4 Top Reasons Why People Fail to Make Money Online

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Nov 7, 2023


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I urge to write this article to create an awareness of my audience about Why people fail to make money online?


Hello everyone, today I am going to brief you about the important subject in the Online Money Making field, “What are the reasons why people fail to Make Money Online?”.

How are you? Hope are you earning some income online.

Did you found the legitimate ways to make money online?
Still searching for the genuine way.

First, you should harvest your thoughts by flushing all your laziness and you should understand the practical strategy that there is no quick money online.

Let me dive into the actual phase of the discussion.

Why people fail to make money
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What are the reasons why people fail to make money through the Internet?

I have been working online for the past several years and this determines that I have the capability to short out the problem for your failure.

One of the main reasons for the failure is, UN-natural expectations and lack of proper Education, Support, and Training.

Every people have something special in them, let them use it for making money from the Internet. But, unless you come forward to know what’s your skill was? It is still a dream to generate online income.

Why Do People Fail to Make Money?

1.) Un-natural Expectations

2.) No Action

3.) Lack of Education, Support, and Training

4.) Falling towards Magical Advertisements

#1- Un-natural Expectations

This is the most frequent mistake that I observe from most of the people with whom I am interacting.

When looking at their approach, they are not ready to learn anything about the system, but they want money after working.

Even they don’t want to learn how to work in the system? They don’t know how much time, effort, and dedication are needed to achieve success.

They by themselves assume that it is quite easy and quick.

But, I am not going to say this desire (Making quick money) was wrong, but people should accept the fact that earning money takes time.

JOB and BUSINESS, are entirely a two different set of opposite dimension.

When you work for an hourly wage job, say a 9 – 5 day job, you know what are you gonna deal with? You are going to work for particular hours and a particular amount of work every day.

Your income is mostly based on your physical presence in the workplace.

But, when we start a new career, I mean Online Business, we are entering into an entirely different phase of work. It will take some days to multiply your time into money.

Think like a College…

Starting or entering into an online business is like going to college.

Think about it like when you enroll in a college expecting to earn a degree, hopefully, it will take at least 4 – 5 Yrs.

And that’s exactly how we should approach our new online business (or) job?

Hesitating to learn to educate yourself is the main reason why people fail to make money online?

Most people don’t have this approach and expecting quick results after they launch a new business. When seeing no results after some time, they quit with anger and frustration.

Summing up

One: There is no quick money online.

Two: Flush your thoughts of working blindly.

Three: First, Learn the system, understand how it works?

Four: It takes time to see you earn money, until, put in your efforts and work with dedication.

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#2- NO Action

So, you have the mindset that online money-making takes time. Of course, it’s easy to think about it, but it’s much harder to execute.

The execution I mean was, putting your paperwork into action and work with dedication expecting the results.

  1. Thinking about starting a new business…
  2. Searching, Reading, taking notes of all influencers in your niche…
  3. Coming up with ideas…
  4. Spending hours to name your business…

But, do you think will it get you success?

Only REAL EXECUTION will make you the money.

Probably you should put your ideas into action.

In 2013, I decided to start a blog. But no proper education, training, or resources. Just blindly started by reading various resources online.

Started with Blogger’s blog, tried some programs, wrote about them on the blog.

Promoted some way or other, but no strategic plan of action. All I did was just unplanned work.

After a few months, I quit.

Because of no results, even I work for hours every single day.

So a PROPER EDUCATION, TRAINING, and SUPPORT are needed to begin your first online business.

Truthfully, I realized my mistake after some months because no one teaches you as much as your experience does.

Learned from the mistakes that I experienced, have educated me to learn things first.

Then put the paper into action, work with dedication, and soon the result of success knocked at the door.

#3- Lack of Education, Support, and Training

Making money takes time

This is yet another important factor that was the cause of why people fail to make money online on the Internet.

Continue to Read: Why Making Money Online from home taking Time

This is really bad because they quickly fall into some sort of scam training programs such as Data Entry Jobs, Form Filling Jobs, MLMs, and Pyramid schemes.

Genuine Data Entry Jobs, Form Filling Jobs, MLM companies have been there on the internet, but they are silent and not very known to all the people.

You have to research thoroughly about those genuine programs, by reading reviews, testimonials, etc.

Successful People Do Things Differently:

When you come into online money-making, then there is nothing you can do differently. You should do the same things again differently (Unique in your own style) from what others achieved earlier before you?

Think about your passion, because that’s the real driving force for becoming a successful online entrepreneur. You can read my other research article on, How to start a successful business online?

Think about the successful companies that you know, analyze and list what do they do? What do they offer? If you have it in your hand, then you can find a way to succeed. Simply a proper business plan derived from your thoughts was the key to success.

Where to Find Genuine Educational System?

Online Home Income, was one of the places you can board right now. If you’ve ever visited my blog, go to the home page to know my Goal and Aim.

I started my first online business through blogging in 2013 and now I am living my own free lifestyle.

I started this blog to display the programs I am personally working with and to educate people on various genuine online programs to earn money.

You will find my teachings like:

  1. What is the Job?
  2. How to do the Job?
  3. What is the Actual work?
  4. What is their Payment System?
  5. Genuine list of sites.

Continue reading the purpose of Online Home Income starting from the Home page.

I have personally tried a ton of online money-making programs, and most of the things ended with the scam.

But, my continuous searching and hunt to earn money online have finally landed me on some genuine programs on the Internet.

You can get the list of those methods on this blog Home-page. Once again, I am saying, you should spend the time to Educate yourself by using my blog resources about the methods.

Then, understand how do they work? and start registering a free account with all the programs.

#4- Falling towards Magical Advertisements

When people enter the Internet with the idea to earn money online, they think that it’s something easy and reliable to earn money.

But, in practice it is not possible, there is no easy cash online.

Some scammy advertisers or business people target this kind of people and approach them with their magical advertisements.

The different approaches might be through Email Marketing, Lead Page, SMS Sending, etc.

Some Nice Catchy Advertisements are:

Make $10000 in 10Days with this Automated System
How I made $56423 in just a week?

This is nice to hear, but when you check out to try, those programs will charge you a one-time huge investment.

Of course, most people come forward to pay for this program. Then, when looking at the bogus system and unethical business conduct, people left behind angrily and quit their online money-making dream.

There are real people who are still making five-figure income and a six-figure income, but when you analyze those influencers you can see they didn’t achieve overnight.

The unique part to start to make money online is to begin learning new things every day on the Internet.

You can usually start making money within 3 – 6 months if you attend any professional training program or educational program.

In my opinion, it is much better than attending an academic college and waiting for 2 – 5yrs before being able to earn any kind of Income.

Online courses are different that let you make money while you learn.


In this article, I have come up with different reasons why people fail to make money online.

If you are ready to harvest your mentality towards Online Jobs and ready to put yourself to learn something new, then Online Home Income will be there to support you.

I have listed those methods based on the skills required and if you need to make more money, you need to choose advanced programs.

LEARN BEFORE EARN, was the mantra to be a successful online money maker. Schedule a few hours every day for your online education and make sure you should implement it in your work accordingly.

I hope you understand well the reason why most people often fail to make money on the Internet?

Learn from my experience, and benefit yourself without doing the same mistakes again as I did.

Happy Earnings,
WHAT’s the ONE thing that you will be going to accomplish today as your business goals? Comment me your thoughts for an open discussion.

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