20 Best Passive Income Ideas to Help You Make Money in 2019

List of Genuine Passive Income Sources to Make Money.

Many people were searching online every day for additional revenue and here I have listed a few passive income ideas for those people.

Passive Income helps people to get more free time to spend with their family and to concentrate on other life activities.

We are living in a society where our income is not sufficient enough to meet our expenses and hence it’s become necessary to find a second income source.

Passive Income Gives You Time Freedom and Financial Independence. Most of us have a job that demands and requires hard work.

Passive Income Ideas

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We work for a company to obtain recognition, satisfaction, and compensation.

Although most people are gaining money in this way, the moment we stop working, the revenue stops.

On the other hand, passive income is a popular idea that has floated around the internet.

The idea is that with or without our involvement money is earned.

Once set up, there are constant recurring revenues.

You are definitely on the right path towards creating financial freedom in the search for passive income ideas.

Passive income is what is often called intelligent money, and the wealthy earn their income by their preferred means.

Passive income is revenues that remain generated after the initial effort or work. You get paid for work done once in a while literally.


What is Passive Income?

The income that requires you to make little or no efforts such as renting a property or building a blog. Though it may take some work to get up and running, eventually, they can earn you money as you sleep.

A passive income company is the best way to supplement your bank account without hindering your regular job, but this income usually has no guarantee or income limit.

You can not, therefore, set a minimum or maximum income threshold. It will therefore not be a realist idea to use this source of income for your regular expenditure as your primary financial source.

In order to accomplish these expenses daily, you must definitely maintain the budget and manage these with a regular, defined source of income.

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How to Earn Passive Income? (4 Key Points to remember)

You can learn how to earn your passive income online through the internet has become extremely easy.

Anyone can make huge sums of money from home by following a few simple principles, and create huge streams of income.

Anyone who wants it can succeed in following these 4 steps.


i.) Mindset

Many people want to know how to earn online passive income and a positive attitude is important. The possession of your own internet business has many advantages.

You should create a similar mindset of putting your real efforts into working for second income.


ii.) Objectives

You want to make money online for many reasons, so make your objectives big so that you can shoot and see further results for them.

More results are equivalent to more money. Create a new goal every day and write down your weekly objectives.

Create monthly objectives by writing and following them will keep you in mode and show you more and more results.


iii.) Education & System

When it calls for the use of a profitable system and access to the best training to show you what to do in order to earn passive revenue online.

You don’t have to experience previously and you can learn a lot about how to make money online for free and without any charge.

You can sometimes even have your own free website and very quickly start generating sales.

The proper education ensures you know what to do, and it will be much easier to achieve goals and thinking.


iv.) Action

Everything you learn is vital to implement immediately. You should know that the results are all important to know how to earn passive income online?

It’s not how long you have spent and the results are all about. The sooner you act, the sooner the results are produced and the sooner sales are made and a lot of money is created.


How Much Can You Earn?

If you read a few stories on passive ideas about income, you may get the impression that you can start or write an e-book and you will make $20,000 after a week (or) two weeks later. This is generally not how it works?

Multiple revenue sources are certainly not a short-term approach. While some people live a lot from one type of passive income, it is more common for you to get small amounts from a few sources.

Choose and try some things that sound interesting to you. Try to choose a few which will require work as an e-commerce website and others who do not want to buy dividend returns.

Either you enjoy the most or make the most money will come up with something. Concentrate on that. Put in it a little time and effort.


20 Top Ideas for Passive Income Ideas:

1.) Affiliate and Reference Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Working MethodAffiliate and reference marketing involve driving sales to another company that pays a commission for every sale that it acquires.

One of the best options for people who want to earn money in this way is the Amazon Associates affiliate marketing program.

If a visitor to your site buys this product, then the business pays you a share of the money spent.

It’s a question of establishing a site that offers links to products on Amazon (or another site that offers affiliate programs).


2.) The Sale and Publication of an eBook:

In recent years, the eBook publication has become a very popular way of generating passive income. E-books are particularly successful in non-fiction issues such as online marketing, corporate growth, professional advice, and others.

While fiction eBooks can’t be more competitive than non-fiction boxes, they’re also good sellers.

You can put this on sale on platforms such as Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon and the iTunes connection from Apple once you have written an eBook.


3.) Selling an Audiobook:

Audio books are becoming increasingly popular compared to their text-based versions. To write and publish an eBook, it requires little effort and is an excellent way to increase your income.

Amazon Audible ACX connects authors to producers who can transform writing into professional audio. Once done, Audible and iTunes audiobooks are available for sale.


4.) Compile Research and Guide:

Evergreen content, described as the long-standing SEO content following its initial publication, is a good way of generating income.

Comprehensive research statistics and case studies, such as trends in social media marketing over the past five years, and detailed guides such as a Twitter-based beginner’s guide, will always be searched for individuals who would not mind paid little for accessing information.


5.) Create an Online Learning Course:

Online CourseOnline learning platforms have become very popular in the past few years when people are learning about their particular interests using platforms like Coursera, Lynda, and Udemy.

You can create a class on platforms like Udemy or Unacademy if you are knowledgeable in any domain, whether it’s web programming, photography or digital marketing.

6.) Sell Photos Online:

Please consider sending your photos to websites like Shutterstock, Alamy, and iStockPhoto for your photography enthusiasm.

The demand for high-quality images matches the competitiveness of this company.

So you can certainly make a lot of money from your sleep if you find a niche (e.g., landscape or business photograph) and become the expert on a single website.


7.) Sell your Designs and Artworks:

There are lots of sites that pay you for sharing your artworks if you are a graphic designer or an amateur artist.

Sites such as Etsy, Zazzle, and The Souled shop allow people to add T-shirts, phone boxes, bowls, posters, book coverage, etc. to their designs.

The websites pay a commission to the contributing artist once and when these products are bought.


8.) Building a Website:

Despite being such a competitive enterprise, building a website remains a viable source of passive income ideas. Because the internet is full of blogs, a fun website with games and quizzes is an alternative.

These websites are not too hard to make, and social media support is easy. They can attract visitors, who spend a great deal of time on the site.

Use the Google AdSense system to start earning revenue through advertising, when a site starts registering several thousand visits each day.


9.) Building an Application:

Building a smartphone or a tablet android app requires a lot of technical skill, but can pay well if it succeeds.

It doesn’t have to be especially complex or stunning; a simple one that solves a problem or is entertaining enough to attract users works well.

What suddenly might become popular, you never know?


10.) Start a YouTube Channel:

Start YoutubeSome people who started their own YouTube channel at the time of video sharing are millionaires now. With hundreds of people running their own channels, making it much harder for a million dollars now.

YouTube is extremely popular, but earning a respectable amount of money remains possible.

As ever, you will need to find a niche still not saturated and focus on producing fascinating videos. Once you start collecting views and subscriptions, your money begins to flow with minimum effort.


11.) Rental Income:

If you are having some excess land as your own property, you can consider constructing a home or any commercial building to offer for rental basis.

In countries like India, many landlords are making a decent passive income through renting their home for tenants.

The income from this method is significantly more than the normal income from 9 – 5 jobs.

But creating this type of system require large capital to invest in constructing buildings and other infrastructure.


12.) Investment in Dividend Stocks:

Dividend stocks are an idea of sharing the corporate earnings among their shareholders either as a Cash or a stock.

Initially, you have to invest some lump sum money in buying stocks from the corporate company to grab your position as a stockholder.

Normally, the dividend’s are paid quarterly, halfyearly or annually as determined by the board of director’s of the organization.

An important note, never put all your money in one company rather diversify your investment and create a portfolio.


13.) Interest Income:

Interest Income

There are pretty much risks are involved in Dividend Investments and for those people who wish not to any risks, I recommend to invest in Bank Deposits.

Banks are generally paying around 7% – 8% p.a. internet per annum on your deposited money and the interest will be credited every month.

To start with this passive income ideas, you need at least Rs.2000 INR to begin your investment.

Though the returns may be smaller, the compounded results are highly beneficial and you can make a substantial source of income.

You can simultaneously increase your deposit instrument for more interest per month.


14.) Royalty Income:

One of the best passive income ideas were generating revenue year round through royalties.

Many people were making a great recurring income by writing and publishing their ebooks on Amazon, eBay and other online publication services.

There are different things you can generate royalty income such as selling photos, music, videos, usable things or products, and Books.


15.) Online Income:

We are living in the age of Digital Technologies where almost everyone’s day to day activity is automated and become much easier.

Same way, it’s so easy to create an online income by working online from your home through your computer or laptop connected to the Internet.

Almost all businesses were started to mark their online presence and it’s much easier to start any business online using your ideas.

For example, in my blog, Online Home Income, I am earning a steady monthly income by renting Ad-space to direct advertisers.

I am also running a few other blogs on other niches to earn more revenue to support my primary income.



Time is a valuable asset. If time is so precious, passive income opportunities become even more precious.

To make more money, you don’t have to slave at work. You can work less but still earn more with a passive source of income.

It works differently than active income, which for most people is the most common source of income. Active income may be in terms of pay, commission, or tip-in exchange for the service you have provided it is money that you earn.

You have to evaluate your best choices among different ideas about passive revenue if you are serious about building wealth.

There are many typically passive income ideas such as immobilization, stocks, and bonds. But the Internet offers more chances for those who want to earn passive income while at home.

I hope you may surely like this article and try to start practicing any one idea today.

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