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6 Reasons Why Making Money Online Takes Time? [Solved]

  • 27 January, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

Why are so many people failed to Make Money Online?


Have you been trying so many legit ways of making money online but got no luck so far?

If you’re looking to multiply your income streams then you should muster up your courage. Opportunities to earn some more money abound for people at all levels of experience.

You haven’t been successful in online money making over months and wish to earn some additional cash during your free time.

But you don’t have any idea how to initiate this business then this article will guide you?

If you are still not earning online then most probably you hadn’t found a legitimate way to do it.

making money online takes time

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I have been in this field for over six years and learned a lot of ideas about online making money and here I won’t be giving you false promises or so-called tricks.

Rather I will share with you the nuts and bolts of tangible and tested in the real-time money-making system that actually works.


Why Making Money Online Takes Time?

Remember, making money takes a lot of time, effort, and determination because money does not come that easy.

Many legit methods of making money online are available but the problem is that they are not “get rich quick” schemes.

You have to work hard continuously with patience and need to spend a lot of time to generate decent money before seeing a profitable return on your time.

Online Home Income is a dream for everyone but it does not happen overnight.

When someone claims I will make you millionaire overnight then my best advice is to stay away from them…

Because such things are the reason for a bad name online and hence a waste of both your time and hard-earned money.

Simply avoid scams by paying no heed to anonymous or untested sites with promises to good to be true. Search on Google to see if the site is legit and paying or not.

How long it has been online, what services/income opportunities it is offering and what is it asking you to do.

Let’s get into this article to know the actual reasons behind the most failures online.



The Internet is a vast ocean teeming with opportunities where you can make a decent living from.

Everything is already coded but you need to understand properly what is what?

Without proper information and guidance, you can’t succeed in achieving your goal.

A beginner does not know much about the internet and it takes more time to comprehend the huge around the internet.

There are many known business models that allow you to make money online such as Paid to click (PTC) websites, Survey jobs, Make money blogging, data entry jobs, etc.

But you need to choose what suits you the most and whether you can do that job perfectly?

Check out all the options to see what could work for you and what would be worth your time?

Before choosing a job, Ask yourself,

Can you efficiently do the Job?

Can you offer the time every day?

First set your target and make an approach in such a way that none of your days ever goes without rewarding you with some cash.

If you are a beginner then there are some important points worth knowing. Beware about the online scams and first learn what scam is and what is genuine.

Learning takes some time, so be wise and consume the right things

surveys pay online



Choose your own path and build your own plan.

Follow No One to Create Your Own Path

Assuming you’re a novice to the world of online income and badly need to make money online, the very first thing you need to understand is that there is no fixed formula of success in making money online.

Make money from the Internet is entirely dependent on how you approach the opportunity and work towards the goal?

Legitimate business opportunities pay cash, not just points or chances to get money. They don’t ask you to have your own products, services or have a domain. No selling involved and a nice result for your time.

Do not follow any blueprint method because the method that works for someone may not work for all and it depends on so many factors.

Focus on your goal and develop your own strategy if you want real success because self-done is well done and well begun is half done.

Experiment with your strategy by working out daily. You have to build your own road because it takes some time to work accordingly.



A blog is your virtual home where you can showcase your whole portfolio letting people visit and you could get an opportunity of making money through it.

First of all, you need to create a blog with meaningful, rich content in it that might be useful to others.

Blog on any topic like research marketing, product selling, advertising or your experiment, biography, etc.

Building your blog and creating a brand name online for your blog takes a lot of time. Recognizing a blog does not happen overnight and no blogger can drive traffic to his or her blog overnight.

Based on my personal experience, I can tell you about blogging – it’s not easy to make money initially.

But if you stick to your niche and continue to provide interesting and useful posts on a daily basis up to a year, you can dominate your market.

When the traffic starts growing, so does the income. Good earning is very much possible. SEO and social media optimization play a vital role in this regard.

Establish authority for your name and then start making a brand around your blog.

You can definitely make it happen! Once you are successful with it then a lot of people will start visiting your blog time and time again.

Many people often fail at this stage because of not having clear sequential steps to be carried out in building a blog and brand.



So you have a blog and have already decided your way to travel and you want people to keep visiting your blog more often.

English is the general international language and most websites are written in English.

Whatever the path you chose, whether it is related to blogging or affiliate marketing or selling services or goods.

You must be fluent in communicating in English because English is the official language of the world and the dominant business language as well.

If you are not familiar with English then online jobs are not for you.

But as a beginner, I know you may not be so good in English but with daily writing and reading practice, you can develop your English communication skills.

After some days you can increase your confidence level. Practice makes perfection.

Make it a practice to learn at least 10 to 20 new English words daily and keep writing some essays putting those wordings together.



If you want to make money out of your blog then you need to learn different marketing strategies, SEO techniques and SMO (social media optimization).

In order to drive maximum visitors to your blog you should perform all the above activities and later you can convert them into your customers or potential buyers.

You may not be a marketing expert or an SEO guru but if you know basic fundamentals of marketing and SEO then most possibly you are set right to make money from your blog.

Similarly, SEO is an entirely different part of marketing. You have two targets – The one is the real audience and another one is Search Engine Bots and Crawlers.

You have to create your blog for both of them because if you think your blog wants to be there for visitors.

Working for people is marketing and for Search Engine is SEO.

Marketing techniques include many factors such as ad posting, email sending, SMS delivering, posting on social networks, blogs and forums, etc.

These tasks do not require any means of expertise and even a newbie can do this work from home.

Another part is SEO that takes some technical aspects of view to work. You have to do both On-page and Off-page SEO practices to get your website shown in search engine results.



When it comes to making money online, you must stick to technology updates.

Learning new web technologies related to web design and web development will make you strong enough to make money online.

You will need to learn about different web design techniques such as Custom PHP web design, Content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Though it consumes a lot of your time to study these technologies, it is a must for anyone who wishes to make money online.

Become tech-savvy before you start your blogging career, or else you will end up with nothing in hand.

There are a lot of factors influencing making money online that triggers you to learn how to adapt to new things.

Hence, it is a must to learn all the things I had mentioned above if you have a real plan to start making money online.

Remember, making money online does require a lot of time and hence you will attain success only with your hard work and patience to achieve the desired goal.


Suggested Ways of Making Money Online:

The most successful way of making money from the internet is blogging. I have started my blogging career in 2013 and now I am proud to be in a most successful place.

For assistance in blogging setup, and business guidance, reach me on my Whatsapp (or) email today.

Like blogging, there are a lot of other ways if you have a desire to make some money from your home.

  1. Blogging (start on any niche of your interest)
  2. Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, Clickbank, etc)
  3. Doing Micro Jobs (Amazon Mechanical Turk, Click Worker, etc)
  4. Freelancing (Fiverr, Upwork)
  5. Content Writing (Reach out for top bloggers asking a chance)
  6. Youtuber (It’s free and can be started by own)
  7. Selling Photos Online (Shutterstock, Iphotos, etc)
  8. Become a Consultant (Start a website in your name and offer your service)

Above are the few recommended methods to work from your home to earn some decent bucks.



Everyone wants to make some money for their living. There are lots of ways to work and earn money…

One most important thing is, “People want money, but they are not ready to learn the system”. This will absolutely turn into failure.

So, dear visitor recognize these important pieces of information written in this article in your mind and choose any of these legit ways to make money online.


I want you people to share your problems and issues that prevent you from making money online. I can try to bring you a solution.

Comments your voice below in this article.

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