25 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online to Earn Money

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Find the list of Best Sites to Sell Clothes Online and Make a Great Income.

Introduction to Sell Clothes Online

We have come across many people around the world who have been greatly affected by the economic downturn.

Many people have lost their jobs or are under-employed and are now trying to find ways to earn money.

One good business idea is to go to sell clothes online. Even when the economy is down, people still need to buy clothes.

How to Sell Clothes Online
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There is a big market for clothes, and people who are looking to invest in this business would do well to consider selling clothes online.

For those who are interested in starting a cloth sales business but do not own stores or have the resources to rent a store, selling clothes online is a better alternative.

Instead of a physical store, you can create an online store and do the cloth selling the business to an online market site like eBay and other online stores.

How to Start Selling Clothes Online?

You can sell clothes for women, men, children, and teens. Finding a reliable wholesale supplier who can provide quality clothes at low prices is very vital to your business.

You can find a suitable supplier by accessing the wholesale directory lists available on the Internet and make sure your supplier is legitimate and reliable.

You should be able to get the clothes you sell at low prices so that you can sell at cheaper rates with a good profit margin.

If your prices are too high, you will certainly suffer from low sales because of heavy competition in this business.

Due to the easy availability of the internet, convenience, and an abundant variety of products at every search, people are increasingly doing online shopping.

This gives you a whole lot of opportunities to build your name, brand and improve sales.

A secure shopping option is a must as it let all your customers know that their bank details are protected against every threat.

It is really important to ensure an online presence, hence you need effective have SEO services to drive more traffic.

However, selling online has its expenditure as well – the cost of creating an attractive website and its maintenance.

So let us go deep into this article to know its benefits for people across the world.

Tools Required to Sell Clothes

We need the following tools for online shopping to launch successfully.


Obviously, for every online shopping, we need a website, a brand name, and a web presence.

The website is essential, which should have a good design and a good domain name.

Whole Seller:

You can try searching online for a wholesale directory. This would display results about dealers and manufacturers who sell wholesale products.

Just ensure that the supplier or manufacturers you will be dealing with are reliable. Also, ensure the quality of the clothes you get.

E-commerce Software:

E-commerce software helps to give you a complete package for successful online transactions.

Every customer wants to have easy navigation and easy purchase.

E-commerce software helps you to launch a setup required for online shopping.

A pleasing theme, a payment gateway, and intuitive design to attract customers.

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Who Can Make Money Selling Clothes?

Nowadays getting a job has become difficult in big concern. Hence everyone is moving towards setting up his or her own business.

I would say selling clothes is the best job option for women. As women are the one, who is the fondest of clothes and accessories.

As per a survey, women spend 50% of their earnings on clothes. Hence a woman knows very well about a cloth business.

Many women are heading towards earning through various online businesses and are shining in this field.

All they need is a laptop and a website to sell clothes online. With a little investment in this field, one can earn a lot of money easily in less time.

The business tactics and the strategies used will differ and that is the reason for one’s success in this field.

It’s not only women who are shining in this business, many men who were into the clothing business and were having physical stores are moving towards online selling options.

Anyone with good business ethics and strategies can opt for this business online to shine in his career life.

Best Places to Sell Clothes Online

Places to sell your clothes

1. eBay

eBay is one of the leading online shopping sites for all categories. It is available both in India and overseas.

We can register ourselves as a seller and sell clothes online on eBay.

Your first 100 listings are free every month.

You can either sell it at the fixed-rate or auction. They provide a good commission.

2. PayTm

PayTM is grooming nowadays at a faster pace. It has set a trend of cashback offers. People get attracted to it for its wonderful collection.

There is more advantage in selling your clothes online at PayTm so that more customers view your product.

Register yourself at PayTm as a seller and sell clothes online for a maximum profit rate.

Get a moderate commission from PayTM and grow your online business.

3. Amazon

Register yourself as a seller on Amazon to sell clothes on Amazon. and enter your business details.

You need to fill in your store name and the category in which you are going to sell your products.

Once the process is done, you can see your clothes listing on Amazon.

4. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is a great place to begin your online business and get instant growth.

The best part is that there is no seller cost or tax you need to pay.

You can share your listing on your Facebook network for free or even do SMO Digital Marketing.

Make your circle share it to make it a success.

5. Etsy

Etsy is a great platform to sell your clothes online at lesser transaction fees of 3.5% and a 3% payment processing fee.

It is used worldwide and chosen by many sellers across the world.

6. ThredUp

Thredup is one of the largest online clothing stores that accept children’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

You can even sell your used clothes for up to 80% of the resale value per item.

7. Tradesy

Tradesy is another popular brand and the best place to sell clothes online especially children’s and women’s clothing.

They have a very transparent online store where you can list your clothes for sale.

8. Crossroads

This site lets you create an online store to sell clothes based on your name branding.

You can list all the clothing items of men and women wears at Crossroads.

9. ASOS Marketplace

The ASOS Marketplace allows you to sell new men’s and women’s wear by opening your own online boutique.

There is a small subscription fee to become an eligible seller and you keep 80% of the profit of every sale.

10. Swap.Com

Swap.com was a great online platform to sell your clothes online across various online platforms.

They will send you three prepaid boxes per month that you can fill with clothes to sell.

On every successful sale, you will receive payments within 30 – 60Days.

There are still more sites available to sell clothes online for cash. It is a great business suitable for women especially housewives who are searching for a second income.

11.) Pinterest Market Place

12.) Zazzle Online Store

13.) Storenvy Store

14.) Depop

15.) Rebagg

16.) Craigslist

17.) Mercari

18.) Instagram

19.) Material World

20.) The RealReal

21.) Snobswap

22.) Bonanza

23.) CafePress

24.) Shopify Store

25.) Poshmark

How To Successfully Selling Clothes Online?

Know Your Target Audience

Before starting selling clothes online, you must learn about market trends. Business success mostly depends on the kind of clothes you provide.

It is always best to research the current trends and identify your target audience. Try to understand the customer’s requirements thoroughly.

Use Smart Strategies

It is always a good thing ahead of customers and thinks differently. You should always execute two ideas if one fails, another should give hand.

For eg, try to include a wider range of clothes – in case one type of cloth doesn’t sell as expected, others may get a good profit.

By using this strategy, you can know your audience well and avoid loss in your business.

Quality And Affordability is Must

The clothes should look stylish, trendy, and classic to attract customers and have very high quality at the same time.

Make sure the products you are selling undergo a quality check.

Consider a reasonable pricing structure so that maximum customers are forced to purchase.

Even make sure not to sell at a very cheap price, as many customers may doubt the quality.

Hence it is better to keep the pricing moderate and affordable to attract all kinds of buyers.

Give More Information about the Product

The biggest disadvantage of online shopping is that we cannot wear any clothes to check if it fits us.

Hence, give as much information as you can in the product description to make the customer realize that it will fit them.

Mention the size like L, XL, or XXL and fabric type, color, etc.

Post the images of the product that gives a complete idea about the product.

Reach Your Target Customer

You need to have a good website and e-commerce software to reach your audience with ease.

You need to drive traffic to your website by sharing your brand on social media sites and share with your circle as much as you can.

To have a great online presence you need to have good SEO and social media presence.

These are the key points to run your business successfully.

How to Successfully Sell Used Clothes Online?

If you have a closet full of clothes and have an idea to sell them, consider an online auction or online store that helps you to sell to interested customers.

Online auction sites will sell your used clothes to the online bidders whereas online shops will allow you to post your products for sale on their site and you need to give a percentage of a commission when the item is sold.

The first and foremost requirement is a good picture of the product which should be so precise that a customer should have no doubts about purchasing it.

Use a digital camera to take pictures and post them online. As a next step, give a powerful title and a brief description of the product.

It should include gender, size, type of clothing, brand, condition, and color, etc.

Give an impressive title, a brief description of the clothes, and declare a moderate price.

There are a few sites that take used clothes as given below:

1. Material World

The material world has certain guidelines to sell used clothes on their platform.

You need to select the product category you want to sell. If you pass their guideline, an instant quote will be given and if you accept, you can sell your product.

2. Poshmark

You can sell used clothes on their platform, but you need to give them 20% of there you’re earning as a commission.

3. ReFashioner

It acts as a community rather than an online platform. You can post your product, if they accept your product, they will offer you a price.

If accepted you can sell and you will be given your products money

Top websites for selling clothes online

Below given is the list of top websites where we can sell clothes online:


It is always a good idea to have your own business when there is a lack of a good financial state.

Consider selling clothes online to get a good start to a career, which needs very little investment.

You need to have a website with good e-commerce software and a good marketing strategy to get success in this business.

You can also sell your used clothes which you do not use anymore. So do not wait and get started for this exciting business!!!

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