
  4. Every day brings new challenges and objectives. If you remain a member of staff, you will never meet them.
  5. In business, you will reach new heights and reach a prosperous successful business to the top, which a person in a job cannot achieve.


15 Best Alternate Sources of Income:

1.) Online Training via Udemy, YouTube:

God gave everybody a unique quality. Although very few use it to the full and earn extra income from it.

Let’s assume you’re a graphic designer and you work in a reputed company. However, you can use your skills further and train aspirants worldwide via online training platforms such as Udemy.

You can create training videos for any category, including web development for software programming, music, and many others.

Then, you can upload your training videos once and earn money by registering students looking for training in graphic design.

Millions of people around the world are looking for such online training. The higher the number of students in your class, the higher the additional income.


2.) Affiliate Marketing:

Have you got a blog or website with a lot of traffic? Are you a social media influencer with many supporters, you can advertise products on your website or social media platforms with different affiliate marketing programs.

You can select more than one million products for your customers. Whether you are a large network, content site, influencer of social media or blogger, you have simple link tools to display products on your website.

You can display the ads in text, image or image+text format that helps you to monetize your website.

Also, write reviews of products you already use and provide the readers with your affiliate link in the post to let them purchase through your blog.

You can join affiliates of Amazon India. If you want to start marketing for affiliates but don’t have a website, you still have the opportunity to join online marketing.

Find the products that accept affiliate marketers and then write a review to Binmy.com. They enable you to have an affiliate link on your posts and thus earn a large revenue from the sales generated by your review.


3.) Stock Marketing:

Various stocks provide investors with dividends. A stock dividend is a dividend payment in the form of additional shares instead of a cash payout, also known as a “scrip dividend”.

Companies may decide to distribute this type of dividend to registered shareholders if the liquid cash availability of the company is insufficient.

These distributions are generally recognized as fractions paid per existing share, such as if a company issued an equity dividend of 0.05 shares for each share held by existing shareholders.

You should learn stock investment and once you are sufficiently confident, you can invest in a dividend that pays stock for alternative income.


4.) Equity Investments:

Everyone must have read or listened to videos and articles in newspapers, magazines, the Internet and others, which have given the highest return on equity investments in all investment avenues in India.

You can start investing in quality stocks and make a good income at home.

There are numerous training videos or articles on the internet that offer tips on how to earn money by investing in the market. Simply google it.

However, there are basic rules when you enter the stock market, invest in substantially strong companies for the long term, be patient and become an equity star.

If you think that knowledge and time prevent you from making money, then advise stock consultants or invest in mutual funds. Another option is foreign currency trade, i.e. Forex. Forex.


5.) Publish Videos on Youtube:

You can create and monetize your own YouTube video channel. You must have a lot of subscribers to earn something from YouTube.

It can take a while to upload some helpful and relevant videos to your channel. Your videos can be promoted via social media and blogs.

You can also integrate your videos into blogs. If someone looks at your videos and sees the ad, you’re paid for it.

You can create passive income without money with youtube, all you need is an internet connection to start.


6.) Mutual Fund Investment:

You can invest your idle funds in mutual funds that perform best.

Remember always that mutual funds investments are subject to market risks.

You should always invest funds according to your appetite for risk and your financial goals.

Make sure your investment portfolio is diversified.

Instead of investing all your funds in mutual funds, it is always better to keep your funds in different investment instruments.

Read More: Top 10 Investment Ideas that give High Returns


7.) Blogging:

You can launch your own website or blog that provides readers with useful and helpful content.

Once you’ve got your blog ready, you need to promote your blog to get your blog traffic.

Please remember that you should keep your blog updated with quality content.

Once you get enough interest in your blog, you can monetize your blog with ads that can generate passive revenue for you.

To display ads on your blog, you can join Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliate Program.

Once your blog has reached enough traffic and popularity, you can pitch brands on your blog for sponsored posts.

There’s no stopping when you become an influencer in any niche and this could be the best alternative source of income idea for 2020.


8.) Freelance:

Every skill (small or large) has a value on the market, and it is up to you to make the most of it.

You can offer your skills in your company and get your salary in return.

Or work and earn money from multiple companies. And the Internet allows everyone to monetize their skills.

One such widely used model to earn extra income is working as a self-employed.

The most renowned companies in the world are freelancer.com, and elance.com (there are many other companies that offer this service), let you earn money.

Here’s a picture of how much you can earn from every project. The cost varies with the project and its magnitude.


9.) Online Paid Surveys:

There are many online sites that allow registered users to earn money by taking part in online surveys conducted by different companies.

Few legit survey sites in India are Swagbucks, India’s Viewfruit panel, India’s Paid viewpoint, and India.

One thing to remember, however, is to be genuine when taking part in the survey.

In the event of any incorrect information, your account may be blocked and therefore all future income may be stopped. So be genuine.

Also, be careful of survey companies requesting money for the survey. Don’t pay anyone by any means – cash, online transfer, investment or anything else. Say NO to such firms.

Every company conducts thorough market research before launching any product or modifying any existing offering. And these surveys give users the opportunity to do such surveys.


10.) Sell Used Stuff Online:

When was the last time you took the time for months or years to check unused items in the house? Amazon or eBay, Olx, etc. offers an exciting opportunity to make money by selling them online from unused stuff.

Although the price is low depending on the age, the product quality. It makes sense, however, to make money by selling clothes and almost anything online rather than keeping the mess at home.

See how people have put used items online for sale: Almost every product can be sold from mobile phones, TVs, furniture, etc.

And you’ll also find a buyer. After all, everyone wants to save money in every way as long as the product range is genuine and quality.


11.) Sell Photographs:

You can convert your photo hobby to alternate sources of income. If you click on high-quality photos, you can upload your photos to the photo site and license them.

Every time someone downloads your picture, you will get some money. You can upload your photos and get royalties like iStockPhoto on different websites.

You can also provide photo services on freelance platforms such as Fiverr.


12.) Invest in Real Estate:

This may be the most important source of alternative income. If you have enough money to buy a flat, you can buy an apartment or any property and rent it for income.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase property, you can also take home loans to purchase your property.

Another great option is to have some of your friends and family who are interested in pool money to buy a property.

Please make sure you do a complete search of the property you’re buying. You can then rent or sell the property depending on the situation.

Crowdfunded property is a new way of investing in property.


13.) Sell Art Online:

This one is, particularly for the artists. If you have excellent artwork ready, then upload it for sale on mojarto.com.

See one of the listings taken from the Mojo website. Interested buyers in India and around the world are always looking for great artworks.

You can sell any kind of artwork such as digital art, drawing, painting, serigraphy, etc.

There are many other online marketplaces to sell art online and earn money like Amazon, Artfire, artsy, eBay and many others.


14.) Writing Ebook:

This is one of the best alternate sources of income. Remember, patience and time may take.

If you are able to write a good ebook, you can put your ebook on sale on various trade sites. You can also convert your ebook to Kindle eBook and receive a royalty on every sale.

You can create and write your author’s account in central Amazon. If you’re good at writing content, there are many ways you can gain from writing.

You can join portfolios to monetize your items. There are other content aggregator websites like Newsdog that can pay for your content based on the number of views.


15.) Food Service:

As urbanization increases, more and more people migrate to Tier I and Tier II towns.

The greatest problem remains, however, is the quality of food consumed by many other than accommodation.

However, if you can offer healthy and delicious food at the door of these people, you have an excellent chance to get gold.

The start of a catering or food service, especially for office visitors, will, therefore, create an additional source of income.

And the returns from this source make your wallets fatter as long as you provide high – quality service.

A home-cooked food will always be loved by migrants who eat unhygienic food on the road, restaurants or junk food served by brands like McDonald’s, KFC, and others.

If you do any other work at home, mention it in the comment section below. It will certainly help Indians in remote areas to earn extra income.



Anything that entails money is an alternative source of income.

It was the go-to option in the past to get a traditional second or part-time job, but if you already work full-time, it is probably not the best choice.

Analyze yourself and think if you can make some extra money. Few benefits of making the alternate sources of income:

Reduces Risk: You will be in a much better position if you lose your job but have other sources of income. It’s like having not all your eggs in one pan.

Less Stress: When you have many sources of income, worrying about job losses or stock tanning is less stressful because you have money from elsewhere.

More Money: If you find other ways to raise money, you can eliminate debt and build your savings faster, possibly bringing you to financial freedom earlier.

Building a full-scale business may not be for everyone, but it is worth considering whether you are struggling to make progress.

If you fit in time, almost everyone has the ability to generate additional income in one way or another.

Get online research and try to figure out what’s best for your situation. Just dive in to test the waters. You may be surprised by what you can accomplish!!! All the best dude !!!


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