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  • 22 January, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

Make Good Money from this list of online work from home ideas.


Hey Everyone, Welcome to another Monday and I just want to transform this day into by doing some useful stuff online.

And it was, gaining some knowledge about the latest and working strategies of Online Work from Home to supplement you with additional extra income every month.

A SECOND INCOME JOB is always useful for many reasons, as it not only earns you extra money, but you can pursue your passion, live by your talent.

You can build your skills, establish new connections, and innovate something newer in your area of expertise without leaving your current position.

Online work from home

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One day, it may become your full-time profession as it happened to me.

Choosing the right work from home is a good idea but with proper care and attention is, therefore, necessary to stop being scammed by online frauds.

Learn, why you are delaying in Making Money Online? (or) How to stay safe from Online Scams?


Table of Contents

1. Things to care before choosing the job

2. Types of Online Work from Home

2.1. Freelancing Jobs

2.2. Start Your Own Business

2.3. Content Writer

2.4. Start Affiliate Marketing Business

2.5. Online Survey Jobs

2.6. Online AD Clicking Jobs


1. Things to Care Before Choosing the Job:


Yes, this is most important when you are looking for an additional source of income.

Because online work should not affect your full-time career at your beginning stages. So, prepare for spending enough time every day for your second job.

There is an option, you can search for high paying another full-time job, but you will not settle in a single office when the days going.

So, online work from home is the best option to earn money without losing your passion, full-time work and so on.

Once you earn more than your full-time job, you can, of course, make your online work as your full-time profession.



It’s also very important because as said earlier, online work from home should not disturb your full-time profession.

You can work any time based on your schedule so that you can put more committed work on this second job.

Being flexible is mandatory when searching for flexible online jobs from home, as you are working on getting results and not just based on time.

You should be ready to work at night and on weekends too.



Before making your search for online jobs, list your skills and Passion you have, so that you can able to develop yourself to fit the game.

Unless without your own interest, you cannot succeed in making money from Online work at home jobs.

Also, if the job requires any skills before you can acquire, you should first concentrate on developing your skills before giving it a try.

It enhances your work and also helps to develop a long-term strategy to transform into your career.


Search Multiple Areas:

Most people always Google things and the same things happens when they start to start for online work.

But there are other ways you can make use of it to get a nice second income.

Use your Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and spread a work that you are seeking for a right second job to work part-time.

Also, you can Email to your friends (or) companies you are interested to work with and ask for a part-time opportunity to work.


Stay away from Scams:

First thing, you should believe that there is no quick money online and create income online takes time.

You need to put a lot of effort at your beginning until you build a system that makes money for you while you sleep.

Most people often fail in these false promises, such as, “making $1000 in a week”, “double your investment back in 24hrs”, etc.

Most websites target this kind of people with their magical advertisements to pull people into their system.

So, before starting any program, analyze their reputation through various resources, ask for other members about their experience, etc.

surveys pay online


2. Types of Online Work from Home:

We will discuss the five online work that can make you a nice second income if you are ready to put your real effort and start working every day.

You can work part-time and just a computer and an internet connection is the most required thing.

2.1. Freelancing Jobs:

It means a person can work for a company (or) for a project only for a particular deadline (or) time period up to the project completion.

It’s a trend because most companies offer their projects to freelancers at the point of reducing their monthly expenses as salary for in-active staff.

There are lots of freelancer jobs available such as Article Writer, Graphic Designer, Data Entry Jobs, Form Filling Jobs and much more.

You need not work full-time on the projects because the company only needs the project to be completed before the set deadline.

So, you are liberal to work any-time, anywhere, but complete the project on time.

To take this opportunity, all you need is to have an account on the Freelancer site and complete your profile.

Let’s get started to get more knowledge about working in Freelancer Work from Home Jobs.

Action Part

  1. Go to Freelancer (or) Elance, two sites almost the same in principle but different in their navigation.
  2. Create an account and then complete your profile.
  3. Search for the projects based on your areas of expertise and start Bidding.
  4. If an employer shows interest in you, then you will be contacted and that’s it.
  5. You complete the rest part.


2.2. Start Your Business:

Launching a business is a great way to earn extra money based on your flexibility. It definitely takes a lot of time to build a system that pays you back when you are away.

You should be ready to invest some capital to start your first online business. It requires more skills and interest.

So, this might not be ideal for most people but if you are passionate about a project, you can surely earn a lot of income through it.

I recommend you start a blogging business online and choose this as your second income career. Blogging turns out to be the best of all the business.

You can immediately start your first blogging business as your first online work from home through my Official Blog here.

Two types of pack available, “Basic Business Blog” & “Pro-Business Blog”.

Choose any of the package based on your budget and start your business today.

Action Part

  1. There are many businesses to start based on your passion and interest.
  2. I personally recommend you start a blog.
  3. Visit my Official Blog and choose a package. After your payment, we will have a discussion to lay your business plan.
  4. Once done right, I will start with the blog design, setup and get your blog ready to earn money.


2.3. Content Writer:

As blogging becomes the most lucrative business worldwide, the requirements for creative content writers also rose to the biggest height.

Every blog success was purely around a niche and the content they deliver about the niche.

If you are great at writing articles (blog posts) on any topic, then you can have a huge opportunity to make money online.

There are many article submission sites available on the market where you can make money writing articles.

Even, Online Home Income was looking for aspiring content writer’s in our niche and if you deserve to be the best fit, then get in touch with us.

Internet’s brand, The Penny Hoarder offer’s you the highest revenue for every guest article you write for them. The more you write, you will be eligible to receive a bonus too.

You can make more than $10000 every month by working as a content writer if you have the talent of expressing your ideas into words and framing an article.

How to get started?

  1. You need to be creative and well-talented to write on any topic.
  2. Choose any of the Content Writing Jobs sites I recommend here.
  3. Contact the site admin (or) respective management team asking for a chance (Best way was Email communication).
  4. Once you got any reply, start writing for them and get paid.


2.4. Start Affiliate Marketing Business:

Affiliate marketing means, selling someone’s else product (or) services on behalf of them and receiving a commission on every successful sale.

You can find tons of blogs on the web to teach about Affiliate Marketing Business. t’s easy to start and requires no skills.

You can market any product in any industry anywhere in the world.

There’s no need to worry about having a physical store and to maintain the stock of the products etc.

Just register an account with the right program, then choose the product you can manage to sell.

Promote in all the possible ways and start making commissions on every successful sale.

This is the best online work from home because it’s easy to work.

Recommended sites: Amazon, Flipkart, Commission Junction, ShareASale etc.

Registration is absolutely free and you can make money for sure.

To do list

  1. Just register an account with the above-recommended sites, then login to their dashboard to choose the product.
  2. Register a Blog to promote the product (or) use your social network, email, etc to spread the affiliate link.
  3. Start connecting with new people and tell them about the product to make the sale.
  4. After the sale was made, you will get your commission.

Note: Blogging is the best way to earn a good income in Affiliate Marketing. So, better think about this and start a discussion with me in Whatsapp.


2.5. Online Survey Sites:

Paid surveys are also a nice way of making money online.

People use to spend their free time to answer questions about the product (or) service and getting paid after successful completion.

Many MNC companies are looking forward to improving their products and so they hire survey companies to conduct surveys on behalf of them.

As an individual, all you need it to register a free account with this list of paying survey sites and complete your profile.

Whenever a new survey opportunity arrives, the survey companies will process your profile and if you are eligible will receive an email invitation to attend the survey.

Complete your screening process by clicking the invitation link at your email and start taking the survey.

On successful completion, your account will be credited with the money. You can request a payout once you reached a minimum threshold set by the company.

Read, how survey companies work that offer you a survey to get more knowledge about them.

How to work?

  1. Register a free account with the above list of recommended survey sites.
  2. Complete all your profile surveys with original true information.
  3. You will be invited when your profile is eligible for a survey.
  4. So, check your email frequently for new survey Invitations.

Note: Join more survey sites to earn a decent income every month.


2.6. Online Ad Clicking Jobs:

This is so much easiest way in online work from home because it requires little skills to start.

Just a basic computer knowledge with internet browsing skill is enough.

You can easily make money by clicking and viewing ads available in your account.

Yes, you can register a free account with this list of top paying PTC sites.

There are 100’s paid to click sites available in the market, but not all of them are genuine in paying their members.

Online Home Income does share with you the only list of paying PTC sites so that you won’t be scammed and waste your time.

Earnings from PTC sites are small, but with a strategical working and referring more people to your direct referrals, you can earn big money as much as $500 per month.

It will take some time to start making money from this method and based on your effort and hard work you can surely make guaranteed income.

How to Join?

  1. Online Home Income recommends you to register a genuine list of PTC sites.
  2. Complete your registration and log in every to view all available advertisements.
  3. Spend some time to complete tasks and offers.
  4. Refer people in your downline to earn a percentage of their earnings lifetime.

Note: Register with more PTC sites to earn more income.



That’s all I have in my mind to share with you today. You can choose any one of these online work from home ideas (or) all at once. That’s purely based on your own interest.

But, without working on any second job, you cannot meet your monthly budget due to overwhelming economic situations and the high cost of all consumables.

It’s better to work on this kind of online jobs where you can earn for your work.

In the full-time day job, you will be paid a fixed wage based on your set hours and it always fixed.

But when you work online, you can earn as much as you can that eventually become your full-time profession as the days go.

I’ve covered what it came to my mind and still, there are more online jobs that I may share with you in the future.

For now, these ideas are of great help to make a better decision this week.

Discuss with me your interest in the below comment section. A healthy discussion would do a lot of things.

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Ishan Malhotra says 02 May, 2019

Thanks for providing this vital information. I am also doing affiliate marketing from home and earning a handsome amount of money. I also recommend your readers to start doing affiliate marketing from home and earn well. Your readers also get a huge discount by using Ajio Women Coupons.

Safdar Alam says 01 May, 2019

Thanks for providing this vital information. I am also doing affiliate marketing from home and earning a handsome amount of money. I also recommend your readers to start doing affiliate marketing from home and earn well.

Geetanjali says 31 March, 2019

Hey please suggest to me.
I’m looking for a home based job.
There so many fraud websites and people are making fool us (job seekers) I lost my money 2 times because of fraud people and company.

    Myilraj G says 01 April, 2019

    Hello Geetanjali,
    I have shared the best ideas suitable for housewives, home moms, and working women. I request you to go through the article once again completely to get the necessary knowledge.

Vipin Kumar says 19 November, 2018

I want looking for a job for Work from home if anybody have work please let me know.

Prateek Makhijani says 16 August, 2018

I wanted to know whether optimal bux is a trusted website or a fake website. Can you please help me?

    Myilraj G says 16 August, 2018

    Hi Prateek,
    I would like to inform you that, you can stay with us to get the latest updated information about the PTC sites.
    Regarding Optimal Bux, if it was genuine in paying their members, I am sure to add the site on this blog.
    Anyhow, I will test and update you.

Prateek Makhijani says 04 August, 2018

Can you please guide me how to get started with google adsense?

    Myilraj G says 06 August, 2018

    Hello Prateek,
    I have written an article to explain the whole process of getting Adsense Approval. Click this link to go for reading the article.

Prateek Makhijani says 17 June, 2018

I am doing my daily surveys and for that, I get paid. But if I have 0 referrals than will they allow me to withdraw money from the account.

    Myilraj G says 18 June, 2018

    It is not necessary to refer someone in order to get paid in online surveys. If any site demands you, probably it’s a sign of scam survey site.
    The real purpose of conducting surveys is to get, customer or people, feedback about a product or service. It’s not a referral program or any other thing else.

Durga says 22 April, 2018

The links ur giving is regarding to surveys plz share the link about genuine copy paste jobs:)

    Myilraj G says 23 April, 2018

    Hello Durga,
    So far in my research, I have not found any genuine Copy Paste sites(jobs).
    They are totally a scam and I recommend you use your time effectively in Blogging(Types of Blogging).

      Durga says 23 April, 2018

      Myilraj G thanks for the reply. Is there any genuine data entry jobs without investment?

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