TOP 17 Highest Paying IT Certificate Programs In The Year 2024

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Updated on Jan 3, 2024



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These High Paying Certificate Programs can get you a high-salary job in 2024.

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Today I am publishing an article about the certificate programs that lead to high-paying jobs in 2024.

The IT sector is growing rapidly with innovations and developments happening every day. To sustain in this field, we need to be updated.

Many IT companies are searching for certified candidates who have completed various certification courses in the upcoming fields.

Highest Paying Certificate Programs
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The latest emerging fields are cloud computing, networking, security, data management, analytics, etc.

If you are looking to pursue a career in IT or we can say in data innovation, then important measures are necessary for planning.

In planning, firstly it is essential to analyze different certifications related to IT and have to figure out the type of professional alternatives for our career.

Why is it Important to Choose a Professional Alternative?

As per the professional alternative, an individual can pursue various certificate programs as his/her professional alternative.

If you are selecting data innovation as your career, then you must understand that two things can help you to boost your career.

Skills and certification are the two things that will help you out, learning more skills gives you a chance to bring creativity into reality.

And certification that will help you to learn the skills related to your professional alternate.

Also, certification will facilitate you by becoming certified in that particular certification.

You might not know that a certified professional holds more importance than an average professional in any organization.

Also, certification will help boost your salary and make you stand apart from your competition.

So, after discussing how you can start your career in IT; and how you can boost your career.

Let’s make your work a bit easier by compiling the list of top IT Certification Courses for the year 2024. It will help you to make the decision accordingly.

So here is the list of top and highest-paying IT certifications in the year 2024.

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Various High-Paying Certificate Programs in 2024

1. PMP(Project Management Professional)

PMI stands for the Project Management Institute which is a global nonprofit organization for project management, and they are the real reason behind the presence of PMP certification.

The PMI is behind the development and regulation of the PMP which stands out as certification among the most recognized certifications present nowadays.

Once you finish the certification, you get certified which means you are skilled in managing the tasks and project teams.

But here is a twist, the certification of PMP takes years to get completed. However, all the trouble that occurs while in the certification is entirely worth it.

As currently, a PMP certified holds an average annual salary of about $114, 473.

2. Certified AWS Solutions Architect

AWS Certified

AWS (Amazon Web Service) affirmations are going to be one of the most recognized certifications in the coming years.

The AWS-certified exam analyzes your ability regarding AWS framework outlining.

Within the event that you simply have an active involvement with AWS products and square measure reception with availing numerous frameworks, at that point this certification is what you precisely require.

The examination is managed by PSI centers in the U.S. and the examination can take eight minutes. Once certification is finished, AWS Certified Solutions Architects can earn $121,292 annually.

3. Certified ScrumMaster

In the project management certifications, the Certified Scrum Master is the most important project management certificate program which is available these days.

In this certification, Scrum refers to the style of administration that organizes the group meeting every time in morning, so that advances can be analyzed.

Also, the modifications are made daily and guarantees that all the member works profitably and productively as is expected under the conditions. And a certified Scrum master can earn around $106,938 per annum.

4. ITIL® Certification

ITIL is abbreviated as Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL framework has almost known for the past 30 years.

And with each passing year, it has grown into a framework that is utilized globally for IT management.

The ITIL is a set of practices that help in supporting the various services that IT offers in an organization.

Basically, ITIL covers almost everything from capacity management to accessibility to change and incident management.

Mostly it is suitable for those organization that provides education, certification, and training. So, designing the ITIL training and certification completely revolves around the ITIL framework.

Moreover, it is completely different from other certifications because it focuses on the link between IT and business requirements.

So, if you want to avail of the certification you need to pass the examination and it is not a writing exam.

5. Six Sigma Green Belt

The following certificate programs play a vital role in improving data inspection, process, and project management.

Holding a Six Sigma Green Belt will help you to implement your insights into the business philosophy of Six Sigma.

Also, it helps in leading your organization to IT ventures. In the market, various organizations provide various ways to the Six Sigma certification.

Usually, the certified individual of the Six Sigma Green Belt approximately earns $104,099 per annum.

6. PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled Environments) Foundation and Practitioner

Prince 2 Certified Course

If you usually work on projects, then PRINCE2 certification is the right choice for you.

It is the project management certificate program that offers professionals a common language and structure regarding all the projects.

Moreover, it is really helpful for professionals; by providing a methodology that helps professionals to work on a project.

Further, certification is divided into two levels, first for the foundation level and second is the Practitioner level. Also, it includes a feedback response from the Experts in the industry.

Once you clear the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification, it will help you to master a vendor-neutral, approach based on best practices for managing projects.

If you are a professional or work in the industry, it will definitely value you in your work and also in your salary.

If you want to avail of the certification, you need to clear the two exams first exams on the foundation level.

Once you clear the foundation exam then only you can apply for the Practitioner level.

At the practitioner level, you have to clear the second exam. Once you clear the exam, you’ll become PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certified.

As a certified professional, you can apply for jobs for the designation of Project manager with an average salary of $59,848.

7. Certification in Website Design

Everywhere several websites are launching over the internet. So, you can understand that the wealthy job in website designing is not that difficult.

Normally, in website designing the normal pay scale is from $35,000 to $65,000, depending on the company you work for.

The skills like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for building a website are required in every organization.

Getting concerned with certified courses in this field will make you flexible for jobs related to website designing in the market.

8. Certification in Hadoop

Hadoop is firmly becoming an important interest and is considered all around the world.

It is a common vertical of efforts such as pharmaceuticals, media, retail, utilities, and others that are adopting the most present IT knowledge.

Moreover, it is the motivation behind Big Data preparation and certification.

These areas have become the most attractive examples in the market over the past few years. And it is likely to grow more in the year 2024.

9. Certification in DevOps

Progressing review has shown that DevOps certified expert is one of the most generously paid professionals in the IT business.

The interest of marketers for them is increasing quickly with its wide utilization around the world, and this is not going to change shortly.

As shown by the ongoing analyses the general pay of DevOps experts per annum is around $138,378 in the starting phase.

10. CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)

In this world, security threats are evolving fast, due to which the demand for security professionals also rising.

ISM is responsible for managing the security activity and training of the staff. Even, consider providing strategic planning for the long term.

The CISM is known as the key certification for the security professionals who are responsible for designing, overseeing, managing, and assessing the information security of enterprises.

The following CISM course is closely aligned with the best practices of ISACA.

It helps in enabling you to design and define the security architecture of enterprises and achieve IT governance and compliance.

CISM delivers reliable service to customers and helps in understanding how IT security systems provide a wide perspective to business objectives and goals.

Once you avail of the certification, you can apply for the IS security manager profile at a midpoint salary of $139,000.

If you want to avail of this certification $50 is required as an application fee, and if you are a member $575 or a non-member $760 is the exam fee.

11. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

Currently, big data holds great importance which means the role of data architect becomes more challenging.

So, in this challenging trend opting for MCSE is a great place to start with data management and analytics.

It provides you with a solid technical base required to analyze large-scale data resources.

This certificate program is designed to target tech professionals who already accomplished the MCSA certification.

Another step is to pass 13 exams in some particular areas that maintain cloud platform solutions for data engineers using Azure HD Insights.

After completing the certification you can apply for the job profile of Data Architect with a midpoint salary of around $133,500.

Now, if you are interested in opting for this certification then the next information will be helpful. This IT certification will cost you around $165/exam.

12. Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer

With the advent of mobile and desktop, Java has become the most popular language for development. Java SE 8 is currently the updated version and it holds essential updates.

The certification helps you when you are competing for a high-paying job opportunity because it helps you to stand out in the market.

The most valuable certificate programs related to Java certification are usually provided by the parent company.

The Oracle usually offers six certification levels, each level with its initials. After completing the certification, you can apply for a software engineer profile.

With this profile, with certification, you can easily earn a midpoint salary of approx $124,500. And IT certification costs you around $245 as the exam fee.

13. CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

Nowadays, Information System plays an essential role in the company’s reputation and outcome.

Usually, employers focus on hiring network architects and security analysts with certification in security services. It is because credentials are really important for the expert in this field.

These days various organizations offer Information System certifications. Among these certifications, the CISSP program is the most opted and popular certification deployed by the (ISC)2.

Moreover, this certification is a blend of 8 domains such as risk management, security management, software development security, etc.

Once you have done the CISSP certification, then you are eligible to apply for the job profile of a Data Security Analyst. Also, you can easily earn a midpoint salary of approx $125,250.

The most important for completing the certification is you need to pass the exam which costs you around $699.

14. Certification in Salesforce

Nowadays, the “Salesforce Certification” is the most-discussed certification. Due to this, organizations are getting interested in employees with this certification.

As a result, more and more applicants are trying hard to complete the certification. Experts predicted that by the year 2024, there will be around 4.2 million job openings in the field of cloud computing.

With the execution and change in the CRM(Customer Relationship Management) framework, almost 500 organizations are getting interested in connecting with the experts in the Salesforce area.

If you want to register for the exam then you have to pay $200 plus taxes. In case, you want to reappear for the exam then you have to pay $100 plus taxes.

15. SQL Server Certification

Usually, it is estimated that certification in a Microsoft SQL server provides an additional hike of 10% in the yearly pay of experts.

If we look at the current average pay of database administrators that is going on, it can be considered that the pay of a database administrator with SQL certification is approximately $99,000.

In addition to other prizes two years’ payment addition and an additional 10%, you will easily take your wage to six figures within no time.

Further, the Database association comes under those fields in which you get paid to work around the same profile for a long time.

If we go through the normal pay of an employee who holds Microsoft certification, 10 years of experience, along with a senior position.

Then one can easily make $200,000 in the industry.

16. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Certification

First, it is necessary to understand “who is Computer forensic investigator” is.

It is the professional who is responsible for auditing the system to secure it from data breaches in the business, attacks, and proper following of security policies and rules in the business.

Moreover, the following certification is specifically designed for the personnel in law enforcement, defense personnel, the banking sector, legal, and system administrators.

If you want to join certificate programs in this certification, you must have a computer science degree or major in forensic investigation with cybercrime and information security.

Once you pass the certification and get certified then you are qualified to apply to organizations like Lockheed Martin Corporation, AT&T, Geisinger, Defence Point, etc.

Just like the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) above, the demand for Computer hacking forensic investigators is also high.

Similar to CISM’s rising importance, the demand for Computer Hacking Forensic investigators is also getting high.

And if you become a certified Forensic investigator and get opted into any organization you can earn $107,500 per annum.

17. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing & Switching

If you want to work in networking then CCNA switching and routing is the right certification for you. Moreover, this certification is perfect for those who want to go for an entry-level help desk position.

The CCNA Routing and Switching exam is there to analyze your skills to identify the Cisco switch and router cabling, interface, accessories, and models.

So, if you want to pass the exam then you must have a proper understanding of the operating modes of Cisco IOS Software and Cisco CLI.

Also, before the certification exam, you’ll need to pursue the course that holds Cisco Routing and Switching Network Devices.

The CCNA course is a self-paced online course that holds 6 hours of on-demand training material.

Once you are avail of the training material, then it will be active for you for up to one year. After that when you feel ready to give the exam you have to pay $299 as an exam fee.


IT is a growing sector for jobs, due to which most population of the world is getting employment in the IT sector.

Also, find the list of a few most in-demand jobs which are paying a very high average monthly salary.

It is one of the booming sectors for freshers to start their careers. So, if you are one of the freshers, then you must keep upgrading your skills.

To enhance your skills, you can get help by watching tutorials, or you join any reputed training institute.

Also, you take online certification by paying some extra bucks; it will help you to gain basic and in-depth knowledge related to your profession.

So, consider joining any of the above IT certificate programs today. Create your dream career with the knowledge gained through the course.

Try it once, you can experience its benefits later.

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